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Jurassic Park 4 plot?? I guess.

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MemberCompsognathusJun-04-2013 9:38 PM
To secure the 5 deaths, a army of navy seals guard the islands. As they form a circle guarding the islands incase of any intruders. The military create base camps around the islands, and also one on Isla Nublar. One of the military ships gets suddenly attacked by a group of Pterenodons, which they thought they have captured in Isla Sorna. The Pterenodons try to kill some of the humans for their food, and as the soldiers aim at the reptile birds, they through in heavy artillery with what they got! One of the birds captures the head of the operation, and drop him to the Pterenodon's nest, turns out the nest is on Isla Nublar. He wakes up and is suddenly being attacked by the babies. He tries to make a run for it, and is luckily saved by an unknown female palaeontologist. The two manage to safely land on the ground. She tells him that others noticed a man being put in one of the breeding grounds. She tells him that the scientists have been stuck on this island for 20 years, and have been continued to do research and continue cloning of the dinosaurs. He doesn't believe this because the Costa Rican government has stopped all amber digging. She says that they have found an alternative for cloning dinosaurs with eggs. She shows him to the facility to where they have been cloning the animals, in an abandon facility in Isla Nublar's volcano chambers. They have been hiding here undetected. She shows him the remarkable herds grazing in the fields through a helicopter ride. He orders her to stop this, as she is not God. She insist that dinosaurs and man can live together, without humans help. She orders the marines to head home. He denies this and orders a full scale assault on the islands as he declares enough is enough. She and her crew put him to sleep and he wakes up in a Rex's nest. As he tries to wake up, a baby Rex sees him, and tries to kill him. He successfully captures the baby Rex and decides to lour it toward her facility. The full grown Rex behind him sees he captured her baby and becomes furious. As she chases him, he is saved by his crew, and the two drive to their compound. They capture the Alpha Female Rex, and also the baby as well. As he notices a giant crew known as Biosyn prepares for a hunting game, as they drive through a plain field and capture some of the herbivores grazing their. As it turns out, the people he was working for all turned on him. He thought he was working for InGen but it turns out Biosyn runs it now. They plan on reopening Jurassic Park under the control of Dogson, who plans on using the islands as a hunting ground for hunters and for his own amusement. He decides the only way to stop Dogson is if he teams up with the girl who has second thoughts about Dogson, and the cruelty of the animals Biosyn is doing. He finds her being captured by a group of his own men, and he sneaks up behind them. Suddenly an unknown species of dinosaurs kills the two marines before he does. He ask her what are they, and she says they are Troodon. The two decide to release the captured animals. When they find out they are being shipped by helicopter. They decide to use Pterenodons to fly and destroy the choppers. When they get to the tallest Pterenodon nest, they wait as they find one of the Alpha Pterenodons looking at him. He grabs on its back, and she also does as well to the other one. They manage to gain control of the Pterenodon and they fly towards the choppers carrying the dinosaurs. As they use the Pterenodons as advantage, they snap the ropes of the animals in the cages, and the cages land safely on the ground. The Pterenodons also kill several of the pilots. The man jumps from the Pterenodon and fights Dogson. The two struggle, as Dogson tries to kill him. The man throws a grenade, and he quickly jumps on the Pterenodon. Dogson tries to break loose but the chopper crash-lands. The two manage to get to the abandon visitor centre, but as they get their, Dogson beats them! He sits on his bone chair. He laughs, tells them that the plan has just begun, as he tells them that he is the ruler of this island! But as he turns around, a Rex looks at him in anger. Dogson quickly walks slowly, and opens the cage to the baby Rex. As it goes toward it's mother for protection, it looks at Dogson in anger, and kills him. The Rex then looks at them, and the two ran quickly. They end near a cliff. They find parasails from the visitor centre, and fly, as they see the herbivores grazing. They land on the dock. And when they look, they see a man with a microphone yelling "Sarah Harding, I repeat Sarah Harding." As the two run. They feel footsteps. As they quickly run to the chopper, the man with the mic ushers them in, as they fire at the unknown dinosaur. As we only see a giant foot step. The two tired look out as they see the Pterenodons flying beside them, as they fly in the distance. Back at the island, we see that a mysterious someone is still cloning the dinosaurs. As it turns out, Biosyn was planning more than just a hunting ground. Something much more!


1 Replies


MemberCompsognathusJun-04-2013 10:59 PM
COOL good job... didja know that isla sorena is actually the island of saracasm translated??? isnt it the five deaths???? not the five emotions?

Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way

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