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Tyrants Chapter 30, the Final Chapter: True Redemption

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ModeratorAllosaurusAug-24-2016 7:48 PM

Chapter 30: The End

The last of Tyrantic’s T.rex was brutally killed, torn apart limb from limb and thrown into the walls of flame—before Tyria bellowed a loud roar of dominance, having secured the Golden-Land back from its tyrannical leadership. Tyrana and Tyrani nuzzled Tyria, their new sister, as she analyzed the Golden-Land, and the storm above settled—allowing the sun to peer through its covering. The night receded from the land, as the light of day encompassed the world as far as a tyrant’s eye could see. Thunderstorm and his pack cooed aloud in their rex language to Tyria and the rest that they would be setting off towards newer lands, and for them to give Tyrance their congratulations. The rain evaporated most of the vicious wildfire, although some spots of it remained throughout Corinae and around the Golden-Plains. Tyranno chirped back to Thunderstorm, giving his thanks—as the lightning-rex and his family vanished into the deep conifer-forest. Tyria halted her regal gaze over the land, and dashed down Taghia-Sakhra—aiming directly for Tyro.

The alpha-female trotted down a slope and through an eight-foot tall grouping of angiosperms, before meeting the distraught Tyro. The green tyrannosaur had been mourning over his brother, cooing into the air a heartbreaking sound. Tyria slowly stomped towards Tyro and nuzzled her pack-mate—consoling him through the trauma. She too released a mourning coo in honor of Tyron, who had not only saved Tyro’s life—but had aided in the overthrowing of Tyrantic’s regime. He truly was a warrior of a T.rex. The two tyrants released a series of clucks and chirps one after the other in a harmonious manor—perhaps this was some sort of ritual that T.rex do, maybe honoring the dead. Tyranno wrapped his neck around Tyrana, and Tyrani’s necks—reassuring his sisters that he was okay, as they cared deeply for their smallest brother, and the slightest drip of blood from his tail terrified them.

Tyrana walked away from Tyranno, and up to the pinnacle of the mountain. She was looking for Tyrance, but he was nowhere to be found. The auburn T.rex snorted and bellowed, attempting to grab Tyrance’s attention—but she did not. Tyrana cooed to all the members of the pack that Tyrance was gone, and so was Tyrantic! Tyria’s pupils dilated, as she looked around frantically for her mate—but he was nowhere to be found. Tyria left the mourning grounds, leaving Tyro—who was still cooing for his brother. The alpha-female snorted to the others that she would trace his scent and find him, there was no way he would be dead after they had won the battle. Tyria ran through the now burnt plains, trying her hardest to not breath in the smoke and ash—of which permeated her body. The soot on the ground was multiplied with every step by Tyria, as she trekked through Dhahabi’ard—looking around in all directions for Tyrance. Little did she know her mate had not only killed the tyrannical king, but had done so unwillingly—it in-fact was one of the hardest decisions in his life.

The dreaded fern-forest, with all its quicksand and deathtraps for beasts, was now no more. It was as if the wildfire had cleansed the entire biome from existence, wiping out the giant ferns with a wisp of its flame. The ferns, in turn, destroyed the quicksand by blocking all entries ways towards the sludge, preventing it from killing anymore animals. Most of the mist remained, turning the forest into a graveyard—but in truth it always was that. Quetzalcoatlus soared above, as the fire drove through the bark—melting most of the forest into ash, truly a nightmare. Quicksand Canyon, the place that Tyrantic had studied so vigorously in hopes it would mean the death of his brother, ended up being the death of him. The fires had come into contact with the upper half of Tyrantic’s torso, searing away the scales, feathers, and flesh—leaving the infamous skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex. The bones resided at the edge of the quicksand bed, forever a monument of the endless greed and suffering of an insane animal—one who had no care for anything, but himself.

