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 Isla Nublar Survival


Chapter 1: The Survivors

I was trapped on Isla Nublar along with other JP staff members. We were in one of the park's bunkers, where we had food and water. Most of the others had rifles, so I took one for myself and passed another to my friend, Douglas. One of the other employees, Mitchell, tried to take my gun, but I hit him in the face with the butt of my weapon.

"Listen," I told the group. "When we get out there, I'm in charge."

"No, I am!" Mitchell retaliated. "Everyone pick sides!"

My friends, Douglas, Liam, and Jonah, sided with me. Mitchell's friends, Josh, Phillip, and Robert, chose him.

"You know what, how about there's no leader?" Douglas suggested. "But everyone has to help."

"Fine," I said, glaring at Mitchell and his friends. All four of them had picked on my friends and me when we were younger. We would always get into fights.

Clutching my gun, I opened the door and headed outside to get food. I locked the gate behind us before continuing on. We walked to the visitor center and opened the door. Inside, we saw The Big One, the fiercest Velociraptor in the park, attacking Rexy the T-Rex. She was clawing at Rexy's neck and back, but she fell into the T-Rex's mouth. Rexy threw the dead Dromaeosaur into the T-Rex skeleton, breaking it, then roared as the banner fell. She picked up The Big One's corpse as we exited the building. But we heard a loud crashing sound and turned around to see Rexy glaring at us, the Raptor dangling from her jaws.

"She can't see us if we stay still!" Phillip stated. But I knew T. rex had eyesight better than that of a hawk's.

"RUN!" I yelled as Rexy pursued us, crushing Phillip under her foot. Robert turned around to shoot her, but he only hit her meal. The carnivore chased us into the forest, branches stabbing all of us. Rexy smashed the branches with the body in her mouth, the head falling off. It rolled toward us, and I grabbed it before continuing to run.

Soon, we saw the clearing where our bunker was, but we had to jump over logs to get there. I got there first, but the T-Rex stumbled and tripped on the rough terrain. We locked the fence, then entered the building. I closed the door as we all gasped for air, sweat dripping from our foreheads. We gathered at a table and I plopped the Raptor head down on the surface.

"This is our dinner tonight," I told the group. Using the bunker's stove, we cooked the head and ate. The sun was setting, and I knew the carnivores were getting ready to hunt. We grabbed sleeping bags inside the bunker and went to sleep as I heard the sound of the fence outside falling down.

Chapter 2: The New Camp

I jolted awake a few seconds after falling asleep. I looked at the door frame and saw Rexy's head, roaring in frustration. Robert grabbed one of the electric weapons used to handle the dinosaurs and poked at Rexy's head with it. This lured her away, but our shelter was vulnerable because the door was knocked down.

"Alright boys," I told the group. "Get ready to move out. We depart in half an hour."

Everyone took extra rifles, and I took The Big One's skull as a trophy, stuffing it in my backpack I had brought with me when I first became the T-Rex handler. I lost my right arm in a technical difficulty with Rexy. Now, I had a prosthetic arm, which was stronger than my old arm.

Now, we packed all the food, clothes, and tools we found in the bunker, then found a garage. There were two jeeps that could fit four people each. Enough for our seven person party. As we drove through the woods, we found Muldoon's half-eaten body. Douglas and I got out of our jeep to examine it.

"Gavin, look," Douglas told me, pointing at Muldoon's gun. I took it after testing it. We continued driving, then we arrived at the Brachiosaurus Plains. I found a cellar door near a cave. The jeeps were parked in the cave, then we set up camp in the cellar.

There was a closet in there, so we used it to store our extra clothing. Food was stored in another closet, kept under lock and key. Our weapons were stored on a rack inside the area.

Chapter 3: A Hunt Gone Wrong

We were all hungry, so I volunteered to go with Jonah to get food. He would drive a jeep while I shot our target from the back seat. We prepared to hunt, then I looked for a target. Jonah drove for a long time, then we found an easy meal. There was a sick Triceratops.

"I think we've found our target," Jonah said.

"Gerry Harding would kill me if he saw what we're about to do," I replied. I fired my gun at the Trike's eye, but she was too weak to get up. I shot a bullet inside her mouth, killing the miserable animal. Suddenly, Rexy arrived, attacking the jeep with Jonah inside.

"Jonah!" I shouted as the jeep flipped upside down. He was dangling inside the vehicle, held by his seatbelt. Jonah unbuckled, falling down. I helped him out as Rexy saw us.

I knew that the predator did not intend to let us get out alive. "Split up! She'll only chase one of us!" We ran in opposite directions, and, unfortunately, Rexy chose me. I relied on my skills to manuver tough terrain to survive. The T-Rex stumbled and slipped on the rocks, but still pursued. I jumped over a log, and Rexy stepped over it, grabbing my shirt. Now, I was hanging, so I took the shirt off, continuing to run. But soon, I ran into the edge of a cliff. There was a long drop into a river that would kill me if I wasn't lucky enough to get stuck in a tree. My rifle was in the jeep, and I hadn't packed a backup gun. Rexy caught up to me, charging from about 200 feet away. T-Rex was my favorite dinosaur, so I didn't want to hurt her. It pained me to do it, but I drew one of the knives strapped to my waist, and I threw it at Rexy, hitting her jaw. Then, I jumped, falling through the air. I latched onto a branch, but it snapped, and I landed on a thicker branch.

"Oof!" I cried out as my bare back hit the surface. Slowly, I climbed down, then, when I was low enough, I jumped into the water. I swam to the bank, coughing and gasping from exhaustion. I felt blood dripping into my eyes from my forehead. I reached up with my mechanical arm, realizing I had several cuts from branches. They weren't just on my head; my left arm, chest, and back were bleeding. Red spots clouded my blurry vision as I stood up, stumbling a little. One branch had cut my right leg, creating a huge, bloody gash in my skin. A piece of cloth from my cargo pants was hanging where the branch had cut my leg, so I ripped it off and used it as a cast for my battered arm. I limped around, looking for a place where I could get back up.

"Gavin!" a voice called out. It was Jonah, and he was running to me.

"Is there a way back up?" I asked.

"Yeah, there's a slope about a hundred feet from here. That's how I got here." We walked up the slope, returning to camp.

"You failed, eh?" Mitchell said when we entered. "Let Josh, Robert, and me hunt, and we'll have enough food to last us to the 21st century."

"Hell no!" I protested. "You don't know shit about these animals!" This seemed to break his resolve. Mitchell kicked me in the gut, and I hit him in the jaw with my cybernetic fist. He clenched his teeth, his lip bleeding. The force of my punch had knocked one of his teeth out. My stomach screamed in pain, but I couldn't help but taunt. "You mad, bro?"

