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The End 2: Parts 4-6

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This is a story of tragedy. This is a story of perseverance. This is a tale of a legend. This is the tale of a demon.

The End 2

Part 6: The Demon vs The World, Last Stand of the Cursed Lord


The world was not silent—for a destined battle was afoot. Volcanoes erupted in the background, spewing lava across the land—pterosaurs watched from their tree branch perches, and a terrible storm was happening up above—as Tyria, and Maledictus Dominum battled in an unexpected duel. All were confused, was the Tyrant King gone? Why was his mate there and not him? Little did they know, the Tyrant King was gone. Maledictus loomed over Tyria, and snarled in deep disgust—as the alpha-female too snarled in unrivaled rage at the demon. She could identify that this was not the original demon, Nequit Dominum.

The scent banging of offspring filled her olfactory bulbs, and the knowledge filled her—this was none other than his son. This revelation only further enraged Tyria—Nequit propagated his demonic genes, and is still torturing Tyrance and her? Maledictus bellowed, and Tyria bellowed back—this was it, the final battle. Dominum trilled with aggressive haste, before clawing Tyria’s skull—taking the alpha female off guard, before shoving her. The Tyrant Queen went with the shove, twirling her body around to perfectly clamp onto Dominum’s left arm. She pulled him through the arm into her cranium, forcing Maledictus to roar aloud.

Blood rained down the demon’s forearm, and he began to forcibly pry Tyria off—but much to no avail. The alpha-female clamped down harder, enacting 18,000 pounds of pressure. Maledictus impaled his right hand talons into her neck, forcing her off. Dominum continued his assault—he clamped onto her snout and threw her to the right, before slicing her pelvis with his claws, and clamping onto the back of her neck. Tyria’s body constricted and cringed, as Maledictus’s teeth became embedded within her neck; in a last ditch effort, the Tyrant Queen slammed her tail into Maledictus—destabilizing the mutant, who quickly regained his footing.

Maledictus Dominum swung his right arm at Tyria, but she ducked underneath and rammed him with her body. Maledictus’s arms swung erratically, as he fell back on himself—smashing into the rocky plateau, crackling it in all directions. Blood streamed through Tyria’s feathers, as she quickly stomped her right foot onto the demon’s stomach—his screams of pain filled her with joy. She sank her talons into his abdomen, as gas began to flood in and out of M.Dominum’s gills. Quickly, Maledictus breathed extremely hot steam into Tyria’s face—dazing the Tyrant Queen, and knocking her off of him.

Maledictus rolled himself over, and clawed up to the ground—blood dripping from his abs and onto the rock. The demon quickly ran over to Tyria in an awkward upright fast walk, but Tyria anticipated his charge, and whipped his face with the end of her tail. Dominum threw his hands on the side of his face in pain, and screeched—as Tyria turned around, back to tiptop shape, and charged Maledictus. Dominum quickly regained control of his sense to see Tyria charging him; the demon—with fierce precision—grabbed both sides of her skull with his arms and held her back. The sheer force of Tyria sent the two sliding back twenty yards through the rock, but Maledictus held her back with his arm strength.

The demon now had the upper hand, and he was not going to lose it again; the demon impaled her brow with his talons, before twirling her skull to the low right—and throwing her to the ground. Tyria collapsed to the rock head first, just as Maledictus picked up a massive rock from the ground—and smashed atop her back. The boulder shattered atop Tyria’s back—putting her in tremendous pain. She bellowed an agonizing roar, as M.Dominum kicked her—ramming each one of his talons into her torso with every kick. The Tyrant Queen’s stamina was beginning to run out, and she started to pant heavily—this was not good.

She swung her tail underneath Maledictus Dominum’s legs, knocking him to the ground atop a stalagmite-like rock—breaking his arm. Tyria shook her head in an annoyed and angered manner, before using her muscular arms and thighs to lift her up—just in time to see Maledictus’s arm fluctuated, instantly regenerating. Leaves fell from trees, and tornadoes became visible in the far distance—as Tyria stood her ground and watched as Maledictus stood back up. The demon did not turn to face her this time; gas poured out of his gills, and he released a cackling trill—as he slowly turned to face Tyria, his deranged emotionless eyes making her cringe.

Tyria placed her left foot back and embedded it within the rock, as she lifted her lips—baring her teeth. Maledictus turned to face the tyrannosaur; he closed his eyes, before increasing the intensity of the gas flooding his gills. The sentient mind brought to the forefront all the trauma he had endured in his life, all the scorn and torture—the rage fueling him. Dominum’s gills began to open and close, separating the gas to intervals—as Maledictus Dominum breathed in and out repeatedly, his arms curled in next to his puffed out chest. Tyria began to realize what he was about to do, and quickly charged the demon—but it was too late; M.Dominum released a new variant of the fire, a singular condensed spike-like ray with no trail behind it.

Tyria's run came to a stunning stop, as she ducked her head just in time—the fire only grazing her neck feathers. Maledictus’s maw curved into a glowering smile, as he released a wave of methane—for his energy was drained, and he could not trigger the mechanism in the back of his throat to create fire. The savage-mutant once again dazed Tyria, but that was not all—for he rammed the alpha-female’s snout with his shoulder, nearly breaking her jaw. She bellowed in pain, as the demon clamped onto her neck.

Tornadoes ravaged through vegetation miles away, as Maledictus Dominum tightened his grip on Tyria’s neck—he was not letting go, and this time she could not get out, for he held her tail down with his left arm. Tyria bellowed in tremendous pain, as she felt her neck cracking, and breathing became harder. Blood poured from the Tyrant Queen’s mouth and body, as Dominum clamped down even harder. Her body had just been through child birth, it became more obvious with every second—this was the end of the Tyrant Queen. She dwelled back to when Nequit Dominum had knocked her unconscious—the trauma enough to make her relive the memory in full. She remembered Tyrance’s devastated face. After all the Tyrant King had been through, for her and his family—he had died at the hands of his nemesis’s son.

Tyria’s adrenaline spiked, as she tried her hardest to break out—but to no avail. From the nearby forest, familiar sights appeared; Earth, and his two Mapusaurus. They had just been practically eradicated by Maledictus Dominum themselves—and now seeing yet another animal meet their end by his jaws filled them with pain and sorrow. Earth released a Mapusaurus only vibration, telling his two others that they could not possibly help her kill the demon—they stood no chance. Yet, for once in their lives—the two mapusaurs did not agree with their alpha. The alpha-female chirped that they needed to avenge their omega, he had died for them.

