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Halloween Special: Tyrance (The End) vs Dodorex (ARK: Survival Evolved) (Uncanon to the TEEU)

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ModeratorAllosaurusNov-01-2018 3:54 PM

An Animal vs a Monster

Tyrance (Tyrant Lord Ascendance) vs The Dodorex (Ark: Survival Evolved)


Height: 25 feet tall

Weight: 18 tons

Length: 65 feet long

Tyrance (No white around the snout or upper-body, only underbelly):

Height: 18 feet tall

Weight: 12 tons

Length: 52 feet long


The moonlight beamed across a flat grassy plain--breaking apart into light fractals as it illuminated an oak and sycamore forest. Within such forest, a titan, a deity of animals--trekked through, massive three-taloned footprints left behind in its wake--rumbles echoing for miles with every step.

It was none-other than the Tyrant Lord, Tyrance--a massive, muscular, reddish-brown colored Tyrannosaurus rex. Something was just grazing his olfactory bulbs, a scent--like that of an old foe, one he knew all too well.

Yet, it was different--like that of some sort of deformed, Anzu, or Ornithomimus. The Tyrant Lord, not scared by anything anymore, moved forward through the forest--breaking logs with steps as he pushed his way through the forest, using his head to break branches that otherwise would have blocked his way.

A half-hour passed, the land still very much encased in the umbra of night, when the Tyrant Lord had finally found what he was looking for. His right foot embedded into the soft mud, his head looking around--but unable to miss what lay ahead of him.

A large, theropod footprint--far massive than most, imprinted into the ground. Slowly the Tyrant Lord moved towards the print, bending his head over to sniff it faintly--it was...familliar, but he couldn't--a massive shadow appeared behind Tyrance!!

The speed was too quick and too precise--a massive, beaked jaw clamped onto Tyrance's neck! The Tyrant Lord bellowed in shock and pain, as he was shoved to the ground--barely clambering to his feet and turning around. A massive, 25 foot tall beast loomed over him.

It was adorned in brown, orange and red feathers--completely covered, with black scales. Unlike any-other normal theropod, its snout was that of a true avian beak--albeit, with sharp jagged teeth like that of a tyrannosaur's. It was far massive than any other animal should be, yet it still stood, and was fast too.

Tyrance, shocked but maintaining his regal composure, bared his teeth--snarling as he backed up his right foot and bellowed at the monster that stood before him. Its skull was orange, and there seemed to be minimal flesh covering on it--the bones being visible. The end of the beak was like the ballpoint of a hammer--massive and round, built to break bones with ease. The creature's arms were covered in feathers with four long peach-colored claws at the ends.

Tyrance's demeanor seemed to become more shaken, as he backed up slightly--the massive form of the easily 18 ton beast motioning towards him. The jagged-branches of the trees acted like a crowd grabbing at a celebrity, as the monster bellowed a deep bird-like trill at Tyrance, stomping towards him to attack.

The Tyrant Lord knew running was virtually pointless--he had to stand his ground, and do what he could. The feathered beast lunged at Tyrance, the Tyrant Lord narrowly evading the bite--but getting clipped across the right side of his snout--as the Dodorex rammed its hammer-headed beak straight into Tyrance.

The Tyrant Lord bellowed aloud in pain, stumbling to his left--but utilizing the momentum to collide his tail straight into the Dodorex's face, whipping the beast hard. The monster screeched a high-pitched trill, its head lifting up from the force, a massive dent in the beak--but it was just getting started.

A streak of blood dripped down the right-side of Tyrance's face, as he turned around to face the Dodorex once more. The feathered-abomination glared down at Tyrance, rays of moonlight engulfing its form--as both Tyrance and the Dodorex bellowed at each-other, the combined roars echoing for tens of miles--and the sound enough to be potentially lethal at close proximity.