Even though in the end the False King was accepting of surrender, and merely wanted to preserve his survival—he was too far gone, and had played too many tricks in his lifetime to warrant a change of fate. However, Tyrantic may yet have accomplished his sole goal of killing his brother—as the true Tyrant King collapsed at the bottom of a lake. Visions, thoughts, feelings, everything you could feel in a dreamlike state emanated—pulsated through Tyrance’s brain. He felt the pangs of hunger, the magnificence of being full, the pain of failure—the joy of success. It was as if the water’s of the lake were a revelation to the dinosaur, as his breathing stopped—but his body remained conscious. Tyrance saw glimpses of his past, the amazing moment of hunting with his father—the horrible moment of failing said hunt. Yet, he made up for this failure—and succeeded in redeeming himself in every-way he could, he even avenged his father.

The water seemed to wash away all of Tyrance’s insecurities, his many failures in life began to vanish. Tyrance’s legs twitched, as his softball-sized amber eyes awoke—and analyzed the land underwater. The Tyrant King bellowed, but his roar was muffled by the water—and he nearly choked. He swung his body from his side to his stomach, attempting to gain the most leverage underwater. The tyrannosaur then, using his sore but still powerful legs, lunged from the bottom of the river—and kicked up to the surface, seeing the world in a new light. Tyrance kicked about in the water, looking around for a place to exit the heavily resistant liquid—but he saw none. The Tyrant King only saw one possible exit, a rocky hill, of which was heavily damage by collapsed ferns—but did lead towards the Golden-Plains. Tyrance was never one to doubt his abilities, and with a hardy snort, swam towards the hill.

The reddish-brown rex placed his thick theropod foot on an outcropping, but he noticed that it was very weak—and would not be able to hold his ten-ton weight. Nonetheless, the rex persisted—and by lunging from outcropping-to-outcropping, he successfully was scaling the mountain. Tyrance impaled his arm claws into the hill’s rocky edge, but he knew it wouldn’t be enough to maintain his balance if he were to fall. The Tyrant King released a guttural moan, as one of the outcroppings collapsed underneath his weight—leaving only one of his feet still stable. The Tyrannosaurus scraped his toe claws against the cliffside, emanating a screeching sound against the river’s cove. Tyrance began to panic, and scaled the hill with haste—but it would not be enough, as the last obstacle before the pathway of greatness began to crumble before him. Tyrance’s muscles were already extremely weak, as his stamina severely depleted—putting him in critical overexertion.

His torso and thighs were covered in burn, and teeth marks—some of which blood still trickled from. The Tyrant King stared up at the clifftop one more time, and with all his might, all the remaining power within him—leaped from one of the outcroppings. What should have been the end of him in turn became the salvation of him, as from the clifftop Tyria clamped onto his jaws. Tyrance squirmed in shock, until he realized his mate had him. The alpha-female grounded herself within the dirt of the plains, and yanked Tyrance up—saving the one who had saved them all. Tyria pulled Tyrance onto the plains with her, the water’s of the pool he was in rippling, as rocks from the cliffside fell inside it. The sound of life filled the ears of the two tyrants; Tyria laid down next to Tyrance, who was trying to recover from everything he had just death with. Quetzalcoatlus chirped above the sky, blissfully unaware of the terror that had unfolded below—unaware of the peace that had been returned.

The sun finally impaled the clouds with its shards of golden-light, as Tyrance rested his head against the grass of the still green plains. Tyria hinged her thighs next to her torso, now sitting as a chicken would—and stared into the distance, next to her mate. Tyrance opened and closed his jaws, creating a clamping sound—a gesture, translating as him saying how tired he was. Tyrance informed Tyria that Tyrantic was dead, to which she bellowed aloud in victory—but Tyrance did not reciprocate this joyous roar. He chirped back that he never wanted truly to kill his brother, only in the final moments—when he told him that he had shown Giganoctus how to kill Tyranak and Tyranoa. In those moments he hated him, but even then—he never wanted him dead.

Yet, Tyrance knew it had to be done—Tyrantic had destroyed his life and family, and never could be allowed to exist in North America again. Tyria pressed her snout against the left side of Tyrance’s neck, feeling the emotion that he was expressing—trying to console her mate. Tyrance began to cluck in laughter, as Tyria tickled him. The two nuzzled each-other, before Tyrance stood to his maximum height. The eighteen-foot tall beast analyzed the land, the sun’s rays revealing the long scars and burn marks around his torso, thighs, and neck. Tyria too stood up, and the auburn rex and reddish-brown one both took off towards Taghia-Sakhra, staying very close to each-other—nuzzling every few minutes. Tyranno and the rest of the rex rested upon the many perches of Taghia-Sakhra, shaking their tails, eagerly awaiting the return of Tyrance and Tyria.

