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Lost in The End Part 9: Destiny's Onlooker (3,000 post Special)

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ModeratorAllosaurusJan-28-2018 9:16 PM

Part 9: Destiny's Onlooker

For what felt like an eternity, a roar echoed around the surrounding 5 kilometers of land, but it was as though none could hear it. Tyran lowered his neck, breathing in deeply as he swung his tail behind him and shook his body—the smell of the dead eggs of Nequit Dominum rotting in his olfactory bulbs, and soot from the nearby active volcano filling his lungs. The Tyrannosaurus rex looked up towards the location where he had seen Tyrance and Egypt fighting, longing to aid the Tyrant King—who he felt a special connection to; the young rex snorted, before flexing his legs and lunging—moving quickly and hot-footed north towards the ravine, his thigh muscles visible underneath his skin as his tail swayed back and forth to the left and right.

Volcanoes erupted in the distance, spewing ash and black dust into the atmosphere—darkening the already nighted land. The cacophony of a battle could be heard, but it echoed from deep beneath the Earth—which confused Tyran, as he bolted up towards the massive plateau with all his remaining might. As he inched closer towards the plateau, the flapping of pterosaur wings high above filling his ears—a feeling of finality, rare and all encompassing, began to fill Tyran’s brain. He could hear the sounds of clamps, teeth embedding into and yanking through flesh, bellows and the sounds of various painful screeches bouncing off the ravine’s walls. Finally—at-last, Tyran neared the ravine. He slowed down his run to a jog, and then a trot thereafter, each step embedding into the plateau’s flat rock—leaving massive theropod footprints.

Panting intensely the young rex looked around for Tyrance and Egypt, but much to no avail. Sneezing and coughing slightly from the buildup of ash in the air, Tyran shook his body—his light coat of feathers rattling and launching tons of black dust particulates into the air; Tyran knew they had to be here, he had just seen them, right here—where were they? As Tyran began to get confused in his saurian brain—as though fate knew his purpose was large in this world—he heard sounds. Not just sounds, a symphony of blood curdling roars, screeches, clamps, and feet being slammed into rock repeatedly.

A eulogy for the eras of peace and balance in this world, for now, the Embodiment of the Dinosaurs is battling an Abomination of Cunning Hatred in a battle to determine the Fate of the Future. Tyran finally became enlightened to this event, chirping softly in fear—realizing that Tyrance was not fighting the serpent-like creature anymore, but the Unstoppable Lord himself yet again. As he moved forward slightly and looked down—a colossal chasm filling his eyes, and at the bottom of which, the two combatants. The true Tyrant King Tyrance impaled his jagged bone-crushing teeth deep into the thick scales of Nequit Dominum’s neck, blood gushing down from the wounds—coating Tyrance’s teeth in a crimson red that looked brighter and more opaque than paint. The Tyrant King held on, grunting deep roars through his mouth as he closed his eyes and attempts to clamp down—issuing 16,000 pounds of bite-force directly into Nequit Dominum’s neck. Nequit bellowed agony’s pure form.

The Unstoppable Lord roared in rage and sorrow—he could not allow himself to be defeated, killed by the One That Got Away—no! He had to finish what he started, kill this Tyrannosaurus who had evaded him for a year—who had made him look like a fool in-front of the world, demeaned his power, demeaned his unstoppability, disgraced the legacy he was to enact across the entirety of Earth; he could not let him get away, this time with Dominum’s own life—he refused, with all his might. As Tyrance grew exhausted, what could only be described as demonic power flowed through Nequit Dominum; the Demon grabbed Tyrance’s skull, still clamped around his own neck, with both hands. Using enough force to tear apart a twelve-foot tall boulder, he pried the Tyrant King’s maxilla and mandible off of his neck—freeing himself from the torment.

Nequit Dominum did not let go of the grasp, no; with a psychotic wheezing laugh, he slammed the dehydrated, sleep deprived, and exhausted Tyrance’s mouth shut and hurled him snout-first into a nearby side of the ravine—leaving a six-foot long hole deep inside the wall of the split-in the Earth. Tyran watched in primal horror, as Nequit Dominum—a small but stout and sharp horn now protruding from the edge of his snout—rammed the horn deep into Tyrance’s thigh. Blood dripped from Tyrance’s wound and he bellowed a loud roar of pain, struggling to break his head out from inside the wall—but the Demon wouldn’t let him, repeatedly ramming his face deeper inside of it. Tyrance moaned in pain, barely freeing himself; he slammed the side of his skull into Nequit’s own, merely staggering the Demon—before the two stood once more facing each-other.

Tyrance bellowed, he rammed into the Demon—but he was too weak to even nudge him. The Demon grabbed Tyrance with his left hand and swiped his skull with his right hand’s talons, leaving deep bloody gashes on the side of his skull. Tyrance stood up and clamped onto Nequit’s neck—biting him with 20,000 pounds of pure pressure, it made him bleed- but it wasn’t enough. Nequit bellowed, and using his demonic strength pushed back Tyrance’s skull, he then proceeded to smash him into the wall of the spilt in the Earth sideways; non-stop Nequit smashed Tyrance’s skull, with no let up. Tyrance attempted to push back but it was to no avail, his giant jaws dripped blood profusely, he felt his strength diminish, it couldn’t be, but it was--this was the end of the Tyrant King. Nequit finally stopped smashing his skull, he looked at Tyrance and saw his face was filled with blood, this gave the Demon pleasure, as he continued smashing his skull. Tyrance was in so much pain he couldn’t even bellow, and he knew it was the end.