My pissed off opponent swung a punch at me, but I ducked and kicked him in the ankle. He fell over with a loud thud, and I stomped on his stomach with my cleated boot. I placed my other boot on his chest, grabbing his face. I slammed it into the metal floor, grabbing his neck.

Leaning down, I told him, "I'm in charge around here. Follow me if you want to live." MItchell submitted, and I let him go.

Chapter 4: The Group Divides

After my brief fight, I got new clothes. I chose a new pair of shorts, a tank top, and a jacket from the closet. I changed in the cellar's bathroom, then treated my wounds. I wrapped a bandanna around my bleeding forehead and strips of gauze around my upper arms and my right leg. Afterwards, I grabbed two knives and a rifle. They replaced all the weapons I had lost during the hunt.

Then, I told the whole group to come hunt. Douglas, Liam, and Jonah agreed, but Mitchell, Robert, and Josh protested.

"You lazy bastards didn't come last time," I told them.

"Hunting's your job, dammit!" Mitchell retorted.

"You guys are also stuck on this island with us. So far, you whores haven't done a single thing to help us find food! You're coming along whether you like it or not!"

"We don't want to hunt," they whined.

"If you want to stay here, then so be it. But don't come bitching to us if you starve."

I set off on the hunt with my friends. Luckily, a meal was right outside the cellar door. A lone Brachiosaurus was grazing near our camp. But she would be hard to kill.

"Guys, we don't have enough guns. We're getting rocket launchers!" I was referring to the vast collection of weapons we had taken when we left the bunker. My party went down and grabbed the rocket launchers. We climbed out the door, then I shouted, "SHOOOT HEEERRR!!!" Douglas fired first, hitting the sauropod in the chest. SHe stumbled back, then the rest of us fired. The explosions rocked the ground as the Brachiosaur fell. Using my knife, I cut a hole in her flesh so we could get meat.

"Boys, take whatever you can," I ordered. Everyone grabbed giant clumps of meat before returning back to the cellar. The extra meat was stored in the food closet and filled the whole thing.

"Can we eat some?" Mitchell asked.

"Yeah, I would TOTALLY share my kill with you when you were to lazy to help us!" I replied sarcastically. "Since you deadweights are too dependent on us, get the fuck outta here!" Mitchell and his friends reluctantly packed their things, then left. I made sure they didn't take anything that was ours.

After returning back down, I said, "Now that those worthless pieces of shit are gone, we have more room to spread out our stuff out!" My friends cheered as they reorganized our camp. We had more room to sleep, store things, and eat, and our food supply could last longer since we had less people.

Chapter 5: A Pack of Clever Girls

The dead Brachiosaurus lasted us for two months. After that, it was time to hunt. I strapped my two knives to my belt and slung my rifle over my back. My group and I climbed out of the cellar into the cool morning air. It was chilly, so I took my jacket, wrapped around my waist, and put it on. We got in the jeep and drove away in search of a meal.

Sometime later, we encountered a pack of Velociraptors.

"What the fuck?" I cursed, confused. "I thought all the Raptors were dead. Where did these bastards come from? Hell?"

"No, InGen transferred more Raptors from Site B here," Liam explained.

"The hell is Site B?" Douglas asked.

"Site B is where InGen made the dinosaurs. Because of a hurricane, they were moved to Isla Nublar," I answered, taking out my gun. I aimed and fired, hitting one of the Raptors in the throat. Another jumped into the jeep, tackling Liam to the floor. But luckily, he stabbed it in the throat with his knife. There were three left, now. The leader had a scar running down her left eye, looking menacingly at us. Just as the Raptor on her left was about to pounce, Rexy came out of nowhere and ate her. The two others continued to chase us as she ate their packmate. The Raptor who wasn't the leader latched onto the back of our jeep, but Liam shot a bullet down her throat that went out her neck.

"Damn, that was badass," he bragged. The Scarred Raptor Leader jumped on top of me, pinning me down, but I stabbed one of my knives into her leg. She yelped and leaned down to kill me, but Liam shot her right eye, killing her. I dumped her body out the jeep and thanked Liam.

"Wait, we can eat the Raptors," I pointed out. Jonah, who drove as usual, made a u-turn, and we stopped at the four remaining bodies, dropping them in the back of the jeep. We drove back to our camp, feasting on one of them.

Chapter 6: The Group Expands

We loaded up our jeep with weapons, and drove off. In a forest, we found a clearing with a river. Various plant-eating dinosaurs walked around the area, eating plants and drinking. Then, the ground began to shake as Rexy arrived, a juvenile Tyrannosaur following her. They pursued a flock of Gallimimus, leaving the area.

We began to drink from the river, when more humans arrived. They were three other employees: John, Adam, and Nick.

“Hey,” I called out, getting their attention. Our two groups walked to each other, and we asked, “Where were you this whole time?”

“We were hiding in another bunker,” John replied. “How about you?”

“We found a cellar and we’ve been there for the past two months,” I answered. "I'll take you guys there."

Our two groups joined, heading to the cellar. Luckily, when Mitchell and his friends left, they didn't take any sleeping bags or weapons. We put out our sleeping bags and slept for the night.

Chapter 7: Separation

The next morning, we walked to the visitor center. The kitchen was still intact, and there was a lot of food. Apples, sushi, you name it; the kitchen had it all. We began to eat, and after we filled our stomachs, we packed what we could to bring it back to camp.

We exited the building, walking back to camp. However, Rexy, along with the juvenile Tyrannosaur (who I had nicknamed "Ditto," because she would grow up into a spitting image of her sister), confronted us. The larger T-Rex glared at me, menacingly.

"Why's she looking at you like that?" Jonah asked.

"I threw a knife at her the time we were separated," I replied, running. The group followed.

The two T-Rexes were faster, but were slowed down by rocks, logs, and our gunfire. They dodged every time we fired, hindering their progress. Our chase eventually reached a 20 foot deep ditch, and we ran along the edge. In the ditch, a herd of Triceratops spotted the predators, stampeding.

Rexy, on my left, tried to ram me, but to survive, I jumped in the ditch, tumbling down. She roared in anger, and continued to pursue my friends.

Inside the ditch, I struggled to stand up. Once on my feet, I felt a Triceratops kick me in the head. I fell backwards, and my head hit a rock. My vision blurry, I glanced at the herd one more time before everything went black.

Chapter 8: An Old Friend

Sometime later, I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes. Every bone in my body ached, especially my face. I reached up, feeling a giant gash. It ran over my left eyebrow, through my right eye, and ended on my right cheek. My backpack was a few feet away, and I reached over, checking its contents. They were all intact, luckily. I took out a piece of gauze and wrapped it around my head, covering my giant cut. It covered my right eye, but blood was in it anyway, so it didn't matter. Plus, I could still see perfectly fine with my left eye.

