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My own Dino species

My own Dino species

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CompsognathusMember79 XPNov-24-2022 2:34 PM

I was bored today so I spent time creating my very own genre of dinosaurs. Here's a list of each one and info about it as well as more info about the genre as a whole after. 


1. Meiliyumalong 

Name meaning- Beautifully feathered dragon

Length- 2.3 meters (7.5 feet)

Height- 80 centimetres

Weight- 45 kg

Discovered- March 3rd, 2024

Period- Jurassic

Lived- 155-150 MYA

Where- China

Special characteristics- extra long arms for bipedal and quadrupedal movement, bright blue and red feathers, elaborate feather crest (most likely), sickle claw on each second toe and a fourth finger that acted as a thumb.

Other info- The first of the Meiliyumalongid's to be discovered and the genre's namesake, Meiliyumalong was a small terrestrial carnivore from the Jurassic period of China. When it was found it had exquisitely preserved feather detailing with melanosomes inside that helped paleontologists identify its colouration.

2. Canticavis

Name meaning- Song bird

Length- 1.5 meters (5 feet)

Height- 60 cm

Weight- 30 kg

Discovered- May 2nd, 2024

Period- Cretaceous

Lived- 100-90 MYA

Where- Spain, Portugal and Italy

Special characteristics- Same as Meiliyumalong. As well as a vocal chord that resembled modern day singing birds, hence the name and was capable of gliding.

Other info- The only dinosaur found to date with a vocal chord Canticavis would have been able to tweet like modern day birds do and was an adept glider.

3. Fterolophosaurus 

Name meaning- Feather crested lizard (greek)

Length- 5.1 meters (17 feet)

Height- 2 meters at the hips

Weight- 200 kg

Discovered- 18th December, 2024

Period- Cretaceous

Lived- 70-65 MYA

Where- Alberta, Alaska, Saskatchewan, North and South Dakota and Montana

Special characteristics- Same as Meiliyumalong. As well as a very elaborate feather head crest and blue and orange feathers.

Other info- the first Meiliyumalongid to be discovered with a feather crest. Leading to the assumption that the other two known species had them as well. The first one found in North America. Like the Meiliyumalong the feathers were so well preserved that paleontologists were able to tell their colour.

4. Jianyu

Name meaning- Sword feather

Length- 10.3 meters (33.8 feet)

Height- 3.5 meters at the hips

Weight- 850 kg

Discovered- February 28th, 2025

Period- Cretaceous

Lived- 80-75 MYA

Where- china and mongolia

 Special characteristics- Same as Meiliyumalong. As well as, long legs built for speed, strange elongate and sharp feathers coming from the place where the claws meet the hand, and an extra sharp feather crest.

Other info- This Meiliyumalongid was unlike any of the rest, yet discovered. Not only was it over 10 meters long but it also had extra sharp crest feathers and sharp feathers coming from where the claw comes out of the hand. These may have been used for fighting and killing prey. It had the strongest bite of all the Meiliyumalongids. It is unknown at exactly which time the 

5. Paxillanatisaurus

Name meaning- Paddle duck lizard

Length- 75 cm (2.4 feet)

Height- 30 cm

Weight- 15 kg

Discovered- 10th June, 2026

Period- Jurassic

Lived- 155-145 MYA

Where- Utah

Special characteristics- Same as Meiliyumalong. As well as, webbed feet, dense bones and being able to glide.

Other info- Paleontologists were stunned when they found this dinosaur. It had webbed feet and dense bones just like water birds do today. They have no idea why it has these adaptations when none of its relatives do.

 7. Fengzhi

Name meaning- Storm wing

Length- 8.2 meters (27 feet)

Height- 2.5 meters at the hips

Weight- 450 kg

Discovered- 27th May, 2027

Period- Cretaceous

Lived- 70-65 MYA

Where- Alaska

Special characterictics- Same as Meiliyumalong. As well as a very large brain, red and white feathers and the same sharp feathers as the larger Jianyu.

Other information- This Meiliyumalongid had the same sharp feathers as Jianyu, which proved that this was not a solitary adaptation and must have performed some sort of special function. Like Meiliyumalong and Fterolophosaurus paleontologists were able to tell the colour of its feathers. It was the smartest of the Meiliyumalongids.


Additional Meiliyumalongid info- A genus of Maniraptoran dinosaur originating in the late Jurassic that had several adaptations that differed them from other Maniraptorans. These include extra long arms, opposable 4th fingers and elaborate feather crests, 3 known, the other 4 are assumed to have had them too. They did have the sickle claw like Dromaeosaurs and Troodontids and were very smart. 

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