Tyrance charged the beast, ducking low as he got in close and ramming the underside of its mandible with the bony-crest of his skull, but the Dodorex countered--swiping him with all four of its claws across the back. Tyrance rammed his shoulder into the Dodorex's neck, pushing the two through the forest, knocking down trees as they wrestled for dominance.

The beaked-demon used its superior height and weight to shove Tyrance back, before clamping onto the top of his neck--embedding its jagged teeth into the nape of the legendary Tyrannosaurus rex's neck. Thescelosaurus and Acheroraptor scattered about in unimaginable horror, as Quetzalcoatlus and Pteranodons took to the sky to escape.

Tyrance slammed his right foot down and used all of his 12 tons to shove his body upwards, the Dodorex still holding on, and clamp onto the breast of the beast--raking it with his jagged teeth. The Dodorex let go with a screech, backing up, as Tyrance's assault persisted--lunging forward to clamp onto his beak; the Tyrant Lord bit-down with almost 18,000 pounds of bite-force, cracking the monster's beak, but not breaking it--as the beast once again used its superior weight to throw its head around and toss Tyrance off.

The Tyrant Lord staggered, beginning to feel exhausted, blood dripping down his neck, face and back like body-paint. The Dodorex seemed to lack blood, even from where Tyrance had grabbed the feather-covered chest--yet its beak was cracked. Something was up, with the form of this monster--as though it wasn't real, and or living.

The Tyrant Lord backed up as the Dodorex moved to the offensive, the two trading ferocious blows--each attack met with an equally devastating one. They battled tooth-to-tooth for minutes, moving outwards into a more open battlefield--a plain, lush and grassy, coated in pale-moonlight. Tall brittle trees hung close to the edges of the plain, for it was small.

Tyrance shoved the Dodorex out into the plain, not giving the monster time to rest, as he charged barraging it with clamps, scratches and headbutts. The Dodorex began to tire, struggling to stand, as Tyrance's stamina and overwhelming power paid off--his unrelenting might leading him towards a W.

He scourged the Dodorex, stomping on its foot with that of his own, before aiming up and clamping underneath its neck. His bite-force grew, impaling the flesh of the neck, finally blood dripping down--as the creature clocked Tyrance hard with its long right arm, knocking him away.

For a few moments, the two merely circled each-other--both unsure of their next course of action. The Dodorex stared into Tyrance's eyes, snarling as saliva dripped down its maw. Tyrance could notice that the beak of the being seemed crooked, like it was misshapen--and...falling off.

The Tyrant Lord growled, slowly walking towards the feathered-demon. Smoke trails starting to wave out from both sides of the being's mouth, its eyes switching between black, and orange. Tyrance stopped in his tracks, beginning to backpedal; he could never have been prepared for it.

The Dodorex opened its maw and a gout of pure-red burning fire engulfed the land. The waves of flame seized the grass and peace by force, burning both to ash. Tyrance bellowed in fear, backing up with his tail held high as he narrowly evaded the stream of fire--running to his right. The Dodorex aimed its head at Tyrance as he ran, the fire following the Tyrant Lord like a heat-seeking missile.

The Tyrannosaurus rex ran right next to the edge of the plain, the beam of fire connecting with one of the old and brittle trees--imprisoning it in fire as it set ablaze in an instant, the blaze spreading from one tree to the next like an infection.

The Dodorex slowly stomped towards Tyrance, coming close to the perimeter of the plain--right next to the burning trees. It slowly closed its gaping jaws, as the fire fell to steam--out of gas. The monster breathed in heavily, exhausted from the display--yet it had not killed its adversary, as Tyrance stopped his run--standing still as he faced the monster head-on.

The Dodorex began to backup, as Tyrance charged the exhausted monster--ramming it with his head into the forest fire. The mutant bellowed in pain as the fire grabbed onto its back, setting it ablaze. The Tyrant Lord backed up, his mouth slightly open--as the Dodorex set on fire, a sight one couldn't un-see--the monster writhing in pain as it fell to the grass.