Carrying my bag on my back, I looked for a way out, but the wall of dirt was too steep. So I just walked through the path in the ditch, eventually coming to a rushing river. Wedged between two rocks inside the river was an injured Dilophosaurus. I took out my rifle, putting the animal out of its misery. Luckily, a fallen log, which was close to my kill, led to the other side. I walked across it, dragging my meal along. After getting it to the other side, I used one of my knives to cut the corpse open and began to eat.

Being alone reminded me of my childhood. I hardly had any friends; I was an outcast. To society, I didn't exist. From that point on, I despised humanity for ignoring me, until someone acknowledged my existence. I met her in middle school, and we were friends ever since. After finishing school, we went to Isla Nublar, where I worked at the T-Rex paddock, and she worked at the Parasaurolophus paddock. And yeah, like me, she had a passion for dinosaurs. Now, we were both on this damn island. I had no idea where she was, but I hoped she was safe.

I snapped back to reality, and continued eating. It was getting dark, so I had to find a place to sleep. I stuffed the remaining meat in my bag, then began walking. I came across another one of the island's bunkers (just how many were there?) and entered the door. Inside, it was pitch black, so I couldn't see anything. I stumbled down the stairs, waking someone up.

"Who are you?" a familiar voice asked.

"Shannon?" I said, realizing the voice was my girlfriend. She turned on a flashlight, shining in my eyes.

"AAAUUUGGGHHH!" I yelled, not used to light after being in darkness for a while.

"Gavin?" she said. "What happened to you?"

"I've been on this island, and Rexy is hunting me. It's because of her that I have all these cuts and bruises," I replied.

"And you lost an eye."

"No," I told her, removing the gauze strip from my face. She saw the giant scar that ran across my forehead and face. Shannon didn't bother asking me what happened; she only cared that I was alive, and we were together. We kissed, holding each other. Both of us were tired, so we lay down on the floor.

That night was strange. I was shivering and heard weird noises. That was the last thing I remembered before falling asleep.

Chapter 9: The Journey

The next morning, I woke up feeling like shit. My entire body was sore, I was cold, and I had hardly gotten any sleep. Peering through the window, I saw a trio of Dilophosaurs eating a dead Parasaurolophus. I guessed they were the cause of the noises I heard last night. I told Shannon, "We need to leave. My friends are in another area."

She didn't say anything. She just began packing, then we waited for the Dilos to leave. It took fucking forever for those damn bastards to get the fuck out. After that, we left the building. Our journey took us across beautiful, lush forests.

I ever mention I have a passion for nature? It's a shame humans are fucking up the world. Which brings me to my next point. I ever mention I naturally hate people? Not just because of that. A lot of them are dicks to me, even my parents. That's why I moved out ASAP and haven't seen them since. It's not like I plan to, anyway.

Anyway, we stopped for a break at a small stream, where we began to eat the food I had taken from the visitor center. I had no water, and began to drink from the stream. It was refreshing and felt good, especially since the island was hot as fuck.

I know I had friends with me when we first had to survive the island, but being with Shannon was different. With Douglas, Liam, John, Adam, Nick, and Jonah, I still had the emotions eternally churning in my mind; anger, hate, fear, and all that shit. Well, not sadness. I don't know why, but I never felt sorrow. Sadness was something I just couldn't experience. Maybe because of my bitter, hateful personality.

But with Shannon, I felt a lot better. In her presence, all my pain seemed to go away, and she seemed to calm the storm in me. She was special. She was the first person I felt accepted by. I guess that's what set her apart from the rest of my friends.

"Gavin," she said, snapping me out of my daydream. I now felt well-rested, so we continued our trek. On the way, we passed a cave. I heard voices, stopping at the entrance. Out stepped my all-time enemy: Mitchell.

"Ah, so it seems that you've found your girlfriend," he taunted.

Already, he was pissing me off. I'm surprised I never took out my gun and just shot him. Maybe because I wanted him to suffer. I formed a fist with my artificial arm, adrenaline beginning to shoot through my body. My anger got the best of me as I charged like a madman, tackling him. We both crashed to the ground, and he slammed a particularly large and heavy rock into my right leg. If you don't think that hurts, your crazy. Or you're a fucking idiot like the rest of humanity. My leg ached, but I resisted the urge to scream. Struggling to stand up, Mitchell bombarded my ribs, and I think he broke a few. My nemesis punched and kicked my face, around the area I had that giant scar. His attacks re-opened part of the wound, and I was bleeding. Blood trickled down my cheek like tears, but still I continued to fight. Using my good leg, I kicked him in the ribs ten times or so, and Mitchell finally gave up. He doubled over in pain, blood soaking his shirt. I limped away as he curled up in a fetal position and started crying.

"Pussy," I spat at him one last time before I collapsed.

Shannon, being the loyal and caring heroine she was, helped me to my feet. "You okay?"

"Yeah," I lied, struggling to overcome the agony I felt. I tried walking, but my leg felt immense pain, and I fell again.

"You're hurt. Your leg is injured, you're bleeding, and you have a black eye," she told me, helping me stand up. Again, I went down, realizing I was losing blood fast. Shannon helped me bandage my injuries using the gauze in my bag, and we continued walking. I had to lean on her for support, trying to lean on my good leg as much as possible so I didn't fall on her (I was taller and heavier than my GF).

Eventually, night came, and we had to get to shelter fast. But there was nowhere safe. Fuck. Just our luck. So we had to take shifts. I offered to watch out for danger all night, but she said I needed to get rest.

"No, I don't care about resting," I told Shannon, my voice beginning to rise. Silence. We just sat there for a while. Then, my girlfriend broke the silence.

"You're not normally like this. Why do you want to do all the heavy lifting?" she said.

I swallowed. "Because I'm afraid of losing you."

"I am, too. But you're more heavily injured, so you really need to get some rest," my girlfriend replied.

I sighed. "Fine."

We laid down, and she looked out for danger. Leaning against a log, I pretended to sleep. Yeah, I actually didn't listen to the one person I loved. I was willing to risk my own life for hers. That's how much I cared about her.

The next morning, I was tired as fuck. Protecting the love of my life was taking its toll on me. But still, I refused to give up. I had too much to live for-Shannon, my other friends, and revenge. That last one...yeah, I'm the vengeful one.

Shannon was also tired, more than I was. The night before, when I was beginning to tire, I fell half-asleep. She was fully awake, so, she was more tired than me because logic.

