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Lost in The End Part 5: Confrontation with the Unstoppable Lord

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ModeratorAllosaurusJul-28-2017 4:33 PM

Part 5

The storm passed and the moon fell, making way for the rising sun—which cast a golden-red glow across the land, even though a massive cloud of dust and debris blocked its entirety. On a bright green grassy-plain, twenty Triceratops, Anatotitan, and four Alamosaurus feast upon the vegetation from the ground, the alamosaurs enjoying the succulent leaves atop ferns and oaks. Dakotaraptors atop a forested hill, far away from the herd of herbivores, have just completed a hunt crucial to their continued existence. The pack has been separated from a female member, and her egg, due-to the recent colossal inland tsunami. They feast upon the carcass of three Thescelosaurus, small colorfully feathered thin theropods, as the raptors contemplate their next course of action.

Twenty miles away from the dromaeosaurs however, a theropod has just become a rex. Within a rich and thickly forested taiga, Tyran, has been feasting all night and into the morning on the corpse of his prey, a sub-adult male trike. The juvenile rex’s dark-green feathers shook in the warm wind, as Tyran lowered his neck, and clamped down on the thigh of the trike, before pulling back—yanking out twenty pounds worth of flesh, and swallowing it with one bite. By noon, the flesh on the skeleton of the herbivore had been stripped clean, as Tyran stood up and stomped over to a nearby creek. He bent down and dunk his snout into the water, collecting a massive gulp in his mouth, and throwing back his neck to swallow it all at once. The water washed clean the blood from his face, and relieved some meat caught in-between his teeth, of which Tyran cooed with delight at. The tyrannosaur stretched his muscles, before continuing his trek, following the tyrannosaur footprints headed north-west.

He traveled through the taiga, a redwood forest, eventually arriving at a twenty foot high hill. Tyran pressed through the rocky hill, amazed that there wasn’t anything green in-sight, not a leaf, nor a blade of grass. His massive three-taloned feet left footprints in the rock, and the vibrations echoed down the hill, worrying a herd of hadrosaurs at the base. The treacherous hill stood as a chasm, connecting a swamp from the west, to a forest in the east; two waterfalls spouted out powerful streams of water from the left and right of the hill, of which fell into massive pools for the fauna of the land to quench their thirst upon. Tyran had already done so, and ignored his scenery for the most part, focusing on carefully crossing the rocky terrain and making it to the rest of the forest in-front of him.

The rex did just that, and lunged over to the forest, panting slightly; he looked back and blinked a few times, before looking back ahead of him, and continuing his journey. As Tyran hiked through, the forest gradually became more barren, as the trees progressively became more dead—and lifeless. Tyran stopped in his tracks, a chill rippling down his spine. His tail swayed back and forth, as he put more weight on his leading right foot, creating a deep theropod indentation in the wet mud. A cold wispy wind blew across the tyrant’s face, making its way towards a nearby brush, blowing it so. An all encompassing eerie feeling took-hold of Tyran, and he struggled to press forward, afraid of what lied ahead.

The tyrannosaur mustered up the courage to move forward, and slowly, with nearly shivering legs, moved onward, the fluttering of small bird wings taking up the silence of the land. As he moved forward, he could see an even more lifeless forest in the distance, but what was worse, the sounds of large predators echoed from ahead. Tyran analyzed his surroundings, his sapphire-blue eyes bouncing back and forth; movement in a nearby thorny-bush caught the eye of the tyrannosaur, and he snarled, baring his teeth through his lips. He furrowed his brow, a bolt of lightning quaking the land in the distance, and cooed a deep guttural sound towards the bush—the scent of a dromeosaur on his olfactory bulbs.

Tyran prepared for battle, but he wouldn’t be getting that thrill, as from the bush, a lone Dakotaraptor appeared, carrying an egg. Bloody gashes led down from her shoulder to her hip, visible through her thick coat of feathers. Tyran, although a tyrannosaur and extremely territorial, seemed to feel a sense of morality for this predator. She merely looked at him, being very protective of her egg, as she slowly walked off into the distance—her visibly sharp Claws scraping some fallen branches on the ground. Tyran watched as the raptor trotted down a hill, leaving the forest—he was making sure she wasn’t coming back to pounce him; his twelve-foot height would still be topple-able by a raptor of that size.

