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My Stupid Thoughts on JWD HOT TAKE: I like the crickets

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MemberTriceratopsOct-14-2022 12:13 AM

If you want like a super serious in depth like analysis, this is like a weird compromise.


Just like notices:

- Ok I think the opening is very strong. I liked seeing this cool idea of a dinosaur black market with the main characters helping them. 

 - Theres a nice setup where claire is now a lot more isolated with her endeavors as now its just her and Owen. I dont think this plot thread is pursued but i thought it was interesting.

- Claire and Masie have a weird rift, which is the main focal point of character drama but the dialogue is just so akward and unnatural when they interact. 

That being said I like the idea, but i dont think enough time was spent on giving it groundwork to make it more empathetic

- also I dont really think Masie and Owen have any famiky esque interactions which is a very strange dynamic.

- The feathers look nice on the dinos. 

- Can we like talk about how dumb the dino lazer thing is. Like its so inefficient. Like why point a lazer opening at your opponent and you have them in fire. Like why not just  use a gun? 

- Dodgsons assistant was like maybe strange because when he helped the main characters bc i thought he was lying.

he wasnt tho

- Umm i like seeing the old and new cast interact, it was nice

- I dont remember what exactly happened but i remember when the main cast was gated and escaping the dimetrodons, the gate passcode or something felt very dumb.

- I hate Beta. Like Beta didnt need to exist.

- I like how blue wasnt really in the movie, but also has a character arc. It was nice

- the whole platform scene was cool. 

- I dont know what the ending means at all. Its just very ambiguous and everyone just decided to like dinosaurs, despite the economic, moral, and environmental implications it.


- Giga might be my favorite dino from the whole of the JP franchise 


- Also the theri was done awesomely


- I mean I was satisfied with all the attempted arcs, but idk if this is just me, but did Dr. Wu seem especially wishy washy in this movie?

Overall I actually enjoyed it, i just think its dialogue was horrednous, it needed structure, and a better foundation for empathy to build and for the audience to feel things.


Also the cricket plotline perfectly worked with the franchise themes and was interesting. That being said it disnt undrmine the threat and moral implications of the dinos in the world, but it cool

I like em.


Rexy should have died.


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MemberAllosaurusOct-14-2022 12:37 AM

Well don't kill off Rexy just have her out of focus instead of dragging her into another dinosaur fight


Cool Godzilla

MemberAllosaurusOct-14-2022 8:41 PM

"Rexy should have died" To be honest, Rexy is almost immortal and fully blessed by luck. I was shocked at how he survived every single battle.

As long as we set a goal and we are determined to achieve our passions and goals, our determination is limitless.


MemberAllosaurusOct-14-2022 10:52 PM

yeah that was kind of cheaty, they should of had Rexy pair up with Buck and Doe (the Rex family from Lost World) to take out the Giganotosaurus together.


Cool Godzilla

MemberAllosaurusOct-15-2022 8:39 PM

Hey, I didn't think of that. Cool idea! Did Buck and Doe died? I didn't watch Jurassic Park movies so I don't know.

As long as we set a goal and we are determined to achieve our passions and goals, our determination is limitless.


MemberAllosaurusOct-15-2022 10:34 PM

Buck and Doe appear for a few seconds near Rexy at the end of Dominion


Cool Godzilla

MemberAllosaurusOct-15-2022 11:27 PM

OK, wait a minute. I think I really need to watch Dominion again, It's like I never watched Dominion.

As long as we set a goal and we are determined to achieve our passions and goals, our determination is limitless.


MemberAllosaurusOct-18-2022 5:04 PM

Yeah its a blink and you'll miss it cameo



MemberBrachiosaurusOct-21-2022 9:47 AM

I like the idea of the locusts and the conspiracy surrounding them and Biosyn, it's a pretty interesting idea and it fits with the overall theme of the franchise. The problem was that they felt too separated from dinosaurs (which is what most audiences are focused on when it comes to this series) and felt like it should have been it's own story.

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."
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