Earth cooed that their safety was more important—but the beta and alpha-female did not agree; they wanted true revenge, even if it meant insubordination. Earth, deep down in his animal brain too wanted revenge—he knew what he had to do, but doubted that he could. The two mapusaurs chirped that this was more than about survival in their dinosaur language, before bursting through the forest—heading for Maledictus Dominum. Earth watched his last two pack members charge off from the forest—his fear had taken hold, and had given him a mental block. Maledictus Dominum was a mere second away from breaking Tyria’s neck, before he felt the right side of his chest cave in, and he was hurled away—leaving three of his teeth embedded in Tyria’s neck.

The alpha-female tyrannosaur collapsed to the ground, barely breathing; she turned her head off to the right, panting all throughout, to see that two Mapusaurus were overpowering Maledictus Dominum—giving her a chance to regain energy. The alpha-female mapusaur bit down and tugged on Maledictus’s right leg, while the once beta, now omega, did the same to his left. The demon spurred his blood drenched claws into the necks of the mapusaurs, but they did not release their grip. He closed his eyes and threw his head up, as he cried in tremendous pain. Blood began to rain from his thighs, as the mapusaurs serrated teeth did their job—revenge was on the horizon.

But, Dominum’s pain was not over—as from the forest, Earth appeared, charging him with all his might. Earth slammed into Maledictus, the force breaking his two subordinates grips, and in turn scarring Maledictus—gravely. Maledictus used his tail to keep him from falling over, as he quickly accounted for three more enemies to battle—before dueling Earth. The demon had not even contemplated the concept of battling a foe beyond Tyrance, and now he was—his anger was like an erupting volcano—the Cursed Lord had been played. The alpha-female and omega mapusaur stood next to Earth, who stared at Maledictus with not even a hint of fear—he was confident that they had the battle.

Maledictus Dominum threw his arms out in a wrestler-like stance, whilst he stared at the mapusaurs—teeth bared, and emotionless eyes looking at all three. The demon plotted out his course of action, and charged. This was it. Earth stood his ground, as the other two mapusaurs split up to flank Dominum. The demon ran at Earth with a haymaker, but the alpha-mapusaur dodged the strike and retaliated with a smash from his skull. The smash came to Maledictus’s right, and the demon went with the flow of force—twirling around and slamming his massive tail into Earth. Earth bellowed in pain, as his already broken arm was further damaged by the force, and his right-side ribs were broken, and shoulder dislocated.

Dominum returned to his upright stance, and almost mockingly swayed his grounded tail at Earth; his cockiness would not last, as the alpha-female and beta stomped on the tail in unison before clamping onto the demon’s arms. As the demon met his match in the form of mapusaurs and a tyrant, more beings emerged from the forest; Claw and Talon. Claw had seen Nequit Dominum all those years ago—he had killed almost all the members of her pack. To her, this pale-white upright being looked identical, and she longed for the revenge she had been unable to attain.

The Dakotaraptor snarled to Talon that she was going to aid the other animals kill the demon. Talon urged his mother not to through chirps and coos, but she was not listening; Claw leaped from the undergrowth, headed directly for Maledictus—of course Talon directly behind her close pursuit. The two raptors were shaken like an earthquake by the clumsy back and forth from the four theropods battling, but they persevered, and made it to the battle—unannounced. Tyria finally felt as though she had gained enough energy, and stood up just in time to see two Dakotaraptors join the fray; the dromeosaurs had leaped onto the back of Dominum, and were clawing his neck and back.

The alpha-female tyrannosaur shook her head and flexed her muscles in preparation, before bolting back into the battle. Maledictus Dominum spun his arms around to shake off the mapusaurs; the demon had just realized that there were beings on his back, and started ferociously clawing at his neck and shaking to get them off. The Dakotaraptors had embedded their sickle claws into his back—they were not falling off that easy. Maledictus Dominum began to have a panic attack, as Earth and his two mapusaurs clawed and clamped onto his body. But, nothing could prepare him for the return of Tyria; the alpha-female Tyrannosaurus rex precisely lunged for his neck, and clamped on perfectly.

The demon, to say the least, had lost the upper-hand. Two mapusaurs on his arms and another on his tail, two raptors on his back, and a tyrant breaking his neck. However, another sensation was killing Maledictus Dominum—it was coming from his tail. From the tip of Maledictus Dominum’s grounded tail, in the safest location possible to attack—Difference, the Abelisaurus, was throwing in his two cents. The abelisaur had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and was biting and pulling like a dog to a toy on Dominum’s tail.

But his pain was not over yet—as from their tree branch perches, the Quetzalcoatlus launched. Four in-total soared over to the battlefield—an act never before seen. Maledictus Dominum threw his back out, as the pain became unbearable. The demon let out a deafening bellow, as from the skies four Quetzalcoatlus landed atop his back and impaled their beak into his flesh. My how the tides have turned—for as blood poured down Maledictus’s body, painting his pale-white scales red, his end was nigh. Tyria tightened her clamp onto the under neck of M.Dominum, Earth clamped onto his back whilst his subordinates held down Dominum by his arms, Claw and Talon mauled his spine, Difference mutilated the end of his tail, and the pterosaurs impaled their beaks into the spine.

It was a phenomenal sight—for the world had finally intervened, sparing Tyrance the deed. It was, the Demon vs the World. Maledictus threw his back and arms back, as gas suddenly began to flood out of his gills once more—startling the battling beasts. A crocodile-like second slit covered Dominum’s red eyes, as tornadoes ravaged the world a few miles back, and volcanoes accompanied the destruction. An offset dark golden glow pierced through the overcast sky, glazing the beasts in its rays—as Maledictus prepared another one of his trump cards. Maledictus used the immeasurable pain he was enduring to fuel his adrenaline, which in turn fueled his methane sac—for the final time, this was not good!

The demon’s body began to glow a deep melted metal red, as he strained his entire body. Tyria, Earth and his two, Difference, Claw, Talon, and the pterosaurs were all thrown back by a wave of pure heat; Claw and Talon were sent flying back, and smashed into the alpha-female mapusaur, before smashing into the rocky plateau—their chirps of agony clashing with everyone else’s. Tyria staggered, her left arm about broken, into Earth—who in turn fell into a tree. The two theropods stood up and bellowed at each other, before remembering who their united enemy was. Difference’s body slid across the rocky plateau, leaving a trail of blood in his wake—his leg was already broken, hasn’t he been through enough? Maledictus’s glow turned back to a charred pale-white, but now he was severely exhausted and injured.

The mutant stumbled around eerily, grasping at his stomach and throat, before blood began to rush from both; Tyria stood up and shook her body, while Earth returned to his collapsed other two who were trying to recover after the heatwave. The pterosaurs were visibly shaken, and immediately took to the skies—fleeing the battle. The demon was not done; he regrouped, and expelled more steam from his gills and maw—preparing for another wave of fire, this time directed at the alpha-female and omega mapusaur.

