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First Fight of Round 2: Carnotaurus vs Ceratosaurus

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CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-25-2013 10:54 PMWelcome, ladies and gentleman, to my daily DinoFight. I always appreciate my loyal readers, but for those of you who are new, every day I pit two of the most formidable dinosaurs to ever exist against one another in a fight to the death (most of the time). Medium division, round 2, fight 18: Carnotaurus vs Ceratosaurus InGen File: Carnotaurus [img]http://images.wikia.com/jurassicpark/images/8/8f/Jurassic-park_carnotaurus.jpg[/img] Code Name: Demon Danger Level: Extremely dangerous Also Known As: Devil, Chameleon, Carno, Tauro, Taurus Height: 12 feet Length: 30 feet Weight: 3.5 tons Speed: 43 mph Diet: Carnivore Weapons: Chameleon ability, speed, thick skull, bite, Description: Often touted as "the apex predator", Carnotaurus is a swift solitary and pack hunting carnivore with a chameleon ability that lives on both Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. They were initially kept on site B and considered untrainable due to their extremely unpredictable behavior. Carnotaurus see humans as easy prey, being slow, small, weak and often in small groups. Their chameleon ability (a mutation accidentally bestowed upon them by InGen) enables them the attack any prey undetected and all from the tiny procompsagnathus to the giant Tyrannosaurus fear them at night and will do their best to to stay hidden. Being nocturnal the Carnotaurus have very little competition aside from Troodon and several other small animals and are quite possibly the largest terrestrial nocturnal predator to live. Surprisingly they have only killed around five humans out of the nearly twenty they mauled. This is likely because they have relatively weak jaws that close extremely fast but lack tremendous force, only being slightly stronger than that of a human. Their deep triangular skulls are very recognizable and their most famous characteristic is their large horns that vary in size and shape from one individual to another. Males use their horns to engage in shoving matches during mating season. Despite their unpredictable behavior they are one of only seven InGen animals whose reproductive habits have been observed. Females lay clutches of between seven and fourteen eggs and may produce up to fifteen clutches in her lifetime, reaching sexual maturity at age fifteen naturally and living to age thirty. However, with the InGen growth mutation, they reach maturity much faster than usual and may produce over thirty clutches of eggs before death, with many breeding all year round for over twenty years. Carnotaurus has exaggerated muscles in its legs, a short tail, a straight back and big feet, all of which make it specially adapted for speed and allow it to run over 40 miles per hour. Their arms are small and useless because of their speed adaption. Carnotaurus is naturally red and black but they very rarely stop using their chameleon ability, using their color to express emotions, signal attacks, hide from prey, display for mates and scare rivals. They are fiercely territorial. The original batch of Carnotaurus were considered adorable as hatchlings with their accidental color mutation, changing colors rapidly and confusing each other. As they got older, however, they started using it to do more sinister things. Despite their danger they were planned to be part of the original tour, something that the rangers heavily protested because of their aggressive behavior. As soon as they were transported to Isla Nublar they escaped, ate the week's shipment of cattle, killed two rangers and nearly freed the big Tyrannosaurus, Rexy, but were tranquilized. Still, they are a possible attraction for the 2015 park due to their unique appearance. InGen File: Ceratosaurus [img]http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090922221755/jurassicpark/images/9/9f/Jurassic_Park_Ceratosaurus_by_hellraptor.jpg[/img] Code Name: Cerato Danger Level: Extremely dangerous Height: 12 feet Length: 30 feet Weight: 3.75 tons Speed: 28 mph Diet: Carnivore, occasional omnivore Description: Ceratosaurus lives on Isla Nublar where it competes with both Allosaurus and Torvosaurus most of its life. Despite being smaller than them Ceratosaurus makes up for it with ruthless aggression and a very flexible diet. The Ceratosaurus males are tan or grey with black or dark brown stripes down their body and a red head and neck. Females have a similar pattern but are black instead of light brown, have white stripes and have a grey or white face with black markings around their eyes and nose. They also have smaller eye and nose crests and brighter yellow irises. Although preferably predators of various stegosaurs and other similar sized prey, Ceratosaurus are very opportunistic predators that will eat humans, small rats or monkeys, carrion, small sauropods or other carnivores and in some cases have