I stood up, but didn't fall down. Apparently, my leg had healed enough to stand up. Then, I took a step, a successful one, then tried running, only to fall. Well, at least I could walk. Shannon was too exhausted to even stand, so I had to carry her.

It was quite the endeavor. The task put a lot of strain on my injured leg, and it ached all day. But with my persistence, my will was indestructible, determination that is incorruptable. We eventually made it back to my friends' camp; I was more than happy. But now was the hard part: getting inside the cellar. As I set Shannon down to open the door, I felt the ground begin to tremble. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Looking back in fear, I saw Rexy and the juvenile T-Rex. Shannon was in such a deep slumber she didn't even know the danger we were in. Rexy charged, at her top speed of 32 miles per hour. Clutching my girlfriend to my chest with one arm, I went through the open door, holding the ladder with my other hand. Jumping up, I grabbed the handle of the door, closing it, but my hand slipped as it shut. Now holding onto Shannon with both hands, I hit the floor. Everything hurt. My vision blurry, I tried to stand up, but fell down. The last thing I saw was my friends walking toward me, with Shannon now fully awake. Then, I blacked out.

Chapter 10: Tyrance Vs. Volcano: Clash of the Tyrant Kings

When I regained consciousness, I was sitting with my back against a wall. The first thing I saw was my girlfriend, who immediately hugged me when I woke up.

"Thank God you're okay!" she cried, kissing me. "And thank you for carrying me all the way here!"

I hugged her back. "You're welcome, and thank you for supporting and helping me."

For about a month, we stayed in the cellar, surviving off the food we took from the visitor center. Then, we heard a loud banging and the door came off. A Dilophosaurus got in the cellar, and I shot it like a madman, it slumped to the ground. We needed to find a new base. It was also time to hunt again. Our whole group came along. Yes, even Shannon. Did I ever mention how much of a badass she is? She's quite the capable fighter. Oh, God, I'm getting off topic again, aren't I? Sorry.

Anyhow, we encountered Mitchell's party in one of the buildings in the abandoned workers village. I spotted Mitchell and said, "Hey, look. It's the king of jackasses."

"Fuck you," he responded. "I'm surprised you guys are still alive without us."

"You're surpirsed?" I retorted. "You're the ones who never helped us. You're the ones who lounged around all day while we looked for food. You just bitch, and bitch, oh, and did I mention that you bitch? You're worthless, you're just dead weight, you lazy, ungrateful cunts. The world is better off without you."

That made him shut his trap. Then and there, I would have killed him, if it weren't for the loud booming that filled the air.

"Oh, shit. What is it?" Douglas asked.

"Tyrannosaurus fucking Rex," I answered. The massive animal appeared. But it wasn't Rexy or the juvenile rex. It was reddish brown.  It wasn't Rexy because it had no scars.  Something told me this one was male...

 Oh, and another T-Rex appeared, facing the one that was currently here. But this animal was different. It was larger, about 50 feet long and 20 feet tall, bulkier, and appeared to be faster. It looked like this:

Just our luck.

The two animals slowly stomped toward each other, the red one grabbing the green one's head. Fuck it, I'm just going to give them names. The brown one will be called Tyrance, the red one will be called Volcano.

As they duked it out, I muttered, "I never knew there were more rexes on Nublar." Tyrance shook Volcano off, but the larger killer came again, this time grabbing his opponent's right arm. The smaller one screeched in pain as his arm was bitten off right at the elbow. Tyrance looked at the stump, then at Volcano with such a look of hatred I thought he might explode. He rammed his larger foe in the chest, chomping down on his neck. Tyrance pressed as hard as he could, but to no avail, as Volcano had thick skin.

Volcano reached up with his massive leg, kicking Tyrance in the ribs, breaking a few. The smaller tyrant was sent flying, crashing through a wall. He nearly crushed us, and landed in another room. He was bleeding severely. Volcano stormed in, snarling. Suddenly, the ceiling began to creak.

"Run!" I shouted as my party scrambled out of the room. The ceiling collapsed on the two tyrants, burying them under a pile of rubble, debris, and dust.

I continued to run, then heard a loud crash. Looking back, I saw Volcano chasing me. I fired at him, hitting him in the face. The wound phased him, and I hid in a room as the rest of my group fled. Shit. I was separated from them, again. Volcano approached, sticking his head through the door frame. He didn't fit, but with some effort, he got his head inside the area. There was a shelf to his left, and behind that shelf was me. The head continued moving, not noticing me. But then I sneezed. He froze, finding me.


I kicked the shelf toward him, dazing him. Then, a force pushed him in my direction as I leaped out of the way. The wall of the room was demolished, and I saw Tyrance trying to cut Volcano's hide. Biting didn't help, so he raked his skin with the massive talons on his feet. It created deep gashes in Volcano's skin, making him howl in pain. He headbutted Tyrance, grabbing him by the neck and shoving him back. They crashed through another wall, this time in a room with a staircase. I saw my chance to escape, dashing up the stairs as Tyrance lay on the ground, his jaws locked onto Volcano's leg. Exerting all the power in his jaws, he fucking THREW the larger tyrant over him, crashing on the stairwell. I hardly made it as Tyrance stood up, clambering up the stairs behind me.

I climbed up five flights of stairs with Tyrance behind me, struggling against the rugged terrain. On the sixth floor, I found myself cornered as Tyrance stormed in. We both heard a repetitive loud booming, followed by crashes. Volcano reached us, glaring at the other T-Rex. Suddenly, the floor began to shake and crumble, the weight was too much. The floor fell down, decimating the floors below it. I fell out of a window on the second story, glass everywhere. The impact knocked the wind out of me, breaking my ribs. I hurried away as the building began to crumble from the tyrants' duel.


(This next chapter deals with the main character's emotions, it gets depressing.  Sorry about that, he's based off myself)


Chapter 11: Emotions

Once again, my leg was injured because of the fall, and I was limping. Eventually, I just collapsed, exhausted. My head hurt, my ribs hurt, everything hurt! I just gave up. Fuck. It was boiling hot, so I took off my top and put it in my bag. But something slipped out of one of the side pockets. I picked it up, looking at it. It was a picture of Shannon and me, at our high school, the first time we danced with each other. Damn was she beautiful. I then realized that I had to keep fighting, keep persevering, for her. To see her. To protect her.

Standing up, I struggled to walk, eventually moving at a steady pace. I was limping, but at least I could move. But then, I heard a loud rumbling.

