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Darius Bowman

Brooklynn Dodgson

Kenji Kon

Sammy Gutierrez

Yasmina Fadoula

Ben Pincus

Betsy Cinders

Arthur Powell



Vick Branowen

Callie Winter


Dr. Henry Wu

Lewis Dodgson

Owen Grady

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On a warm sunny morning, Darius woke from atop of his bunk. He slowly climbs down the wooden bunk bed ladder as he makes his way to the kitchen. His brother walks in on him while he makes himself some cereal. The front door opened then closed, his older brother Brandon came in with the mail before reaching into his pocket then dropping a Jurassic World ticket on to the dinner table. He looks up at Darius with a big smile.


“Hey Bro, I got you a ticket to Jurassic World, well I was originally going to give it to one of my friends but they were either sick or weren’t interested in dinosaurs, so… here you go, happy early birthday”


The sun radiates over a green island stranded out in the middle of the big blue ocean. Isla Nublar, the former site of Jurassic Park and the current site of its successor Jurassic World. A girl with short black hair tied in short uneven pigtails departs from the white passenger ship. Her yellow-ish hazel eyes darted around, she didn’t like large crowds of people. So many strangers make her mind go introverted. A boy roughly her age accidentally bumps into her, he had short dark brown hair and green-hazel eyes. He darted his eyes away as he apologized to her, she could tell he was shy just like her. They both look away as they attempt to distance each other in embarrassment. They arrive at Camp Cretaceous, a series of cabins suspended on large redwood trees. The cabins connect to other cabins via a sturdy wooden bridge and to the ground via an elevator shaft and a zipline.


The girl and boy found themselves dropping their camping packs off at the camping circle as they waited for their fellow campers to arrive. A short black boy arrived shortly after they did, followed by a white girl with dyed pink hair, a tall asian boy, a nervous white boy, a dark haired indian girl and a chubby hispanic girl. Then came the two counselors, Dave and Roxie.


“Alright Kids, welcome to Camp Cretaceous. We are going to be doing some fun and exciting activities! First, roll call” Dave announced excitingly. 


“Darius Bowman?” Dave reads off the list


“Here,” the black boy raises his hand.


“Betsy Cinders?”

The dark short-haired girl looked up as her name was called, “Ummm, here” she darted her eyes away from the counselors.


“Brooklynn Dodgson?”


“Here” the pink-haired girl raises her hand.


“Yasmina Fadoula?”


“Here,” the Indian girl raised her hand.


“Sammy Guiterrez?”


“Here,” the chubby girl smiles at the counselors.


“Kenji Kon?” 


“Present,” Kenji smuggly replied.


“Gray Mitchell… Gray Mitchell?” Dave looks around to see no one responds, “Gray is not here yet. Zach Mitchell… Zach Mitchell?” again no one responded, “sigh, Zach is not here yet”


“Ben Pincus? Ben Pincus?” Dave repeated after hearing no reply from the boy.


“Here,” the nervous boy finally announced.


“Arthur Powell?”


“Here,” Arthur raised his hand.


“Okay Campers, gather at the campfire” Dave shouted. “Listen up, we have ground rules fo you need to follow. There is a curfew, these jungles are filled with free-roaming dinosaurs, though they are mostly vegetarians they are still highly dangerous animals. Let say you run into a stegosaurus or an ankylosaurus and you are hit by its thagomizer, your gonna have a bad time”


“Yes, on to the Cabins. We pair you in twos. Darius and Kenji, you have Cabin 1. Ben and Arthur, you have Cabin 2. Yasmina and Sammy, you have Cabin 3. And, Brooklyn and Betsy, you have Cabin 4,” Roxie assigned.


As they got to their treetop cabins, Kenji started self proclaiming himself the alpha male of the group given his wealthy background which intimidates Darius, Ben, and Arthur. Brooklyn takes a picture of the boys as she accuses them of displaying toxic masculinity. Betsy rolls her eyes at Brooklynn before heading off to her cabin. Sammy and Yaz just sat off together, ignoring the whole thing as they headed off to their cabin. 

