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Isla Nublar: Extinction Part 3

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I Meme Everything

AllosaurusMember4115 XPJul-01-2018 9:11 AM

Part 3: Humans

Claw was sleeping in the forest and awoke, exploring her surroundings. She sniffed the air, picking up a scent. Her target was not far. She locked her eyes on it: a baby Triceratops. Claw saw it frollicking with a butterfly, and she jumped over a log, squaring off against the horned dinosaur. They circled each-other, only for a Pteranodon to try to take the herbivore. Claw drove off the pterosaur, with the Trike using the distraction to escape. She hissed in frustration, as the ground rumbled.

Climbing on top of a log, the Raptor looked up at Mount Sibo, as a giant puff of smoke and ash erupted from its mouth. Claw headed north, heading closer to the volcano. Dust filled the air, and she spotted the remains of a Spinosaurid on the ground. The Dakotaraptor picked off what little flesh remained on the bones, exploring the area, littered with parts of jeep wranglers from 1993.

Claw walked over to a nest, sniffing some eggs. However, a loud screech filled her ears; the mother was here. She backed away from the nest as she was approached by a Baryonyx, hissing at her. The bold Raptor stood her ground, returning each growl the Baryonyx released.

But then, a much louder roar was heard; the roar of a hunter, an apex predator, a queen. Tyria approached Claw and the Bary. Now there were three theropods, one of a different niche; a large carnivore, a medium one, and a small one. Claw and the Spinosaurid watched the Tyrant Lady approach them. She released an ear-splitting roar, to which the Baryonyx responded.

The Bary charged, but Tyria slammed her head into her, sending her across the ashfields. Claw jumped on the Tyrannosaur's side, as Tyria changed her footing to shake her off. The Dromaeosaurid fell off. The two roared at each-other before going their separate ways as helicopters moved toward the island.

Claw wandered through the jungles, entering what had been the original Tyrannosaur paddock from 1993. She spotted something--no, someone in the distance, and jumped on the old Ford Explorer, hissing at the human--Owen Grady. Owen tried talking to her to win her back, and even threw a piece of meat at her. However, this was ineffective, as Claw merely looked at him, slowly approaching. Owen extended an arm, and Claw almost put her snout in his hand--until something hit her neck, a dart with a sedative.

She staggered back, screeching in anger and confusion, as more men surrounded her. Owen shouted at them, "I told you to wait for my signal!"

Claw was hit by another dart and jumped on the man who fired it, slashing at him with her claws. He screamed as he drew a pistol, firing at the Raptor. She fell over on her side, her vision becoming blurry and hazy. Claw passed out as the mercenaries put her on a truck and transported her away.


Elsewhere, the four Rex were hunting a Brachiosaurus. They spied on the sauropod as the unsuspecting titan grazed the treetops. Before they could make a move, however, the ground rumbled beneath their feet as Mount Sibo erupted. Lava spewed out of the Earth. Tyrance watched with fear, having not seen this level of destruction since The End.

A stampede of various herbivorous dinosaurs came charging their way, forcing them to split up. Not only were there herbivores, but other carnivores joined, separating them. Destructo sprinted past Tyrannos, being the first carnivore caught by the humans.

Tyrannas stumbled over a Stygimoloch, losing her balance and speed. She was tranquilised by Ken Wheatley, who grabbed a pair of pliers. "I've always wanted the tooth of a king."

He clamped the pliers around one of Tyrannas' teeth, squeezing his hands tight. "Ah, that's a thicc one."

Wheatley placed one foot on the head of the Rex, pulling back as he yanked the tooth out of her mouth. Ken then turned to his men. "Get this beast onboard the ship."

Tyrannos frantically searched for his mate, watching her being taken to the ship. Angered, he roared as he stomped onto the dock. Several mercenaries fired sedatives at him, but they had no effect on the fifty-foot beast, who ate a man and knocked another into the lava with his thrashing tail, which lashed from side to side. However, more and more men kept coming, firing more sedatives at his neck. Eventually, he grew tired, stumbling about, before collapsing.

The two sedated Tyrannosaurs were brought on-board, with Tyrance approaching the dock next. He knocked a truck full of mercenaries into the water, roaring as he swallowed another whole, and crushed another under his foot. He took more sedatives than the two Rexes who had been captured before him, but after taking forty of them, he began to feel fatigued. Tyrance panted before laying down. He was moved onto the ship, leaving Tyria as the island's last Rex.

As she fled the volcano, she bit the neck of a Carnotaurus and placed her foot on its throat, roaring. Tyria shook her head and walked off, having no time to eat the three humans she had unwittingly saved. She moved towards the shore, when a heavy vehicle approached her. The Rex roared, only to have a sedative shot at her jaw. The Tyrannosaurus rammed the vehicle, which swerved around. She didn't know it was luring her somewhere.

The combination of her old age and constantly running caused the Tyrant Lady to fatigue. She spotted a goat and ate it as she collapsed from exhaustion. Suddenly, metal bars snapped shut around her as a helicopter lifted her cage off the ground. Tyria was carried to the mercenaries' boat, which, after collecting a few more dinosaurs, left for California.

Many dinosaurs were still left on the shore, including Mako, Sahara, Albus, Alba, Cocoa, Alborax, Gore, Feather, Menace, Dread, and Venus. Fang had awoken from his slumber and bellowed towards his mate, who returned his call. As the Carcharodontosaurus, Albertosaurus, Lythronax, Yutyrannus, and Daspletosaurus perished, Venus entered the water, attempting to swim. However, the volcanic ash and gas caught up to her. Fang cried out in sorrow and anguish as the last he saw of her was her silhouette against the orange light of the lava.

On board the ship, Earth rested peacefully, relieved that his family was safe. Tyrance, Tyria, Tyrannos, Tyrannas, Fang, Earth, Gaia, their two, Claw, and Destructo, had survived.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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AllosaurusModerator3811 XPJul-01-2018 9:23 AM

"Where is Destructo?!" | "Who is Destructo?" || "I'LL DO YOU ONE BETTER--WHY IS DESTRUCTO!!"

Good grief.

Grand Almur General Shiro

CompsognathusMember14 XPJul-01-2018 9:36 AM

Nice one....WAIT I'M BAAAAACKKKK!!! RIP Venus whyyyy.

Grand Almur General Shiro

CompsognathusMember14 XPJul-01-2018 9:36 AM




StegosaurusMember934 XPJul-01-2018 10:15 AM

That was pretty good, Tyrannos. I'm looking forward to the next part.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

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