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Afrovenator vs Irritator

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MemberTriceratopsMar-27-2022 11:40 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen we got ourselves another battle! Lets see who will take the Throne!


Length:8 Meters

Height:1.9 Meters

Weight:1 Ton

This specimen is a male and fully grown.It is a decent swimmer but doesnt swim in deep waters.


Length:8 Meters

Height:3 Meters

Weight:1 Ton

Also a male specimen and also fully grown.An extremely good swimmer and often swims in deep waters.


An Irritator is swimming in deep waters finding some food. It catches a mid sized fish. The Irritator gobbles down the fish. Now it tries to find more. An Afrovenator finally swims in deep water for the first time. It finds the Irritator and decides to try and eat it. The Afrovenator swims to the Irritator. They both collide. They bump into each other. The Afrovenator tries to bite but fails. The much better swimmer Irritator swims down. The Afrovenator tries to follow but is scared to find something that will eat it. The Irritator swims up and bites the Afrovenator. The Afrovenator slashes the Irritator. The Irritator lets go and slashes the Afrovenator too. The Irritator bites on to the Afrovenator and swims to land. Seems to be a land fight now. The Afrovenator was able to escape but left with a slice on the neck. A lot of blood comes out. The Afrovenator does one last slash on to the Irritator before dying from that gory slice. The Irritator eats the carcass before swimming to another island. A lot of Dromeosaurus from the island are eating the carcass. The Irritator comes back to eat the carcass but was left with just a skeleton.

                                                                                            The winner.........

                                                                                            Irritator! It got the advantage in the Lake then used land as its grim reaper for the Afrovenator!


2 Replies


MemberTriceratopsMar-28-2022 8:14 PM

Spinosaurid Boyo


MemberTriceratopsMar-29-2022 7:00 PM


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