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Jurassic World 2 Set Photos Reveal Some Familiar Dinosaurs

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Jurassic World 2 is now shooting in England, and a local resident snapped some photos from the set and uploaded them on Twitter.

These particular images were taken in the town of Hawley, where filming is currently taking place. Fans of the franchise will instantly recognise the Dilophosaurus, which was the dinosaur that killed the villainous Dennis Nedry in the original Jurassic Park movie (sorry for the 24 year old spoiler).

The images also reveal an Apatosaurus, the long-necked dinosaur species which appeared as a victim of the Indominus rex in Jurassic World.

Fans will no doubt be delighted to see that two dinosaur species which have been staples of the series will be returning in Jurassic World 2, which hits US screens on June 22, 2018. J. A. Bayona is directing the film, which stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, B. D. Wong and Toby Jones.


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Written by David GelminiPublished on 2017-04-11 18:59:26

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MemberStegosaurusApr-11-2017 7:01 PM

Very happy to see the Dilo again, could it be the same one from the original movie? That would be awesome if so


MemberStegosaurusApr-11-2017 7:05 PM

Is it just me, or does the Dilophosaurus's head kinda look like the T Rex's head?


MemberStegosaurusApr-11-2017 7:25 PM

Semi, almost like a mix between the raptors and t-rex head mold


MemberAllosaurusApr-14-2017 5:27 PM

YES! finally my favorite dinosaur out of the 1st! got the feeling theres gana be alot of flem spitting 

John Sedlacek

MemberCompsognathusApr-14-2017 5:47 PM

Wow thats awesome i cant believe the Dilophosaurus is returning in JW2 It would be awesome to see it battle either a Utahraptor or a Velociraptor.



MemberCompsognathusApr-23-2017 5:28 PM

I hope the Dilophosaurus is in the film...not just as a statue.

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