Tyran continued through the dead-forest, coming onto a swamp. The viscous water, and irritating algae makes this terrain nearly unbearable for a novice tyrannosaur, but Tyran is persevering. A log at every-turn, mangroves as far as the eye can see, this is truly hellish. The young tyrannosaur crushed a massive mangrove branch with his feet, progressing through the swamp, following a T.rex’s tracks, hoping they are that of his parents. It took him nearly five-hours, and the sun is setting ever so slowly in the west, as Tyran finally reaches a more spacious biome; a lightly forested plain, ideal hunting terrain for theropod predators, and generally clean walking grounds.

Tyran smirks slightly, as he stretches out his muscles and bounce-walks relatively happily across the plain—until something catches his eye towards his upper-right. First, it looks like some sort of white-hill colliding with at-least six small brown dots—but as it comes into view, a feeling of dread takes over the body of Tyran, unthinkable dread. The, pale-white entity, fighting, no, slaughtering mercilessly, a pack of Dakotaraptors. The female from before watches with fear in her eyes, perched atop a hill the demon cannot reach, as it brutally slaughters the members of her species, stomping on them and throwing them nearly twenty-feet away. The alpha of the raptors, all his pack-mates dead, makes a final stand, lunging at the entity with all his might.

The Unstoppable Lord grins, catching the alpha in his mouth and popping him like a balloon inside, before throwing his lifeless corpse to the ground and stomping on it endlessly with his feet. The female raptor above turns and runs away with her egg, unable to fathom the terror, as Tyran watches on mouth agape and eyes wide-open. The creature chuckles an eerily happy laugh, looking around with blood on its snout. Tyran noticed the being looking around, but before he could escape, the demon, known only as Nequit Dominum, turned his awful head to face the young rex. The being’s entire face is covered in a smile, as it screeches an ear-piercing roar, lifting its feet up almost like it was about to trip on its own ecstasy, and charging Tyran.

Without an ounce of hesitation, Tyran turns aside and begins running as fast as he can, but it is too late—the Unstoppable Lord is onto him. A powerful thunderstorm has begun, and a heavy downpour to follow, as Tyran charges through the forest, his feathers drenched in water, and his body soaked in fear, as from behind him the loud unforgettable sound of laughing follows too close. The young Tyrant King bolts through the forest at speeds of twenty-three miles an hour, stumbling over tree branches, his heart beating insanely fast, and his mind startled by the lightning behind him and the Demon around him. It all seemed to cave in, the trees, the forest, the lightning, and Tyran began to get tunnel-vision, almost collapsing for a moment into a sharp tree-branch.

The rex was exhausted, and dehydrated, and now pumped with adrenaline, as he stopped for a brief moment and looked behind him. There was, nothing; not a trace of Nequit Dominum. Tyran closed his eyes, lowered his head, and breathed a deep sigh of relief. Tyran looked up as a twenty-foot shadow began to overcome him—the shadow of the Unstoppable Lord. A tree blockade, hard for even a fully grown trike to break through, stood between the two. The Demon cackled, and with a single downward swing from his closed fist obliterated the blockade, sending wood-chips and chunks flying everywhere, Tyran dodging a few. The young rex swung his body around and began running again, even though his muscles were massively fatigued. Nequit Dominum pried open the rest of the blockade and bolted through, lowering his body to a theropod horizontal stance, his massive tail being held barely in the air. The two charged against the raging lightning, and an echo of dread and fear filled the air, as the Unstoppable Lord began to gain on the young Tyrant King.

Nequit’s superior experience and cunning were too great, and he easily maneuvered around the trees and thorns of the forest, whilst Tyran stumbled and tripped; at the edge of the forest, a hill lie, sloping downwards towards a colorful plain. There was no time to waste, Tyran used every ounce of his adrenaline left and charged the hill, barely missing a direct claw from Nequit Dominum. The Unstoppable Lord stumbled into a tree, as he intended the claw to hit; he was enraged beyond expression at this, and knocked down the tree, lifting it up effortlessly. It was a maple, with orange leaves, of which he shredded down to merely a pike with one swipe from his arm. Tyran made it to the hill, and lowered his body down low to gain balance as he trotted down to the base.