Later that night, when everyone was in their cabins. Betsy tossed and turned in her bed, unable to get to sleep as Brooklynn was updating her vlog; loudly so. Betsy growled as she sat up from her bed, she glared at Brooklynn before leaving the cabins as she headed down the elevator to the ground floor. 


She then sat near the campfire, reminiscing her camp memories of her late father. She heard in the distance a strange bird, its chirps were intersected with long sharp hisses. The sounds of plants being stomped on by heavy feet followed by low dragged out groans. The dinosaurs were stalking the forest from beyond the perimeter barrier. A lone Compsognathus approaches the Camp perimeter only to stop in its tracks as if it had hit an invisible wall. It chirps in confusion. 


“Now you guys will do as I say when I say it,” Kenji asserted himself loudly on the wooden bridge. Darius and Ben said nothing but Arthur despite being timid like the other two, he scoffed at Kenji’s show of dominance. Arthur turns around as he leaves for the elevator.


“Hey where are you going?” Kenji shouted.


“Anywhere but here!” Arthur shouted before taking the elevator down to the ground floor. He found himself sitting next to the girl he saw earlier at the peer. He locked eyes with her, he felt butterflies in his stomach, he thought to himself what a pretty girl Betsy was before quickly refocusing his thoughts to other things. He coughs to distract himself but the image of her beautifully yellowish-hazel eyes are still present in his thoughts. The elevator came back down, Betsy and Arthur both turned to see Darius, Kenji and Brooklynn. 


“What are you three doing?” Arthur asked, annoyed. 


“Darius, isn’t getting the full Camp Cretaceous experience. So we're just going to look around the perimeter. To see the dinosaurs” Kenji replied.


“Yeah, coming here was my dream,” Darius added.


“Ooh can I join?” Arthur asked, his interest was piqued.


“Sure, why not?” Kenji accepted.


“Ugh more boys… Hey, Betsy was it? Want to join us?” Brooklynn asked.


Betsy looked at the campfire which was now just embers, she looked back to the pink haired girl. “Sure,” she nodded.


After sneaking past some of the park guards they slowly approached the perimeter, the distant groans of herbivorous dinosaurs can be heard echoing from the darkness. They follow the road until they come across a large metal octagonal structure. Arthur refused to climb the stairs while the other kids slowly made their way up the steps before finding themselves on a long catwalk. Kenji snatches away Brooklynn’s phone to see what she does on it. Brooklynn turns around to confront Kenji as they fight over the phone, promptly he accidentally drops her phone onto the catwalk.


“You stupid boy, you almost dropped it down there!” Brooklynn cries.


“Geez relax e-girl, I’ll get your phone” Kenji retorts.


“Ummm guys” Darius attempted to butt in but Kenji and Brooklynn ignored him. 


Betsy had already picked up Brooklynn’s phone. Brooklynn shot a glance at Betsy, her face softened from her anger filled expression. Betsy looked over at Brooklynn annoyed, this thing kept her from sleeping earlier and now they are all the way out here; passed curfew.


“Betsy, can I have my phone back? It’s life or death for me if I don’t post something now” Brooklynn sweetly demanded. 


“Life or death?” Betsy pondered, these e-celebrity types always pissed her off, narcissists who believe in their own self importance because they have followers on a website, “Is that so?” she smiled grimly. 

She hands the phone back to Brooklynn. The pink-haired girl bolted past the boys, extending her hand out for her phone. Betsy retracted her arm away from Brooklynn. Brooklynn’s smile dissipated into a confused expression. Betsy's smile evolved into a devious grin as she allowed the phone to slip from her grasp. Only to realize she took the joke too far, her devious expression was quickly replaced with one of panic as she desperately looked around to where she dropped it until spotting it on the paddock floor.


“Why did you do that for?! Don’t you know who you are messing with here?” Brooklynn screamed at Betsy.


Betsy’s expression shifted from surprised to annoyance as she turned her attention back to Brooklynn, “Errr, your stupid phone and your stupid vlogs kept me from my sleep!”


