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Dinosaur-Themed Slots Transporting Us into The Jurassic World

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Online slots have evolved to become vibrant and stunningly developed games that attract players not only based on bonus features and payouts, but also on themes and interests. It’s possible to find pirate themes, movie themes like James Bond and The Godfather, and of course, dinosaur themed slots on major online casino platforms. 



  • Why do slots have so many themes?


Slots have always had themes, but in the days of mechanical one-armed bandits the themes and symbols used were severely limited. Symbols were often playing cards or fruit.


As slots grew in popularity, so did the variety of games on offer. When slots became digital, online developers had the opportunity to incorporate high quality graphics, animations and soundscapes. This led to a boom in themes, as well as bonus games and features.


The world of online slots is especially competitive. This meant developers improved returns and offered promotions to keep players coming back. But often it is the design that grips a player and attracts them to one particular slot game over another.


With so much choice out there, and many casino slots offering similar gameplay and returns, the slot’s theme is often what sets it apart in the eyes of the player. In the last decade, themed slots have become extremely popular, providing nostalgic trips down memory lane, adventures in fantasy worlds, and even various historical periods. With hundreds of games offering similar payback percentages and gameplay features like free spins, expanding wilds, and bonus rounds, the overarching aesthetic is often what attracts players initially or causes them to stick with a particular game franchise long-term.


For dinosaur lovers, there’s a few games out there that can transport us to a Jurassic World. Here are a couple to sink your teeth into. 



  • Dinosaur Adventure 


Developed by Genesis Gaming, Dinosaur Adventure has been around since 2016, but still remains one of the top dinosaur themed slots out there. 


First, let’s talk about the technical details of the slot. It has 5 x 4 reels and paylines run left to right in any order, which makes for 1,024 ways to win. The slot has medium volatility, which means it tends to pay out at a steady rate, with a return-to-player (RTP) of 97.25 percent. 


The slot is set in a prehistoric jungle, dark, damp and foreboding. The background soundtrack is orchestral-style music reminiscent of the Jurassic Park movie, but different. 


The dinosaur theme runs throughout. The slot symbols are made up of high cards, which have the lower payout values, and dinosaurs like the triceratops, brontosaurus and stegosaurus all featuring. The T-Rex, being one of the most feared dinosaurs in the Jurassic kingdom (although the giganotosaurus was up there), is the highest paying symbol. 


Dinosaur Adventure also has both Wild and Scatter symbols. The Volcano Wilds can replace any other symbol apart from the scatters, which gives more ways to win. 


The Scatter symbol is the velociraptor, one of the Jurassic world’s most in

famous predators. Seeing velociraptor symbols on three, four, or five reels pays five free spins, ten, or twenty free spins, respectively. During free spins, Wild symbols have multipliers which can stack for a multiplier bonus of up to 64x. 


Dinosaur Adventure is a classic that still stands as one of the best Jurassic themed slots out there. It’s available to play for free and for real money on Bovada Casino.



  • T-Rex II


Developed by RealTime Gaming, T-Rex II is the sequel to the original game, which came out back in 2009. A decade later, in 2019, RealTime released the second instalment to give the Jurassic themed slot a facelift and bring it up to scratch with modern titles out there. 


T-Rex II is a 5x3 reel slot with 25 paylines. Betting starts from as little as 0.1 coin and up to 2.5 coins per payline, which amounts to 62.5 coins. The maximum prize for hitting symbols is 2500x the bet, but as we’ll see the T-Rex Wild feature can double this to 5,000x. 


Again, the theme of the game is Jurassic jungle, complete with a haunting soundtrack and a scary cave background for bonus spins games. Reels have high cards, which are the lower paying symbols, as well as dinosaurs, which are higher paying. 


The Scatter symbol for T-Rex II is the dinosaur eggs, which can appear on any reel. Get three, four or five to activate 10, 20, or even 100 free spins. 


The T-Rex Terror Wild symbol only shows up on the first reel, but can eat other dinosaur symbols to create more Wilds across the slot. The Wild symbol replaces any combination other than scatters. It also doubles any wins!


T-Rex II also features two progressive jackpots, known as the minor and major jackpots, which can be triggered randomly at any time to win big prizes.


The flipside is this slot has high volatility. This means it pays out less frequent win. The variance is higher than in Dinosaur Adventure, but the wins can potentially be bigger. 


There are other dinosaur themed slots, but both Dinosaur Adventure and T-Rex II are made by top quality developers and are available on major online casino platforms. 


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Written by ChrisPublished on 2023-11-27 07:52:07

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