Tyran saw this, his mouth open as he trilled to himself mulling over options; he believed he had the strength to aid Tyrance and defeat Dominum, but equally his instinctual fear and knowledge of Nequit’s powers held him back. Tyran closed his eyes, settling on not intervening—he wouldn’t be of any use, and he’d only get the both of them killed. The young rex lowered his head and motioned to walk away, but before he could—his eyes caught the glimpse of something, something in the distance. The massive towering beast with the sail for a spine from earlier, Egypt! He was headed right for the ravine, right for Tyrance and Dominum!

More horror filled Tyran’s mind, Tyrance was already failing, but he couldn’t take on both Dominum and Egypt. Rage filled Tyran, his own species was being attacked—he had to help, he couldn’t stand idly by and be like a Thescelosaurus when it came to this. He had to help his own, and with his mouth closed and face stoic—the young rex bolted down the side of the ravine, each step shaking the edges and causing rocks to tumble down into the chasm. Little did he know, Egypt wasn’t there to destroy Tyrance. Tyran charged, renewed vigor tossing and turning through his tired form—his massive theropod feet sounding like lightning hitting a tree with every quaking step.

This was it, Tyran was going to prove his worth—his place; defeat the Unstoppable Lord with his new friend and claim his rightful spot in the Golden-Land! Tyran grew more excited.  At-last he would…What? Everything went silent, and the world turned black as coal, with a hint of ashy despair—as Tyran fell over, unconscious near the side of the ravine. Sharp shards of rocks rolled down his form as he tumbled and slammed against the plateau’s cracked form; an uneven jagged rock had been smashed atop the young tyrannosaur’s skull. A theropod foot slammed down just behind Tyran’s head, its gnarly talons digging deep into the rock as it analyzed its prey.

The being, was none other than Tyran’s sworn enemy—Acrone, the torturer of his parents and the reason his siblings were eaten. The Acrocanthosaurus snorted, before expanding his dewlap and releasing a chilling trill—of which echoed across the land, but was inevitably silenced by the symphony of blood happening inside the ravine. Acrone had no mind for the battles of the foolish, nor for the dynasty of Tyrance—he longed simply to feast, and to acquire revenge on those who have wronged his predatory existence—for he moves on, but never forgets. The spined-lizard, nonetheless, moved forward towards the edge of the ravine—his two powerful front arms flexing slightly as he leaned over, balancing himself, watching the battle happening underneath the surface.

The Tyrant King and Dinosaurian Pharaoh engaged the Unstoppable Lord in a heated battle that was happening so quickly—with each combatant trading powerful blows that alone could destroy the average creature, repeatedly. None looked like they were gaining the upper-hand, but the fervor of the other sail-spined creature Acrone had not seen before, and the Tyrannosaurus, was infectious—they had so much hope that they would succeed, and fear did not cloud their forms—for they fought like no animal or beast had ever seen. Not even Nequit Dominum himself, the supposed unstoppable terror of this whole continent could fathom it—he was being beaten by two normal beings, two animals born from their mothers, raised with love and care. Such beings could even lay a dent in the soulless hide of the Unstoppable Lord?

The battle raged on, but Acrone grew bored, and with his dinner procured in the form of his only living enemy—prepared to embark back to his nest and feast. Looking over at the battle one last time, the predator’s eyes almost involuntarily fueled by pure instinct saw a form appear on the other side of the ravine; it was the form of a massive orange predator, but it wasn’t just one—two others stood beside the beast. Not wanting to deal with another confrontation, Acrone lowered his neck and clamped onto the under-portion of Tyran’s neck—dragging him by it as he vanished deep into the woods. Hours past like the consistent footprints of an herbivore’s migration path, yet night still grasped the land in a chokehold—the sun’s true rays prohibited from expressing their natural glow by the thick blot of debris up above.

Softball sized eyes awoke inside a dense thicket, fallen tree branches all around them. The sapphire-blue eyes blinked, before awakening in full—revealing the still alive body of Tyran. The young rex looked around; he was inside a nest of some sort, back inside that old decrepit forest he had seen some time ago. Each tree was leafless and burnt, yet somehow, something, had built a nest here. The young Tyrant King lifted himself up with his powerful legs, and looked around. All he remembered was preparing to help Tyrance, and then it all went black—like the sky up above. Confused and with a mild concussion, the tyrannosaur carefully lifted his three-taloned foot outside of the nest—crushing the twigs and branches that encompassed it in the process. Tyran clambered outside of the nest, now free of the restraints, but still shaken from the event—and equally worried for what happened to Tyrance.

Preparing to move forward, the young Tyrannosaurus began a light jog—but before any ground could be covered, a bolt of lightning, bright blue and only lasting for a split second—collided directly with a grouping of fallen trees. Tyran backed up with a bellow of shock as the thunder filled his ears. The bolt of lightning ignited the fallen dry trees, and within a matter of thirty-seconds—the fire spread from one to the other, causing a widespread forest fire. Tyran bellowed in horror and shock, confused, lost—and at the center of a forest fire. Is this it? Is this the end of Tyran’s journey?

Part 9 End.

Good grief.

4 Replies

The Hooded Figure

MemberStegosaurusJan-28-2018 10:25 PM

Good Part 9. Keep it up.

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJan-29-2018 7:52 AM

This new iteration of the final battle had my adrenaline rushing, and now I'm worried for Tyran.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


ModeratorAllosaurusJan-29-2018 10:47 AM

Really happy you guys enjoyed Tyrannos and KotM, that's a glimpse of how the writing will be in the The End Remake.


Good grief.

Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexJan-30-2018 4:49 PM

GORILLAGODZILLA - I can not stress enough how much I enjoy reading these adventures! I greatly enjoy the detailed descriptions of scenes and characters your provide! Fantastic work! :)

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