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New Jurassic Park Game Ideas?

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Dino Master X

MemberCompsognathusJul-24-2014 6:54 AM

Jurassic Park has a lot of old games, but in my opinion only about 2 are my favorites. And both are made in the 2000s, if your getting what I'm saying is Jurassic Park OG and Jurassic Park the game. But I think that there should be more JP games. So if there would be a new game, what would like to see in it?

14 Replies


MemberCompsognathusJul-24-2014 8:24 AM

Something like operation Genesis, but with more real life acurate dinosaurs

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MemberCompsognathusJul-24-2014 8:32 AM

Yeah, I'd hope to see JPOG 2 but, I doubt we will.


luckily prehistoric kingdoms tech demo should be out soon I hope!

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Sci-Fi King25

MemberAllosaurusJul-24-2014 9:45 AM

I don't have any ideas. I'm just exited for Prehistoric Kngdom!

(The tech demo is going to be realeased very soon.)

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Great Leonopteryx

MemberCompsognathusJul-24-2014 9:50 AM

have you guys ever played a game called jaws unleashed?
it's a game where we play as jaws (great white shark) and we are free to roam the ocean around amity island after we finish the arcade
we can either do the mission or just roam hunting human, fish, whales and other creatures in there

the game also has a hunger meter and hunting meter where we constantly need to feed and hunt or we're dead

now, I'm thinking about a pretty similar game, where we play as a T-rex, Raptor, Spino, Troodon, Dilo or other dinos and we are free to roam isla sorna and/or isla nublar, hunting, eating, fighting herbivores, carnivores or maybe even human either tourist or poacher

it'd be a cool game imo

John Morrison

MemberCompsognathusJul-24-2014 9:56 AM

T-rex White - Your idea sounds interesting and I would definatly buy it if such a game came out.

Still we just have to wait to see how prehistoric kingdom turns out and see how it matches up to JPOG.

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MemberCompsognathusJul-24-2014 10:10 AM

i really want a jpog 2 or a maybe not a direct sequel to but maybe a spiritual successor based on the new movie. i havent played a good park builder in a while

Spinosaurus Rex

MemberCompsognathusJul-24-2014 1:52 PM

They need to make a free-roam dinosaur game where you are the dinosaur and you have options as to which dinosaur you want to be.

UCMP 118742

MemberCompsognathusJul-25-2014 6:53 AM

@Trex White- We already have (well, get in the relatively near future) something very similar to that. It's called Dinosaur Battlegrounds and it's basically what you just described, but it won't have anything to do with Jurassic Park and their main point of focus is realism. So it's even better imo.

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Great Leonopteryx

MemberCompsognathusJul-25-2014 10:26 AM

@ UCMP118742 : really?  that's awesome

I'm gonna check it out now

thanks for the info man

Dino Master X

MemberCompsognathusJul-29-2014 6:15 AM



MemberCompsognathusJul-29-2015 4:31 PM

Really need to stop with "dinosaur arcade" ideas because that would relate to a very different game towards Jurassic World the game. 


My idea for Jurassic World the game would be managers that automatically collect coins and food, though they require you to pay cash or coins. Also free roaming people on the roads that make the game look more realistic.


MemberBrachiosaurusJul-29-2015 9:20 PM

I want something where you build your own park like Jurassic World: The Game for Mobile, but you have free roam mode, where you can play as humans or dinosaur. Also be able to create your own hybrids, and when you hatch a new dinosaur you have the option of "realistic" or "cool" if you know what I mean, also be able to choose the dino gender

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MemberTriceratopsSep-06-2015 9:47 AM

I would like to see a Jurassic Park game where you are the dinosaur. You get to hunt other dinosaurs (or humans :3) and all that kind of stuff. You get to choose a dinosaur and you get to use their abilities. I don't want to kill dinosaurs, I want to be the dinosaurs. Sadly I have not found a game like this.

I Meme Everything

MemberAllosaurusJan-03-2016 6:10 PM

open world dinosaur survival game on Isla Nublar or Sorna with dinosaurs from the movies

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