Looking back with fear, I saw Tyrance, bloody and injured, dig himself out from the rubble. His right eye was completely white, probably because of a piece of the debris. Volcano soon emerged, scarred. The two great beasts resumed their duel, with Tyrance grabbing a broken girder in his arms. He smacked it into Volcano's chest, knocking the wind out of him. The larger Tyrannosaurus grabbed a rather large piece of concrete, smashing it into Tyrance's skull. He shrugged it off, beating the shit out of Volcano with the girder. The object smashed the T-Rex's legs, knocking him over. With one final swing, Tyrance brought down the girder on Volcano's head, apparently defeating him. Exhausted, he limped away, injured, but alive.

By this time, I had reached another building and was watching from a distance. I was extremely tired, and decided to rest. How was I going to survive? Shannon wasn't there to help me.

A tear rolled down my face. I pushed it back. Honestly, I despise being alone. And that statement is coming from someone who hates people. The reason I hate being alone is because I'm solitary, there's no one to help me get through the pain.

I guess I have several reasons I hate people. One of them is that I've always been an outcast. Another is how much they've fucked up the world. I hate people and what they've done to nature. But I do care about my friends. The rest of humanity, they could all die in a hole for all I care. I don't give 9097 monkey fucks from Hell what happens.

But I would care if something happened to Shannon. She's always been the best person I knew. If it weren't for her, I never would've known what love was. I pretty much can't survive without her. She was the first person to understand what I was going through, if I never met her I would've commited suicide. Man, I'm depressed.

So why was I still here even though she's not with me? Because I was doing if for her. She was the only person I loved. My other friends understood what I was going through, but not as much as Shannon understood.

I felt another tear coming. By then, I was just too tired to resist it. For the first time in my life, I got a taste of what sadness was like. But then, it just erupted into anger. Endless anger and pain mixed with sorrow. I'm still emotionally unstable, I just sat down, leaning against a wall. I took several deep breaths, but it didn't help. I just let the tears stream down my face as I sat there miserably.


Chapter 12: The Volcano Rex Returns

A little while later, I calmed down and decided to explore the building. There was a desk in the room I was in, and on top was a file. I took the file, which was labeled 'Volcano Rex.' Then, I opened it, reading the paper inside. It read:

The Volcano Rex is the first genetically modified dinosaur. It is larger, stronger, smarter, more endurable, and more aggressive than the average Tyrannosaurus. Measuring 50 feet long and 20 feet tall, Volcano is the largest carnivore on Nublar. He has broken out of containment many times, and was therefore isolated from the other animals. Volcano has thick, bullet proof skin that acts like a suit of armor. Very few things can pierce the creature's hide, not even fire can stop him. However, flames can scar his hide. This animal was named for its skin pattern.

Shit. Volcano was one tough bastard to kill. But now, I knew more about him. I kept the file, placing it in my bag. Then, I heard a loud banging, looking out the window. Volcano was now awake, lifting the girder off his head. He stood up, snarling, his body scarred. The genetically modified dinosaur left the area, most likely in search of prey.

Once the booming from his footsteps stopped, I left the room, exploring the building. One room was full of bunk beds. Great, I could use an actually comfortable place to rest. Leaning against that damn wall just hurt my back, especially since I had no top. I plopped down on the bed, sweaty and tired. My hair was long, reaching my shoulders. Taking my knife, I cut it and then dozed off.

Hours later, I woke up from hunger. My bag over one shoulder and my rifle over the other, I headed off in search of food. After walking through a forest for a while, I found a flock of Gallimimus. Raising my gun, I took aim. I pulled the trigger, the bullet hitting the animal in the neck. She collapsed as the rest of the group ran away. I headed over, eating the body, then got a drink at a nearby river. I looked at my reflection in the clear water. My hair was messy, I had a black eye, scars all over my face, and sweat was dripping all over me.

After that, I left the forest and returned to the worker's village. My main priority was to find my group. Mitchell and his jackasses, I could give less monkey fucks about.

Then, I heard a loud booming coming from outside. Volcano Rex. Damn it, why couldn't he just fuck off and leave me alone? A while later, I heard voices and gunfire. It was coming from the building I was in, the second floor. I hurried up to the second floor and into one of the rooms, where I saw my party opening fire through a broken window on Volcano. Grabbing my gun, I joined them, landing a bullet in the T-Rex's eye socket. He roared, then smashed his head into the room despite being shot at. Everyone flew everywhere, and Shannon was knocked into a wall.

"Shannon!" I cried, rushing toward her. I helped her up, then continued shooting the massive predator. Volcano just walked through the building, and we had to leave the room. But then, I heard a scream. Looking back, I saw Jonah falling.

"AAAHHH!!!" he yelled, falling down. But now was not the time to grieve. I gathered the rest of the group, as Volcano expanded the hole in the building. Suddenly, an avalanche of concrete fell down, burying the carnivore under a giant pile.

"Take that, you persistent prick!" I taunted, holding up my middle finger. But I had a feeling he wasn't dead.

"We need to get out of here," I told everyone. "That monster's extremely tough, he's gonna wake up." We hurried away, looking for another building. Everyone was quiet, for we had lost Jonah. Eventually, we reached a hotel, far away from the worker's village. It was on the edge of a cliff, and over the cliff was the ocean. It was late, and the sun was setting. I sat on the edge of the cliff, watching the beautiful sight. Shannon sat down next to me as a tear dribbled down my face. Apparently, she noticed.

"What's wrong?"

I wiped the tear. "I miss home. Right now, I just want to go back to our apartment. I want to curl up with you in bed and feel you lying beside me."

She put an arm around me. "I know how you feel. I miss home, too." She kissed me where my tear was, then went back inside. Damn. When it was dark, I went inside the building, then lay in a bed with Shannon.  It was nice to curl up next to my girl, and I slept in peace.


Chapter 13: Thunderstorm

I woke up thinking about home, sitting on the edge of the bed. It wasn't just my apartment that I missed; there were two other people at home that I loved. One of them was a good friend of mine, the other one of my teachers. I missed them both dearly. They were the only other two people besides Shannon who understood my situation better than my friends did. But Shannon...she knew me better than the other two did. Either way, that didn't change the fact that I loved all three of them. And I was fighting to see my friend and my mentor again.

And guess what happened? I lost it. I started crying because I missed them. No one else was up, but Shannon woke up when I started crying.

"Now, what's wrong?" she sat next to me, putting an arm around my left shoulder.

I wiped a tear. "I miss my other friends and my teacher."

She knew them too, which made it easier for me to tell her. "I miss them, too." And yeah, Shannon was friends with my friends. 

Damn it I was having emotional breakdowns. I continued to cry as my girlfriend tried to comfort me. "I'm sorry I always lose it around you, that you're left with this burden."

She cocked an eyebrow. "What?"

I choked back a tear. "I'm sorry that you get the worst of my pain. It's just...it feels unfair that I break down around you more than around my other friends."

