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Alectrosaurus vs Eustreptospondylus

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MemberTriceratopsMar-30-2022 5:14 AM

Ok so i voted because no one would.


Length:5 Meters

Height:2.5 Meters

Weight:470 kg


Length:6 Meters

Height:2 Meters

Weight:500 kg


An Alectrosaurus is wandering around the beach scavenging. Walking with no succesful find it still does not give up. It finds a Eustreptospondylus eating a beached Icthyosaurus. The Alectrosaurus sneaks up. The Eustreptospondylus is distracted eating its food. The Alectrosaurus charges and bites the Eustreptospondylus. The Eustreptospondylus quickly acts by clawing the Alectrosaurus. They clash for a long time wasting much of their energy. After a long time of clashing they still fight and fight until the next day. They have very little energy and they wait to rest for a little. Eventually the Eustreptospondylus bites the neck of the Alectrosaurus pinning it down. The Eustreptospondylus uses its hind leg to rip open the Alectrosaurus's body. The Eustreptospondylus sleeps at the beach. While sleeping many Dromeosaurus gather to eat the carcass. The Eustreptospondylus does not care it just sleeps. It wakes up knowing theres just a skeleton. The Icthyosaurus carcass was spared so the Eustreptospondylus eats it and lives to see another day.

                                                                                        The Winner........Eustreptospondylus! It used its size and weight as an advantage. The Eustreptospondylus acted quickly so it got spared.

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