“Oh I’m sorry, am I keeping you from your beauty sleep, judging from your disheveled appearance I bet you're the type of person who wouldn’t mind sleeping in the woods” Brooklynn retorted.


“Thanks I might just do that! I would rather sleep in the woods than having to hear your narcissistic ramblings of social justice!” Betsy hissed


“It's my fault, I’m the one that took her phone in the first place” Kenji jumped into the paddock to rescue Brooklynn’s phone. CRACK! He sprankle his ankle on the way down, “OWWW, my ankle!”


Betsy breaks her death glare at Brooklynn as she runs over to the edge of the catwalk, she climbs over the railing before jumping down into the paddock. Years of physical training from camping and hiking paid off as she landed on her feet. She grabs the cell phone before heading over to Kenji to help him up. Darius jumps down into the pit to help Betsy with Kenji. Brooklynn seething with rage glances over at the controls, she has to get back at Betsy for tossing her phone down into the pit so carelessly, she angrily walks over the controls; she smashes the button with the palm of her hand, which triggers a loud siren noise. 

A man-size door slowly slides open at the far end of the paddock. Brooklynn glanced over at the adjacent corridor where the thick bushes began to thrash violently, the sounds of animals grunting made Brooklynn flee from the stranded campers’ sight.


“She left us, she left us!” Kenji repeated in utter shock.


“Brooklynn what was that noise, where are the others?” Brooklynn ran past Arthur, accidentally shoving him to the ground. “Hey!” he shouted before turning his gaze back at the structure. He quickly runs up the steps before looking around the catwalk frantically. “Hey where did everyone go…” a sharp hiss from down below caught his attention.


He spots Betsy, Darius, and Kenji being cornered by a large blue dromaeosaurid. He helplessly watches as three more velociraptors join her. Blue squawks to her pack mates, Delta, Echo and Charlie as they begin to encircle the three campers.


“If we get out of here alive, remind me to kill Brooklynn” Betsy growled.


“Hey you were the one that deliberately dropped her phone into this… cage” Kenji retorted.


“Come on guys, let’s not fight” Darius attempted to calm the two down.

Arthur had to think of something fast, he frantically glanced over the catwalk and spotted the control unit. He runs across the catwalk which temporarily distracts the raptors below. Arthur  pressed one of the buttons, the man-sized door slid closed, “Shit” he then pressed the other button which slowly began to open the gate behind the stranded campers.


“Run,” Arthur shouted. Betsy clenches the phone in her hand, tempted to throw it at one of the raptors. She refrained from the thought, wishing not to get in any more trouble. She glances at the phone for a second, thinking of how Brooklynn really pisses her off, the smug elitist attitude and the narcissistic behavior. Arthur’s words finally registered in her brain as she saw Darius leaving with Kenji in her peripheral vision. Blue snapped her jaws at Betsy, in a brief panic she fell onto her butt. Blue slowly approaches her, followed by Delta and Echo then Charlie.



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“No!” Arthur screamed. Blue lunges at Betsy but suddenly backs away. Betsy looks up to see a man standing in front of her, he clicks his clicker to get the raptor’s attention. He held his hands up to keep the Raptor’s attention away from the girl.

The man looked down at Betsy, “Slowly, head for the gate” he whispers to her. She nodded as she crawled back to the gate with her friends. Blue nips at Delta for walking out of line. The man slowly backs away into the gate. Delta nips at Blue out of impatience. Blue breaks her attention from the humans as she returns a harsher bite back to her subordinate. Echo and Charlie turned their attention to their fighting pack mates. Barry slowly walks from behind Arthur. Arthur is startled for a moment. Barry presses the button to close the gate. He then tosses a lumps of meat into the raptor pen, distracting the four velociraptors. Blue snarls at her sisters as she reasserts herself as their beta. The man and Betsy quickly rolled themselves underneath the closing gate while the raptors were distracted.


Betsy looked up at her rescuer, “Ummm who are you?” she asked.


“The name’s Owen Grady, you kids shouldn’t be out, it's dangerous” he scolded. His expression softened, “Pretty badass, huh?” he asked her.


“Yeah,” Betsy smiled.