But Shannon wasn't about to leave me feeling guilty. "Well, I understand you the most, so, I should be helping you the most, right?"

I stopped crying for a second. "Yeah. But you're the best person I know, so you don't really deserve to be left with my problems."

But she was quite persistent. "Look, I don't mind it, okay? I feel bad for you, and I'm happy to help. I'll always be there for you."

And, just like that, my tears ended. She was always able to calm me down. I managed to form a smile. "Thanks." We hugged and kissed and all that mushy shit. After that, I turned back into my bitter self as the rest of the group woke up to a loud banging. I looked out the window to see a flash of lightning and rain. I couldn't see anything else. "Well, looks like we're stuck in here today."

Since there was nothing to do, we just went to the ground floor and lounged around. Like the visitor center, there was food left, which we ate. For most of the day, we just talked about dinosaurs and shit. Eventually, the storm died down.

We went back outside, desperate for a body of water; the humidity was killing us. Luckily, there was a river nearby. All of my male companions took off their shirts, then sat down in the shallow area of the river, near the bank. I joined them, and I already had no top because if you remember, I took it off in Chapter 11. Shannon took off her top, but luckily, she was wearing something underneath (you figure out what it was). If she had nothing underneath and took her top off, that would've been, uh, awkward. 0_o

We just talked about dinosaurs and shit. It was one of the more enjoyable experiences on the island. We were there all afternoon, and night came. All of us were cold, shivering. Good thing there were towels in the hotel. We dried off, but there was no way to clean our clothes, so we all had to live with it.


Chapter 14: Herrerasaurus

Eventually, we finished eating all the food in the hotel, which was a lot. A while later, we ran out of ammo. Damn it, things were becoming difficult. There was nothing in the hotel. Our best chance was that there was still stuff left in the bunkers. I literally traveled around the entire southern section of the island. It was tiring and killed my legs. Luckily, no carnivores.  The trip also took a week, so I had to eat and sleep outside.  Eventually, I found my group's first camp; the abandoned bunker. I went inside, spotting the rack of rifles. They were all fully loaded, and I decided to take the guns, stuffing them inside my bag. I slung the rest over my shoulder, then headed back.

By the time I was close to the hotel, another week had passed, and I was tired, sweaty, hungry, and thirsty. And just when I thought things couldn't get worse, who showed up? Volcano? Tyrance? No. The queen. Rexy. She stomped toward me, roaring. I jumped out of the way, hitting a log. I then made a run for it, heading for the hotel. I bolted through the double doors as Rexy smashed through it, trying to grab me. Her head fit, but the rest of her body was too big. She roared in anger, angrily walking away.

I sighed, returning to the rest of the group. We each took a bunch of rifles, then set off on a hunt. We trekked through the forest, looking for a meal. Suddenly, a Herrerasaurus jumped on top of Shannon, pinning her down. I fired my rifle, shooting the bastard in the neck. She screeched in pain before slumping to the forest floor, dead. I helped my girlfriend up as she said, "Thanks."

I cut the theropod open with one of my knives, and we began to eat. There was a nearby stream, and we drank from it.

Continuing on, we got to the worker's village, entering one of the buildings. In one of the rooms, I found a katana, which I added to my arsenal. The sword came with a sheath that I could hang around my back, which was convenient. I smiled, because now I had a close-combat weapon. I looked around the room. Whoever owned it must have been Asian. There wasn't anything else useful, so we left. In another room, there was a vending machine, which I kicked open. We stopped and had some soda, then left the building, keeping the drinks.

"Holy shit the soda is good," Douglas commented.

"Indeed," I replied, taking a sip. Suddenly, a pack of Herrerasaurs ran toward us. I guess they were mad I killed their sister. My katana in one hand and my rifle in the other, I waited for one to charge at me. One of them did, and I shoved my sword through its head, ending the bastard. Another lunged for me, and I swung the corpse toward it, knocking it over. I put a bullet in the theropod's eye, killing it.

"There's so many!" Nick yelled as we fended off the beasts. "What even are they?"

"Herrerasaurus," I told him as I stabbed one of them.

"How dangerous are they?" he asked.

"I'd say third most dangerous."

"What are the first two?"

"Two is Troodon, one is-" I was cut off as a Herrerasaurus jumped on top of me. My katana and gun flew out of my hands. I took out a knife and plunged it into the bitch's scrotum, ending its life.

"So what's the most dangerous?" Nick inquired.

"I'd have to say Tyrannosaurus Rex." I picked up my weapons, then shot a carnivore in the chest. That was the last one, and we dragged the bodies back to the hotel.


Chapter 15: Volcanic Eruption

A loud booming filled my ears. It was 2004, and my group and I were living on Isla Nublar for 11 years. Now, I watched as lava flowed out of the volcano. Chunks of flaming rocks shot up into the sky, then came crashing down from the heavens.

Various plant eating dinosaurs were fleeing as fires spread across the island. We had to get to the south. We began to run as fast as our legs would take us, feeling the heat from the flames.


After walking for three days straight, we reached the coast, seeing the last thing I expected to see: a ship. A fat man stepped off, followed by several InGen mercenaries. The fat one saw me, then introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Vic Hoskins."

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"We're hunting down the mightiest predator the world has ever seen. Tyrannosaurus Rex, the tyrant lizard."

"And may I ask why you are hunting down a T-Rex?"

"For our new theme park on this island, Jurassic World. You can help, ya know."

"Sure." I set off in a jeep with Douglas, my rifle on my lap. We sat in the back as two mercenaries drove the vehicle.


Sometime later, we arrived on a volcanic slope. I looked around, then saw Rexy behind our jeep. "DRIVE!"

The driving mercenary slammed down on the gas pedal as the jeep lurched forward, the T-Rex in pursuit. I fired my new rifle, loaded with tranquilizers. They didn't seem to phase the beast. As if things couldn't get any worse, guess who appeared? Rexy's sister. The two Tyrannosaurs snapped at each other, then we lost Rexy (because of some lava that split the ground between them) as the younger Tyrannosaurus chased us.

She almost ate me, but I fired, hitting her in the snout. Suddenly, Rexy lunged out of the shadows, accidentally crashing into her sister. Unfortunately for them, there was a cliff, and Rexy's younger sibling fell over the edge.

I turned around. Up ahead was a trap for the Tyrannosaur. It was basically a small paddock with two doors facing opposite directions. We drove through it as Rexy stepped into it. The door in front of her slammed shut as she roared in frustration.

Chapter 16: Fight With the Jackasses: Part 1

As Rexy was taken away in a large truck, the rest of the group arrived at the slope we were on. But guess who else arrived? Mitchell and the other two remaining members of his party. They also had some new recruits who I recognized, Peter and Jacob. I also hated them.

