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Tomorrow Chapter 1,2 And 3 Of Jurassic World: Extinction Will Be Revealed!

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Sword Sam

MemberCompsognathusJul-20-2015 7:32 AM

Ok, If You Don't Know What This Is, It Is A Story That Takes Place 6 Months After The Events In Jurassic World. Tim And Lex Murphy (The Kids From JP1 Are Now Adults.) Are Sent To The Island To Kill All The Dinosaurs, But When They Get There They Dicover New Breeds And Hybrids Of Dinosaur. As Night Falls The Team Gets Lost In Jungle With No Contacting System That Works...

3 Replies

Sword Sam

MemberCompsognathusJul-20-2015 9:08 AM



MemberCompsognathusJul-23-2015 6:34 PM

This sounds a lot like the lost world. This could either be really cool or fail miserably. Let's see how it turns out.

Pity is for the living. Envy is for the dead. -Mark Twain

Sword Sam

MemberCompsognathusJul-26-2015 11:46 AM

Yeah I Know, But It'll Have More Of What I Wanted In JP3 Too, A Ruined Jurassic Park/World.

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