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Giveaway: Win a Jurassic World T-Rex Costume!

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Written by Chris10,627 Reads18 Comments2017-10-20 16:10:14

Hold on to your butts, it's giveaway time! That's right, we have teamed up once again with the folks at HalloweenCostumes.com to give Jurassic Park fans the chance to become the envy of every Halloween party this year - a Tyrannosaurus Rex! We are giving away one inflatable Jurassic World T-Rex costume to the fan who answers the question below in the comments section of this article! A winner will be selected Sunday night, October 22nd so act fast if you wish to win this costume for yourself in time for Halloween!

Inflatable Jurassic World T-Rex Costume

Adult Inflatable Jurassic World T-Rex Costume

This unique and terrifying Jurassic Park costume is an inflatable jumpsuit that has a zipper closure at front and elastic at the wrists and ankles to keep the air in and to keep you looking just like a T-Rex (well, what we can assume a T-Rex looked like). Even though you are supposed to be a scary dinosaur, we wanted to make sure you could still see when you walk around this Halloween (or just down the street on a random Tuesday – we don’t judge), so there’s a clear vinyl port at the neck of the T-Rex so you can see your ‘dinner’ clearly. The fan that keeps you inflated – your costume, not your ego – requires four AA batteries that are not included with the costume (silly shipping regulations). Enjoy your night out on the town as the T-Rex you’ve always wanted to be with this Jurassic Park costume!

QUESTION: List your top 3 favorite scenes from Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 3 and Jurassic World in the comments section below. Your top picks may all be from one of the films listed above, you simply have all of those films to draw from for your own personal selections.

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Alastair Neill

MemberCompsognathusOct-20-2017 4:24 PM

My 3 favourite scenes are:

Jurassic Park: T.Rex Breakout (ICONIC AF)

Lost World Jurassic Park: T.Rex Pushes Mobile Command Center off cliff.

Lost World: Jurassic Park, all the scenes where the T.Rex invades San Diego... “There’s a dinosaur in the backyard”


MemberCompsognathusOct-20-2017 4:30 PM

1. The first time a dinosaur appears on screen in Jurassic Park, to this day that Brachiosaurus still gives me tingles.

2. "Clever girl."

3. T-Rex vs Indominus in Jurassic World!


MemberCompsognathusOct-20-2017 4:53 PM

1. Rexy and Blue vs. Indominus rex from Jurassic World ( In my opinion, it was the most intensive battle I've seen in the franchise with a harmonious end between two long time rivals. )


2. Rexy vs. The Big One from Jurassic Park ( A classic scene with the most remembered victory roar in cinema history. )


3. Sick Triceratops Encounter from Jurassic Park ( The first time we ever get up close and personal with an animatronic dinosaur that felt so real and almost emotional. )


MemberTriceratopsOct-20-2017 5:19 PM

1: The raptors in the grass scene in The Lost World. It's just so iconic and cool. And terrifying. I always felt like the raptors were the real villains of the first two movies. They rival the Xenomorphs from the Alien series in pure terror and disturbing intelligence.

2: The raptors hunting the kids in the kitchen in Jurassic Park. Another amazing, iconic scene. The visuals are astounding, the raptors look beautiful. The tension in that scene makes it so fun to watch, even after what must be literally hundreds of viewings for me.

3: The first encounter with the T-Rex in Jurassic Park where her arrival is announced by the ripples in the water, then the disappearing goat. Then when she pushes the glass roof of the car in and Dr. Grant uses the flare to distract her. The entirety of that scene is arguably the most iconic, as well as the most amazing spectacle of practical special effects. 


MemberCompsognathusOct-20-2017 7:23 PM

I'll pick one from each of the first three movies because I'm edgy:

1 - The sighting of the first brachiosaurus in the first movie. Move me every single time.

2 - The raptor's ambush on the tall grass from the second movie. Very tense and scary scene from the guy who brought us Jaws.

3 - "It's a birdcage" from the third one. Another very tense and scary scene from the guy who brought us... Jumanji.

Andy Ratt

MemberCompsognathusOct-20-2017 7:57 PM

I am also picking 1 from the original trilogy in order.

1 JP1 the first Raptor being put into enclosure 

2 JP2 the Stegosaurus walking in their pods

3 JP3 the aviary with the pteranodons


MemberTriceratopsOct-20-2017 7:57 PM

3.Jurassic Park 3:when the juvenile  trex is killed by the spinosaurus(I’m gonna get some hate from that one)but it shows just how strong this new comer is.

2.Jurassic world:the Rexy,Blue,indominus and mosasaur fight its just a beautifuly filmed scene and shows how rexy and blue had kind of a symbiotic relationship in the fight.

1.Jurassic Park:The Trex vs the raptors this scene just goes to show the enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of scenario 


MemberCompsognathusOct-20-2017 8:30 PM

3. Jurassic Park:  the triceratops scene.  The animatronics, the acting, the giant pile of poop. It was perfect and the moment between the dino and humans was awesome.

2: Jurassic World:  intro to the park.  Seeing the park finally open after so many years really hit home.  I didn't need to see any dinosaurs to get choked up at that.  Nostalgia overload.

