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Dinosaur Mods for Minecraft PE: Best Mods

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Many are interested in the topic of the Jurassic Period and the creatures that inhabited the earth at that time. Dinosaur mod will introduce Minecraft PE players to amazing predators, some of which will become dangerous enemies for the character, and others will be his pets. Minecraft mods download will help make the game original and move into the past.

Jurassic Craft

The developers dedicated their addon to the time when dinosaurs lived on Earth. Jurassic Craft will add these incredible creatures to the world of Minecraft PE.

Dinosaur mod to settle new abodes in forests, plains, and deserts. Many of them are dangerous predators, but there are those who can be tamed. This allows the character to ride mobs and get various help from them. Among the unique creatures are Raptor, Carnotaurus, Indoraptor and others.


Jurassic World

This map is a bonus to the Dinosaur mod dedicated to Jurassic Park. Ideally, Minecraft PE players can use these two addons at the same time to create an atmosphere of ancient times.

There are many structures on the territory made in this subject, which fans will definitely appreciate.


T Rex

This dinosaur mod is unique in that it adds one of the most terrifying and dangerous creatures of the Jurassic period that any Minecraft PE – T Rex player knows. The mob spawns in biomes of savannas and plains. This is a giant strong monster that can kill any character with a single blow.

Interestingly, players can give dinosaurs meat and rotten flesh to be able to breed them. If the user decides to eat T Rex meat, then it is worth cooking it first. Otherwise, the Steve will have the nausea effect.



This dinosaur mod will add creatures of such sizes that are usually not in Minecraft PE. The creatures have not only gigantic size, but also impressive strength. The health reserve allows them to fight against any opponents and win.

The developers decided to give players the opportunity to grow Dino with the help of special items.



The developers dedicated the addon to the most famous game about prehistoric times – ARK: Survival Evolved.
Dinosaur mod will immerse Minecraft PE players in a world inhabited by the most dangerous creatures on the planet.

In Overworld, users will see mobs such as Allosaurus, Baryonyx, Brachiosaurus and Dilophosaurus. By the way, the author has added fossils to the world: they are generated in deserts and swampy biomes.



Custom dinosaur stickers from CustomSticker.com are a fun and unique way for dinosaur fans to appreciate dinosaurs in their lives. Customized dinosaur stickers can also be used as decorations to add some color and personality to your room or car, laptop, etc. You can choose or design the type, color and size of the dinosaur to your liking, making it a unique piece of art.

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