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DF F2 Nedoceratops vs Monolophosaurus

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MemberTriceratopsMar-30-2022 7:09 AM

Fight 2 of Erliko Dino Fights! The winner will face Siamraptor in the quarter finals!


Length:9 Meters


Weight:3 Tons


Length:5.5 Meters

Height:1.8 Meters

Weight:480 kg


A Monolophosaurus duo is trying to hunt something. They walk around hoping for one dinosaur to walk pass. They find a Nedoceratops eating a bush. They run to it and try to bite it. The Nedoceratops notices and swings its head in front of them. The pair backs off and thinks of a plan. They run in circles in front of the Nedoceratops trying to make it dizzy. One Monolophosaurus runs to it and tries to slash it. The Nedoceratops notices and kicks the Monolophosaurus. The other Monolophosaurus slashes the Nedoceratops without it noticing. The Nedoceratops grunts and charges at them. The Monolophosaurus pair dodges it. They turn around and bite the Nedoceratops. The Nedoceratops kicks one and kicks the other. The Nedoceratops charges at one succesfully ramming it to a tree. The other Monolophosaurus roars and runs to the Nedoceratops to try and bite the head. The head was armored with a frill. The Nedoceratops charges at the tree with the Monolophosaurus on its head. It falls to the ground. The tree falls down to the duo ending them.

                                                                                          The Winner.......Nedoceratops! It had more defense and used quick actions!


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