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Jurassic World 2 will have a budget of 260 million dollars? (UPDATED)

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Written by Matt23,154 Reads20 Comments2016-09-18 10:53:41

As Jurassic World 2 nears the start of production, details have slowly began to be revealed about the upcoming movie. The director of the Jurassic World sequel recently sat down for an interview with the spanish language magazine 'El Pais Seminal'. In this interview, he disclosed that some new details about the upcoming sequel:

UPDATE 9/19/2016: Following this post going live, SlashFilm claimed that a source close to Universal told them that the $260 million figure was incorrect. The budget did seem high, but after Jurassic World earned nearly $2 Billion at the box office, it's not surprising that Universal will raise the bar and the budget for the upcoming sequel. That being said, it seems the claims we featured in this article may have been an over exaggeration. However, Universal have yet to clarify through official channels. The 260 Million dollar figure was sourced from Spanish magazine XL which we translated to English. The original article continues below...

Bayona confirmed that the Jurassic World sequel does have an official title, however the formal announcement will be at a later date. He also described Jurassic World as being in the 'Champion League' of cinema, and that he accepted due to Spielberg and Frank Marshall's involvement.

Notably, Bayona confirmed that the budget for the Jurassic World sequel would be 260 million dollars. This is a massive increase from Jurassic World's production of 150 million dollars. Bayonne did not give a specified reason for this large budgetary increase.

The budget increase is a very positive sign, and could indicate that production is willing to spend more on CGI or practical effects. The budget could also go into casting, as more well known Hollywood stars would require a substantial salary. Lastly, it is possible that Universal could utilize the added budget as a means of marketing the movie at a increase rate.

Jurassic World 2 will be released on June 22, 2018. Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt will return to play Claire Dearing and Owen Grady in the film. The movie will be directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, who has directed 'The Impossible.

Source: El Pais semenal, credit to JurassicWorldES for the translation and magazine scans!

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AdminIndoraptorSep-18-2016 11:34 AM

"That's uh... That's one big pile of cash"

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusSep-18-2016 12:05 PM


Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexSep-18-2016 12:54 PM

"You do plan on having dinosaurs in your, uh, dinosaur movie?"

G. H. (Gman)

AdminTyrannosaurus RexSep-18-2016 1:33 PM

Good grief... That's over $100 million more than the last one and a ridiculous price tag. So the movie is going to have to make $520 million to break even? Good luck making the same profit margin as the last film, Universal. I wonder if Legendary is pitching in to that budget as well...


AdminIndoraptorSep-18-2016 1:57 PM

Oh most definitely they are. They probably assume they can reproduce their success with JW, which is an incredible feat. It's possible for sure, but they're taking the franchise in a drastically new direction, so it's relatively unknown territory now.


MemberSpinosaurusSep-18-2016 2:19 PM

Wow thats a massive Budget....  but a big budget does not mean success... i for one did not really enjoy the last movie... it was ok but not as good as the First Two that was ever made

Sci-Fi King25

MemberAllosaurusSep-18-2016 2:21 PM

There's a big budget and then there's this.


MemberVelociraptorSep-18-2016 3:15 PM

"Spared no expense!"


MemberCompsognathusSep-18-2016 7:24 PM

Okay, that's huge, but $150 million to $260 million is not a 100% budget increase. It's more like 70%. That being said, I expect 70% more dinosaurs. 


MemberCompsognathusSep-18-2016 7:47 PM

@Gman, I find your lack of faith disturbing...


MemberTriceratopsSep-18-2016 8:46 PM

Wow, that's insane, but now they pretty much have as much money as they'd need to throw at the older actors from JP and The Lost World to make them come back.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminTyrannosaurus RexSep-18-2016 9:14 PM



MemberTriceratopsSep-19-2016 4:01 AM




MemberTriceratopsSep-19-2016 4:01 AM




MemberTriceratopsSep-19-2016 4:01 AM




MemberTriceratopsSep-19-2016 4:01 AM

....sorry i cant post a comment well


AdminIndoraptorSep-19-2016 4:27 AM

No doubt this will also put a lot of pressure on Bayona to deliver a film that can match the return of the original. Hopefully they use more animatronics this time.


MemberTriceratopsSep-19-2016 5:08 AM

Chris Picard I miss the old animatronics.....but the CGI looks good!I hope they put the animatronics yeah...but i will not be dissapointed by CGI.

Patient Leech

MemberTriceratopsSep-20-2016 6:54 AM

Hey, that's an enormous budget, but JP/JW can probably pull it of nicely. Those dinos are effing cool and I think it's pretty well proven people show up to see them. I bet they could easily eat through that kind of budget. These are expensive films. Hell, the lastest Bond film Spectre had a budget almost that big ($245 million) and it doesn't even show that much.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminTyrannosaurus RexSep-20-2016 9:33 AM

Thank goodness it's a misreport. It's just way too much money to throw at any production, and, historically speaking, a great deal of movies with budgets near that number or above haven't been particularly outstanding--Whether they made their money back or not.

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