Everyone had been defeated by the demon—he had conquered them despite their tireless effort. It seemed as though all was lost, as his mechanism scraped back and forth—directing another torrent of fire at the two mapusaurs; just before the fire seared the flesh and killed the theropod, Earth appeared! The Mapusaurus ran directly into the fire, acting as shield to his pack. The fire cooked through his feathers and flesh and charred his torso black, but Earth did not care! No, he did not; his pack was his life, if they died he died. The Mapusaurus, with a final push from his adrenaline and love for his pack rammed Maledictus Dominum and began to push him towards the edge of the cliff.

Maledictus, despite the turn of events, did not stop breathing flame—and continued, now completely burning through Earth’s back. The pain was unbearable—the heat the smoke, the blood and bile on the floor—it was horrific. Earth knocked Maledictus to within six feet of the edge of the ravine, before his strength gave out. His heart nearly stopped, and his muscles collapsed, but he kept going, and pushed with his shoulder blade directly into the demon. Maledictus Dominum lifted his arm up and impaled it into Earth’s shoulder, but the theropod was numb to pain—he merely absorbed it. The demon’s power gave out, just as Maledictus prepared for another wave of fire to end the beast; Maledictus Dominum prepared for a final wave of destruction to end the theropods--before he could, something grasped his attention, and he looked up.

He did not have time to complete the task, as a train in the form of a Tyrannosaurus rex slammed into him—knocking the demon off the cliff with an extra five-feet to spare. Tyria and the barely alive Earth watched in awe, as Maledictus Dominum rolled down the ravine's sand slope and into its dark mist filled bottom—a final screeching bellow left to the air to remember him by. Was it over, was the Cursed Lord dead?!

Part 6 end.

Part 5: Last Stand of the Tyrant King

(I'm sorry.)

The land was grim, the world was silent. An unrivaled firestorm had just decimated an entire forest, killing hundreds of beasts—revealing a demon through the scales of a theropod. Yes, there was nothing—nothing but sizzling and churning of flame cooking through wood, charring the greenery. Pterosaurs fled the scene of destruction, their distance chirps and coos echoing throughout the land; nothing short of a mile away, Claw and Talon have entered this desolate forest. It wasn’t their choice to enter, for this particular forest was the only path towards the center of Dhahabi’ard. Claw had assumed the lead, her son trotting close behind her—as the sound of sizzling fire, and the smell of rampant smoke filled their ears and olfactory bulbs respectively.

Their feathers were ruffled, a mess, and their ribs were peaking through their flesh—for they had not eaten in a long time. Talon cooed a signal of hunger, Claw did not respond—but Talon could tell she reciprocated the pain. The two hiked around a fallen maple, and underneath a charred willow—before reaching an area that the flames, although they had dissipated, had destroyed entirely. Claw placed her foot into the dirt that smoke still trailed atop. the alpha-female noticed something in the far distance; a Thescelosaurus carcass—burnt, but still edible, hanging off an elm tree branch.

It was male, who, like turkeys, are usually bigger and therefore carry more meat than the females. For these Dakotaraptors, a Thescelosaurus was Heaven on Earth; one, major thing stood in the way though—fire, still burning atop, and around the trees. Talon was heavily confused at the flame, what could have possibly caused so much damage—a bolt of lightning? He believed it to be that based on pure experience and knowledge of the world, but still, even with his limited intellect—a sole bolt of lightning hitting a tree couldn’t cause a tidal wave of fire; that, he knew for sure. The elm tree was burnt, conveniently all except the branch that a carcass hung from.

Claw cooed that she was going to go collect, but Talon, with a hiss, stopped her. He wanted to stretch out his muscles, and chirped to his mother that he would bring back the dead prey. Claw did not debate him, she needed and wanted a break after this epic month long journey. Talon jogged up to the charring tree—smoke weakening his senses, the orange light nearly blinding him with its painful rays. The Thescelosaurus’s feathers were crumbling, burnt to a crisp, and its legs with a crispy dark-brown; well, this would be the first time these Dakotaraptors tried cooked meat.

The tree was five-meters off the ground and about to collapse—Talon had to be careful. The impulsive raptor stared around, analyzing the tree from top to bottom—before impaling his claws into the trunk, and slowly scaling the burning bark. Talon slowly inched his way up one foot at a time—when his right arm clawed into the wood, his left leg sank into the bark—vice versa; Talon dug his left arm into the tree, but he did it with a little too much force—and the top of the tree began to shake. From the crown of the tree burning leaves fell almost entirely on Talon—burning some of his black feathers. The raptor bellowed in pain, his dewlap swelling with air—but he did not desist in his goal, in-fact he sped up.

Talon placed his two legs together, and placed his right arm on the tree branch with the Thescelosaurus—before leaping with all his strength. Luckily he made it, and clamped onto the charred carcass—and leapt down with it in his maw. Claw rushed over to her son, and nuzzled him—before the two fled to a safer location of the forest to enjoy their meal. With a continuous sprint, that eased into a consecutive trot, the two fled the forest through a downhill slope—and made it to a river that led into a tropical cycad and palm forest. Talon laid the plump Thescelosaurus next to the river; Claw precisely with her sickle-talon tore through the fluff and feathers on the thorax of the prey so that digging in would be easier.

It was not long before their snouts were completely soaked in blood, a mess of tendons, ligaments, and flesh. As Claw ate, she noticed something in the river; a bluish gray rock was resting on the creak bed. It seemed to drop down into the water, like a crocodilian—maybe there was more to this object. Claw swallowed a large piece of rib and flesh all at once with a flick of her neck, before standing up her eight-foot tall body—and slowly walking over to the rock. It had entirely grasped her curiosity; her stride shortened, as she reached it. With a closer look, the raptor could see a set of closed eyes, and what looked like a mouth.

She confusedly started swiping at the rock with her talons, revealing feathers—not, good. Like lightning, the rock bellowed in pain—and arose from its rest, showing itself as an animal. Claw chirped in fear and ran back to Talon as fast as possible—for the animal stood up, and shook the water off its body. Talon ducked underneath the carcass, and held his tail plumes down, whilst Claw hopped over the carcass and joined him.

The creature seemed to have been hurled into the river, as it looked around with confusions at the new location. It was only a foot taller than Claw, but its muscular neck and body was more than enough to scare off any Dakotaraptor. The animal continued to dry itself off, before it bounce-walked off into the forest. Claw and Talon took a final long piece of meat from the carcass, before too bolting off into the forest. Little did Claw know, the animal was an Abelisaurus—named Difference; they had no idea what awaited them—the raptors, nor Difference.

