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Isla Nublar Apocalypse remake Part 2

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MemberAllosaurusSep-01-2018 12:03 PM

Part 2: Nightmare


Egypt, the largest of his kind, was laying down, resting after having successfully brought down a Parasaurolophus. He began biting off pieces of flesh with his long jaws, coating his snout in red. The Spinosaurus was a magnificent specimen, measuring sixty feet long and twenty one feet tall. After eating his fill, he rested his head to sleep.


In the ruins of the Cretaceous Cruise exhibit, Fang, the son of Egypt, was looking for new territory. He had been driven out of his old domain by the island's resident Tyrannosaurs. Looking around as he walked, the Spino heard something roar at him from behind. Turning around, he saw that it was a Suchomimus.


The two aquatic predators bellowed at each-other as they bared their claws, making fake slashes through the air. Fang had a significant size advantage, watching as the Sucho charged, jaws wide open. The Spino stepped back as his foe snapped his jaws shut before slashing at his long snout, drawing the first blood.


Staggering back, the Sucho lunged again only to have her left eye gouged out by Fang. Wanting to avoid further injury, she let out a low rumble, accepting defeat before turning to leave. Fang watched before heading off in search of something to satiate his hunger.


The Spinosaur trekked through his territory before finding a herd of Parasaurs. Fang watched them, scanning the group for a vulnerable individual. He found one that was hobbling with a broken leg. Watching her, the Spino closed in on the hadrosaur as the rest of her herd scrambled for safety, leaving her. He raised an arm, slashing at her neck.


The Parasaurolophus screeched as she felt three fish hook-like claws dig into her skin, pull out, then enter her neck again. She eventually stopped fleeing and collapsed, gasping and losing blood before Fang tore a chunk of meat out of her neck, eating his prize. He ate enough to keep him fed for days before heading over to a tree and laying down to rest.


Egypt was awoken by the smell of rotting flesh. Standing up, he heard the psychotic screams of the Indominus rex and the helpless grumbles of a Euoplocephalus. Egypt watched the two beasts battle, surrounded by the corpses of other Euoplocephalus. The one holding her ground against the I.rex was the last of her species. She swung her tail, but the Indominus grabbed the club in her hand and pinned it down under her foot, slashing at her hind legs.


It took a while, but the Indominus' talons eventually found their way to the herbivore's Achilles' Tendon. This caused the Euoplocephalus to fall down, helpless as she was flipped over onto her back. The I.rex stood over her, slowly sinking one claw into the center of the Ankylosaurid's chest. The herbivore groaned in agony as the hybrid slowly dragged her claw down, cutting her open down the length of her body.


Blood was everywhere as the Indominus pulled back the belly skin of the Euoplocephalus, eating her alive. She pulled out organs and meat with each bite, tossing her head back as she swallowed the plant eater's remains. Some of it got caught in her crooked teeth, but she did not care. After filling her belly, she raised her massive skull, sniffing the air because she had detected the scent of a Spinosaurus.


Approaching a tree, she turned to look behind it, seeing nothing but footprints leading away from the area. Hunkering down on all fours like a dog, she sniffed the footprints, following them in her quadrupedal stance. She didn't even care about the corpses that she hadn't eaten, she wanted a fight that would be a challenge, unaware that she wasn't careful of what she desired.


Fang awoke to see that the bones of the Parasaurolophus had been completely stripped of flesh. He stood up to see some kind of Dromaeosaurid run into the bushes. Ignoring the smaller predator, he walked over a stream to quench his thirst before exploring his newly acquired territory.


The predator wasn't quite as big as Egypt, but he was still a massive megatheropod, measuring fifty-eight feet long and twenty feet tall. His amber eyes explored the wetlands of Isla Nublar's northeast region. Herds of Apatosaurus and Stegosaurus roamed the area, consuming the various plant life. However, he wasn't hungry, so he ignored them.


Continuing on, he saw the corpses of many Euoplocephalus scattered around the ground. One of the bodies in particular shook him. Its belly was cut open down the length of its body, and there was a bloody mess of bones, tissue, and meat inside the body.


Egypt sniffed the air, aware that the Indominus rex was following him. He needed a way to lose her as he picked up speed, moving through the forest quickly. Suddenly, he saw her behind him, blood dripping from her jaws. Using his sense of smell, he attempted to find other carnivores. Luckily, he found the smells of three Allosaurus. Egypt moved past them as they snarled at the hybrid.


The carnosaurs snarled at the Indominus rex, who suddenly vanished. The two biggest members of the trio, the parents, were confused. Their son, Big Al, was confused and afraid. The parents told him to leave through chirping, but he refused. Suddenly, the father was thrown to the ground as the I.rex reappeared, biting down on his neck as he slashed at her head. He was ended when she stomped on his skull, crushing it underfoot.


The mother charged at the I.rex, only to have her neck snapped by the hybrid's thrashing tail. Placing her hands on the corpse of the mother Allosaurus, she noticed that the last one was gone; they had bought him enough time to escape a grisly death. Egypt's scent was also gone.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

2 Replies


ModeratorAllosaurusSep-01-2018 12:15 PM

Fantastic chapter. You used Egypt well, and the I.rex is imposing.

Good grief.


MemberStegosaurusSep-01-2018 12:26 PM

Not bad, Tyrannos. 

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

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