Roxie and Dave come scrambling to the raptor paddock, the two counselors stop short at the mouth of the primary gate while catching their breath. Betsy saw Brooklynn standing next to them urging them to the others.


The five campers are returned to Camp Cretaceous, Roxie and Dave both lecture Betsy, Kenji, Arthur, and Darius for breaking the rules while Brooklynn crosses her arms as if she ratted them out. Betsy grows increasingly annoyed with Brooklynn’s smug expression.. She’ll get her back for unleashing the Raptors on her and the boys. 


“It was my fault,” Betsy tells the counselors, “I wanted to see the dinosaurs up close so I goaded the boys into following me”


Roxie stares at Betsy Cinders suspiciously, “That doesn’t match with Ms Brooklynn’s account,”


“Well maybe, Brooklynn was lying!” Betsy exchanged a brief glare at Brooklynn.


Dave’s eyes widened while Roxie frowned at Betsy’s sudden outburst. The counselors decided that their punishment for tomorrow morning was to clean up some dinosaur dung while they visit the Hammond Creation Labs. Once back at the Cabins, Betsy lands a smack across Brooklynn’s face. Betsy glared at Brooklynn before shoving her phone into Brooklynn’s stomach, “Here’s your phone” she said.


Brooklynn holds her face where Betsy slapped, “Hey you're the one who dropped it, I should be the one mad at you. Also I bet you and those boys will be expelled from Camp Cretaceous by tomorrow” she said smugly. 


Betsy lets out a sharp sigh, “No, thanks to you internet princess; I have to shovel up dinosaur poop with the boys tomorrow” she lays on her bed. She stared up at the ceiling, remembering having to spend time in a foster home. She slowly fell asleep after Brooklynn decided to end her vlog, after complaining about her first day at Camp Cretaceous while making frequent unflattering mentionings of her cabin mate.


The next morning, Brooklynn stood over Betsy watching her sleep. “This is my evil roommate, she is sleeping,” she films the sleeping Betsy with her phone, “I guess she is not that bad since she risked her life to return my phone to me” Betsy slowly opened her eyes to see the internet influencer hovering over with her phone in Betsy’s face. She unleashes a loud yawn before rubbing the crust off her eyelids. She stretches her limbs to their fullest extent.


“Please get your phone out of my face,” Betsy pleaded.


“Ugh, she might as well be a boy,” Brooklynn hops off of Betsy’s bed. “Today, my roommate’s punishment for last night's curfew violation is scooping up dinosaur poop…and she is late,” Brooklynn smiled.


Betsy quickly throws the blanket off herself as she scurries over to the bathroom. She discards her clothes as she enters the shower, “Ahhh,” the water was freezing cold at first before it gradually warmed up. Brooklynn warns her not to take too long in the shower. Betsy squints her eyes in Brooklynn’s direction before turning the shower faucet off. Betsy quickly dries herself off before slipping into some clean clothes before racing off to put her socks and shoes on. Brooklynn smiles as she continues to film her roommate, while making snide comments.

Betsy takes a deep breath before pushing open the cabin front door, the hot and humid Isla Nublar air collided against her body. 


“Betsy Cinders,” Dave called out to her when she arrived, “You’re late”


“I’m sorry, I overslept” she yawns, she glances at her fellow campers. She sees Darius, Kenji and Arthur but not Brooklynn, “Hey why isn’t Brooklynn here?” she asked Dave.


“Brooklynn didn’t leave the premises last night” Dave reminded her.


Betsy frowned, she looked away from Dave. Brooklynn, she muttered under her breath. Dave awkwardly just slips past her. Betsy glanced back at the counselors as they departed with the other campers on one of the blue Jurassic World jeeps. Brooklynn holding her phone out to film the sour expression on Betsy's face, Brooklynn then winks at Betsy before slowly vanishing from Betsy’s sight.


“Kenji, you moron. If you didn’t take Brooklynn’s phone, we wouldn’t be in this mess having to clean up dinosaur poop” Darius shouted.


“Hey If I’m a moron, you're the moron for listening to me. Besides it was Betsy that dropped the phone in the freaking Raptor cage,” Kenji glares at Betsy.