The Dodorex, was no more. Tyrance breathed in and out, his heart-rate lowering from the feeling of victory; he placed his right foot out and threw his head up, deafening the world with a bellow of lords.

He bellowed long and strong, his head coming back down to stare at the corpse of the Dodorex. Something was...off; the entity still moved, but only from the thorax region. The body shook, before a massive...pale-white hand, with four fingers decorated with spike-like claws burst out.

Tyrance's amber eyes widened, as he backed up; a monster, raked away the feathers of the Dodorex, those feathers being none-other than leaves--as it clawed through and came to stand above the corpse amidst the fire.

The Unstoppable Lord, Nequit Dominum--stood in the blaze. Tyrance realizing his foe placed his taloned foot out and trilled at the demon, his dewlap expanding and shrinking from the force. The now 21 foot tall Nequit Dominum, standing upright, looked at Tyrance; the demon was weakened, and burnt from the fire. The radiation mutated theropod had used his abnormally high-level of intelligence to construct a suit from leaves and animal bones, in order to stoke even more fear into his prey--and to torture Tyrance.

The Tyrant Lord, now finally seeing his true enemy--felt no more fear; only rage. He charged Nequit Dominum, the weakened monster barely growling in response. Tyrance rammed Dominum with his skull, before lifting up and slamming his head into Nequit's snout--blood launching out of the demon's mouth; Nequit clawed Tyrance alongside his jaw with his long claws, coating them in blood--before grabbing Tyrance with both hands and kneeing him in the mandible.

The Tyrant Lord broke free from his grasp, backing up and spinning around to ram his muscular tail into Dominum's ribcage; the weakened demon barely grabbed Tyrance's tail with his hands, most of the force still colliding with his ribs. He struggled to bring Tyrance down, trying to drag him by his tail--but the superior in skill Tyrant Lord used the weakened momentum of Dominum to swing his tail upwards, hitting him in the face--before turning around and shoving the once Unstoppable Lord to his knees.

Giving the demon no time to recover, The Tyrant Lord charged and clamped onto Nequit's neck; the demon grabbed at Tyrance's side trying to claw free, but it was meaningless--as Tyrance sank all of his 12-inch steak knife teeth into the monster's neck. He hearkened back to all the trauma the demon had caused him, the deaths of his family--everything, and ascended his bite-force from 25,000 pounds--to 40,000--snapping Nequit's neck into two.

He dropped the demon's lifeless body down, barely breathing as blood streamed down his body. He lifted his right foot up and stomped it into Nequit Dominum's stomach, sinking his talons into the Unstoppable Lord's flesh. He hurled his neck up one last time, his victory a tad bit delayed--and released a deafening bellow of lords, echoing across the land--the raging fire burning around him.

A rain came to cleanse the land, as Tyrance turned around and made his way outside the burning forest.


Victory: The Tyrant Lord Tyrance

Good grief.

6 Replies

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusNov-01-2018 3:59 PM

F*cking legendary.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


ModeratorAllosaurusNov-01-2018 4:12 PM

Thank you.

Good grief.


MemberStegosaurusNov-01-2018 5:36 PM

 That was really good, GG. I liked the twist.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.


ModeratorAllosaurusNov-02-2018 2:18 PM

Thank you man.

Good grief.

The Hooded Figure

MemberStegosaurusNov-02-2018 6:10 PM

While the Nequit Dominum reveal was good and unexpected, I was hoping for the Dodorex to be a new villain of sorts for Tyrance to continuously face challenges against. But I enjoyed reading it. You should make more of these uncanon fights.


ModeratorAllosaurusNov-02-2018 8:08 PM

I will definitely do more and thanks. In regard to the Dominum twist, I thought it would really cool and also would be able to make sense of the Dodorex being somehow in the The End universe--without just breaking logic and having it randomly appear.

However, just cause this Dodorex was Dominum--doesn't mean an actual one can't appear someday. *Furiously winks*

Good grief.

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