Suddenly, from the horizon, the two rulers of the Golden-Land appeared. Tyranno leaped up from his rest and bellowed in excitement, his eyes wide and pupils expanded. Tyrana, Tyrani, and Tyro also cooed loudly into the air—giving their hero, Tyrance, a warm welcome back from the war. Tyrance and Tyria were stormed by the four rex once they made it to the mountain range, consumed by hugs and licks. Tyrana and Tyrani made sure to give Tyrance a real neck-hug, having not been able to amidst the fighting. They all hugged and licked each-other, rejoicing in the newfound peace. However, Tyrance cooed aloud that they could not live in the Golden-Land for the time being—the land was practically destroyed, and would take years to return to the beauty it once was. All of the rex chirped in agreement, before cooing to Tyrance what they would do while they awaited the return of the land. Tyrance shook his head and stomped his feet, asserting that they would need to find a new land—one that could house them for a while.

The pack agreed, and with a hearty bellow from Tyrance they attempted to start their trek—but something halted them. Tyrani, she did not follow the pack. Tyrance turned around to face his sister and snorted, asking her what was wrong. The deep-pink rex did not reply, merely lowering her head and closing her eyes. Tyrance chirped back the same question, this time a little more aggressive. Tyrani cooed back that she was tired of pack lifestyle, and after the three-years of serving Tyrantic—she wanted to go off on her own. Tyrance took a step back and pulled his neck back, staring at Tyrani in shock—after all these years, she was already leaving? Tyro too stepped away from the pack, and chirped back in agreement with Tyrani—he wanted to experience something new. This shocked Tyria, who had known Tyro all her life—and couldn’t bare the thought of not seeing him.

Tyrani cooed that her and Tyro would go off, maybe for a short while—and just see the land from a different perspective, a more solitary one. Tyrance rose his head up and to the left, gesturing that it was okay—much to Tyria’s dismay. The alpha-female jogged up to Tyro and hissed in sorrow at him leaving, but Tyro persisted—chirping that he would return, but for now, he needed a change after Tyron’s death. Tyria finally conceded, and with a final neck-hug—trotted back to Tyranno and Tyrana, who were firmly cemented in the pack, and had longed to work with Tyrance again.

Tyrani and Tyro bellowed a goodbye to Tyrance and his pack, chirping that they would return one day—all of them would, to the Golden-Land. With that, Tyrani and Tyro set off as partners into the forest—exploring the world in a new light, one they had never. Tyrance watched his sibling and rex he saw as a brother venture off into the world, he envied their curiosity—but he had a family to lead, and couldn’t take part in the fun of a solo adventure, and probably never would; At-least he thought. Tyrance circled back to face his family, the smell of vegetation and pollen filling his nostrils—as the Tyrant King somewhat awkwardly bellowed for them to move out towards the conifer-forest. The four rex, now officially a pack, began their journey towards a true resting ground. Tyrance looked back at Taghia-Sakhra, his once home. The sun was directly above the mountain, glazing it gold. The way the sun gleamed over the mountain made it look as if it was calling back to Tyrance, but he knew his pack could not live in the Golden-Land anymore—and turned his head straight towards the conifer-forest, abandoning his once home, in the right-way.

And with that, Tyrance the other three began an infamous journey—one that would never be forgotten. However, let this terror fade for a bit, and allow Tyrance to enjoy the next year of true peace. The last bit of peace, before the end. Tyrance nuzzled Tyria, as the four rex trotted into the dense vegetation of the conifer-forest—their thick-hides used to the pain. That is it—that is the life of the greatest Tyrannosaurus to ever live, Tyrance. Although it was bittersweet, he endured—and all the pain the Tyrant King endured was a mere preparation for the even greater event he would be forced into later, for Tyrance is beast of determination, one that does not yield under pressure. Tyrance knew he had avenged his father and mother, and as the sun shined down hard against his feathered-back—the Tyrant King walked with power into the future, for he had a lot more fight left in him.