200 yards away, Earth and his two are in a thriller. The fire was like something they had never seen in their twenty-three years of life—and it was devastating. Luckily for them, less than fifty-meters away was the exit straight into the heart of Dhahabi’ard. It would not be that easy to get there though—as it seemed this is where the fire had started, for the destruction was at its peak here. Demolished trees, most either entirely burnt to a crisp or about to collapse—but above all of that, there was a confusing smell. It could not be identified as carnivorous or herbivorous. It smelt like one of the grazing dinosaurs that eat shrubs, but won’t pass up a rotting carcass.

So, an omnivorous animal—that must be it. Thoughts like those coursed through Earth’s brain, as he contemplated where the smell was—and what caused it. The only time he had inhaled anything like it was five-years ago—the time of Dominum. But Nequit was dead, he was nowhere to be found after the cliff collapsed the ravine—so who was this? Something was off—really off; Earth stopped in his tracks, halting his two brethren in the process. He began to look around, for something had grasped his attention. From the right a massive figure arose!! Earth and his three bellowed in terrible fear, as a charcoal black being stood like a statue in-front of them.

Slowly did it open its eyes, of which were a dark red—with black pupils. The creature’s skin had been charred by the surrounding fire—confirming who this was, Maledictus Dominum. The four Mapusaurus stood back in a defensive position, bellowing at the figure continuously—but it did not respond. The demon was consumed by other priorities, those being the demonic heinous deeds it wished to enact. Earth’s orange feathers blew in the wind, of which extinguished some flame, but a very small amount; Maledictus had drained his methane sac, and therefore thankfully had no more destruction to spell. Blood still remained on his gills—stained near permanently.

Earth’s alpha-instincts told him to not leave, but face the beast, going against nearly all of his logic. The alpha-mapusaur placed his right feathered foot to the forefront and bellowed now in an aggressive manner—his three subordinates did the same. The demon widened its maw into a faint smile. His gills opened, as it released a short burst of steam—before opened its mouth and releasing an ear shattering screech that could be heard for miles. It shook the world; the Mapusaurus looked on in fear, as the charcoal beast moved towards them—walking straight up, not intimidated in the slightest. It looked as though the mutant was trying to restore his gaseous storage, for more fire use—as dark-gray methane that had not combusted flooded back into his gills.

One breath—before the nightmare took hold. Maledictus charged the Mapusaurus, ramming his twenty-foot tall body into all three—knocking them over. The three other members bellowed in pain, as Earth stood up to face the demon. Dominum had his back turned to Earth—a fatal mistake—as the powerful theropod clamped onto his near endless running tail. Maledictus Dominum released a deafening screech, before lifting his tail up—easily overpowering Earth—and smashing it into him. The alpha mapusaur was hurled to the ground, near unconscious—leaving his pack to battle the demon.

The alpha-female mapusaur tried to clamp onto M.Dominum’s arm, but missed, and was instead met with a devastating swipe to her pelvis; Maledictus impaled his claws into her tail, grasped her neck with his arms, and threw her into the beta. Blood dripped down the demon’s spiked talons, as he sidestepped a charge from the omega—and clamped onto his back. The omega mapusaur bellowed in immeasurable pain, as his vertebrae cracked and nearly shattered underneath Maledictus Dominum’s entire bite-force—but thankfully, M.Dominum’s father had not been gifted with a devastating clamp—and therefore neither had he.

His lack of bite-force gave the alpha-female and beta enough time to regroup, and charge. The two mapusaurs rammed Maledictus with their craniums, knocking him into a burning tree. The demon coughed to expel some smoke, before placing his hand on the burning wood and lifting himself up. He turned around with an eery smile, to see the two mapusaurs waiting for him in an offensive stance—one foot out, and the other back. The one whose back he was breaking had collapsed to the ground, barely breathing. The sound of burning wood and pain was all you could hear, as Maledictus Dominum—now enraged—clawed out teeth and flesh from the theropods, before hurling them both to the ground—breaking many bones.

He placed his three taloned foot onto the torso of the beta, and slowly put more pressure—killing the beta as painfully as possible. Earth heard the nightmare going on right beside him, and using all the power in his lean body, staggered up. His left arm, and middle talon on the left foot were both broken—but he had to keep fighting, he had to save his pack! Earth lifted his head up to see Maledictus about to crush his beta. The alpha-male limped as fast as he could over to him, but it was no use—he was too far away. But another ray of hope had come, as from the rubble—the omega’s whose back was nearly broken came. Maledictus Dominum looked on confused and enraged, as the broken back omega hurled himself into him in a last ditch effort to save the beta.

The omega bellowed as loud as he could for the pack to escape, whilst he sacrificed himself. Earth stopped his stride, and pondered what he was just signaled. He knew he needed to get his other members to safety, but he could not leave the omega to die. No, he could not! And he started trotting towards him again—but his trot was once again stopped by the omega, who even louder bellowed for them to leave. Earth then, in that one moment, realized what they were up against—they could not take this, this demon on alone; they had to leave, now. Earth felt his heart shatter, as he cooed for the alpha-female and beta to get up and sprint as fast as they could with him away.

The two mapusaurs stood up, and their hearts broke as-well—as they realized what had to be done. The omega did battle with Dominum, as Earth and the others sprinted through the forest using all the power in their bodies just to move their legs. Blood ran down their bodies, as their hearts broke in two; Maledictus Dominum battled the mapusaur with ease—absorbing his attacks and retaliating with claw swipes and clamps.

Dominum stomped his right foot onto the mapusaur’s left, used his right hand to lift him up by his neck, sliced his jugular, and threw him into the fire—gas flooding in and out of his gills all throughout. Maledictus’s neck tripled in size, as he pressured through the immense pain that filled the back of his throat, to release a wave of methane gas—choking the omega to death as he burned in the fire, killing him. All Earth and the two could hear was a scream of death, before they knew their brother was dead. They expelled a series of mournful coos immediately—those being the only expression of emotion they could release. M.Dominum cackled, as his foe was no more. The sentient mind began to hear voices in his head—what more insanity can happen?

A faux figure in Maledictus’s mind began to arise from the still charring fire; it was his father, Nequit Dominum. The being loomed over his son, like a lost entity. Maledictus hear a voice, a coo to kill who had killed his father. M.Dominum’s eyes looked deranged, as he searched his brain for the other scents the lied within the ravine. There was one of a Spinosaurus, some skin scents of a Mapusaurus and Abelisaurus—but the most dominant of all besides his father, was one of an alpha Tyrannosaurus rex. Maledictus Dominum bellowed laughing, as the figure of Nequit too started chirping, before vanishing. Dominum then fled the forest, dashing through the fire—towards the center of Dhahabi’ard. Sadly, he was less than a mile away.

