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Writing Contest: Argentinosaurus vs Mapusaurus Pack

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ModeratorAllosaurusJul-27-2017 7:32 PM

The air was humid, but it felt cold, to the beasts of the land. Within what will be Argentina, amongst a swamp-like forest, with thick bogs of algae covered water, and dense mangroves, accompanied by tall trees. Within this forest, amongst the tall trees, a small grouping of three Argentinosaurus have chosen a place to rest, and feast upon the vegetation of the land. One of the sauropods stomped over to a nearby pond, each colossal step vibrating the land for miles. It let out an almost etherial grunt, as it lowered its neck and sipped the water from the pond. Another of the long-necked herbivores plucked glistening green-leaves from the pinnacle of a massive fern, and the other, its sibling, watched around for any threats to their survival.

Its orange-scaled neck sloped down to a beige body, 105 tons at-least. The beast looked over the trees a few times, before returning to a nearby tree to dine on. Little did it know, from the distance, a pack of seven Mapusaurus awaited in the distance—starved, and without inhibition. The predators strategically formed a trident with their members, a brilliant attack formation. They moved in from the east, the frigid wind blowing behind them, aiding in their quest for prey. They prowled through with focus, moving on the sauropods with reckless abandon, and it wasn't long before they came upon them. From the thicket of the nearby swamp, the South American theropods watched, with eagle eyes.

Their prey were oblivious to their presence, and continued to enjoy the succulent green leaves, as though they were alone in the world—singularities, like nothing could affect them no matter how powerful. Two of the Argentinosaurus began to move towards another batch of forest, with fuller leaves, whilst one stayed, the orangish red one from before. He stayed, intent on eating every leaf he could see. Whilst the massive quaking vibrations from the other two sauropods blotted out all sounds, the alpha Mapusaurus cooed quietly to his pack, to move out—and to that they did. The predators split around a tree and returned to their trident formation, moving out into the open, although they couldn’t be heard amongst the sauropod vibrations, which still rang true from miles away.

Moving out behind the sauropod, as the quaking long-necks moved too far away to be heard, the alpha theropod released a sound only audible to other members of his species, exclaiming the way they were going to attack. One of the mapusaurs moved to the upper-right, walking as silently as possible—another moved out to the upper-left, hiding carefully behind a twenty-foot boulder, next to a tree, with deciduous amber leaves. Three of the theropods moved behind a colossal tree, of which concealed all of their bodies, combined with the dense thicket next to them. Finally, the Alpha and Beta moved out directly behind the sauropod, of which was slowly beginning to turn around.

The Alpha, stepped out, finally revealing itself, and bellowed a tremendous roar at the sauropod. The slowly setting sun cast golden light on the god-like animal, as it loomed over the mapusaur like a mountain to a hill. The Argentinosaurus released a triumphant yell, silencing the land for miles, and sending pterosaurs and birds up into the sky by the hundreds. The Alpha theropod did not backdown, and stared down the sauropod, as it began to walk towards him, its tail whipping in the background. As the sauropod stomped towards the Alpha, each step booming, it believed that there was solely one predator to face—and it would dispose of it easily.

The Mapusaurus stood still on its two feet, as the sauropod stopped in its tracks, and began to raise up on its hind-legs, determined to smash the theropod, but just as it did, from the brush to the left and right—the other members of the pack bolted out, taking the sauropod off guard. The Alpha trotted away from the front legs of the Argentinosaurus, and he yelled aloud in pain, as the two mapusaurs clamped and embedded their serrated teeth deep into his hind-legs. Blood streamed out from the wounds, as the sauropod began to destabilize underneath its own weight, still on its hind legs. The titan struggled to maintain stability, and succeeded, whipping the right-side mapusaur away, but failing to defeat the left side. It slammed its front legs back to the ground, as the left-side mapusaur began to bite-and scrape its legs repeatedly, to cause as much blood loss as possible.

Just as the sauropod turned its neck to confront the predator, from the trees, the other three mapusaurs charged out. Two of them slices the front legs of the sauropod with hit and run tactics, whilst the other one aided the left-side mapusaur, clamping down deep into his leg. The long-necked dinosaur began to feel light-headed, blood-loss taking over, just as the Alpha and Beta charged, tearing away at his right-leg. The sauropod swung its neck around, knocking two away from its left-leg, and tail-whipping the Alph and Beta from its right. The seven theropods regrouped, confronting the sauropod head on. The sauropod roared aloud, and rose to its hind-legs, preparing to smash the predators. Its weight was massive, and raising up was no easy task, and as he did this, all seven mapusaurs immediately encircled his left hind-leg.

The sauropod chirped in agony, and could do nothing, as all seven Mapusaurus embedded their knife-like teeth, along with their eight-thousand pounds of bite-force, deep into his left leg. The combined pain was too much for the sauropod, and he toppled on his right, breaking all his ribs and his neck. The Alpha Mapusaurus, named Earth, bellowed aloud in victory, and allowed his pack to feast, for not one, but all of them, had taken down a titan.

The End.

Good grief.

4 Replies

The Hooded Figure

MemberStegosaurusJul-27-2017 7:59 PM

Emperor GorillaGodzilla,

Brutal fight. Argentinosaurus stood no chance against the Mapusaurus pack.


ModeratorAllosaurusJul-28-2017 7:49 AM

Yeah the sauropod was nowhere near experienced enough for combat. You did a great job with your entry btw.

Good grief.

The Hooded Figure

MemberStegosaurusJul-28-2017 10:47 AM

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJul-28-2017 1:57 PM

Love it, and something told me that this was Earth and his bretherin before the reveal at the end.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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