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Rugops Pair vs Zhuchengtyrannus

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MemberTriceratopsMar-24-2022 4:56 PM


Length:4.5 Meters

Height: 1.5 Meters

Weight:750 Kg


Length:12 Meters

Height:4 Meters

Weight: 5.4 Tons


A Rugops Pair is wandering in the forest for food. They see a big carcass and begin to eat. A Zhuchengtyrannus approaches and roars. The Rugops Pair also roars. The fight begins. The Rugops Pair does the first blow biting the leg. The Zhuchengtyrannus gets the advantage over the leg and kicks the other Rugops. Its mate roars and rams the Zhuchengtyrannus,due to their smaller size it didnt do that much damage. The female roars and bite the Zhuchengtyrannus. The Zhuchengtyrannus bites the female and tosses her to a tree. The Zhuchengtyrannus roars at the male. The Male charges and bites the neck. The Zhuchengtyrannus uses his leg to kick the Rugops. The Female runs slowly to the Zhuchengtyrannus trying to bite only getting caught and bitten again. The Zhuchengtyrannus crunches onto the female breaking bones. And tosses her again to another tree but the tree collapses on the female. The Male tries to flee but fails by getting caught and bitten by the Zhuchengtyrannus.Crushing bones again.

                                                                                    THE WINNER IS.........ZHUCHENGTYRANNUS!   anyways im getting tired of this leave me suggestions ok?

2 Replies


MemberTriceratopsMar-29-2022 6:52 PM

Is it ROOgops or RUGops


MemberTriceratopsMar-29-2022 6:52 PM

Is it ROOgops or RUGops

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