been observed eating berries when desperate. Being highly aggressive due to their large medulla oblongata, they are a match for almost any predator of the same size. Their teeth are very long and blade-like and have crowns up to 6 inches long. They are curved and serrated, something that makes them deadly weapons. Ceratosaurus hunt by ambushing prey with a bite to the neck and holding on with the aid of their four fingered arms until the prey suffocates. The build of Ceratosaurus is rather powerful and stocky but they still can move fairly fast, nearing the typical Allosaurus' speed. Ceratosaurus have escaped only twice and ate the watch dogs but ignored the rangers, only becoming violent when tranquilized. Each time it was a mated pair. Ceratosaurus may form impromptu packs to hunt animals in the size range of Dacentrurus but normally they hunt animals like Kentrosaurus and do it solitary. They hunt in the afternoon when most other predators and herbivores are getting tired. However they frequently have their territories stolen by larger predators like Torvosaurus and Allosaurus amplexus, both of which they would normally fight but due to their somewhat small and naturally slow breeding population they very seldom take the risk of fighting a larger predator. Due to their unique look and being a classic dinosaur, Ceratosaurus will be part of the theropod display in the new park where it will have a large open enclosure and a fertile male and female will be displayed and will have enough room to raise offspring. FIGHT! A Carnotaurus stands silent in his domain, the skeleton of a Baryonyx next to the pool with a waterfall flowing into it. He looks at the months old skeleton and remembered his scars. They can't camouflage like the rest of him but he still stands for a half hour, fading his colors from one to another and trying to practice his patterns. Pressing against a tree he blends into it and nails the bark pattern he'd been practicing. His scars don't blend but they're barely visible if he turns the right way. As he's pacing and blending the flesh eating bull hears a rustling in the forest across the water in his territory. He crouches and camouflages himself perfectly to match his surroundings. Caring neither if it is predator nor prey he watches intently as the unintentional crashing comes closer and closer. A Ceratosaurus emerges and limps slowly around the area. His leg is clearly a little mangled, missing a small part of its calf muscle and having several partially healed scratches on its face, side and thigh. The blade-nosed carnivore picks up the pace, still hobbling but not moving as slow and cautious as before, exited at the thought of this being his new territory. He can tell by the smell that no predator has been here in many months. But there is a faint sound, like breathing. The Ceratosaurus sniffs the air and tries to see if a dinosaur already owns this territory. The veteran knows that not all dinosaurs have scents and carefully analyzes the area, scrutinizing every inch of the surrounding forest for a blending animal. He listens intently as well. Hearing a faint noise again he assumes it's the wind and starts walking around, marking his territory and claiming it. As he crosses the stream he sees some fish swimming around his feet. He spots a Baryonyx skeleton and becomes uneasy, paranoid that he will have to sacrifice this territory to keep his life. Knowing this is quite possibly the best piece of land on the entire island the Carnotaurus isn't keen in giving it up and stands before quietly stalking the intruder. A brash approach could ruin his chances and he holds his breath while tiptoeing around. The Ceratosaurus kicks the Baryonyx remains and smells them, picking up an extremely faint scent of an unknown dinosaur, possibly its blood. He walks around and comes within inches of the Carnotaurus, hearing its heartbeat in the silent morning. Growing increasingly nervous the Ceratosaurus starts to walk forward and the Carnotaurus mimics his moves, backing up until he hits a tree. The Ceratosaurus notices the area looks distorted directly in front of himself. It slowly fades in and out of perfection and he notices some pink enlongated grooves in front of him but can't quite figure it out. Until the Carnotaurus, unable to hold its breath any longer, exhales loudly. The Ceratosaurus moves back in surprise and tilts his head to the side in confusion. Unexpectedly he is hit with a tremendous force to the side of the head and almost falls, his injured leg giving out partially. Shocked and scared he sees the outline of something with teeth, horns, scars and now open eyes standing before him. The Ceratosaurus growls at the mostly unseen threat and backs up from it. Using its face as a guide the Ceratosaurus avoids it at all costs. Whatever it is it's about the same size as him but a whole lot more disguised as a forest. The mystery animal charges again and it roars this time, exposing a maw with numerous teeth flying towards him. The jaws quickly