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MemberCompsognathusMay-19-2015 7:28 AM

I finally got the Jurassic World book called "Where Dinosaurs Come to Life".

Its an augmented reality book where you can download an app and make the dinosaurs walk around in virtual reality. I hasn't worked for me yet, but its still interesting to have it. Most of the pictures in it are of the pictures on the website, so not much new there.

One interesting thing is that on the page about Pteranodon, in the top right corner it has a logo that shows them flying about. On this logo it says "Pteranodon peak. Est 1993", so could that mean that they were building somewhere for the Pteranodons right before the park failed.

image source

It would make sense, because if there are Pteranodons on Isla Sorna they must have been scheduled to go to Isla Nublar. When everything failed, they must have been abandoned. Does anyone have an opinion on this or have the book aswell?

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MemberCompsognathusMay-19-2015 3:20 PM

In the book, they had an aviary in the park (although no Pteranodons, but an other species of pterosaurs, Cearadactylus). It wasn't planned to open with the park - due to the Cearadactyluses, wich proved to be much more territorial, than the scientists of the park thought them to be -, but it was there.

It's more than logical, that they had an aviary in the movie universe too, or at least they had concrete plans for it, because

A: as you said it they, had Pteranodons on Sorna,

B: in the lunch scene where Hammond says some attractions will open later there is a concept art for it on the slides in the background,

C: In The Lost World, there is that promotional image for Jurassic Park in the worker village, wich features a pterosaur in the top-left corner.


MemberCompsognathusMay-19-2015 5:32 PM

Much like the Rides, the aviary hadn't finished completion yet, And were scheduled to come online a few months after the Tour. According to hammond.


So, with that in mind, it was probably near finished, and with nothing there to potentially wreck it from the inside out, it most likely stayed in fair condition. KEEPING IN MIND, that Dr.Wu and a team returned to clean up the island a year or so after the accident. 


In the third JP Universe (Jurassic park the Game Universe) There was indeed pteradons on Site A, but they had yet to be fully integrated into the park. 


I'd be interested in seeing how is plays out in the end.


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