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Denachikasuchus Rex!

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MemberCompsognathusApr-16-2016 6:37 PM

Inspired by the movie, Jurassic World! Introducing the Denachikasuchus Rex, my own genetically modified hybrid! Now that you know the name of this newest hybridized theropod, I'm going to now explain the facts and features of this D-Rex!

The Denachikasuchus Rex's gender is female, and her colors include light gray, black, lime green, dark green, light brown, red, and orange. Her DNA is consisted of: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Carnotaurus, Cerataurus, Dilophosaurus, Deinoyusuchus, Abelisaurus, Thezinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Majungasaurus, and Compagnathus! It also has Deinosuchus, which is the prehistoric ancestor of the alligator! Included modern-day animal DNA is: Cuttlefish, Snake, Frog, and Giraffe!      This theropod lives on Island Nublaron. Her height is 76.9 feet and her length is 81.3 feet, making her 10x the size of the Indominus Rex! Not only that, but literally the largest dinosaur hybrid EVER! But, there  are similarities between both the I-Rex and the D-Rex. For example, both have arms that are large and fully-functioning. Both have large claws, and opposable thumbs.  They also have long, sharp quills on their necks, intelligence, aggression, thick hides, and even similar DNA. But unlike the Indominus Rex, the D-Rex has three horns on it's face and more of a T-Rex-like head and bite force which is 12,000 pounds! Teeth extending from the upper jaw of the D-Rex is much longer than the lower teeth. To give you a clue of what that would look like, the upper teeth ranges in measurement to 1 & 3/4 meters to 2 & 1/2 meters, while the lower teeth ranges in measurement from 2 - 3 feet. Sharp spikes extend from the D-Rex's elbows, knees and back legs. The most oddest feature of the Denachikasuchus Rex most likely is the long, sharp clustered spikes extending from it's back. This gives the hybrid somewhat of a Zilla-like  appearance. Giraffe markings cover most of the D-Rex's legs, with some velociraptor - like fur and a middle tow. The tounge of the D-Rex is jet black, very extendable, quick, and it's sharp tip is the color light-blue because of extremely lethel posion. Posion is also included with acid in the D-Rex's spit, and those chemicals can be pretty messy when put to use on this hybrid's victims or enemies! Well, this is all there is to know about my hybrid dinosaur, the amazing Denachikasuchus Rex! It truly has all the features of an ultimate predator and queen of any natural or man-made theropod! I thank everyone whom reads this post and I would like to say that I will soon be posting a dino battle between the Denachikasuchus Rex and the Indominus Rex! Be sure to also watch Jurassic World 2 when it is released in the year of 2018! I know I will! :D

7 Replies

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusApr-22-2016 7:30 PM

a 12k lb bite force is weak (still terrifyingly strong, it's T-Rex's bite force) for an 80 food animal

"Part of the journey is the end..."


MemberCompsognathusApr-23-2016 12:58 PM

Well It DOES have T-Rex DNA. By the way, I'm canceling the rest of the D-Rex VS I-Rex battle because I think the D-Rex would defeat the Indominus Rex too easily. Next up, D-Rex VS Godzillasaurus!

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusApr-23-2016 3:39 PM

The hell is Godzillasaurus?

"Part of the journey is the end..."


MemberCompsognathusApr-23-2016 3:55 PM

I recommend you look it up online.

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusApr-23-2016 4:11 PM

please don't tell me it's Godzilla.  Btw, what's your favorite dinosaur?  Here's my top 10: https://www.scified.com/topic/41889

"Part of the journey is the end..."


MemberCompsognathusApr-24-2016 3:46 AM

Trust me, it's NOT Godzilla! In the movies, it's another fictional theropod that has similar features to Godzilla that lives on Skull Island. Trust me, it IS a fictional theropod.

Lord Vader

MemberTyrannosaurus RexApr-25-2016 6:40 PM

That's a crazy OP hybrid. Nothing the force can't take out, but crazy OP for anything that has to fight hand to hand (claw to claw? Tooth to tooth?).

Jack of all trades. Master of none

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