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MemberCompsognathusDec-02-2014 1:09 PM

IM wondering to myself are they making a new jurassic world game 

give me ur opinion

live or die
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MemberCompsognathusDec-02-2014 1:17 PM

I've actually wondered a lot about this myself, they need something like a free world game and you get to choose which dinosaur to use, whether it be Velociraptor, T-Rex, Spinosaurus, or whatever.

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Tyrant king

MemberCompsognathusDec-02-2014 1:21 PM

Or d-rex.

Primal King

MemberCompsognathusDec-02-2014 2:54 PM

Hey D-Rex, welcome to the forums! Please don't post this many topics in one day. Try to space them out. I'm as excited as you for the movie, but we don't need to overload the forums. :)

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Sci-Fi King25

MemberAllosaurusDec-02-2014 3:02 PM

I believe they are (who's they BTW? :o) All I know of is Prehistoric Kingdom, which is sort of like a JPOG/Zoo Tycoon 2 mix, and I can't wait for it.

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Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexDec-02-2014 3:24 PM

D-REXMANIACFAN3354 - I would absolutley adore a new game within the Jurassic Park universe! FACT DUDE presented an excellent notion with the "Free Roaming" concept in which you'd get to choose your own animal to explore the setting! That would be bloody magnificent! Of course, I'd also enjoy a game in which I play a little human trying to survive upon the island in a "Survival-Horror" setting that forces me to out-think and evade the predators interested in having me as a replacement for their mourning tea and biscuits! Maybe something like Alien: Isolation! :)


MemberCompsognathusDec-02-2014 11:57 PM

I think they want to make as much money as possible so yes. you will have your game

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MemberCompsognathusDec-03-2014 8:35 AM

thats good 

live or die


MemberCompsognathusDec-03-2014 10:33 AM

why not getting collin trevvorowws opinion on this 

live or die


MemberCompsognathusDec-03-2014 3:46 PM



The reason being, Is because Colin isn't actually the one who makes Descisions on things like this. This is a Universal Studios descision.


There's already a New JP Arcade shooter coming out later this year, But we've yet to see them. Telltale Games still owns A license to JP, So, they could make a Sequel to JPTG.


Universal isn't quite worried about games, Games are one of the last things to worry about in Movie production, as many of them are developed by Third party Studios -(Studios not directly attached to the Movie studio)- It may take some time until we get a real release game.


However, We're in the Marketing phase right now, As so, There's a Highly good chance of us getting a New JP/JW Game in the coming future. Seeing how the Marketing budget so far seems to Be Ridiculosly High, I'd say there's already a JW Game in Production. 

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MemberCompsognathusDec-04-2014 7:41 AM


live or die
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