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Thanksgiving Special: Tyrance (With Tyrant Lord Ascension) vs Nequit Dominum

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ModeratorAllosaurusNov-23-2017 5:39 PM

(Written for Tyrannos, Thanksgiving, and epicness in general. Please enjoy)

*Location: Narrow Ravine in the center of a massive plateau, bordering the Golden-Land--and the rest of North America. The same location of the original final battle.*

Volcanoes erupted in the background, creating thick mists in the sky, which was hauntingly dark, and the land was covered in fire, all except the battleground Tyrance and Nequit Dominum were on. Inside a fissure in the earth made by a quake, Tyrance and Nequit Dominum size up each other, preparing for the most intense battle in the history of the planet Earth.

Dominum bellows, and Tyrance bellows back, this is it, the end. The Tyrant King charged, ramming his skull from the upper-left to the lower-right down onto Dominum's snout. The Unstoppable Lord coughed, but was un-phased by the hit, grabbing Tyrance's neck with his right hand and slamming him into a jagged side of the fissure's bottom. Tyrance was exasperated by the attack, grunting with rage; the Tyrant King glanced down, seeing Dominum's right foot was unprotected.

Tyrance slammed his foot onto Nequit Dominum's, breaking all of the bones, freeing his neck; Nequit Dominum threw his body back in pain, roaring aloud, and Tyrance seized the opportunity--clamping onto underside of the Unstoppable Lord's neck. Tyrance sank all of his massive twelve-inch teeth into the neck of Nequit Dominum; blood gushed from the demon's neck, of which was covered in sixty five-inch deep holes.

The blood trickled, streamed, and then poured from the Unstoppable Lord--covering the floor of the ravine in pools of red, liquid defeat. Tyrance held on with all his might, Nequit Dominum stabbing his six-inch hand claws into the flesh of the Tyrant King--ripping out his feathers with each swipe.

Nequit Dominum's right foot regenerated the bone, and the demon stabbed all four of his toe-talons into the thigh of Tyrance, kicking him repeatedly like a goring bull. Tyrance let go of his grip, bellowing in pain--but Nequit refused to let his enemy escape, grabbing Tyrance by the nape of his neck and slamming him down into his knee.

Blood streamed from Tyrance's right thigh, and his head was being devastated--but luckily for him it was the thickest of his kind, he had time; the Tyrant King used the forward momentum from Dominum's repeated kneeing, and clamped onto the demon's leg, pulling back instantly to slice up his thigh and knee like a steak-knife through flesh. Nequit Dominum cooed in agony, but he did not give Tyrance a chance to rebound--as he twirled his body around, slamming the thickest part of his tail into the Tyrant King's ribs.

Tyrance could barely gasp, as the pain was unbearable--he fell to the ground--three ribs broken in half. Nequit Dominum stared down from his upright stance, laughing psychotically at his rival; he looked to the side of the cliff, seeing a protruding, extremely sharp, spear-like rock. Debris fell, causing a massive boom in the distance, whilst lightning struck and a dark-mist enveloped the top of the plateau, which was illuminated by a nearby erupting volcano, as Nequit Dominum grabbed the jagged rock and yanked it out--a spear now in his man-like hands.

Tyrance struggled to stand, clambering to his feet with a limp as he looked back to Dominum--whom walked toward him with a confident psychotic gaze. Tyrance attempted to bolt to the other-side of the ravine, limping, but his body failed him--as Nequit Dominum grabbed the Tyrant King's tail with his left hand. Tyrance threw his neck upwards and bellowed in pain, before turning his head around to bite Nequit, but before he could, the demon unveiled his weapon--the spear-rock; Tyrance in an instant saw the sharpness of the weapon, and swung his tail full force, breaking Dominum's grip, turning around to face him, and ramming into the Unstoppable Lord.

The Tyrant King rammed the bony-crown of his cranium into Nequit's stomach. Nequit Dominum looked down at Tyrance's foolhardy attack with a contemptuous smirk, before kneeing the Tyrant King's stomach, stabbing the left-side of his torso--and throwing him into the sharp wall with both hands by his thorax. Tyrance slammed into the sharp wall by his back, the cliff-side cutting his back in multiple spots--the blood painting the wall red.

The Tyrannosaurus rex's neck fell to the ground uncontrollably, and Nequit Dominum walked over to him slowly; it can't be, no...Tyrance saw him coming--and made one last attempt to finish the job and avenge his mate and pack.

Tyrance bellowed, he rammed into the demon- but he was too weak to even nudge him. The demon grabbed Tyrance and flung him over. Tyrance stood up and clamped onto Nequit’s neck--biting him with 20,000 pounds of pure pressure, it made it bleed--but it wasn’t enough. Nequit bellowed and using his demonic strength pushed back Tyrance’s skull, he then proceeded to smash him into the wall of the spilt in the Earth; non-stop Nequit smashed Tyrance’s skull, with no let up. Tyrance attempted to push back but it was to no avail, his giant jaws dripped blood profusely, he felt his strength diminish, it couldn’t be, but it was. This was the end of the Tyrant King. Nequit finally stopped smashing his skull, he looked at Tyrance and saw his face was filled with blood, this gave the Demon pleasure, and he continued smashing his skull.

Tyrance was in so much pain he couldn’t even bellow, and he knew it was the end.

Nequit Dominum stopped his assault, holding the Tyrant King up by the part of his neck connecting his lower-jaw and throat. He held the ten-ton tyrant up with one arm, his body and tail completely off the ground. Tyrance knew it was the end--he could barely keep his amber-eyes open, and all he saw was hell in-front and away from him. Nequit Dominum had done it, this was it--his moment! The One That Got Away had finally been caught, and his destruction was at hand.