He truly has gone insane, for there was no figure of Nequit Dominum—nothing but an illusion, an excuse for his pain. The demon ran through the forest, his feet shaking the world for miles. His olfactory bulbs were leading him somewhere he had never been—in search of one thing, The Tyrant King. The same Tyrant King, who has had a miracle happen in his life. Tyrance’s emotions were off the charts, and indescribable—and such was the same for Tyria, for from the same nest that his father and mother had created a decade ago, an egg lied. There was only one, and its shell was brown, and it was large. This egg housed the greatest achievement in the Tyrant King’s epic life, his son.

Tyrance nuzzled Tyria—she was still recovering from laying the egg, and needed rest. The Tyrant King stood up from his rest, determined to bring a meal home for his resting mate whilst she watched over their new child. Tyria layed her head down against the cavern ground; there was no cave ceiling, it was open and free—and as Tyria rested a flock of pterosaurs landed atop Taghia-Sakhra. Tyrance trotted down the mountain, as Tyria lifted her head up and bared her teeth in an aggressive manner—the pterosaurs were Quetzalcoatlus, a known egg thief. The pterosaurs slowly but surely glided down the chasm, trying to reach the cave—but their journey was stopped near instantly, as Tyria released a dominant bellow—scaring them far away from the mountain.

Tyrance walked through the grassy plain at the base of the mountain—heading towards a river. He was filled with instinctual happiness in glee, for finally he was passing on his legacy. When he reached the creek, it seemed as though another gift was bestowed before him. A partially eaten Mapusaurus carcass, that looked as though it had been burned. There were very distinct wounds running down its neck, torso, and legs. Tyrance could identify that its arms were broken—and when he nudged it, its body moved into its back—signifying that the vertebrae had been broken.

Tyrance was confused—the only other predator he knew that would have decimated an animal like this and left it was Nequit Dominum, but he was dead—he knew that for sure. Nonetheless, as lightning struck in the background, Tyrance lifted the mapusaur into the air—and began to carry it back to the nest. Little did he know, a demon had laid a trap for him—and he had taken the bait. The Tyrant King had been having dreams of Nequit Dominum again. In particular, he had been seeing a being that resembled the demon—but had a much more demented and cursed look. Something was, off. As Tyrance hiked back to Taghia-Sakhra, a loud screech emanated across the plain.

The Tyrant King’s brow tightened, as his eyes squinted in fear for Tyria! His leisurely stroll turned into a fear-filled run, as in an instant he was back at the base of the mountain, and then atop it. He nearly destabilized the mountain with the power he put into every step—and it wasn’t long before he was back at the entrance of the cave. At the entrance to the cave, what the Tyrant King saw he did not deserve to. Tyria, held in the air by a twenty-foot tall pale-white, thing. Trauma filled Tyrance’s eyes, as he dropped the carcass—Nequit had lived? This could not be true, no, he had broken his neck and heard the snap. He had fallen lifeless in his jaws and had then been crushed by the cliffside! He was not alive!

That much was true, and Tyrance soon realized it—as he took in a deep sniff. It was not the original demon, no—it was none other than his offspring. Tyrance snarled his teeth and bellowed an aggressive roar of dominance—but Maledictus merely smiled, before tightening his grip on the back of Tyria’s neck. Tyrance began to charge him, but suddenly saw he was all in one big trap—for Dominum had his egg in the other hand. Maledictus Dominum bellowed a screeching laugh that silenced the land—further enraging Tyrance, as it sounded the same as Nequit Dominum. Rage, anger, pain, and fear took hold of the Tyrant King’s body—he could not let another Dominum takeaway his family again! No, he couldn’t!

Tyrance bellowed, finally catching the attention of Maledictus. He wanted nothing to do with Tyria, and threw her aside into a wall; she cooed in pain, sending Tyrance into a state of madness. So badly did he want to ram into Maledictus Dominum, but he could not—he had his son. Maledictus walked up to Tyrance, and put his face in his—but Tyrance could not clamp back, shove, or claw—for he placed his son right next to him, before bolting down the mountain. Tyrance bellowed, and immediately chased after the demon. Rocks were sent flying into the air, as the pressure from these two titanic beasts running nearly toppled the already ruin of Taghia-Sakhra.

Maledictus curved his body down into a bare theropod stance, and lifted his tail into the air—he was now running at twenty miles per-hour. Sadly for him, Tyrance—even in his older age, was faster. Anger and emotion gave the world a fearful ambience, as Tyrance chased Maledictus through the plain, and into the burning forest. The Tyrant King had no idea at all what could’ve possibly happened within this forest, but he tried his best dodge the flame—although some of it gave his ankles a seer. Maledictus’s insanity contrasted against Tyrance’s focused determination, as the demon was met with the same threat that killed his father—an unrelenting powerhouse.

Dominum was luring Tyrance to a specific location—and with each passing second it grew closer, before it was there. Maledictus smashed his foot onto a rocky plateau—Tyrance following near instantly behind him. Maledictus Dominum stopped his run at the edge of a cliff, before turning back to see Tyrance—who too stopped. Their eyes met, before they fell down to the right to see the bottom of the cliff. Flashbacks filled the brain of the Tyrant King—it was the same ravine that Egypt had died in, the same ravine that Nequit Dominum had died in, and the same one that he had almost died in.

He maintained his composure, and lifted his head back up to face Maledictus Dominum—who placed the egg down, and opened his arms, as though mocking Tyrance. The Tyrant King had enough, and the morning sun slowly began to rise in the back—as he charged in rival for the final time. He could not let another Dominum live and destroy the world—he had to stop him, he was the only one who could. This was it, the battle Maledictus had dreamed of. The demon lifted his foot up, prepared to smash Tyrance’s egg—but he was taken aback, as the same force as a freight train running one over knocked him back.

A broad cranium nearly impaled itself into Maledictus’s chest, sending him and the one who had done it, Tyrance, tumbling to the ground. Maledictus bellowed in pain, before kicking Tyrance off him with his right foot; the demon tried to stand up, but Tyrance clamped onto his back and smashed him to the ground. Non-stop did the Tyrant King assume revenge through repeated smashing into the rock. Maledictus Dominum bellowed in pain, before lifting his tail up and ramming it into the Tyrant King. Tyrance stumbled back, dazed, as the demon finally stood up—only a little bit shaken by the onslaught.