My group had an advantage do to having two more members than theirs.

"Gavin," Mitchell snarled evilly.

"Mitchell," I said in an angry voice. Thunder cracked and lightning flashed in the background as I gazed into his eyes. He stared back, neither of us looking at anything else. My nemesis drew a machete, and I took out my gun, aiming. But he ran up and kicked me in the chest, my weapon flying back several feet. I unsheathed my katana, our blades colliding.

Shannon rushed over to help me, but I shouted, "Stay out of this!"

"Why? I'm trying to help?"

"I don't want to lose you." She nodded, then ran off. I turned back to Mitchell, punching him in the shoulder.

Douglas did battle with Joshua. He tried to shoot him, but his foe drew a knife and plunged it into his gun, rendering it useless. Douglas threw the broken weapon, hitting him in the face. He then charged at him, wrenching the knife from his hands. My friend shoved the blade into his thigh, making him scream.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!" Joshua roared in pain and anger. He pulled the knife out, trying to stab Douglas with it. But he kicked him, knocking him back. The blade fell into a pool of lava.

Adam tried to fight Jacob, punching him. The latter ducked, stabbing him in the gut with a knife. My ally winced in pain before collapsing, lifeless. In anger, I kicked Mitchell in the face, disorienting him. I leaped at Jacob, screaming like a psycho. My blade impaled his fat stomach, and I shoved it through. My victim looked at me in shock, collapsing. I withdrew my sword with some effort, then ran towards Peter, who was fighting Liam. Liam's head was bleeding and he didn't move. I kicked Peter's gut, looking at him with a glare of pure hatred.

"DIE BITCH!" I screamed, swinging my katana. He didn't react fast enough and was decapitated.


Chapter 17: Fight With the Jackasses: Part 2

I heard a loud sound, turning to see Nick and John fighting Robert. The latter slammed Nick into a rock, causing him to slump to the ground. I didn't know it, but he was just knocked out, not dead. John punched Robert in the eye, only enraging him. Mitchell's friend grabbed him by the neck, throwing him to the floor. He then kicked his skull, turning to me. John was alive, but too injured to keep fighting.

Robert tackled me, knocking my katana out of my hand. I slammed my fist down on his head three times, then kicked him back. He kicked my gut, shoving me back. I winced in agony as he punched me in the face, then kicked my robotic arm. I clenched my teeth, punching him in the jaw with my cybernetic limb. I then picked up my katana just as he was about to shove me into a pool of lava, stabbing him in the chest. He went limp as I pulled my sword out of him.

Douglas was still fighting Joshua. The former punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground. He stomped on his head several times, killing him. But Douglas was bleeding heavily, and he collapsed from exhaustion.

Damn it. Now I only had one companion left; Shannon. At least she didn't die. Sheathing my weapon, I walked over to her. We embraced. "Thank God you're okay." But I was tired. As I released her, I felt something hit me in the back of the head. I faceplanted, hitting the rocky ground hard. I lifted my head, feeling blood trickle down my face. My right leg and left arm were also bleeding. As I stood up, I saw Mitchell grab Shannon by the throat. He threw her across the area. She hit a large rock, collapsing, apparently dead.

"NOOOO!!!" I screamed. Mitchell grinned menacingly, knowing he had taken away my only companion left. I faced him, my eyes glowing with pure hatred. He glared back. The ground shook beneath us as the volcano exploded.

I unsheathed my katana, wiping the blood off. He drew his machete. Our eyes locked. This was it, the final battle.

We were evenly matched. I was more injured, Mitchell more exhausted.

Lightning flashed as I charged, my sword ready. He ran at me, his blade prepared.


(Listen to Battle of the Heroes from Star Wars while reading the next chapter.  End song when finished with chapter)

Chapter 18: The Final Duel

Mitchell's sword was raised above his head. I held mine to the right side. He swung his weapon, but I parried it.

"I killed your girlfriend," he snarled. "Now I will kill YOU!"

"Never!" I shouted defiantly, kicking him back. Our blades clashed again and again, neither of us gaining the upper hand.

I swung at him, but he parried the blow. He kicked me back, then charged. Mitchell swung his machete, but I grabbed the wrist of the arm that was holding his weapon using my free hand. I tried to stab him with my katana, but he grabbed my wrist. We stood there, grunting in frustration as we struggled. Our grunts turned to growls, and our growls turned to mad screams. We kicked each other, knocking each other back. Our swords were knocked out of our hands.

Both of us hit the ground hard, yelping in pain. I was the first to recover, picking up my katana. I charged toward Mitchell, who kicked me in my bare chest. Yes, I still didn't put on a top, especially because we were fighting on a volcano. His boot caused me to bleed even more, and he lunged forward. I stepped back, but his sword raked my right shoulder, cutting diagonally down my chest.

This angered me, and I grabbed his neck in my artificial arm, preparing to stab him as he dropped his machete. I pushed my weapon forward, but he caught the blade in his hands. "You think I would let you win that easily?" He kicked me, sending me flying back.

I stood up as he picked up his sword, punching him in the jaw. He stumbled back, then kicked my bleeding leg. I dropped down on one knee as he held his sword above his head. He swung down, but I blocked the blow with my own sword, pressing forward. His blade swung back as I kicked him in the gut, sending him flying.

He was up as fast as I knocked him down, and he ran at me. I jumped, kicking him in the chest. Mitchell went flying over a small ledge, and I jumped on top of him. He grabbed my ankle, throwing me aside. I was right back up, punching him several times. He eventually lay on the ground, bloody and exhausted. I drew my sword, raising it above myself.

"How did you beat me?!" he cried out, shocked.

"A question that will never be answered," I responded, bringing my blade down. But again, he caught it, standing up. Mitchell threw my katana to the side, causing it to hit the wall of the ledge, then kicked me in the gut.

I dropped down as he took out a knife, sinking it into my robotic arm. He punched me in the jaw, sending me flying. I hit the wall of the ledge, dazed. Mitchell approached as I removed the knife. He stomped on my chest, then kept punching me. My arch enemy also took out another knife and slashed me several times, not fatally, but it hurt a lot. This and the punching weakened me. I was in so much pain I couldn't even curse at him. He drew his machete, preparing to cut me down.

But then, something hit him in the back. He began to fall, and I grabbed my katana and impaled him through the chest. I got up and punched him several times, before drawing a knife and stabbing him in the face.

I put my knife away and sheathed my sword, then collapsed from blood loss and exhaustion. I landed on my left arm, wincing in pain. Shannon was coming toward me, my rifle in her hands. She dragged me, propping me up against the wall. Then, she buried her head in my chest and put her hands on my shoulders, then began crying. I reached up and put my arms around her.