“It was on accident,” Betsy looked for an excuse, “Her sweaty palms made her phone slippery”


 “Likely story” Kenji didn’t buy her excuse.


“Hey don’t be too hard on her, It could have easily been you” Arthur made a retort while scooping up some dung with his shovel.


“Okay, I was pretending to drop it but I accidentally allowed it to slip completely out of my hand,'' Betsy sighed in defeat. She looked up to see the boy’s reaction was mixed with shock and disapproval. Betsy averted her eyes. 

The four 15-year old kids continue to shovel up the random bits of dinosaur dung they could find around the perimeter. A thought crossed Kenji’s mind, last night may have been a failure but there is one more place for them to see dinosaurs up close. It wouldn’t take long and they would be back for the others to return.


“Hey guys, I have an idea,” Kenji grinned mischievously.


“What is it now, Kenji?” Darius asked.


“How about we go see some more dinosaurs?” Kenji suggested.


“What? Get into more trouble,” Arthur scoffs.


“No, you see, that's the beauty of it. We can get back before the others do, all we need to do is use the shortcut” Kenji announces his plans.


“Sounds nefarious,” Betsy added, “so what's your plan, Kenji?” She bordley rests her chin on the back of her hands as she holds the shovel handle’s apex. Kenji smiled at her as he shoveled some leaves off of a metal hatch.


“My father knows the guy who designed the worker’s tunnel” he slips out a keycard which he slides into the hatch. An electronic click is heard before Kenji begins turning the wheel. It opens, making a hissing sound not too dissimilar from popping open a soda can. The four campers slowly descend into the worker tunnels below.


Meanwhile at the Hammond Creation Labs…

Brooklynn records everything in the labs, scientists handling eggs in the incubator labs and some workers pushing carts carrying crates filled with amber fragments. She pans her camera past some random tourists, three teenage Japanese girls: one with short white hair, seemingly dyed with a stripe of magenta, the other with long black hair with also a stripe of magenta and the other with jet black hair. Brooklynn pans her camera over four girls each with a unique hair color: red, white, black, and yellow. Brooklynn grew bored of all these people crowding the glass. She let out a sigh before spotting Dr. Henry Wu leaving his office. 


“Dr. Wu, can I talk to you please?” Brooklynn walked up to the geneticists, “May I have a private interview with the brains behind Jurassic World? It's for a popular social media channel who are just dying to know the man behind the park” She excitedly filmed the bus scientist.


“Perhaps some other time, Ms…” Wu said politely.


“Brooklynn Dodgson,” she proudly announces.


“Well Ms. Dodgson, once I have some free time I would be happy to give you and your followers on social media my time” Wu smiled.


“Really?” Brooklynn did her best to sound super excited. Once Wu left her sight, Brooklynn grinned. “Now to see what's inside Dr. Wu’s office, hehehehe” she giggled quietly to herself. Brooklynn slipped into the door Wu had left open, she carefully filmed the interior of the labs. She traversed deeper into the labs, she filmed the strange assortments of mix-matched creatures. She glances over at one of the computers, she sees the genetic blueprint of the Indominus rex, Stegoceratops, Ankylodocus, Koolasaurus, Carnoraptor, Tropeogopterx and the Spinoraptor. Brooklynn slowly reached into her pocket and pulled out a USB stick, she stuck it into the computer’s USB port. She types at the keyboard, brooklynn begins copying the data to the stick before pulling it out as she thinks she hears footsteps, she quickly hides underneath one of the computer desks. Two scientists briefly walked into the labs.

“Look, Jerry, I don’t care what the higher ups are doing” a young scientist argued.


“Niles, what Masrani has done to InGen is wrong, this isn’t what Hammond envisioned” an older scientist countered.


“Yeah, look what he accomplished. Two failed theme parks and a short lived nature preservation on Sorna”


Meanwhile, the rest of the campers were at the incubation labs. Witnessing a premature hatching from one of the ankylosaurus eggs. It was born with a slight birth defect, its scrutes were asymmetrical. Dr. Wu, though surprised, he quickly jotted down something in his notes. This anomaly reminded him to check up on Masrani’s secret project. He raised an eyebrow when the nervous boy named the newborn ankylosaurus “Bumpy”.