1: Jurassic Park: Not only my favorite scene in the franchise but hands down one of my all time favorite scenes period is when we first see the Dinosaurs.  "Doctor Grant, my dear, Doctor Satler: welcome to Jurassic Park."  The acting, the music, the special effects all make it such a fantastic scene and always gives me goosebumps.  I could watch that scene 100000 times and never get tired of it.


MemberCompsognathusOct-20-2017 9:48 PM

3. IGEN captures the herd! "This is a game trail Mr.Ludlow, carnivores hunt on game trails"

2. Terror at the Tyrannosaur paddock "when you gotta go you gotta go"

1. Sick Triceratops "and now I'm here by myself, talking to myself"


MemberCompsognathusOct-20-2017 11:00 PM

1.Rexy kills the raptors and bellows a victory roar: JP1 

2.Idominus Vs the Ankylosaur:JW 

3.T-Rex vs the Spino:JP3

C.J. Barnette

MemberCompsognathusOct-20-2017 11:19 PM

1. T-Rex vs Raptors in Jurassic Park.

2. Brachiosaurus debut in Jurassic Park.

3. T-Rex in San Diego in The Lost World.


MemberCompsognathusOct-21-2017 12:40 AM

1. Helicopter arrival to Isla Nublar

2. T-Rex teaches infant to hunt by killing Peter Ludlow

3. Ellie Sattler encounters the sick Triceratops

The Creative Wolf

MemberCompsognathusOct-21-2017 3:01 AM

 My favorite scenes are:

1. When the spinosaurus breaks thought the fence in Jurassic Park III.

2. When the Mosasaurus jumps out of the water and grabs Indominus Rex in Jurassic World.

3. The T. Rex in the garden in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.



MemberCompsognathusOct-21-2017 11:31 AM

My favourite scenes are:

1. This scene from JP1 where Dr Ian Malcolm says one of the most iconic and meaningful lines of the entire franchise, "Life...uh...finds a way"


2. Jurassic World where Grey opens the doors of the hotel room and we finally see our childhood dream of a functioning Jurassic Park come to life with the powerful score in the background (chills!)


3. Although the fight scenes have been amazing in all films. I can't look past my third choice as the Brachiosaurus scene which revolutionised the way we view dinosaurs as more than just killing machines as majestic beasts. And nothing beats Hammond's, "Welcome to Jurassic Park" (cue theme song). Simply magical!

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusOct-21-2017 7:09 PM

1. When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth; Jurassic Park

Hands-down one of the most iconic scenes in any dinosaur movie. Epic, majestic, and beautiful in every way.


2. We Need More Teeth; Jurassic World

Movie sucked (fight me) but this scene is one of my favourite fight scenes in all of cinema.


3. Welcome to Jurassic Park; Jurassic Park

Pure magic and beauty. John Williams' score is just majestic, and this scene deserves credit for being the first moment to show a dinosaur in the franchise.

Tayler Hammond

MemberCompsognathusOct-22-2017 5:38 AM

JP1: Absolutely has to be the scene when we finally get to see the first dinosaur at the park. The way the music builds up the tension and hype, then the immediate beauty of its reveal makes it the most iconic part of any movie I've ever seen.


Lost World: The T-Rex San Diego rampage is the best scene in the entire movie. Getting a glimpse of what dinosaurs in "our" world, rather than people in theirs It always freaked me out as a child. Every time I looked out a window, I always had the thought in the back of my head thinking "I wonder if I'll see a T-Rex walk by". That scene followed by Sarah Harding lying still on the cracking glass of the trailer after it tipped over the edge of the cliff. It delivered the perfect amount of tension. Her performance was so believable and it added so much more to the scene.


JP3: Has to be the Spino intro. When it rips the plane apart and rolls it around with Allen and the gang still inside. The quick 1-2 second cut of the plane rolling over and you can see Allen's genuine fear for his life. His scream during that part was insanely good. Every time I see that part, my eyebrows raise up in concern for his character. Even though I already know he will be fine in the end. That's just how good his performance was.


Jurassic World: Seeing Gray open the hotel doors to the view of the FULLY FUNCTIONING park that Hammond had dreamed of his whole life. I personally waited for 14 years to hear the Jurassic Park theme song on the big screen. That scene made me cry manly tears of joy. Such an important moment both in the movie and in my life. And then the Final fight scene when Rex teams up with the raptor to fight the Indominus. The sheer fact that they were able to put aside their past differences (referring to the end of JP1 when the Rex throws the raptor into the skeleton) and fight the bigger enemy. The tag team mentality they both had was flawless, to the point where the raptor jumped on Rex's back (like in JP1) and used Rex as leverage to get up onto the Indominus was a fantasy come true. The scene combined with a brilliant Giacchino score had me literally on the edge of my seat in the theater. Followed by the homage to JP1 when the kids discover the old park and Gray finds the old nightvision headset that Tim wore in the original. I waited nearly half my life to see that movie and I was so happy with how it turned out!


MemberCompsognathusOct-22-2017 11:03 AM

My favorite scenes are when they first arrive to the island in the first movie, the T-rex attack from the first movie, and the Spinosaurus underwater scene from Jurassic Park 3

Ashland H.

MemberCompsognathusOct-23-2017 7:44 AM

Jurassic Park when the Tyrannosaurus Rex gets out of its enclosure

Jurassic Park:lost world The Spinosaurus attacks

Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Indominus Rex

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