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Wiehenvenator vs Bistahieversor ( Yay Woohoo Finally )

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TriceratopsMember331 XPDec-05-2022 3:40 AM

uys its been a long time but its finally here!!!!



Wiehenvenator by PaleoGuy | Prehistory, Prehistoric, Digital artist

Length: 7-8 Meters

Weight: 1.2 Tons

Height: ?

Pretty big guy, definetely not the biggest. Its serrated and sharp teeth with its long arms with razor sharp claws, its definetely a formidable opponent. Its also known to be snacking on beached Liopleurodons. Living in Germany, Wiehenvenator was one of the largest carnivores in the country only behind Torvosaurus.


Bistahieversor sealeyi – Prehistoric Fury

Length: 9 Meters

Weight: 2.5 Tons

Height: 2.6 Meters

A Big Tyrannosaur, definetely has a stronger bite than its smaller, but faster opponent. This large tyrannosaur hunted one of the largest ceratopsians, Pentaceratops which was 8 meters. Onto where it lives, it lived in New Mexico. Its large size with its strong bite makes it a difficult opponent.


In a stream, just a few meters away from this Bistahieversor is full with prey. As it stomps on the ground while it is walking, its long head swings away the leaves from the trees. While the small, unaware dinosaurs are drinking from the stream, A large Wiehenvenator ambushes them and kills many of the small dinosaurs. Back to the tyrannosaur, it keeps walking and is almost at the stream. The tyrannosaur seems to be getting hungry during the long walk, however it sees the stream and a lot of carcasses. It enters the newly claimed territory of the megalosaur and decides to stare at it. The tyrannosaur roars, alerting the megalosaur which triggers it to charge to the tyrannosaur. The tyrannosaur is ready to bite onto its neck but before it can even close its jaws, the megalosaur swiftly dodges it and slashes the torso of the tyrannosaur with its long claws. The tyrannosaur roars, and decides to circle the megalosaur.


While the tyrannosaur is circling it, the megalosaur decides to dash and slash the tyrannosaur again. The tyrannosaur, which roars again bites the megalosaurs tail which damages the megalosaur a lot. The tyrannosaur lets go, which makes the megalosaur make a run for it, the megalosaur is faster while the tyrannosaur is just behind its tail while the megalosaur bumps into a dead end. With no where to run, it decides to swiftly slash the tyrannosaur again. The Bistahieversor hits the megalosaur with its tail, immobilizing it for a few seconds which enables the tyrannosaur to bite its torso. The megalosaur slashes the tyrannosaurs head, blinding it. As the megalosaur charges and bites the neck of the tyrannosaur. The megalosaurs neck is close, the tyrannosaur decides to slash the neck lamely. The megalosaur lets go, which makes the tyrannosaur decide to run. After it runs the megalosaur decides to rest.

                                                                                     The Winner is Wiehenvenator

                                                             There was a poll I made in July, and sorry for posting this late.

2 Responses to Wiehenvenator vs Bistahieversor ( Yay Woohoo Finally )

Cool Godzilla

AllosaurusMember2107 XPDec-05-2022 10:38 PM

This is shocking. Not Bad, the same as last time. XD

As long as we set a goal and we are determined to achieve our passions and goals, our determination is limitless.


TriceratopsMember397 XPDec-06-2022 5:50 AM

i say 50-50 for the fight, you can't really determine a fight by analysis, 

HELLO THERE, i am a person
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