Tyran looked back, relieved that Dominum wasn’t behind him, but equally worried as to where he was. For five minutes, nothing appeared from the brush, and it seemed as though the Unstoppable Lord had lost interest. Tyran breathed in deeply and exhaled with force, before turning away from the top of the hill and trying to find some strength to keep moving onwards. As he moved away though, concealed by a bolt of lightning, footsteps from the top of the hill quaked the land. Intuition, fear, feeling, whatever you may call it, began to chill Tyran and fill him to his core; he threw his neck back to the hill, just in time to see a spike-like sharp tree trunk hurling at him from the hill. Tyran attempted to hurl his massive body away from the spike, lunging to the left, but the tree-trunk broke apart against a rock next to him, and a sharp stake impaled deep inside Tyran’s hip.

Tyran collapsed on his left side, blood pouring from the wound, as he panted profusely and trilled in agony. Nequit Dominum casually walked down the hill upright, cooing mockingly, with each of his steps followed by a powerful onslaught of lightning that echoed for miles across these battlegrounds. Tyran looked at him, his blood running cold and pupils massive. The pain was unrivaled, and cascaded through the rex’s entire body, as he tried to clamber to his feet—but it was too late, Dominum was upon him. A massive gust of wind blew the blades of grass and leaves from trees back hard, as Tyran struggled to his feet, and Dominum hovered over him. He clambered, trying to get away, but it was halted, as Nequit placed his massive theropod foot on Tyran’s back—holding him in place.

The Unstoppable Lord sank his claws into the feathered back of the juvenile rex, and Tyran yelled aloud in tremendous pain; Tyran’s snarled with intense rage, and began to shake uncontrollably, trying to knock over Nequit, but the Demon was experienced, and dug his talons in deeper. Nequit leaned his head down, and stared at Tyran at eye-level, smiling at the tortured tyrant. The Demon grasped the back of Tyran’s neck with his left hand and lifted him up with ease. Tyran could do nothing, blood pouring from his body, as he bellowed and roared at Nequit. The Unstoppable Lord looked into Tyran’s eyes, sending a chill down the rex’s spine, before bellowing his loudest, most screeching roar possible. Tyran nearly passed out from the shock, and was helpless, as Nequit Dominum lifted his right hand up and aimed his four claws at the helpless theropod’s neck.

He, was just a chick, Tyran. He wasn’t ready for this, ready for adult life; he didn’t have the strength, to defeat a beast of this magnitude. The juvenile Tyrant King’s eyes began to close, his last sight Nequit Dominum pulling his arm back to thrust it at his delphian. A massive storm cloud had formed above the battlefield, and lightning was visible. Something seemed off, for a moment though, and even the Demon noticed this. Nequit Dominum furrowed his brow, and ignored the feeling of fear he was getting; he thrust his claw at Tyran’s neck, but the outcome he wanted he would not get. As though fate intervening, a thin spear-like bolt of pure electricity, thrown down from high above, stabbed directly the Unstoppable Lord. The Demon bellowed in unimaginable pain, his body going into spasm from the electricity, throwing Tyran aside.

The young Tyrant King was hurled onto the grass, barely missing the bolt of lightning, of which has sent Nequit Dominum writhing uncontrollably. Tyran looked at Dominum with shock and awe, before clambering to his feet, as though a new life was inside of him. Electricity flew about around the air, as the massive booming of thunder nearly deafened the pterosaurs high above, and theropods in this battle. Nequit Dominum raised his neck up and screamed, his wound cauterized from the instant frying of the lightning. He fell to one knee, using a closed fist to support his twenty-foot tall frame. A massive blast mark was on his back, and it almost looked as though his spine was protruding out.

Tyran clambered to his feet, shocked and equally grateful at the events that had just transpired. The theropod curved his head towards his hip, and albeit painfully, yanked out the wooden stake—blood streaming slightly still. He had no time to worry about the pain though, as Nequit Dominum once again began to stand to his two feet, as though his blast wound was already regenerating. Tyran knew there was no time to waste, and unlike any animal other than one to ever face this entity, mustered up the courage to charge the Demon. Tyran rammed Nequit with his thick skull, nearly cracking the Unstoppable Lord’s already injured ribs. Nequit stabbed his claws into his back and scraped, but Tyran’s thick coat of downy feathers protected the full brunt, and the rex clamped onto Nequit’s neck and threw him aside.

