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T-Rex Kills Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park Arcade Game

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MemberCompsognathusMay-27-2015 2:14 PM



And boy, can he throw....


*Video added by Raptor-401

11 Replies

Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexMay-27-2015 2:31 PM

TYRANNWRIGHT - Hahaha! WOW! That T-rex is a hunk; he just tossed 7-9 tons of muscle and sinew through the air for about 40 meters! Yikes! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us! :)

Lord Vader

MemberTyrannosaurus RexMay-27-2015 2:54 PM

There's only one Rex in the dinosaur kingdom, and that's Tyrannosaurus Rex. What a throw. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none

Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexMay-27-2015 3:06 PM

LORD VADER - You said it! Hear, hear! :)


MemberCompsognathusMay-27-2015 3:59 PM

Spino will be back, we just need to put in a little more road work. :p


MemberCompsognathusMay-27-2015 3:59 PM






T-REX 4 LIFE!!!!

(but really that was awesome!)

Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexMay-27-2015 4:24 PM

SPINOFAN - Spinosaurus is still an amazing animal! Despite the fact that I adore T-rex, I find it somewhat ridiculous that they have him literally tossing a larger animal half a football field's distance with one heave! Perhaps (and this is only conjecture) the Spinosaurus presented in the game is a sub-adult? Regardless, T-rex and Spino should team-up to create the Jurassic Empire! That would be an unstoppable team! :)

Therizinosaurus Rex(aka Kaijusaurs)

MemberCompsognathusMay-27-2015 5:59 PM


Therizinosaurus for JW2!


MemberAllosaurusMay-27-2015 6:52 PM

But of course people won't complain about how scientifically inaccurate this is...


Still cool though!!!



MemberAllosaurusMay-28-2015 9:07 AM

Also, next time, try embing the video, like I will do for you now. And try to add a sentence or two when you post a discussion.



MemberAllosaurusMay-28-2015 9:52 AM

Yeah, why can't Rexy and Spino just get along. They would make the ultimate badass duo! XD

Also, that wavering camera gave me motion sickness! 



"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJul-14-2017 4:01 PM

Actually, that Rex would've thrown an animal about six to seven tons, but yeah, she can throw. I've played the arcade game, that individual is a female.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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