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DBG: Antarctopelta vs Anzu

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MemberTriceratopsJun-24-2022 1:52 AM

This is the dinosaur version for Aquatic Battleground AKA ABG.


Size:4 meters

Weight:350 KG (2010)

An ankylosaurian dinosaur and obviously heavily armored, Used to defend from carnivores.


Size:4 meters

Height:1.5 meters

Weight:200 KG

A caenagnathid which is bigger than both Oviraptor and Citipati, It is an omnivore like its bigger cousin Gigantoraptor.


                                                                                                            Before FIGHT

Dawn has hit, Dinosaurs walking, Corpses being eaten, And as that happens an Anzu awakens. As the river flows, The Anzu cares for her eggs. As the sun sets, The Anzu still cares for the eggs. When night hits, She starves, She stands up and tries to find some food. Her stomach rumbles, As she spots no sign of food. Despite being an Omnivore she doesnt really like ferns that much, So she finds meat. After failed attempts, She stumbles in a Tundra. Her feathers keep her warm from the harsh temperature.


As she sees trees covered in snow, Trees without any leaves, And a small pond. She investigates and sees little scraps of meat on a skeleton. She eats some but still her hunger is almost the same. As she keeps searching, The temperature drops.


Dinosaurs roaring, Threatening her to go away. But she keeps searching. As the sun almost rises, Her stomach rumbles even more. She hears twigs being snapped in half, Creating noises. As the breeze makes her a bit cold, She decides to rest for a bit, minutes passed she stands up continuing her search for food.


She finds more scrapped food in skeletons, As she starts eating, A tree falls down, She barely escapes. She finds a lake, Larger than the pond she saw earlier. As she investigates she spots a herbivore, But not just any herbivore, Its an armored herbivore and its an Antarctopelta. 


                                                                                                          The Fight Begins

She decides to sneak up on the Antarctopelta, As the Antarctopelta eats ferns that are not covered in snow. As she gets closer, She waits for the perfect opportunity. And that perfect opportunity starts now. She charges at the Antarctopelta slashing it with her superior speed. As the Antarctopelta tries to hit her with its tail, She dodges it. The Antarctopelta keeps tail whipping, But she also dodges all of them. She now slashes the Antarctopelta again. The Antarctopelta had enough, As the Anzu tries to slash it, She is kicked to the ground. As she stands up, The Antarctopelta hits her with its tail. She falls down desperately trying to get up, But many attempts became a fail. She manages to stand up. The Antarctopelta roars. As she surrenders, As she limp walks away, Only managing to bring bugs to her nest to eat.

                                                                                                     The Winner......Antarctopelta!


                                                                          Lets be honest, Would a 4 meter feathered dinosaur win agaisnt a heavily armored herbivore?

                                                                                                                  THE NEXT FIGHT

                                               What happens when Neovenatorid, Fukuiraptor meets carcharodontosaurid, Shaochilong, Who will win?

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