Maledictus did not share the same raw power as his father, but he had nearly twice the durability. The demon clamped onto the stunned Tyrance’s snout, and shook it around madly—clawing his torso with his talons all throughout. He then slapped Tyrance’s face with the back of his hand, and impaled his claws into his torso. Blood poured from the Tyrant King, as he cooed in pain. His strength was not the same as it was five-years ago—his body was taken aback by this level of onslaught. Nonetheless, determination to avenge Tyria and his child filled him—and Tyrance retaliated. The King of the Dinosaurs ducked underneath one of Maledictus’s swipes, and bit down on his right arm.

Maledictus Dominum could do nothing but trill, as Tyrance clamped down with twenty-thousand pounds of pure pressure—not his maximum, but enough to break the bone. Maledictus roared aloud in tremendous pain; he pushed Tyrance off with his left arm, and staggered back looking at his now crooked hand. The forearm began to fluctuate, as Maledictus breathed in and out. In an instant, the bone was back—regeneration, a gift from Nequit Dominum. Tyrance remembered that ability immediately, and his dread of it returned.

No, this is not good. Gas began to flood out of Maledictus Dominum’s gills, as him and Tyrance dueled—clawing and clamping. Maledictus’s stamina began to run out, he was not expecting the sheer power and unrelenting will of Tyrance—who took advantage of every single opportunity that M.Dominum gave him to its greatest ability. He was dealing with an experienced beast—and he was not winning. Tyrance began to get confused, as an immeasurable amount of mist coated the battlefield. The King made a final push against Maledictus, for he sensed something was up. He clamped onto the demon’s neck, and pushed him back—but Maledictus Dominum had stopped reacting, and was merely taking the damage.

Tyrance made a last stand, and grasped Dominum’s snout within his—before hurling him aside. The air was cold, and the land was silent—as all stopped. Tyrance breathed in deeply, his eyes searching through the fog to find Maledictus, but failing. He could barely breathe the mist was so thick, and smelled terrible. A brief but consecutive light became visible in the near distance—a sort of, spark. No. No. The demon’s neck expanded tremendously, as his maw opened. The darkness fell out of favor, as the mist spread out—and an orange flame filled the void. Tyrance’s pain was indescribable, and he made no sounds—as orange light burned him.

Maledictus set all the mist ablaze, as he gained control over the fire for the first time—and singled the ray out at Tyrance’s torso. The fire charred the Tyrant King, and drained his will out to none. Tyrance bellowed in pain, as Maledictus intensified his ray—and the fire combined with the mist, creating a devastating black beam. Tyrance collapsed, barely breathing. This can’t be, but it was—this was the end of the Tyrant King. Maledictus stopped breathing flame, and walked over to his nemesis. There was no vegetation around that the fire could latch onto, so it just dissipated entirely.

From the outskirts of the battle, Tyria appeared just in time. She ran through the mist, straight to the center of the battle to see a terrible sight—Tyrance, collapsed on the ground, Dominum looming over him. Maledictus Dominum looked up at her, before his chest expanded—and another beam of flame erupted from his throat. It was a short distracting breath, just to get her to back up—whilst he finished Tyrance, for his father. Tyria backed up, just missing the fire; Tyrance’s eyes were barely open, and he was panting heavily—as Maledictus Dominum pushed him towards the edge of the cliff.

Tyria ran through the fire; the end, had come. She could do nothing but watch, as Tyrance was pushed down the same slope he had rolled down five-years ago. Maledictus Dominum bellowed in terrible ecstasy, as he grasped his head and threw himself around. He, did it—he killed the Tyrant King. Tyria bellowed in shock and fear, before joining the fight. She rammed into Maledictus Dominum, taking the demon by surprise—knocking him over. She looked over the edge of the ravine, and Tyrance was nowhere to be found. The Tyrant Queen’s rage was as hot as the fire, as she turned her skull over to face the confused Maledictus Dominum

She, was now the last shot at saving the world. The Tyrant Queen bellowed ready to face Maledictus, who inched up on her. She knew, somewhere within her heart—that Tyrance had to still be alive, and that she needed to hold out. Maledictus Dominum stood tall over the Tyrant Queen, but she did not back down. This was it—the final battle.

Part 5 end.

Part 4: The Cursed Lord

Who Will Know, listen to that while reading.

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The cracked ceiling of peace, has shattered. This, cannot be reversed—this cannot be stopped. Anger, hate, and rage flowed through Maledictus Dominum’s body—he had been betrayed, never told who he was. This creature began to bellow madly, and slam into the debris and walls—yelling for his mother Verendus all throughout. An already unstable being has now been lied to—and his already unsteady sentient mind has passed the breaking point. Maledictus lifted his twenty-foot long massive tail off the ground and backed down in a ferocious way, destroying some rocks in the process.

This, corpse—this rotted and decayed carcass of a being of unimaginable rage was the reason that he was outcast, was the reason why he looked nothing like an Abelisaurus—the reason why he existed. His hatred only doubled, as Maledictus slammed into walls and tore apart boulders with his bare hands; through insatiable insanity he dug up even more of Nequit’s body, revealing bloody gashes and twelve-inch deep wounds in his barely decayed neck. Maledictus halted his crazed rage—and began to sniff the bloody gashes; he smelt, with his incredibly powerful snout, the flesh of a Triceratops coming from the wound. What level of power do his olfactory bulbs possess? That rotted trike flesh had to have been consumed five years ago.

M.Dominum, with his menacing brilliance made a sort of conclusion that a Tyrannosaurus rex had done this—for they are the only animal that could make that deep of a wound. Perhaps his mother had not lied to him about everything—a T.rex had toppled the Unstoppable Lord’s reign. Little did this mutant know, his mother knew nothing of Nequit Dominum besides his appearance—but he blamed her for all that has wronged him. It may seem strange, this random outburst with no reasoning—but in-truth it is not. Maledictus, since he was born—has been scorned by the beasts of the land. His father, with all his blind fury and unrivaled rage, adored the fear that he invoked—but Maledictus has not.

Ever since he pierced his chameleon-like egg and faced the world, his first sight was his mother’s look of confusion—and unwillingness to help him climb out. Ever since it has been nothing but scorn from his species—breaking, for a sentient mind. It took at-least twenty-minutes, but Verendus did arrive. The green abelisaur trotted down the ravine to face her enraged son—whom halted his tantrum, and closed his maw to face her; the sound of lightning pulverizing shrubs in the background dominated the land, filling the gap that rain strived to—as Verendus stared up with fear and confusion at her twenty-foot tall “son”.

