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Jurassic World 3 will have more Animatronic Dinosaurs than ANY previous Jurassic Park movie!

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Director of Jurassic World 3 (Jurassic World Dominion) claims the third sequel will feature more practical, animatronic Dinosaur affects than ANY previous Jurassic Park movie!

One of a few things that have always set the original Jurassic Park movies apart from the Jurassic World series was the iconic sense of realism from the Dinosaurs in the films themselves. Fans will almost unanimously agree, the Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, through to Jurassic Park 3 all look infinitely more real than the Dinosaurs featured in Jurassic World or Fallen Kingdom and the reason for that is: Animatronic Dinosaur props. When a physical prop is created with lifelike characteristics, our brains know it's actually there, on screen, sharing space with the actors around it. The unfortunate negative of CGI technology is that our brains interpret the computer generated images and know that they're not actually there. This visual deception is what has led us to question why the aesthetics of the original Jurassic Park trilogy look BETTER than the more technologically advanced utilization of effects in Jurassic World and its sequel.

Thankfully, it sounds like Trevorrow and Universal have decided to put a heavier emphasis on using practical Dinosaur effects to better revisit that same sense of wonder and realism so many of us experienced when we first witnessed Jurassic Park for the first time.

Speaking with Collider during a Comic-Con@Home interview, Trevorrow explained:

We’ve actually gone more practical with every Jurassic movie we’ve made since the first one, and we’ve made more animatronics in this one than we have in the previous two, and the thing that I’ve found, especially in working in the past couple months, is that we finally reached a point where it’s possible to… digital extensions on animatronics will be able to match the texture and the level of fidelity that, on film, an animatronic is going to be able to bring. And you didn’t use to be able to really mix them. You could really see the seams. And so that part of it is very exciting for me.

This is extremely exciting news and we're thrilled to see what Colin and the production team on Jurassic World Dominion have created for us when the film arrives in theaters next year!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-07-25 14:54:51

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About Jurassic World 3 / Jurassic World Dominion

The official Jurassic World Dominion release date is June 10th, 2022.

Jurassic World Dominion (2022) is the third film in the Universal Pictures Jurassic World movie trilogy and is the sequel to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. For more on Jurassic World Dominion including its plot synopsis, cast and character lineup, trailer and other information, visit the About Jurassic World Dominion movie page!

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BrachiosaurusMember1447 XPJul-30-2020 8:52 AM

Nice. I always thought the props looked really cool.

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