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DBG: Dacentrurus vs Coahuilaceratops

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MemberTriceratopsJul-04-2022 8:48 PM




Size:6 Meters

Weight:5 Tons



Size:6.7 Meters

Weight:5 Tons


The blazing sun creates a drought, Lakes dry up. A Coahuilaceratops is trying to find a lake still not dried up, As the ceratopsian embarks in a journey, An unkown dinosaur attacked it. As the ceratopsian tries to find it, It has already fled. It finally finds a lake, It drinks to quench its thirst. Not knowing it stumbled upon a territory, It keeps drinking. The owner of the territory, a Dacentrurus notices. As it becomes territorial, The ceratopsian notices, It charges at the stegosauroid, But the stegosauroid swings its tail, Blocked by the ceratopsians frill. The stegosauroid notices and kicked the ceratopsian in the head, Pushing it backwards.


As the sun really gets into them, They clash. The ceratopsian charges unleashing a fit of rage. The stegosauroid tries to swing its tail to the ceratopsians frill, But is kicked down before it could swing it. The ceratopsians seeks the chance and charges to deal the final blow, The stegosauroid dodges it and swings its tail. The tail hits the ceratopsian, Dealing a huge blow. However, The ceratopsian charges with tremendous power, Dealing a blow to the stegosauroid. However, The stegosauroid did not get stabbed.


As the stegosauroid becomes enraged, The ceratopsian charges. But the stegosauroid hits it with its tail, and the stegosauroid keeps swinging it side to side. The ceratopsian roars and falls into the lake. However, some scientists increase the temperature of the lake for an experiment. As the ceratopsian roars in pain as it gets boiled alive. The Dacentrurus roars in victory as it rests. The scientists finished the experiment and turns the lakes temperature back to normal as the sun isnt  as hot as before. And as the ceratopsian corpse is dragged by some Utahraptors.

                                                                                                        The Winner......Dacentrurus


                                   If it wasnt for the unknown dinosaur that attacked the Coahuilaceratops, It could have lost.

                                                                                                                   NEXT FIGHT

Neovenator was from the United Kingdom, But is its power enough to defeat noneother than Skorpiovenator as it defeated Concavenator back then


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