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Jurassic Park 4 meets Avatar. Any thoughts?

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MemberCompsognathusMay-31-2013 10:45 PM
It seems now that alot of movies these days are focusing on using the brain to control a robot (Pacific Rim) and or an animal (AVATAR James Cameron). Now it's time that Jurassic Park 4 stepped into this field! Before anyone bashes at me! Let me just say why it could work! Since InGen has the technology to create cloned dinosaurs, perhaps they find out that dinosaurs run amok and terrorize the coasts of Costa Rica etc. In an effort to protect humanity, the military joins with InGen to create cloned dinosaurs, but these aren't your everyday dinosaurs. One of them is a tampered T.Rex, with large head and large arms, and sturdy legs, but with a short tail. The other is a aggressive Triceratops with human like features such as two legs standing and two arms (like in the sketches we saw). We have other cloned dinosaurs that the team was developing. They decided to use drugs controlled by the scientists to take control of the hybrids. They go berserk during the process. They finally had this idea of 'FUSION'. Which is connect the brain from a human soldier, to the hybrid dinosaur. This process worked fantastically well! These bodies now controlled by human soldiers where used in the military. One of them saved the day as it fought a Spinosaurus, and the Rex one! The other saved a group of citizens from Pterenodons. While these animals served the public well, one of the soldiers went out of control, and attacked a group of civilians. The project was cancelled. The scientists continued to develop this project secretly on Isla Nublar. In order to preserve their creations, they decided to continue the project hidden deep in the jungles. People where wondering why aren't their any more dinosaur attacks? A group of people where hired by the government to head to Isla Nublar to see what is going on. As they arrive, it turns out that the soldier hybrid dinosaur humans are protecting the island if the dinosaurs escape. One of the women welcomes them, showing them that these animals haven't escaped the island ever since. They keep the hybrid dinosaurs in captivity, while the other dinosaurs before them continue to thrive. One of the soldiers still in FUSION mode begins to have nightmares, of his past working for InGen. He suddenly looses control, and the T.Rex breaks out of his cage and goes rampage. The human soldiers try to stop him but the Rex hybrid seems to be out of control. They try to send the other avatar dinosaurs to stop him, but he kills off several of them. They send in a team to hunt him down on a game trail, and through this epic chase, the avatar Rex manages to escape. They decide to find the man who is controlling the Rex, but he is no where to be seen, as it turns out, Biosyn stole the man controlling the Rex, and gave the soldier adrenaline drug, and made the avatar Rex go out of control. When they try to stop Biosyn, they bomb the InGen lab. The Rex avatar body stops one of the torpedos with his hand and throws it back at the helicopter. It eventually destroys Biosyn's evil army. The Rex avatar body eventually escapes. They decide to find the main character who is still in sleep mode, and connected to the rex, as he wakes up. I know, this sounds stupid, but here me out. This idea does sound pretty cool maybe for it's own movie. And I know people want the film to stay true to the original, but you gotta start fresh, you gotta start new. This feels like it could be it. But I know I'll probably get a lot of hate mail when they post this on facebook so bare with me. I just thought this could have been a cool concept.


3 Replies

Chuck Norris

MemberCompsognathusJun-01-2013 6:07 AM

Chuck Norris

MemberCompsognathusJun-01-2013 6:07 AM
no offense but i want real dinosaurs! Im sure a lot of people would like your idea though


MemberCompsognathusJun-01-2013 5:00 PM
I think it could be a good plot, but not for Jurassic Park.
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