His red eyes looked directly at her, filling her body with an urge to run—a need to escape. Adrenaline slowly but surely began to pump through her veins, for her heart beat increased its frequency. Verendus’s legs began to shake, as Maledictus Dominum stomped over to her—each foot silencing even the lightning with their power. Through instinct and chirps he spoke with his mother—not holding back his rage, as he bellowed at her, asking if he was the demon she spoke of. Verendus was an Abelisaurus, a dinosaur who does not possess much intelligence besides fight-or-flight—and basic predatory needs. She did not understand what this deranged intellect was roaring at her—and that was her final mistake. Maledictus Dominum, who already struggled to speak like an abelisaur, was now pushed over the edge at the sight of his mother with a tilted head slowly backing up.

Dominum’s arms began to shake, and he slowly lifted both of them up to his head and grasped it like he would the neck of prey. All was silent, as a deafening screech echoed throughout all of a fifty-mile perimeter. Blood dripped from Maledictus Dominum’s talons, as he held the lifeless body of Verendus in his arms—just as his father had. He dropped his mother to the ground with a demonic laughing chirp, before returning to his destruction; it was over, the transformation has ended—the cursed lord, is awake. A second slit covered M.Dominum’s eyes, like a crocodile—making them look entirely black, but he could see through them.

The rain stopped, but the lightning grew—of which was followed by a black mist cloud cover from a nearby volcano. M.Dominum began to cackle, and trill in glee—hurling his head into the cliff walls all throughout. Dominum stopped his rage for one moment—another transformation was taking place. A sharp continuous attack of pain began to flood his neck; his neck began to bubble and move around like a gelatinous blob. His entire upper body began to inflate, as he let off a screech of pain. Like the lightning that struck in the back, his body resettled to its former form—but now with a new weapon to his already unrivaled array. Gills—yes, gills! Crooked objects that looked identical to teeth clung to the sides of the gills, whilst his arm claws grew longer, and too grew teeth on the sides.

Is this even an animal anymore? But, despite these terrifying changes, something far worse was happening to Maledictus. The demon began to stumble around madly—with each step he expelled blood from his gills and mouth. The savage beast could not even bellow, as he drunkenly trotted outside of the ravine—and up to the clifftop. More blood poured from his gills, now solely falling from them and not the tail. With each expelling of blood, steam followed in hot-pursuit—leaving off the mist-like sound of a train stopping. The Cursed Lord eerily stammered into the same forest Difference was in—walking at an unnervingly slow pace.

Less than a mile away, Tyrance and Tyria are nearing the end of their journey. Trekking through a dense jungle, around an arroyo, over and under a mesa, and finally within a cave—the two rex nearly faced the center. Tyrance led Tyria, imbuing them both with determination—as they struggled through the final forest—their footpads burning and blistered—their minds the only thing pushing them. Thankfully that one Triceratops hunt has given them enough calories to maintain their muscle—but they still had lost a good amount.

They pressured through the thicket—its thick thorns slicing their cranium, forcing them to keep their heads held low. Tyrance clamped onto a large branch, presumably the source of the thorns, and tore it down—freeing them form the torment. Tyria cooed for Tyrance to look up—he did, and his eyes filled him with the knowledge that a new and final obstacle was in their path. A dense blockade of fallen tree-trunks, a new obstacle that Tyrance does not remember back from his youth.

It meant nothing though—for Tyrance, in a sort of cocky showing of strength, chirped for Tyria to stand back; the Tyrant King placed his left foot back, embedding it within the mud, before charging the blockade—destroying it with ease. Wood rocketed in all directions, as Tyrance triumphantly let out a dominant bellow—his dewlap expanding with air, and shrinking once he was finished. The Tyrant King closed his amber eyes, before opening them—after all these years, the true Golden-Land stood before him. Vast grasslands that stretched for miles, a colossal waterfall, Trinity Peaks a few miles back, and above all else—Taghia-Sakhra, his childhood home.

Tyrance began to coo in glee and joy—Tyria joined him by his side, and nuzzled his neck—even with T.rex’s lack of true sentience, she knew joy. In this sole section of the world, there was no storm—only a light cloud cover, that the sun sprayed gold with its illuminating light. Tyrance lifted his right foot up into the air and held it there, before slowly—methodically—placing it into Dhahabi’ard’s dirt for the first time in eight years. The Tyrant King and Queen wasted no time after this first step, and with haste ran towards Taghia-Sakhra—of which stood in-front of them.

The two tyrants both released alerting bellows—this was the rex way of signaling to all nearby predators that there was a new alpha in town. The two tyrants trotted up to Taghia-Sakhra; Tyrance averted his gaze from the rest of the center to the slope that led Taghia-Sakhra. The beginning was cracked, must’ve been from all the trauma and rex that have crossed over it. A massive black charred mess of black rock lied a few feet up from the entrance—most likely damage from being struck with lightning. Tyrance cooed for Tyria to be careful, before placing his right foot atop the rocky slope—and soon followed his left; The sound of distant lightning echoed across the land, as the two tyrants walked up Taghia-Sakhra—each footstep cementing their place in history.

At the top lie Tyrance’s childhood home. A vast cave system, filled with twig and branch nests filled him with a cozy feeling. Tyrance’s pupils expanded, as he was filled with glee—but this jolt of happiness stopped its progression, for from behind him Tyria yelled in pain. The Tyrant King swung his neck back, mouth half-open, to see his mate cooing in tremendous fatigue. Tyrance rushed over to Tyria and helped walk her over to one of the many nests within the cave system. Her stomach was massive, and pulsating—which only meant one thing. Tyria’s feathers were ruffled, and she looked a mess, as she bellowed in more pain. Tyrance’s worried look turned to a knowing one—instinct was taking over, and he knew what was going on.

He merely nuzzled his mate, and kept his distance—for Tyria was in labor. Tyrance rested close by, his thighs hinged next to his torso in that classic sitting rooster position—and merely watched as Tyria pushed out the egg. She used all her might to do so, but it was taking unusually longer than expected—and Tyrance was beginning to worry. Back within the forest, the mutation is reaching his final stage. A large sack—presumed to be vestigial, since his father had it to—is boiling. This sack, now has a purpose. Maledictus Dominum is not your average, normal beast; instead of expelling methane gas, his body stores it. His throat lining, in-fact his entire gastrointestinal lining has been thickened—and coated with an amazingly anti-heat resistant liquid, of which the name is not known.

