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ABG: Zygophyseter vs Leptostyrax

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TriceratopsMember331 XPJul-13-2022 8:30 PM

 Been a long time


Leptostyrax macrorhiza by Teratophoneus on DeviantArt

Size:9 Meters


Christopher Chávez - Zygophyseter varolai

Length:7 Meters


A Lone Zygophyseter is roaming the ocean. But out of nowhere a Leptostyrax bites onto it. The smarter Zygophyseter whips it with its tail, sending it a few meters away. The Orca sized shark charges and bites it on the fin, The Mini Sperm Whale acts quickly and bites the shark. The shark shakes the Mini Sperm whale tearing a few chunks of its flesh. The Zygophyseter starts crunching on the shark almost crushing a bone. The shark eventually crunches on it, killing the whale.


                                                                                                    It might be dumber but it was larger with more brute force.

                                                                                                                NEXT FIGHT 

                                                                                               Eiectus is the replacer for Kronosaurus but now it faces off agaisnt Styxosaurus.



3 Responses to ABG: Zygophyseter vs Leptostyrax

Cool Godzilla

AllosaurusMember2107 XPJul-14-2022 2:14 AM

I have a new battle! You can try my request after this battle, Bruhathkayosaurus vs Argentinosaurus, Bruhathkayosaurus was a not well known titanosaur and you know this other dino.

As long as we set a goal and we are determined to achieve our passions and goals, our determination is limitless.


TriceratopsMember331 XPJul-14-2022 5:28 AM

| Alright, I will check it out :D 


CompsognathusMember17 XPJul-20-2022 7:40 PM

very scary

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