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Isla Nublar: Extinction Part 5

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AllosaurusMember4115 XPAug-14-2018 7:43 PM

Part 5: Neo-Jurassic

In one of California's redwood forests, a group of hikers was trekking through the heavily wooded area. They were taking pictures of the trees on their cameras. Suddenly, they heard the sounds of the ground shaking. The sounds grew louder and louder, becoming closer and closer. The hikers looked up in awe, jaws agape. A massive herd of various plant-eating dinosaurs was passing by, made up of Apatosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Sinoceratps, Gallimimus, Stygimoloch, and Triceratops.

One of the hikers took a picture of the herd, triggering a bellow from Stiggy the Stygimoloch. She snorted in irritation, charging. A round, hard object slammed into the hiker's chest--her dome-shaped forehead. Stiggy honked as she rammed into the other hikers. They fled, scattering as they hid behind trees.

The hiker who had been hit in the chest clutched his chest, gasping for air. He felt something drip on his hair. It was strange. There was no rain, and the sky was crystal-clear. Then, he felt something small and wet hit his hair. Another drip, this time followed by a low growl. He looked behind him as the animal revealed himself, uncloaking; it had been camouflaged. It was Destructo. The hiker had no time to scream, as a set of jaws filled with peg-like teeth clamped down on him, thrashing him from side to side. The Carnotaurus roared as he charged, sprinting towards the herd.


The other two hikers felt the ground shaking again, but this time, it was much more rapid, and the sound of the ground thumping was accompanied by the cries of the dinosaurs. They looked bac to see the herbivores stampeding. The humans fled, able to outrun the lumbering plant-eaters. One of them looked back to see a charging Carnotaurus swallowing a human's remains from the chest up. They identified the body as their companion, but had no time to mourn.

Destructo, despite just having had a snack, was still hungry, looking for a weak or injured animal in the herd. He singled out a Sinoceratops that was staggering from an injured leg. The Carno clamped down on the Sino's bad leg, releasing a screech of pain from the ceratopsid. She turned around to face him. Destructo bit down on the animal's frill, placing a foot on her face. His talons left deep scratch marks before he took a buck from the animal's nasal horn, breaking two ribs. The Carno fell down on his side as the Sino tried to flee.

The Abelisaurid clambered to his feet and chased after her, biting down on her frill again. He tried to crush her neck between his jaws, but found it too thicc for him. The Sino turned her head, forcing him to step back as she veered around once again. She ramemd into him, one of his horns hitting her frill and causing it to bleed. Blood dripped down the head crest of the Sinoceratops, some of it pouring into her eyes. Destructo took advantage of this and bit down on the top of her neck, squeezing her spinal cord as tightly as he could. She bucked and shook before the Carnotaurus snapped her neck.

The Carno sank his teeth into his hard-earned meal, ripping out pieces of flesh. He threw his head back, swallowing the meat whole and coating his jaws red. The Carnotaurus sniffed the air before his head turned. He saw the two remaining hikers and chased after them, killing them in seconds. Having satisfied his hunger, Destructo continued heading east.


Earth led his pack through the dry, arid lands of Nevada. He was following the road, which led into Las Vegas. He chirped to his pack for them to follow him, smashing through the security buildings. Earth walked into one of the tourist attraction's many streets, releasing a roar to assert his dominance. People screamed, running to get away from the theropods. Pterosaurs flocked overhead, nesting on top of buildings. One of his subordinates bit down on a human, throwing his head back to swallow it. They rampaged through the city, devouring anyone they saw. They were hungry and hadn't eaten in days.

The Mapusaurus also needed water, stomping through the city. They broke through fences to get to the Fountains of Bellagio. It was heavenly to them, and they drank for a long time. Suddenly, one of the subordinates felt something enter his leg at a breakneck speed. It was a man of forty-two years of age, who had survived Isla Nublar. He drew his rifle, firing another bullet, this time at the megatheropod's shoulder. The dinosaur's arm went limp as he roared before getting shot in the neck, then the eye. The Mapusaurus collapsed in the fountains as the man walked towards it, pressing the gun against the back of his head. He pulled the trigger, ending the beast, sending the other three into a rage. Earth chased after the human, who ran into the nearest office. Despite slamming his head through the doors, he could not fit inside the building. Snorting in annoyance, he walked off as a needle entered his neck.

Earth's vision grew hazy and he began to feel tired, hinging his legs to sleep. A large helicopter transported him away from the area. He was brought to the Sierra Safari Zoo in the same state. The zoo had wanted a live dinosaur exhibit, and Earth was going to be the inhabitant.


The herd of various plant-eating dinosaurs continued on, beginning their journey north after cutting through Utah. While heading through Colorado, they encountered the Morrison Formation, where the herd's Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus had once lived. They stopped for a drink after passing through the dry desert state of Utah. One sauropod wandered off, only to be attacked by a trio of Allosaurus. They growled and snapped at the Apatosaurus before one of them leaped onto its side, ripping into its skin with her claws and jaws. Another slammed his upper jaw into the sauropod's shoulder while the third jumped up, biting down on its neck. The sauropod groaned as a pair of jaws lined with razor-sharp teeth gripped its neck before the other two knocked it over by jumping onto its side.

The sauropod was brutally eaten alive, with the carnosaurs biting off pieces of flesh, exposing its entrails. However, a bellow caused them to raise their heads as Tyrannos entered the area. Crushing the sauropod's neck under his foot, he roared, asserting his dominance and scaring away the smaller theropods. He began eating the carcass when another bellow alerted him. It was his mate, Tyrannas, and they nudged each-other, having reunited.


Later, the herd continued north, with the two Tyrannosaurs never too far behind. Claw also followed them, picking off the weak and the sick Gallimimus. At the northern end of the Morrison Formation, a Triceratops wandered towards a lake, but got stuck in the mud. It bellowed helplessly as it became stuck. Tyrannas and Tyrannos saw this and approached it. However, they also became stuck, with all three of them suffering a slow and agonizing death.


Tyria, having been separated from Tyrance, was wandering through the Western United States. She had passed through zoos, slaughtering humans and animals alike, and was searching for the herd of various plant-eating dinosaurs.


Tyrance himself was already on the trail of the herd. While passing through the Morrison Formation, he picked up the scent of a dead Trike, and two Rex. He followed the smell, coming across the corpses of all three of them. He lowered his head, mourning the deaths of Tyrannas and Tyrannos. Knowing he had to keep moving, he shook his head as he traveled north, the herd only a few miles away. Hiking through the area, he came across a lone Stegosaurus, the first straggler he saw. The Tyrant Lord bent his knees and focused his vision before charging, clamping down on the Stego's throat and throwing it down. He crushed the creature's small head under his foot before eating.


Fang traveled via the Western United States' various waterways. He ate fish and killed any Grizzly Bears that got in his way, traveling towards Montana. The Spinosaur herd the sounds of footsteps one day, lifting his snout out of the water. Water dripped from it as he saw a herd of various herbivores traveling north. He decided to follow the herd while still staying in the rivers to avoid being seen by them.

The herbivores were looking for a suitable habitat, a habitat which Trikes and Stiggy knew--the formation from which their bones had been recovered. However, they still had to travel through Wyoming.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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AllosaurusModerator3811 XPAug-14-2018 7:50 PM

Great use of my characters and yours. Excellent work, damn straight.

Good grief.


CompsognathusMember36 XPAug-17-2018 10:39 AM

Its awesome to read it!

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