“Okay, the tour is up. We need to give Bumpy here some rest, within a week you’ll see her at the petting zoo” Henry Wu wraps up the teenager’s visit.


Brooklynn made her escape when the two scientists had their attention elsewhere. She slowly closed the door behind her.


“Hey what was that?” Jerry asked.


“That nothing,” Niles replied.


Brooklyn was on her way out of the main labs, when Dr. Wu stopped her. “What are you doing here? Kids aren’t allowed in the labs”


“I’m sorry was looking for the bathroom”


Dr. Wu sighs, “It's down the hall to the left,” Did she see it? No, probably not, Henry thought. Although, her last name sounded familiar. Dodgson, surely she isn’t related to that Dodgson.


Meanwhile back at the tunnels, Kenji and his group have been traversing the tunnels for a while now. They began to see a ladder, they could see text painted near it, “Codename: Aqua”, Betsy read.


“What's that?” Darius asked.


“I think it's the Carnotaurus enclosure that's about to open next week,” Kenji replied as he climbed up the ladder. Damn I wish I brought the darn tunnel map, for all I know this could be the mosasaurus exhibit, Kenji mentally curses. He takes a deep breath before opening the hatch leading to the surface. To his surprise and relief the first thing he saw were trees and the sound of forest bugs. Good, it's not the mosasaurus exhibit, he sighed in relief. As he continued to climb up he spotted a paddock similar in design to the Raptor Paddock from last night. Crap we’re back at this place again… wait that wasn’t a raptor roar or was it? He continued to examine the octagonal structure. I don’t remember there being a moat here, Kenji thought as he further inspected the paddock. Betsy climbs up second. She too was surprised to see the paddock. She glances at the moat leading out of the paddock, she follows the moat with her eyes which leads to a fishery. Betsy pulls herself up until she finds herself walking up from behind Kenji.


“Sorry,” she apologizes, Kenji turned to face her staring off at the fishery.


“Fish?” Kenji questioned. Darius and Arthur finished climbing up the ladder. They too stared at the paddock before following their eyes to the fishery.


“Fish. Aqua. Aqua means water, I got it!” Arthur cracked it.


“Got what?” Betsy asked.


“This must be the Suchomimus exhibit or even the Baryonyx exhibit” Arthur speculates.


“Those exhibits are open to the public” Kenji corrects, “Were not in the park right now, I think we're in the construction zone”


“Ummm Kenji if we were in the construction zone then why does the sign say restrictive area?” Betsy points out.


“Because it's off limits to guests, only Jurassic World staff are allowed back here” Kenji rationalized. The boys walked up the metal stairs leading into the observatory chamber. Betsy followed them. Betsy slowly turned towards the barred window, she spotted four strange looking dinosaurs feeding from the moat within their enclosures. They looked like raptors but they were different from the ones from last night. They had longer snouts and were much bigger in addition to sporting a small fleshy sail on their backs. The Spinoraptors look up towards the observation window. The spinoraptors didn’t recognize the human’s faces so they quickly approached the windows. Their leader leaped from the ground, smashing into the bar caged window. It wrapped its claws around the bars while it attempted to squeeze its long snout between the bars before pulling them free. The teenagers flee from the observatory as they head back into the tunnels.


“What the hell was that?” Darius cried.


“I don’t know,” Kenji said, trying to catch his breath.


“That was no dinosaur I ever saw and I am a huge dinosaur nerd,” proclaims Arthur, “It can’t be a raptor its anatomy is all wrong and It can’t be a spinosaurus either too small and the body and feet are wrong”


“I don’t think we were supposed to see that… thing” Betsy added.


“Spinosaurus Raptor? Spino… Raptor… Spinoraptor” Arthur muttered to himself.


“What do you mean Betsy?” Darius looked up at her visibly scared.


“Think about it, though. It was in a restrictive area away from the park,” