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Possible Problems from the JW:D set

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TriceratopsMember200 XPMar-31-2021 10:27 PM

Laura Dern has recently leaked some information about a confrontation that occurred on JW:D's set.

She said that she and some other cast members witnessed a blow-up between Steve Brusatte, the main paleontological consultant, and Jack Horner.

It's surprising to know that Jack Horner was on set at all, because he was never listed to return to a consulting role in a Jurassic movie since World.

But to hear a blow-up between both paleontologists of different generations, one of which benefitted from the other's work, was a big issue.

From what Laura could piece together, Horner was going on about how the T.rex should not display any hunting behaviour at all in the movie, while Brusatte called him out for being an idiot.  Colin Trevorrow had to shout down both of them.

Look, I'm fine for fierce scientific rivalries.  They're important to analyze (ex. Vygotsky vs Piaget, Pavlov vs Skinner, Bakker vs Horner).  But to have representatives of each side getting so angry at each other in front of other people, who are only doing their acting jobs, is disturbing (especially since Horner's creative bias against T.rex's film representation wasn't separated from paleontological evidence).

Anyways, Laura broke it down in this video, expressing dismay at the improper conduct by both paleontologists.

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AllosaurusMember3193 XPMar-31-2021 11:54 PM

Uh oh....

Not much we can do tho

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

Kamoebas V.6

TriceratopsMember267 XPApr-01-2021 12:07 AM

HinikunaGoji,yep,not much we can do.

Kamoebas V.6

TriceratopsMember267 XPApr-01-2021 12:07 AM

By the way i am so happy that alphadino is still on the dino forums.


AllosaurusMember4251 XPApr-13-2021 10:30 AM

Damn, i've been rick rolled! time to counter it with some fleetwood mac!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCGD9dT12C0



TriceratopsMember200 XPApr-13-2021 7:48 PM

@Xenotaris  #throwback2020 XD


BrachiosaurusMember1332 XPMay-23-2021 9:47 AM

Me: You think this funny?

Alphadino65: In a cosmic sort of way, Yes.

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


BrachiosaurusMember1447 XPMay-23-2021 4:52 PM

why would you do this >:(

counter attack

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


AllosaurusMember3193 XPMay-24-2021 7:37 AM

i like that people are still falling for it. Anyway, i also think it’s funny that Kamoebas V.6 and I just didn’t say anything about it

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


TriceratopsMember200 XPMay-24-2021 9:19 PM

SasquaDash:  Well Mr Funny Man...is this how you get your sick kicks?

Me:  What? It's just an ordinary OH MY GOODNESS?!?!?!




AllosaurusMember3193 XPMay-24-2021 9:36 PM


Why do I see a smile in JW:D

I think Alphadino65 was warning us


expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst
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