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Jurassic World 4 will NOT be called Jurassic City

Scified2024-03-03 10:02:52https://www.scified.com/articles/jurassic-world-4-not-called-jurassic-city-1.jpeg
Written by Chris3,830 Reads3 Comments2024-03-03 10:02:52

Rumours have begun to flood the internet with what the next Jurassic World film will be called. The latest rumor claims the seventh Jurassic film will be called Jurassic City… The origin of this rumor is unknown but a number of online outlets have run with the story. Thankfully, we can confirm, with corroboration by our friends at Jurassic Outpost that the next Jurassic movie will NOT be called Jurassic City. Jurassic Outpost does a great job of breaking everything down in this new video they recently published, check it out:

While we know what the next film won’t be called, we still don’t know what the official title will be - yet. When an official title is announced however, we will be sure to update you all!

Are you glad or disappointed the next film won’t be called Jurassic City? Let us know in the comments!

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MemberAllosaurusMar-08-2024 11:28 PM

Why not just call it Jurassic Park again?


AdminIndoraptorMar-09-2024 8:02 AM

I would be all for that. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I can get behind Jurassic World again and Universal will likely still run with that moniker since they've poured so much money into rebranding the franchise into that, I suspect a title like Jurassic World: Epoch or something like that to signify a new event.


MemberAllosaurusMar-14-2024 5:39 PM

Well since the Jurassic World brand failed, calling Jurassic Park again would exercise Jurassic World out of the main continuity since the new movie is going to reboot Jurassic World

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