The Demon used the momentum that threw him aside to whip his tail back, slamming it hard into Tyran’s face, nearly knocking the juvenile unconscious. Nequit Dominum was stunned, but not injured in the slightest, and Tyran knew it was time to take his leave. The rex turned around and bolted across a fallen tree leg that bridged a chasm, and when he arrived at the end lowered his head and used it to roll the rotted-tree trunk down into the ravine, preventing any land animal from crossing it. It was over, Tyran had escaped, and Nequit Dominum had been out-played, by fate and animal. The so-called Unstoppable Lord, struggled to his feet, his ribs bubbling across his stomach as they regenerated. The flesh that was melted from his back bubbled and became gelatinous for a moment as-well, before regenerating back to form. For Dominum cannot be killed by flesh wounds—one dares to ask, what can kill him?

Nequit Dominum had failed, he had lost yet another rex, and now there were two on his radar. The demonic beast stumbled around, and something seemed off; he began to pulsate, his whole body beating like a heart. The pale-white entity fell to his knees, coughing as though his internal organs had been ripped out. His eyes turned pure black, as his body began to illuminate red the now night-coated land. Dominum’s lower jaw began to split open like a snake enclosing prey, as blood poured out from his maw, and he coughed in what one would presume was agony! The flesh on his snout nearly pulled back all the way, revealing all of his gums, as Nequit Dominum ejected a thick rainbow liquid from his body.

The expulsion of the liquid returned the red-pupils to Dominum’s eyes, and the whiteness to his body, as he began to regain his senses. The Demon stood over the rainbow liquid, as it bubbled gelatinously. It shaped itself into that of an egg, and Nequit Dominum smirked, as it began to burrow deep into the ground—not to be seen again, for a long time. The Unstoppable Lord regained his senses, before aiming his snout after the scent of Tyran, and an unknown T.rex. He stomped over, upright, to the chasm, and analyzed it carefully. Dominum’s body, equipped for the situation, began to bubble on his back.

His spine mutated, and became gelatinous, before sprouting bony, flesh-covered, wing like protrusions. What creature is capable of this?! Nequit Dominum stepped back twenty-five feet, before bolting towards the chasm, jumping, and gliding swiftly across—effortlessly. The Demon was on the trail of two tyrants, but which one will he choose?

Part 5 end.

Good grief.

10 Replies

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJul-28-2017 5:06 PM



Come on, GG, you showed Difference, Earth, and now Claw...GIVE US EGYPT AND TYRANCE!!!


Also a reference to Thunderstorm would be nice since he, Earthquake, Hurricane, Destructo the Carnotaurus, four Albertosaurus, and four Dakotaraptor fight Nequit Dominum.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


ModeratorAllosaurusJul-28-2017 5:17 PM

Was it, Maledictus Dominum?

Good grief.

Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexJul-28-2017 5:19 PM

GORILLAGODZILLA - You have once again stepped above your previous entry in excellence, my friend! I always find myself drawn into your work by the amount of detail and feeling you place within it. Excellent work! Thank you ever so much for continuing to share this wonderful adventure with us! :)

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJul-28-2017 5:20 PM

It was Maledictus!

"Part of the journey is the end..."


ModeratorAllosaurusJul-28-2017 5:21 PM

Thank you SR!

And Tyrant, it had to be Maledictus, right? There is no other creature, it could be....

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJul-28-2017 5:24 PM

^So can you put a reference to Thunderstorm?

"Part of the journey is the end..."


ModeratorAllosaurusJul-28-2017 5:27 PM

I don't know if I can fit in another battle with Dominum, cause some other stuff is going to be happening that I can't spoil. But I will try.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJul-28-2017 5:28 PM

^Thanks dood

"Part of the journey is the end..."

The Hooded Figure

MemberStegosaurusJul-28-2017 9:52 PM

Nice reference to Maledictus Dominum.

Since you have Lost in the End taking place during The End, do you plan on doing a similar story for The End 2 in the future?


ModeratorAllosaurusJul-29-2017 6:35 AM

Most likely.

However, everyone is so certain it's Maledictus Dominum....

Good grief.

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