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The Vengeful Rex II Part 8

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I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusDec-25-2017 1:15 PM

Part 8: The Tyrant the Golden-Land Deserves

As Tyrannos inhaled deeply, the side of the ravine was beginning to collapse; two massive animals, each weighing more than ten tons, had been slammed into it with ferocious speeds. The Tyrant Knight saw that it was crumbling quickly, and he would have to get out soon, for it supported a tall cliff. He began to make his way towards the other side, stopping one last time to gaze upon his father's skeleton.

Gigannos' corpse was crushed by the rubble. The Vengeful Rex was injured, but was numb to the aching pain in his right leg. He clambered up the slope of the ravine, as the cliffside was collapsing behind him. Tyrannos' ears rang with the crashing of the rocks behind him. He continued staggering up the side of the fissure.

The Tyrant Knight at last reached the top of it, but the cliff was tall enough that it kept crumbling behind him. He picked up speed, running to the foot of his mountain home. He was now out of the path of the cliff, and began to scale the mountain.


(Listen: The Lion King Legacy Collection - Ending)

At the summit, Tyrannas had seen the collapsing cliff. Assuming that Tyrannos was dead, she was now mourning. Fang, Mako, and Sahara were all injured and resting to regain their strength. Sue was standing over the corpse of her sister, Trix, mourning. All of them were bloody, battered, and broken.

However, they saw Tyrannos approaching, and Tyrannas ran to greet her mate. The two nuzzled, before Fang, Mako, and Sahara cooed. Tyrannos chirped back with respect, and the three African theropods returned to their home. Tyrus, the only other surviving member of the original pack, walked over to the two alphas. The three Rex embraced before looking over at Sue.

Sue was still grieving over her sister, and Tyrannos let out a low coo to her, offering her a place in his pack. She chirped back, and the four Tyrannosaurs stood close. Tyrannos then walked over to the perch that was his throne, as a sun shower dropped from the heavens. Stopping in front, he inhaled a deep breath; he knew what he had to do.

He majestically walked up, each footstep shaking the entire mountain. The water droplets soaked his feathers, washing away the traces of blood from his duel with Gigannos. Every dinosaur, no matter how big or small, watched as Tyrannos, the Vengeful Rex, the Tyrant Knight, embraced his destiny. As the rain continued to fall in large buckets, he stopped at the edge, seeing his father in the sky. Tyrannos then unleashed a roar of dominance, claiming this land as his own. Tyrannas, Sue, and Tyrus bellowed back, and even other theropods' roars could be heard; Fang, Mako, Sahara - even the Tyrant Lord himself, Tyrance.

Tyrannos closed his jaws, as the rain ceased. He felt a sense of redemption, and pride. The Tyrant Knight heard a cracking sound, then looked back, to see his mate gently holding a baby T.rex within her jaws, assuring that their legacy would be passed on; she had layed the egg in his absence. And now, Tyrannos was finally home. To stay.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

4 Replies


MemberStegosaurusDec-25-2017 2:38 PM

Not bad, Tyrannos.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.


ModeratorAllosaurusDec-25-2017 2:48 PM

Good grief.

The Hooded Figure

MemberStegosaurusDec-25-2017 6:02 PM


Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexDec-26-2017 3:09 PM

TYRANNOS - This was an exceptionally excellent ending to your adventure, my friend! I very much liked the inclusion of the musci selection you provided and I was very pleased Sue was given a place amongst the pack! Excellent work! Thank you ever so much for sharing this wonderful adventure with us! :)

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