We laid there for a long time, before my arms dropped to my sides. My vision was blurry, and I was slipping in and out of consciousness. The last thing I heard was Shannon crying "NO! Don't die!"


Chapter 19: Site B

When I came to, I was in some kind of medical room. My face was wrapped up in gauze, and I saw Shannon, Douglas, Jonah, John, and Nick looking at me.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"We're in a hospital in San Diego," Douglas answered.

San Diego. I was back in my hometown.

A while after I woke up in the hospital room, the gauze was unwrapped. I was given a mirror, and what I saw was a monster. The entire right side of my face was scarred.

"It took several stitches to close your wounds," the nurse told me.

When I left, I just dashed to my apartment, clutching the right side of my face. I locked myself in my room, then sat down at my desk and started crying. What was everyone going to think of me? I was one ugly motherfucker.

A while later, I had cried myself to sleep when I heard a knock on my door. "Who's there?"

"Shannon," the knocker replied. "Can I come in?"



"Do you know what I've become? I'm hideous. I'm one ugly motherfucker."

"Just let me in."

I sighed. "Fine."

She came in, staring at my face.

I just looked at the floor with shame. "See? I told you. I hate what I've become."

She said, "I still love you." Shannon then kissed me, holding me in an embrace.


Later, I was on the same ship that had gotten Hoskins to Isla Nublar. We were heading to Isla Sorna to capture the largest terrestrial carnivore of all time - Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus. The group set out in jeeps. Then, we saw a family of Spinosaurs.

"Boys, we got ourselves a whole family," Hoskins snickered, a smug expression on his face. The father Spino turned toward us and we fled, escaping due to being able to navigate rough terrain.

Later, we returned with our vehicles. A mercenary, on a motorbike, lit a flare, luring Spinax and his family. He drove over to the others, the Spinosaurs following. They encountered the jeeps, where more men were waiting, with tranquilizers. One hit the father in the shoulder, but it wasn't enough. His mate attacked the jeep, flipping it over. Unfortunately, it was the jeep I was in. "Shit!"

I was stuck inside the jeep, and crawled out. The male approached, jaws agape.

Putting a dart in my gun, I aimed, hitting the carnivore in front of his arm. The Spinosaurus's vision went blurry, and he collapsed, falling into the cage of one of the transport vehicles. Some of the group separated to find a Carcharodontosaurus.

They were successful, and all of the animals were put in Jurassic World.

Chapter 20: Aftermath

After catching the dinosaurs, Hoskins offered me a job I couldn't decline. He let me work as the Spinosaurus keeper at Jurassic World. I agreed, and before I returned to Isla Nublar, I married Shannon. Both of us went to the island, and I was happy. The father Spinosaurus was named Spinax, and his mate was named Blossom. Looking after them made Spinosaurus my new favorite dinosaur, but I still loved T-Rex.

But then, disaster struck. The first hybrid, Indominus Rex, broke out. The island was evacuated. I returned to San Diego with Shannon and my friends, where my life went back to normal. But I felt like part of my life was gone.  I missed Rexy and Spinax, I held them in a special place in my heart.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

24 Replies


ModeratorAllosaurusJun-21-2016 3:14 PM

Awesome stuff, and the nod to Tyrance was really cool.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJun-21-2016 3:16 PM

^Thanks, it's actually supposed to be Tyrance.


Oh, and that's not the last we see of him.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


ModeratorAllosaurusJun-21-2016 3:33 PM

I envisioned Tyrance as more brown and black than having green, and also I had him as a real T.rex rather than a Isla Nublar one. But still really awesome and means a lot.

Maybe these are the genes of Tyrance, basically like a clone of him!

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJun-21-2016 3:56 PM

^Yeah, he's male, so, well, he has a green hide

"Part of the journey is the end..."


ModeratorAllosaurusJun-21-2016 4:03 PM

It doesn't really matter, awesome stuff, will there be a chapter 11?

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJun-21-2016 4:08 PM

^Yeah, I don't have a planned number of chapters though.  The story crosses over with my story about the Spinosaurus 

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexJun-22-2016 5:51 PM

LORD TYRANT - This was an exceedingly fun series of chapters! The group dynamics you have incorporated into your narrative are both interesting and believable! Of course, I also very much enjoy the dinosaur interactions and the fact that you have included GORILLAGODZILLA'S character, Tyrance! Excellent work! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to create this and share it with us! :)

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJun-22-2016 5:53 PM

^Thank you, and I'm going to have to do a topic concerning all the easter eggs I put in this story. ;D


By the way, who's your favorite human character, and your favorite dinosaur?  For me, my favorite human is the main protagonist (because he's based off myself), and my favorite dinosaur is Rexy.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexJun-22-2016 5:54 PM

LORD TYRANT - That would be quite neat! :)

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJun-22-2016 5:59 PM

^I've already found some of them, even my forum signature has references XD

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Lord Vader

MemberTyrannosaurus RexJun-22-2016 9:21 PM

Nice work. Couldn't help but cock an eyebrow when I saw 9097

Jack of all trades. Master of none

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJun-23-2016 3:46 AM

^The story is littered with Easter eggs

"Part of the journey is the end..."


ModeratorAllosaurusJul-02-2016 1:29 PM

Glad the Tyrant King is the most dangerous lol.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJul-02-2016 1:53 PM

^T-Rex is the deadliest IMO

"Part of the journey is the end..."


ModeratorAllosaurusJul-02-2016 2:31 PM


Good grief.

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJul-02-2016 2:39 PM

Yeah, I killed everyone brutally

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexJul-02-2016 8:41 PM

LORD TYRANT - That finishing segment wad extremely fun! I greatly enjoyed the sense of closure and foreshadowing you imparted! Thank you ever so much talking the time to create this and share it with us! :)

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJul-03-2016 3:37 AM

^Thank you so much SR!  What was your favorite part of the story?

"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJul-03-2016 4:17 AM

It's finally finished...


Isla Nublar Survival


"Part of the journey is the end..."


ModeratorAllosaurusJul-03-2016 6:12 AM

Great story! Is this true that spinosaurus is your new favorite?

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJul-03-2016 6:28 AM

^Thanks, and yeah

"Part of the journey is the end..."


ModeratorAllosaurusJul-03-2016 6:34 AM

But what about T.rex? How can you replace the Tyrant King..

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJul-03-2016 11:57 AM

^I still love T-Rex!  I just love Spino ever so slightly more...

"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJun-04-2017 6:46 AM

And now Tyrannosaurus rex is cemented in place as my all-time favourite dinosaur. Lolz. Sequel coming soon.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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