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Rexy v. Indominus Rex (Alternative Fight Anyone?)

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MemberCompsognathusMay-09-2015 9:42 PM

 Starring: Carcharodontosaurus as the Indominus Rex


(Fixed) JPOG T-Rex as Rexy

(Music Cue)
Owen, Zach, and Gray were being ambushed by the Indominus Rex, who hid near the old visitor center of the Restricted Area. Meanwhile, Claire was rushing for the group as she carried a flar that attracted a creature willing enough to kill the I-Rex; Rexy. Claire nears the scene before tripping to the ground. She quickly throws the flare toward the I-Rex and Rexy is drawn in. to the scene. She yells to the others, "Run!"

(Music Cue)
Rexy glances up from the sight of the flare to see a potentail threat to her. She roars at it to grab its attention. The I-Rex turns to Rexy and snarls in anger. Rexy slowly approaches, looking to intimidate the I-Rex before getting a long roar to her ears by it. She shakes her head and gives a stronger roar back, not looking to back down. The two therapods then clashed with one another.

The two bump into one another, giving the I-Rex a chance for a bite at Rexy's neck. She shakes violently, trying to make it let go. This act of evasion angers the I-Rex. It puts all of its weight into its legs and manages to throw the rex into the building. Rexy crashes through the wall and stumbles into a familiar setting she had not seen in many years. The I-Rex stomps in and bellows at Rexy. She roars back as she attempts to regain her footing.

The I-Rex takes advantage of her fall and gives Rexy another bite. Rexy manages to get to her feet, but is overwhelmed in massive pain as the I-Rex gives her a strong bite to her neck. Blood gushed to the floor as Rexy tries desperately to make it release her. then, she manages to push the I-Rex back and roar at it before getting a claw to her left eye, taking out half of her vison. Rexy groans with excrusiating pain in her eye.

(Music Cue)
The I-Rex knocks down Rexy to the ground, giving herself away to her death. "She's not going to make it..." Claire worries. Owen quickly takes action and shoots at the I-Rex. Its attention turns to own as it quickly lunges to him, trying hard to grab him.

Owen qickly crawls away from the grasp of the I-Rex, getting a slight slash to his leg. He corners himself to the edge of the scaffolding as the claw of the I-Rex nears him. Then, the I-Rex let out a shrieking sound of pain.

(Music Cue)
Rexy has managed to recover and pulls the I-Rex back toward her. It tries to escape her grasp before slipping to the ground. She keeps her foot onto the I-Rex to prevent it from escaping her once more.

Rexy then takes the time to dismember the I-Rex of its arms, ripping and tearing them clean off from their user. The I-Rex roars out in pain as Rexy prepares to finish it off.

She goes for the neck, stepping on its body as she twists the neck of the I-Rex till she could her a loud snap. The cries of pain from the I-Rex stop, only gurgles of blood are heard.

She releases her grip of the I-Rex as watches it fall as the hybrid chokes and drowns in its own blood. Soon enough, Rexy had won the battle.

She takes a step on her dead opponent and gives out her mighty roar, letting her and anyone else on Nublar that it is her kingdom to rule. She then proceeds out of the building, limping and bleeding.

(Music Cue)
The sun has finally rose from the long night as Rexy emerges into the morning. She stopped and took a look at the scenery. She felt a familiar feeling she had 22 years ago. She's free of her prison and killed her challenger. She felt at home again.

She felt too weak and drops to the ground. Owen and Claire, move around the rex, awaiting for the incoming chopper to pick them up. Owen stops and looks to the dying Rexy as the others watched him.

He approached her slowly and kneeled down next to her massive head. He notices Rexy look at him with her big, yellow eye, barely open. He takes the risk of softly petting her snout and looks at her. " You fought well today..." Owen said to Rexy. She remains silent before giving a sigh, slightly nudging Owens hand before succumbing to her wounds. Owen leaves the fallen rex and leaves the island with the Claire and the kids.

(No Carcharodontsaur and Tyrannosaur were harmed in the making of this story.)

5 Replies


MemberCompsognathusMay-09-2015 10:18 PM

very good! good job!

Lord Vader

MemberTyrannosaurus RexMay-10-2015 6:10 PM

Nice job. 

Kinda sad to see Rexy die in this depiction purely because of childhood memories. 

Nice job still, looking forward to seeing more from you. 

Jack of all trades. Master of none

Sci-Fi King25

MemberAllosaurusMay-11-2015 1:19 PM

I like the idea, and it was rumored and/or confirmed that the final battle will take place either inside or just outside the original Visitor's Center.


I was hoping the final battle would be like this-


Claire brings Rexy to the Mosasaur Lagoon (maybe she leads it to the truck seen in the LEGO set, or is this how they got her to Jurassic World in the first place?), where the I. rex is getting a drink. Rexy stomps her foot on the ground and lets out a defeaning roar. The Indominus rex turns her head and lets out a slightly quieter roar. The two charge, and the I. rex rams into Rexy and slashes her.


A couple more minutes of fighting.


Rexy now has the I. rex's neck in her jaws and slams her into the walls a few times and tosses her aside. The I. rex charges again, screeching. However, Rexy lowers her head and rams into her adversary just as she begins to slash the Tyrannosaurus. After a lot of effort, Rexy pushes her opponent into the lagoon. As she lets out a roarof victory, it's cut off by the louder roar of the survivng Indominus rex, who begins to climb out of the lagoon just as the Mosasaurus approaches them. The two, now dangerously close to the lagoon, continue.


Half a minute of fighting.


Rexy is on the ground, her body under the Indominus rex's foot. As the I. rex slashes her a few times, Owen, Claire, and the kinds watch helplessly. However, as the hybrid bites down on Rexy's neck, the Queen of Isla Nublar turns her body and kicks her challenger off. She stumbles back, and Rexy takes the moment to stand up. As the Indominus rex gets in a couple more attacks, Rexy rams into her chest and grabs her by the neck. Rexy shakes the creature around like a puppy with a toy before slamming her to the ground. The now-dead creature is pushed into the lagoon, where the Mosasaurus drags it into the depths. Rexy lets out an ear-splitting roar before heavily breathing. Just as the rescue helicopter arrives, Rexy falls to the ground.


Maybe a post-credits scene where she gets back up?


Also, did you make this in Garry's Mod? It looks like it.

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MemberCompsognathusMay-11-2015 1:23 PM

It is Garry's Mod with post processing and max quality.

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MemberAllosaurusFeb-07-2016 5:26 AM

RIP Rexy 1993-2015

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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