snap on to the Ceratosaurus' neck but its weak bite can't kill the tough skinned Ceratosaurus easily. The still puzzled but now fight ready Ceratosaurus shakes the attacker's bites off and snaps his long jaws blindly, catching his opponent several times and exposing some muscle. Having a better guide now he follows the exposed face of the Carnotaurus and uses a burst of speed to catch the rival and rip a large strip of flesh from its shoulder. Tucking its face over its shoulder the Carnotaurus runs around the Ceratosaurus and, completely invisible now having hidden its wounds, catches him with a high speed shoulder ram to the side. The Ceratosaurus falls down and roars while kicking its feet and slashing with its claws. He feels a foot press down on his chest in an attempt to crush him but the Ceratosaurus knows how to handle this. Having fought with numerous Allosaurus and other predators he knows the exact position this animal is in. He pulls his good leg back and gives a super powerful kick to the underbelly of this hidden dinosaur. With a high pitched roar it falls off and the Ceratosaurus stands. Noticing the scars standing out from the grounded Carnotaurus he comes to it and starts tearing with his jaws. The blood from the gory scene runs into the water as the Carnotaurus is mauled by the Ceratosaurus' deadly knife-like teeth. It gets a lucky kick in to the Ceratosaurus' wounded leg and it buckles, causing the larger dinosaur to fall forwards and land on the Carnotaurus. Surprised and having the wind knocked out of him the abelisaur reverts back to his natural color. The Ceratosaurus gets a rough look at what he's dealing with as he limps back on his damaged leg. The Carnotaurus rolls and starts to get back on its feet when the Ceratosaurus charges slower than normal but still gets enough locomotion to injure the Carnotaurus with a headbutt to the ribs. The Carnotaurus stumbles but doesn't fall and hisses before turning and letting out an earsplitting roar. Its natural black and red look with scars is somehow more terrifying that the floating face the Ceratosaurus saw, seemingly screaming "Hello, I'm the devil". Possibly because it's similar to the giant Torvosaurus, a dinosaur that has chased this particular Ceratosaurus out of its territory numerous times. The two stand face to face and growl as they start up their fight again as a Europejara soars by. The Carnotaurus slams into the Ceratosaurus and bites at his shoulder but its jaws can't do enough damage to hinder the three horned carnivore significantly. The Ceratosaurus, on the other hand, outmuscles the Carnotaurus and pushes it back before meeting it with a devastating bite to the skull when it comes forwards. The Carnotaurus roars loudly as the Ceratosaurus' long teeth tear up its flesh. The agile Carnotaurus yanks itself free and slams its shoulder into the side of the Ceratosaurus and headbutts it once it's off balance, knocking the Ceratosaurus into the steep cliff next to the Baryonyx skeleton and the waterfall. When the Carnotaurus charges at the Ceratosaurus, its head down, the Ceratosaurus stands and moves, resulting in the Carnotaurus snashing its skull into a rock wall at over 40 miles per hour. Dizzy and seeing black the Ceratosaurus bumps it over with a mere hip push, knocking the Carnotaurus into the Baryonyx bones. The Carnotaurus starts to stand and as the Carnotaurus turns, his vision still a little fuzzy and black around the edges, the Ceratosaurus sprints forwards and rams him again. Too dizzy to fight, the smaller Carnotaurus blacks out before the Ceratosaurus bites into his spine. The Ceratosaurus eats his meal happily, but not before letting out a victorious roar that echoes through his new domain. WINNER: CERATOSAURUS [img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_uM4zl4heG8E/TUKrGlf-8hI/AAAAAAAAACc/cyQnPoqWZ7o/s320/Ceratosaurus_nasicornis.jpg[/img] Carnotaurus, while able to camouflage itself very well, couldn't match the killing prowess of the Ceratosaurus, who had much deadlier jaws and functioning arms on top of its size advantage. Just more lethal overall. Carnotaurus' weapons were great, but they could only get it so far against the vicious and lethal fighter that is Ceratosaurus. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Anything? Let me know! NEXT FIGHT: SUCHOMIMUS- The African spinosaur that stretches the definition of "medium" quite a bit... EDMONTONIA- the tank-like nodosaur What happens when a bull Sucho takes on a bull Edmontonia? Find out next time on DINOFIGHTS!
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CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-26-2013 12:23 AMOkay, first of all, amazing. I really liked now you used the Carno from before, and I think you also used the same Cerato. I just can't remember. I agree with your winner. It was overall a deadlier bite and longer arms. I don't honk that Carnotaurus had a meger bite force of only 150-200, that would barely penetrate the skin, and wouldn't kill a cow at all.



CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-26-2013 11:40 AMThanks! And yes, it is the same Cerato and Carno. I did hear Carnotaurus had a very weak bite but could snap its jaws shut very fast and had very powerful neck, body and leg muscles.
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CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-26-2013 11:56 AMIt also has small teeth, so I imagine it chased down small prey with its very high speed.
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CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-26-2013 12:37 PMPossibly. Abelisaurs had a pretty wide variation. Some were speedy secondary predators with weak bites [img]http://trodinswebosaurcheats.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/3dtotal.jpg[/img] Some were slow apex predators of isolated islands [img]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-mkajjd_EUv4/ToOB0hvkuPI/AAAAAAAAAHY/EUgCF2MNNtA/s1600/Majungasaurus-_Phil-Brownlow.jpg[/img] Some were hyper powerful super predators that challenged Giganotosaurus' spot as Southern King [img]http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/363/8/e/ekrixo_v_giga_by_mortalwawmbaht-d4km1qi.png[/img] Some were tiny fish eaters with long arms and strange teeth [img]http://www.wikidino.com/wp-content/uploads/Masiakasaurus-nationalgeographic.jpg[/img] Some were master scavengers [img]http://www.wikidino.com/wp-content/uploads/Kryptops-Nobu-Tamura.jpg[/img]
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CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-26-2013 3:33 PMLike Delta said, this was AMAZING! So much awesome. This'll be hard to top.


CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-26-2013 3:44 PMThis was one of, if not, the best written and choreographed fight so far! However, I do not agree with the winner. With an injury to the calf, Cerato should not have maintained such prowess and agility in a fight against a predator who, one, remained (mostly) invisible for half the fight, and two, kicked Cerato hard on his injured leg. A calf deformation such as this should have rendered Cerato mostly unable to walk for the rest of the fight, and therefore not nearly as agile. When it fell on Carno, it would not have been able to lift itself back up.

"Either way, you probably won't get off this island alive."

--Alan Grant

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CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-26-2013 3:55 PMI loved the fight. I was rooting for Ceratosaurus the whole way. I think it's a dinosaur that's seriously underrated. When people think of Jurassic super predators, they automatically think Allosaurus or Torvosaurus for example. Ceratosaurus deserves attention as well. Good job.
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Tyrannosaurus RexMember6270 XPAug-26-2013 4:24 PMThis fight was great, can't wait for the next one.

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CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-26-2013 10:43 PM@Dinosaur.Fanatic I was actually planning on cutting the injury part out, but I completely forgot about it.
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CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-27-2013 7:24 PMThat makes sense. Nice job anyway!

"Either way, you probably won't get off this island alive."

--Alan Grant

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