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what do you think of operation genisis

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life will find a way

MemberCompsognathusAug-29-2012 7:42 AM
i watched all the jurassic park games on youtube and played operation genesis.I paesonaly love the game what about you guys
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MemberCompsognathusAug-29-2012 10:44 AM
Isn't that a simulation game where you build and manage your own dino park? Vague memories of it.


MemberCompsognathusAug-30-2012 2:05 AM
Operation Genesis! Maybe the best Jurassic Park game of all time (NOT MY FAVORITE HOWEVER) The game was great, it was a RTS, mixed with a little of the Sims. Now I wish there was a sequel! It would go a little like this........ -Keep the core gameplay the same. "IF IT'S NOT BROKE...DON'T FIX IT" -Give the game the Farcry 3/Crysis 3 Engine! With that type of power can you imagine how the forest/jungle etc will look. -You can actually create your character. Then you can use that PC and walk around your park, in both 1st and 3rd person view. By doing this you can see how the layout of the park looks at the ground-level and thus change it, if you don't like it. Different view from a over the top. Also your PC can talk too tourist walking by, and thus make the park better by hearing there output personally! This is also used for the core plot driven missions. A safari cab is trap in a Allosaurus Pen. You can tell security to go in, but the odds are the survivors will die. Hurting the park...so you go in...and either traq the Allos...or outright kill them. However if you die...you either have to star all over or from the last save point! - Make it a RTS game with a long plot! Operation Genesis main game was to make a 5 star park. It had side missions, but outside the main game. The sequels main mission is still to make it a 5 star theme-park. But thru out the course of the game slowly climbing too that 5 star, the player needs to worry about other things. The game will randomly throw plot story driven themes at you. A spy working for Biosyn....a Hurricane coming in....a underpaid worker who is selling important information to rival companies. A Tyrannosaurus Rex breakout that was impossible too STOP!!! - Island Editor: Just like the original Operation Genesis....you can create a island from the ground up. But with the Cry-tech 3 engine. The islands only limitation is the players imagination!!! What a perfectly flat island, you got. Wait a dormant volcano in the center, and then have the base dug out and place the Vistor Center there....you can do it! What the Spinosaurus pen too have so many trees, that just like in the movie no one can spot it, making tourist start to complain about it...you can do it! Place a waterfall inside the T-Rex pen....ditto. Also with the Cry-Tech engine...the islands can be HUGE.....like Isla Sorna BIG! You can make the island up to 7 miles long, and 5 miles high....the size of the Liberty City Map from GTA4! Once again.....where are you going 2 place the Vistor Center? How many thick jungles? A lake? With a map that big, player can spend hours apon hours making the island before they even begin the game itself!!! And fellow Operation Genesis 2 players can download and share island maps from PSN and Xboxlive! Sorry about the long post, I gave my.....EXTENDED thought about the game....and how a sequel if they ever made one could top the original. So, my answer do I like Operation Genesis....HELL YES...but it's my 2nd favorite JP Game. The horrid Trespasser is my favorite...."AS I GAVE REASONS IN ANOTHER POST!" So....there's my answer....the TYRANT LIZARD EMPEROR has spoken ^_^

life will find a way

MemberCompsognathusAug-30-2012 11:44 AM


AdminIndoraptorAug-30-2012 2:26 PM
I downloaded the demo for JPOG, and loved it. Watched some videos of it on YouTube and had to buy it. I ordered my copy a week ago, should arrive any day. I'll let you know what I think of the full game once I get to play it. Haha But it looks awesome.
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MemberCompsognathusSep-01-2012 3:31 PM
Anybody remember Chaos Island?


AdminIndoraptorSep-02-2012 12:04 PM
No, never played it [b]Xenotron[/b]. Was it any good?
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AdminIndoraptorSep-10-2012 4:16 PM
Haha Me too! Just got my copy of the game 3 days ago and haven't stopped playing it. Didn't like the missions you have to do to unlock Site B though, but still a very addicting and fun game. I love RTS style games, so this is great! Also, for it's time, the graphics are pretty good!
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MemberAllosaurusSep-06-2012 8:53 PM
I loved Chaos Island! Operation Genesis 2 would be cool hopefully it has more dinosaurs. Have like a difficulty, Easy (All Dinosaurs female, need to manually grow more dinosaurs) Normal (Both Genders, with controlled birth rate), then Hard (Both Genders, with uncontrolled birth rate)


MemberCompsognathusSep-09-2012 8:51 PM
I am currently playing Operation Genesis and its amazing! It's so addicting! :)

spinosaur master

MemberCompsognathusOct-25-2012 4:38 PM
operation genesis is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!! the tyranosaur is the best they are so EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no way is any dino cooler, nothing beats it. they just wreck havok

spinosaur master

MemberCompsognathusOct-29-2012 9:17 AM
jpog is epic my fav game spinosaur is epic on it all team spino you rock


MemberCompsognathusOct-29-2012 5:58 PM
I haven't played the game for a while but it was quite fun and i really enjoyed it.I enjoy theme park building games and even more so that it was Jurassic Park. I love the Velociraptors they're absolute favorite dino in and out of game. I also had a Jurassic Park game on the PS1 and i LOVED that game.


MemberCompsognathusNov-19-2012 12:26 AM

zhyear jefferies

MemberCompsognathusDec-06-2012 5:44 PM

zhyear jefferies

MemberCompsognathusDec-06-2012 5:47 PM


MemberCompsognathusDec-07-2012 4:05 AM
Does anyone remember Jurassic Park Interactive? I saw a YouTube video of it recently and thought of it as down right UUUUGLY!!! But when you get killed by any of the raptors or get killed by the T-rex the game fades to black and then shows a clip of your death. E.g. you get PWN3D by a raptor and the screen fades to black. Then a raptor appears on the screen walking casualy until all of a sudden jumping up close to the screen with is claws in attack position and the raptor gives out a very loud raptor scream, thus the player causing a flood in their pants and reacting like they've just lost 6 years of their life.

Wanni bros

MemberCompsognathusDec-22-2012 1:51 AM
The game was not bad but i think you can make better games

Cdc X potato

MemberCompsognathusFeb-08-2013 10:53 AM
I loved the game until it broke. But there were some faults for my point of view: - Not the best of graphics. - No playable view of the park for example, selecting a visitor and exploring for your visitors view. - The fact that basically NOTHING can protect your park for natural disasters. - And the amount of money you earn for your park. All together I find the game extremely addictive and fun.


MemberCompsognathusMay-14-2013 10:30 AM
operation genesis is the best jurassic park game ever the only down side is that the game is like 67 dollars at game force im glad i got it from my cousin for free.
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MemberCompsognathusMay-14-2013 10:11 PM
jpog is a great game. however due to rarity its rather expensive and your probably looking at paying over a hundred dollars for a used copy. though alot of people consider pirating evil i had to download my copy off a rar. file and winzip it .

noah eckeckenrode

MemberCompsognathusAug-06-2013 8:56 PM
The game is addicting as all heck!


MemberVelociraptorFeb-26-2017 7:59 PM

It's AWESOME!!! The graphics and animations are brilliant and I just love the simulated visitors! Perfect!

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