Nequit Dominum pulled back his arm--pointing all of his claws and aiming them at Tyrance's throat, prepared to kill him. In this final moment, the Tyrant King called his mind back to the beginning of his life--awakening with the mangroves, just outside the Golden-Land. He remembered being trained by his father, the trauma that Giganoctus caused him, his killing of his psychotic brother Tyrantic, and the deaths of his pack at the hands of the pale-white demon that held him up.

No--he couldn't let him win, not after all he has done not after all the destruction he has caused, not after all the pain he has caused him, not after all the Hell he has brought on the Planet He Calls Home!!

Tyrance roared aloud, slamming his jaw sideways into Nequit Dominum's skull--the demon bellowing in pain and releasing his grip. The Tyrant King regained his stance, but he was no longer a Tyrant King--no, he was something more. Nequit Dominum turned around, backing up slightly as a new creature stood before him--something he had never encountered before. Kneel before him Dominum, kneel before the most powerful animal to ever exist--Tyrance, the Tyrant Lord.

Nequit Dominum gazed at Tyrance, but his gaze was stopped the second it occurred by the Tyrant Lord, whom rammed into him--slamming the demon into a jagged wall. Tyrance ferociously mauled Nequit Dominum, cutting up all of his body; he grabbed the demon's snout, and stabbed his twelve-inch teeth deep into the bone before shaking his neck like a dog with the treat, causing Nequit Dominum a major concussion--and throwing him head first into the other-side of the fissure right thereafter.

Neuit Dominum yelled aloud in pain, and now fear; he attempted to escape, stabbing his claws into the wall of the split in the Earth and clambering--but it was not going to work this time. The Tyrant Lord grabbed Nequit Dominum by his tail and tossed him back down, the demon landed on his back, allowing the Tyrant Lord to stomp his stomach profusely--digging his talons deep into the flesh and scraping backwards.

Just outside the fissure, walking across a plain, another animal strolled to gaze upon the battle at hand. The animal, none other than the Spinosaurus Egypt--stared at the two combatants. He saw Tyrance decimating Nequit Dominum. Egypt blinked three times, a gesture in his species that Tyrance was doing a great deed, and did not need help. The Spinosaurus walked off, able to live another day.

Nequit Dominum crawled across the ground with moans of pure anguish, but the Tyrant Lord had a job to finish--stomping on the demon's back. Tyrance, like a rooster consuming feed, lowered his neck and clamped onto the back of Nequit Dominum's neck--lifting the demon up, before slamming him back down. Nequit Dominum struggled to his feet, whipping his tail back and hitting Tyrance in the face. The demon turned around, barely able to breathe. He searched for Tyrance--but the rex was not in sight, a thick mist covering the entirety of the ravine.

Nequit Dominum scoured the ravine, but he could not find the Tyrant Lord. A bolt of lightning struck in the distance, as Nequit grabbed another jagged rock--holding it like a spear as he walked around. But, there was nothing--nothing in sight or in mind. Nequit Dominum returned to a casual stance, and prepared to make his way out--this would not happen.

The Tyrant Lord burst through the shadows, each footstep quaking the ground around them and causing craters, as he clamped once again onto the underside of Nequit Dominum's neck. The Demon's eyes were forced to stare vertically as his neck was restrained, and he felt the life slipping from his body. Tears streamed down Nequit Dominum's eyes, as he stabbed Tyrance profusely with the jagged rock; blood streamed the Lord of all Dinosaur's body, but he did not pay attention to it, nor care--one thing was on his mind and heart, finish the job--avenge his family.

Tyrance bit down even harder, Nequit Dominum dropping the jagged rock from his hands. The demon could not motion, nor audibly communicate anymore--as Tyrance forced the once Unstoppable Lord to his knees. Tyrance bit down with twenty-thousand pounds of force, then twenty-five thousands, Nequit's neck cracking. The Tyrant Lord sensed it was not enough, as the demon maintained breath. He needed more. The Tyrant Lord filled his brain with memories of his entire family; he then thought of Nequit Dominum, and the pain he has caused. No, he could not be allowed to continue living.

Tyrance clamped down with all his might for the future, biting down with forty-thousand pounds of pure pressure. Nequit Dominum's neck snapped in an instant, halting all of his regeneration and blood-flow to his brain. It was over, the Unstoppable Lord, was dead.

Tyrance dropped his body to the ground, breathing in and out deeply. The Lord of all Dinosaur's placed his left foot onto the corpse of Nequit Dominum, who died with a smile on his snout. The Tyrant Lord lifting his neck and aimed it towards the sky, before releasing a triumphant world-shaking bellow--of which all heard, and all will remember.

Tyrance had done it, he had preserved the future, and avenged his pack.

Good grief.

5 Replies

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusNov-23-2017 6:11 PM

Thanks for writing this for me, it was awesome.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


ModeratorAllosaurusNov-23-2017 6:15 PM

No problem man, so now we see how powerful Tyrant Lord Tyrance is versus Nequit Dominum--who is still more powerful than Maledictus Dominum.

Good grief.

The Hooded Figure

MemberStegosaurusNov-23-2017 6:21 PM

Good fight. My favorite dinosaur fights remain being Tyrance and Egypt vs. Nequit Dominum, and the final battle between Tyrance and Tyrantic.


ModeratorAllosaurusNov-23-2017 6:39 PM

Thank you, my favorite is The End's final battle.

Good grief.


MemberVelociraptorJan-30-2019 2:26 PM

Tyrance... has become..... the legendary SUPER SAIYAN!!!!!!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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