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Albertosaurus V.S. Tyrannotitan

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MemberBrachiosaurusSep-19-2019 3:54 PM

Another fight, Alberto was recommended to me by Lazy

Thanks again, Goji! Also this match is a BIT more gory, at least at the end.


A large theropod huffs and walks across a dirt field. The lone wolf Albertosaurus walks alone, head down. It’s been a week since his pack left him to fend on his own. Although, he seems to deserve it, as he never helped hunt and always hogged the kill. He makes his way into the grass-covered side of the valley. The sun shines on his warm-grey scales and slight feathering. He looks up to see a similar-sized red-and-green feathered predator with black spikes along its back crouching down, eating a freshly killed Chubutisaurus with its neck severed. It snorts unexpectedly, causing him to jump a bit. It eats a good chunk of meat and leaves at the sight of a baby Utahraptor. Alberto finds a window of time to steal a piece, as he wasn’t eaten in a bit. He quickly walks to the herbivore and slowly dips his head. Ggrrrrrr….. Oh shoot. He looks up to see the theropod growling at him. He gets a good look, and realizes that it’s a Tyrannotitan. Even worse. But he snorts, he wants his bite of meat he took. The Tyrannotitan sees as the Albertosaurus isn’t leaving, so he roars loudly and angrily. Alberto won’t leave without a fight, so he bashes his head into Titan’s. 


And so, the battle begins….


Titan hits his head back at Alberto with force. Alberto backs up and grumbles. He runs away, and turns around so they’re staring at each other like a squareoff. The two circle for a minute, waiting for the other to make the first move. Then, Alberto charges with his jaws open. Titan tries to sidestep, but Alberto runs into him and chomps down on his torso. Titan roars and lets Alberto get close enough so he can claw at him with his small arms. The Albertosaurus whacks him with his tail, and Titan stumbles back. He grabs Alberto’s tail and bites down hard. RrrrrEEEEEEEEEAAA!!!!! Alberto tries wiggling Titan off, but that makes his teeth go deeper. He screams and turns around to headbutt Titan in the jaws. He drops Alberto’s tail. The tip bleeds with small black holes. Albertosaurus roars and bites Titan’s neck. Titan screeches and Alberto lets his “infecting teeth” to do their job. Titan pulls back and bits of his skin come out of place, in Alberto’s mouth. The theropod lets his neck puncture wounds bleed out in hopes the infection will seep out as well. Alberto licks the blood from his snout and charges at Titan. He snaps his jaws, but Titan predicts this. He moves out of the way. The Albertosaurus starts a fury of bites, teeth snapping like an alligator. Titan backs up as Alberto leans in closer. Alberto gets hold of his arm, the crunches down enough to break it. Then, Titan trips on the carcass, the very one they’re fighting over. Right now, he wishes that carcass never existed. Alberto tries to pin him to the floor and eat at him, but Titan’s much bigger body size and weight wouldn’t let him do that. Instead he gets up and pins Alberto to the ground. He scraps away at the tyrannosaur’s chest with his claws. Alberto kicks his legs wildly and digs up lots of dirt. Titan ignores it and begins gnaw on Alberto’s snout. He slides his legs under Titan and tries to push him off. It takes a lot of willpower, but he finally gets the 7 tonnes off of him. He gets up and starts running behind and in tall grass. Titan’s head twists and turns. He can’t find Alberto in this game of “Hide & Seek”. He lifts his head and roars in fury. He tramples the grass and Alberto appears behind him, grabbing his tail and starts to swing him. Titan’s feet scramble and he falls over. Alberto turns around as Titan grabs his tail and gives it a hard bite.


The Albertosaurus appears stunned for a second then roars a loud, pain-filled roar. The Tyrannotitan just broke his tail and it flops to the floor. Alberto starts jogging, but he stumbles and almost trips. He becomes very unbalanced. But he’s still determined to finish this battle and whips around to see the carcharodontosaurid charging after him. Titan pushes him over with a headbutt, and delivers another bone-crushing bite to his torso. SCCCRRRRRRRAAAAAAAEE!! Alberto’s mouth leaks with a drop of blood. Alberto bites him with nowhere near as much force. Titan bites Alberto’s neck suddenly. He roars and tries to get out of his grip. Worst mistake of his life.

Titan’s teeth shift this way and that, until they hit a windpipe. Alberto stops immediately. Titan chomps down harder, until his neck is so mangled it’s a miracle he’s alive. Not for long. Alberto scurries away with his head seemingly barely holding on, but Titan won’t let him leave. He crashes his jaws down on the neck again and Alberto cries in agony. His mouth spews blood. Some of his neck muscles become visible. All Alberto can do is kick at Titan weakly. Finally, Titan champs hard until he hears a crack. He crunches and destroys Alberto’s neck bone. His vocal cords get chopped, so he can’t even let out a last weak roar before he ultimately collides with the ground. Titan lifts his head and looks down at the corpse. He looks over and sees the other one, still intact. He now has two meals, more than enough to fill him and keep him full. He leans down and chews on pieces of the Albertosaurus’s grey skin.

Winner: Tyrannotitan. Personally, I kinda like Albertosaurus better, but Titan’s bigger and heavier body would help in this match. It has heavier jaws, therefore it delivers more bone-crushing bites than Alberto’s weaker jaws ment for ripping off pieces of flesh. 


This battle was a bit more gory, at least at the end. oof.

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!
6 Replies


MemberVelociraptorSep-19-2019 3:56 PM

AWESOME fight.

Your're welcome for the banner

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


MemberBrachiosaurusSep-19-2019 4:06 PM


i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


MemberVelociraptorSep-19-2019 5:02 PM

I'm not sure if Tyrannotitan could achieve bone crushing bite forces... and Albertosaurus almost definitely could... and neither would matter much do to the fact that if they had such powerful jaw muscles, it would hinder their gape to the point they couldn't use it effectively on creatures of a similar size... but that's just my opinion and some rambling. Great fight! Love how you ended it and how brutal the battle was!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberBrachiosaurusSep-19-2019 5:18 PM


I read a Wikipedia article and some other stuff and Tyrannotitan's jaw was heavier so therefor I thought it would be strong like that

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


MemberVelociraptorSep-19-2019 5:30 PM

It might have been able to to it, it is a lot bulkier in proportion to most other Carcharodontosaurids and it had blunter teeth more designed for crushing... I'm not sure, I don't know all too much about that. If I ever use it in a fight, I'll look it up to make sure. It would have had a strong bite force though. 

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberBrachiosaurusSep-20-2019 9:49 AM

Anyways I worked hard on this thing. Did research, added touch ups, and most of all, procrastinated even more

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!
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