*Two years later: Aftermath of The End*

Tyrance limped, until he finally made it towards the holy lands. Battered, beaten, bloodied, and diminished, he walked to the top of a hill; the Tyrant King looked over the beautiful land. A waterfall, beautiful rich plains filled with Anatotitan and Alamosaurus, large snowy mountains, beautiful streaming water, thick trees, and a morning sunrise to accompany it all. Tyrance attempted to bellow, but the pain was too great, and he could only get a little out. He lifted his head back up, and in the sun he saw not only his pack members, but Egypt too. They all turned around and walked back, disappearing into the sun, finally at peace. Tyrance had avenged them. The absolute Tyrant King let out one final kingly bellow, asserting his position as the alpha of this land. Tyrance, had survived. After twenty-minutes of resting, Tyrance trotted down the hill--the sun’s rays glazing him in a reddish-glow.

He was severely injured from the battle with the Demon, but Tyrance is and always has been a fighter—and never would give up, even when he had no more energy. Tyrance limped down the hill, through a light magnolia-grove, and up a hill before entering a small yet dense outcropping of cycads. The alpha chose this tree buildup as a place to rest, but before he could lay down—the iconic and infamous sounds of a Tyrannosaurus walking filled his ears. The Tyrant King maintained his horizontal theropod stance, flexing his calfs and thighs in preparation for an attack—but he knew he was too weak to battle another rex. Tyrance saw movement in a nearby bush, and bared his teeth—prepared for potentially his final fight.

From the undergrowth, a, familiar rex appeared. Tyrance's snarl slipped into a stare of shock, as Tyria burst through the bushes! She had caught onto Tyrance's scent, and tracked him down. The alpha-female had lived, somehow, someway she had survived the wrath of the Demon. Tyrance and Tyria bellowed in excitement, and rushed over to neck-hug each other. It seemed as though there was some peace in the great Tyrant King’s life, as he and Tyria lied down at the edge of the cycad outcropping—overlooking the Golden-Land, the place they said they would return to--except it was only two of them. The Tyrant King and Queen bellowed their loudest, most deafening roar from the outcropping—finally able to rest. Tyria laid her head on Tyrance’s back, as the one true King of the Dinosaurs stared into the distance—almost cockily overlooking his land.

Tyrants End.

Good grief.

11 Replies

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusAug-25-2016 5:06 AM

Yay, Tyrance isn't alone after all!

"Part of the journey is the end..."


ModeratorAllosaurusAug-25-2016 6:50 AM

It has been a pleasure guys.

*Puts sunglasses on and kicks back* Time for a vacation.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusAug-25-2016 2:16 PM

what does that mean?  Will you still post stories?

"Part of the journey is the end..."


MemberBrachiosaurusAug-25-2016 2:31 PM

Is this the end of the story of Tyrance? So we wont see him in the future??? That makes me really sad....Also, how did Tyria survive? Didnt Nequit snap her neck???

Remember that chap, I forget his name, he climbed Everest without any oxygen, came down nearly dead. They asked him, they said, "Why did you go up there to die?" He said, "I didn't, I went up there to live."


ModeratorAllosaurusAug-25-2016 2:41 PM

^It wasn't a fatal neck injury, she was able to recover. For now it is the end of Tyrance, for now.

Good grief.

T.rex rules

MemberCompsognathusSep-03-2016 4:10 PM

what happened between the end and the aftermath? what did Tyrance fight with?


ModeratorAllosaurusSep-03-2016 5:14 PM

It take place at the end of The End.

Good grief.

T.rex rules

MemberCompsognathusSep-03-2016 5:52 PM

still confused

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusSep-03-2016 5:56 PM

^Read The End

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexSep-04-2016 10:20 AM

GORILLAGODZILLA - That was an absolutely wonderful bending to a fantastic adventure! It was such a pleasure to have had the opportunity to enjoy this story from the very beginning and watch as its characters advanced and evolved! I am deeply honored to have been given the chance to read this series, and I hope that you will continue to present new stories in the future. Thank you ever so much for having taken the time to create this amazing journey and share it with us! :)


ModeratorAllosaurusSep-04-2016 10:24 AM

^It is no problem, thanks for reading! It was a real journey making it--you can notice how my writing has improved since the beginning xD.

Good grief.

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