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ABG: Hybodus vs Birgeria

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MemberTriceratopsJun-23-2022 8:14 AM

New Fight, New Series lets goooo


Size:2 meters (Maximum)


   Size:2 Meters (Some Individuals)


A Hybodus which is hunting starts to kill some large fish. The Hybodus eventually kills almost all the large fish in the area. As the Hybodus hunts, It starts to stop and roam other areas. Despite being a small shark it eats large fish. While the Hybodus roams the area, It spots a Birgeria, The fight stars. The Hybodus immediately opening its mouth and charging full speed to bite the Birgeria, But the Birgeria swims down and bites the Hybodus's Underbelly. As the Hybodus struggle to escape, The Birgeria lets go of the bite, Letting the Hybodus free. The Hybodus swims to turn around, It sinks its sharp teeth into the Birgeria. As the Hybodus lets go, The Birgeria immediately bites the Hybodus, Not letting go this time. As the Hybodus tries to escape, It bites it while being bitten. As the 2 fish are locked in a bite, They start to bite harder, As the Birgeria's teeth graze the flesh of the Hybodus, It suffers from the Hybodus's teeth thats being sunken in. As the Hybodus lets go, The Birgeria keeps grazing its flesh. The Hybodus eventually dying. 

The Winner is.....Birgeria. The sizes were equal, But this carnivorous fish went on top.




                                                                                                 The Next Fight

                                                                                        What happens when the Eurypterid, Megalograptus goes face to face with With the first ever land walker?

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