A mechanism in his throat, upon his command, acts like friction—and scrapes back and forth extremely fast, creating contained sparks of electricity. Why does Maledictus possess all of these features—is not known. M.Dominum expelled steam and methane gas through his gills—his mouth agape, releasing torturous nightmare-like screeches with each expelling. Lightning echoed, and rain pummeled the ground, as Maledictus Dominum staggered straight in the middle of a forest. He had been born in this very forest, and its leaves still reminded him of his childhood. His pain was unbearable—it felt like sharp rocks scraping his insides—he felt a need to expel something, as though a gas was building up.

Maledictus Dominum’s gills opened wide, revealing the crooked teeth of which lined them—as he opened up his mouth and slammed his eyes shut. He rammed his massive theropod feet into the mud, splattering it everywhere—as the pain become unbearable. No, this can’t be happening. Unstoppable is his rage, unstoppable is his fury—unstoppable is his power. Methane gas flooded his throat like mist, and like a waterfall began to ferociously pour from his mouth. His tail swung back into a stiff straight position, his arms flung back as his torso bent over—there was no stopping it now. The steam intensified, and had now entirely coated two-thirds of the forest—turning the green jungle into a dark-gray nightmare.

Dominum’s body began to fluctuate, as an uncontrollable mechanism began to scrape back and forth in the back of his throat. Where there is smoke, where there is pain—there is fire. A shaft, of unimaginable red flame sprayed forth from his maw—destroying all green, in an instant. The smoke that coated the forest, set ablaze—eradicating all that there was, destroying the land. Maledictus could not even bellow, for the pain was too great. His lips and outer jaw turned red like melted metal—so did his gills. The heat, was unbearable—the palm trees, and sycamores became consumed by Hell—the orange fire charring everything. Dominum’s eyes quivered, as though if he could cry he would’ve—but he was not given that much of a pleasure.

Maledictus closed his gaping maw slightly, for the liquid in the back of his throat was beginning to run out—but this did not deny the power of the shaft of fire, for it closed into a single cylindrical beam of flame—causing twice the devastation. The excess methane gas poured from his gills, of which added even more flammable material to the forest—causing even more destruction. His black pupils dilated, for the light became too much to take. Explosions took place everywhere, destroying trees and vegetation—killing Thescelosaurus, Troodons, Acheroraptors and the lot.

The steam desisted its mist flow from his gills, and for one moment the flame subsides; but for only one moment. A long narrow trail of steam ran from his maw and gills—before the methane gas exuded once more form his gills. Maledictus closed his eyes; he repositioned his feet, and curled his hands inwards—before his maw was yanked open nearly uncontrollably, and another shaft of pain was exuded. Luckily for Maledictus, his skin had grown impervious to fire.

Only a mile away, Difference is just getting the first wave of extinction. The abelisaur turned his head to the left, right, and behind him—confused by a strange dark mist that only darkened the night sky. Difference began to shake with fear, for he knew something was up—and quickly began a bolt through the forest. Little too late. The Abelisaurus looked back to see what looked like a rushing river of red liquid coming directly for him; the dazed abelisaur did not even see that there was a slope downwards in-front of him. Difference bellowed in pain, as he fell down the twenty-foot long slope, down into a creek. The flame quickly and most dominantly took hold of the rest of the forest, and the creek—turning the water to boiling steam.

Difference quickly clambered out of the water, and onto the other side of the creek; luckily for him the water was keeping the flames at bay for a short period of time, he had to go—now. The abelisaur shook his body like a dog to dry off, before continuing his run—it was all or nothing now. It was not long before the fire surpassed the creek, of course by transforming all the water to steam. The flood path began to chase Difference in hot-pursuit—but the abelisaur knew what to do, and quickly switched directions—now heading back the direction that he came.

He was going underneath the hill, and deemed that as safe—not the smartest of decisions, for the fire quickly followed him; he did not realize that the mist was everywhere, and the only means of escape was to get out of the forest. The fire caught up to Difference, for its speed was twice as fast as his lumbering pace; it slowly began to inch up on his tail, sending the abelisaur into an erratic craze. He knew he could not stop running—and to make up for that was swinging his tail everywhere, trying to shake off the flame. All this did was destabilize his balance. A sharp hug of fire enveloped his left ankle, practically slicing his balance with a sword; Difference bellowed in pain, as he tripped near the edge of a cliff.

It was yet another downhill slope—and he was yet again tumbling down it. Difference rolled down the muddy hill, of which the mist had not gone down—preventing fire. Mud coated his gray and blue scales—but this mattered not, for he was headed directly for a sharp rock! There was nothing he could; Difference bellowed in pain as his leg smashed directly into a sharp stalagmite like rock—breaking his leg instantly, and hurling him into yet another river. All the abelisaur could do was bellow in pain, as he crashed into the river—and fell to the depths. He was not dead yet, but it was looking more like it with each passing second.

Countless small dinosaurs bellows of pain were all silenced by the guttural motor-like churning roar of Maledictus Dominum—whose expelling of flame had not stopped. His gills were red hot, and gradually, the steam was once again subsiding. Blood took its place, for it now streamed from them. Maledictus Dominum sprayed his flame in a circular manner, throwing in a final wave of destruction—as his maw began to close, and the flame dissipated. All at once, did it all stop. Maledictus Dominum opened his eyes; an endless coating of fluctuating red for miles, without end—without end.

He began to feel his body shutting down due to excess blood loss; he could not even bellow, for his throat was barely functioning. Maledictus Dominum collapsed to the ground, barely breathing—surrounded by a twenty-five mile wide ring of endless fire. The terror has merely begun. You could almost see a faint image of Nequit Dominum standing in the fire—looking over his son. His last chance, at revenge.

Part 4 end.

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I'm REALLY worried for Tyrance

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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half way through the series, and things are finally heating up

"Part of the journey is the end..."


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GORILLAGODZILLA - Oh, how thrilling! I am very much looking forward to the next installment! Hopefully, Tyrance will come through without too much difficulty! :)


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Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...


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I'm pretty sure Maledictus is unstoppable now.... Great Chapter BTW

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"Part of the journey is the end..."

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Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...


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The Last Stand of the Tyrant King, is out.

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"Part of the journey is the end..."

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He was more than just a dinosaur...

"Part of the journey is the end..."


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Tyria is the last hope.

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"Part of the journey is the end..."


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"Part of the journey is the end..."

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He was more than just a dinosaur...


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"Part of the journey is the end..."

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"Part of the journey is the end..."


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Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...

Lord Vader

MemberTyrannosaurus RexNov-06-2016 8:01 AM

Nice job on this. I'm enjoying it. Good job with the details, really paints a good picture of what's going on. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none


ModeratorAllosaurusNov-06-2016 8:42 AM

^Means a lot man!

Good grief.


ModeratorAllosaurusNov-08-2016 6:36 AM

Part 6 is out.

Good grief.

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