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Return of the Dinosaur King :Battle of Titans chapter 4 part 12

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Ultra Predator

MemberCompsognathusOct-30-2014 7:35 AM

World breaking Fury

A new power came over him, he thinks, was it given to him ages ago by an ancient race. He could not figure out the power and has forgotten the race was but he felt at peace then something inside of him snapped his thoughts turned to anger, than to fury. His body has transformed he was almost as big as the serpent. His spike were huge and serrated like giant crooked blades, his scales like giant great shields each one of them, His eyes were dark blue, His horn were as big as trees. The king roars at the world eater, the serpent replied with a roaring hiss. The king has grown in size and power he now hopes he can take on the world eater. Though still smaller then the serpent, he has taken down many thing bigger than himself.

The king charged the serpent beast, it jumped up dodging the king charge. The serpent hovered above the battle ground the earth started to vanish. The serpent size grew the king mouth glowed reddish-white he blasted the serpent with ice, fire, and lighting blasting it out of the sky the serpent beast fell out of the sky the earth's surface returned back to normal. The serpent inpaced force lifted hundreds of ton of rock and dirt into the sky. The king ran towards the serpent he was ready for an attack the serpent seemed to be knocked out the king grabbed ahold of the serpents tail and with all of his might he lifted the serpent into the air the serpent awoken and started to flap it massive wing the force of each wing beat caused a massive wind storm. The king could barely stand but if he did not stand still the world would be doomed. The king heard the voices of the city he heard the calls of the humans that died here they all said to him, he is forgiven they said “Save those still alive, the people that you protected in the past have forgiven you for what you could not have stop. We only ask you to protect our homes and the last of the human race. Don’t let these monsters and false Gods destroy everything you are. Great king you are only thing standing in there way. Remember us, avenge us.” The voice have gone and the king still had the tail of the world eater in his claw his eye turned from dark blue to blood red. The king pulled down the serpent slamming it into the ground the termbase force of that action ripped open the earth itself.

The land around them crumbled apart great rocks exploded out of the ground floating on molten magma. The serpent tried to escape from the kings grasp but the king was determined to keep the world eater on the ground. Walking on top of the serpent beast to keep it in place the king grabbed ahold of one of the wings and broke it off the serpent hissed in pain it lunged at the king but missed the king. Looking at the serpent he grabbed hold of the other wing with his jaws and broke it off. The king jumped off the beast turned back on its stomach, the once magnificent wing are now tiny stubs. The serpent can not escape and it cannot destroy the world the king must finish the beast.

The serpent ran toward the king, the king charged back at the beast, the two titans collided a shock wave form the centre collison. When the dust cleared the two beast where at each other throats both trying to get past the heavy scale to each other flesh. The king bit down harder and so did the serpent blood started to trickled down the serpent neck, the king felt the serpent loosen up and start clawing at the kings stomach. The world eater hissing roar could be heard for mile as it slowly faded as the life of the great world eater vanishes. Once the most feared creature is now a corpse in the jaws of the king. Dropping the corpse the king walked threw the destruction, the damned city is no more the battle destroyed all of it and any trace of the city. The king walked back to the camp with the serpent in his claws. When he made it back he was still the form he was in when he killed the World eater, everyone stood there even the generals could not believe what the king looked like. The king dropped the serpent on the ground then walked towards the river and laid down falling asleep, after battling the serpent he has lost all of his energy the king slowly closed his eye and saw everyone cheering.

( '_')=mm=('_' ) brofist

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Something Real

MemberTyrannosaurus RexOct-31-2014 1:35 PM

ULTRA PREDATOR - Hahaha! How very neat! I greatly enjoyed your story - keep it up! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! :)

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