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Kelmayisaurus vs Bistahieversor

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Who will win? I will make the fight and the poll makes the winner.
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MemberTriceratopsMar-28-2022 8:29 PM

A new clash of Theropods! Lets see who will take the win!


Length:9 Meters

Height:2.6 Meters

Weight:3.3 Tons


Length:11 Meters

Height:2.8 Meters (A random guess could be shorter or taller)

Weight:3.5 Tons 


A fully grown female Bistahieversor is wandering in the forest in search for water. It finds a river, but contains an also fully grown but male Kelmayisaurus. The Kelmayisaurus roars while the Bistahieversor is drinking. The Kelmayisaurus rams the Bistahieversor. The Bistahieversor roars and bites the neck. The Kelmayisaurus uses its claw advantage and slashes the Bistahieversor until it lets go. A few seconds later of slashing the Bistahieversor lets go. The Kelmayisaurus bites the arm of the Bistahieversor. The Bistahieversor roars in pain. Eventually the Kelmayisaurus pulls and rips off the arm.


The Kelmayisaurus eats the arm. The Bistahieversor rams the Kelmayisaurus.The Kelmayisaurus was able to bite the neck. The Bistahieversor tries to escape the bite but fails.


The Kelmayisaurus slashes the Bistahieversor. The Bistahieversor managed to escape the bite and flee. The Next Day the Kelmayisaurus was able to track the Bistahieversor's Home by following the blood trail. It sees many Dromeosaurus in the area. Also seeing a Skeleton.

                                                                                             Winner........KELMAYISAURUS!!! Bistahieversor may have the bite advantage but it didnt stand much of a chance against a dinosaur larger than it.

                           SOURCE:Cisiopurple (Go check his or her art out its really good!)                           

1 Replies


MemberTriceratopsMar-29-2022 6:21 PM

carcharodontosauroid boyo

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