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MemberCompsognathusMay-10-2022 6:47 PM

Hello fellow Jurassic fans! I'm seeking the help for something important to me and that's getting a Jurassic Park / Jurassic World marathon going. Last year, Universal gave a marathon for the Fast Saga that lead up to F9. They showed one film each Friday and called it Fast Fridays up until the last Friday before the release of F9. It only stands to reason there be a marathon for Jurassic fans as well. But it seems there has been no sign of a weekly style form like the one done for the Fast Saga. So I'm here trying to raise demand for one as I seem to be the only person even remotely interested in one despite the fact that no one asked for a Fast Saga marathon. Those screenings ended up being nearly full. I went to each one and I was surprised even Tokyo Drift was full and that's a film that's seen as the weakest (I liked it however). The screenings were also free. Given the time as of now 1 month until Dominion comes out. I'm open to any sort of way so long as they give us a marathon to begin with. Nightly like the recent Harry Potter marathon leading up to Dumbledore which is what Cinemark did. Those marathons helped fans new and young experience those film series the way they were released years. It gives a 2nd chance for those of us who didn't get the chance to see it on the big screen the first time around for whatever reason like maybe you didn't get to see it the first time it was theaters or were too young or weren't born yet. I'm the latter and I'm also a movie fan in general and I love movie theaters and the theatrical experience. I know most younger people like me would be more interested in streaming but that's just not me. And I know how important dinosaurs have been to the history of cinema. Jurassic has been at the forefront of theatrical paleomedia for nearly 30 years. It only makes sense for a marathon like this to happen. I've seen the original Jurassic Park 4 times already because of the 25th anniversary screenings and Covid 5 dollar theater reopening as well as Jurassic World 5 dollar covid reopening. And I saw Fallen Kingdom half a dozen times for it's theatrical run. But my dream is to some day see TLW and even JP3 on the big screen. TLW for me is on par with the original. Thank you!

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