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The Last T.rex Survivor

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Rexy the T-Rex

MemberCompsognathusMay-01-2018 5:37 AM

The Last T-Rex Survivor

Written By: Rexy

Chapter 1: The Noise

One Day t-rex named Rexy was sleeping when a loud rumbling noise woke him up. He thought it was just a herd of triceratops coming by so he went back to sleep. But it actually was a rockslide on the mountain nearby. The next day Rexy woke up and went on a walk with his brother Jack they walked on a path on the mountain when the ground started shaking and from around the corner came an unknown dinosaur who started yelling "RUN!!" Rexys brother ran but rexy was to shocked to run. The unknown dinosaur ran into rexy saving him from a boulder but the dinosaur was knocked down by the boulder Rexy saw what happened then he saw a boulder about to fall on the dinosaur Rexy rushed in and grabbed the dinosaur from under the boulder and jumped behind a rock for cover. The dinosaur said "Thank you my name is Mark.”

Chapter two: Mark


"Thank you. My name is Mark. What's yours?" Then Rexy replied "R... Rexy my name is Rexy." then mark replied "it's nice to meet you Rexy." then Rexy replied " it's nice to meet you to Mark." then they went to find Rexy's brother Jack and when they found him he was in the middle of a fight with a carcharodontosaurus and Jack said to the carcharodontosaurus "DON'T TALK ABOUT MY FAMILY LIKE THAT YOU JERK!" then the carcharodontosaurus said "But it's true. Your brother is a scaredy cat and he would run away from me the second he saw me." then Rexy ran in knocking the carcharodontosaurus down and said  " Why don't you say that to my face you fat jerk." then the carcharodontosaurus got up and said " I MAY LOOK FAT BUT ALL CARCHARODONTOSAURUS DO!" then Rexy said "Then all of you must be wimps!" then mark jumped in and said " REMEMBER ME YOU JERK!" then the carcharodontosaurus grabbed jack and threw him into a rock then Rexy ran at the carcharodontosaurus but the carcharodontosaurus whipped Rexy with his tail knocking him to the ground. Then mark ran towards the carcharodontosaurus and ran straight into the carcharodontosaurus knocking it to the ground. Then mark helped Rexy and Jack up and said “let's show this jerk whos boss around here.”

Chapter three: The carcharodontosaur ‘mike’

Then mark said “let's show this carcharodontosaur who's boss around here.” then when the carcharodontosaur heard mark's voice he said “Mark is that you?” then mark asked “how did you know my name?” then the carcharodontosaur said “it's me mike.” then mark said “mike? Sorry mike I didn’t recognize you.” then mike said “it's ok mark. I forgive you.” then they saw a group of velociraptors heading straight for them. Then Rexy said “you ready for this?” then mike, mark, and jack said " we’re ready to beat up abunch of velociraptors.” then the others saw how many there were and said “you know what i think we should let Rexy deal with them don’t you think.” then the others said “yes definitely let Rexy deal with them.” then the velociraptors pounced on Rexy one by one and one by one Rexy threw them off and one of the velociraptors pounced on Rexy's face so he couldn’t see the other velociraptor jump toward mark but Rexy saw it and grabbed the one that jumped toward mark and threw it into a tree then grabbed the one on his face and threw it into a passing triceratops. Then after Rexy finished off the last few velociraptors the others saw all the scars on Rexy and said “dang those must have been some tough velociraptors to scar a T-Rex like that!” then Rexy said “yes they were.”

Chapter four: the raptors

Then Rexy said “yes they were and one of them was even able to trip me by running into my leg.” then jack said “Rexy there’s one behind you.” then Rexy slammed his tail on the ground knocking out the velociraptor and said “thanks jack. And just so you know they’re back but coming from behind you.” then the others ran behind Rexy and saw the raptors and it was the same amount but this time they said "Rexy we want to help this time.” then Rexy said “ok. But make sure they don’t pounce on your back and if they od just say my name and i’ll help you ok.” then the others said “ok Rexy.” then when the raptors got to the group Rexy said “hold your ground and don’t let them get past us we can’t let them stampede the herd of triceratops behind us!” then the raptors pounced at the group but the group threw them off and Rexy saw a white dinosaur coming towards with the velociraptors and Rexy said “Hold off the raptors i have to deal with a bigger threat!” and when the others saw the white dinosaur they said “Rexy don’t it's the indominus Rex you’ll never win!” then Rexy said “I have to try!”

Chapter five: the indominus

Rexy said “I have to try!” then Rexy ran towards the indominus. The indominus saw Rexy running towards him and spun at just the right time so his tail hit Rexy in the face and knocked him down. Rexy got up and grabbed the indominus tail and tried to stop him but the indominus said something to the velociraptors and they pounced on Rexy but he grabbed one of them and hit the others with it and then he threw the one he was holding into the indominus. The indominus turned around and said “I thought i killed all of the T-Rexes i guess i'll have to kill one more so they’re extinct and i don’t have to deal with them bothering me. Just like your mom did protecting you.” then Rexy got mad and bit the indominus’s neck and swung him into a tree making the tree fall on the indominus. The indominus grabbed the tree and swung it at Rexy when he turned his back and the others said “Rexy look out!” then Rexy turned around and caught the tree and ripped it away from the indominus and hit all the raptors with it and said “I could use your help!” then the others said “we’re coming Rexy!” then they ran to Rexy and jumped into the indominus’s side making him fall over and then Rexy said “go get help from the herd!” and then the others ran to the herd of triceratops and asked “can you help our friend Rexy he’s over there?” then they pointed towards Rexy.

Chapter six: the battle

The others asked “can you help our friend Rexy he’s over there?” and then the others pointed Rexy and the herd said “why should we help him he’s a T-Rex?” then the others said “because he protected you from a group of velociraptors that would have killed you while you were sleeping.” then the herd said “ok we’ll help under one condition.”then the others said “what is it?” then the herd said “he has to help us whenever we are in need of help.” then the others said “ok he’ll do it. Now can you help him?” then the herd said “we will help him now.” then the herd started walking toward Rexy but the indominus’s raptors saw the herd and ran towards them but the front triceratops distracted the raptors and threw them off a small ledge and they were trapped down there then the front triceratops went back to the herd and said “Stampede the white dinosaur avoid the beige one!” then the rest of the herd said “ok!” then the herd started stampeding toward the indominus and ran right into the indominus and pushed it toward a cliff and when the indominus got to the edge of the cliff he started grabbing the triceratops’s horns and throwing them to the left and right and then rexy got up off the ground ran towards the indominus. When Rexy got to the indominus he bit the indominus’s neck and threw it off the cliff.

Chapter seven: the alliance

After Rexy threw the indominus off the cliff he walked over to the herd and said “thanks for the help back there i really appreciate it.” then the herd said “your welcome Rexy and when your friends told us you needed our help they said you would agree to help us when ever we needed help.” then Rexy said “and they were right.” then the herds leader said “thanks. and we will help you whenever you need help from us.” then the herd went to leave but then the indominus showed up out of nowheres and grabbed Rexy's neck and threw him into a tree knocking him down. When Rexy hit the tree it cracked and fell on Rexy pinning him down. While Rexy was pinned down the indominus whent to bite Rexy's neck but then Rexy and the indominus heard a raptor call. It was Blue the raptor that helped Rexy kill the juvenile indominus the first one he had fought. Blue started running toward them and pounced on the indominus then Rexy kicked the indominus off him got up and roared.


Chapter nine: Blue

Blue ran towards them and pounced on the indominus distracting it so Rexy could get up and Blue said “Rexy are you ready to kill another indominus?” then Rexy got up and said “let’s do this Blue.” then blue climbed on the indominus’ back and pounced on to Rexy's back then Rexy grabbed the indominus’ neck and threw it into a rock that broke when the indominus hit it causing the indominus to fall to the ground then Rexy grabbed the indominus’ neck drug it to the cliff and went to throw it off the cliff it kicked Rexy in the chest knocking him down. Then the indominus grabbed Rexy's neck and threw him the opposite direction of the cliff. Then the indominus started to run towards Rexy and Blue then Blue said “it was nice killing that indominus with you.” then Rexy said “we’re not going down yet.” then Rexy grabbed a tree and threw it in front of the herd so they would turn around and when they saw the indominus they ran towards Rexy and cut off the indominus so Rexy could get up and keep fighting the indominus with Blue. after Rexy got up and Blue got on his back Rexy said “Herd you can break off now!” then the herd stopped stampeding in between Rexy Blue and the indominus. When the herd was gone the indominus turned around and got its neck grabbed by Rexy and blue jumped on its head biting its eyes.

Chapter ten: The Last Indominus

While Blue was biting the indominus’ eyes Rexy was grabbing the indominus’ neck and when Rexy grabbed the indominus’ neck blue jumped on Rexy's back then Rexy threw the indominus into a wall then blue jumped back on the indominus. The indominus let out a small groan calling for help from the other raptors in the area. The others saw the raptors running towards Rexy and the indominus and then mark said “Protect Rexy! Hold back the raptors!” then the others nodded their heads in agreement and started to fight the velociraptors in an attempt to keep them away from Rexy and Blue. while Rexy and Blue were fighting the indominus Rexy saw the others holding off the raptors but then Rexy saw something terrible heading for the others. It was another Indominus. When Rexy saw the other indominus she grabbed the one she was fighting by the neck and threw into a tree that collapsed on it trapping it. Then Blue jumped on Rexy's back and saw the other indominus and said “we got company.” then Rexy said “i know Blue. and we need to keep it from reaching the others.” then Rexy started towards the others. By the time Rexy got there the other indominus was right overtop of the others but they didn’t see it in time and the other indominus was getting ready to bite the others but Rexy grabbed it's neck and threw it to the ground.

Chapter eleven: the second indominus

Rexy grabbed its neck and threw it to the ground

Keep calm and trust Rexy

3 Replies

Rexy the T-Rex

MemberCompsognathusMay-01-2018 5:37 AM

Its still in devolpement

Keep calm and trust Rexy

Rexy the T-Rex

MemberCompsognathusMay-01-2018 5:39 AM

 just go to this link so you can read it the way it should look 

The last T-Rex survivor

Keep calm and trust Rexy


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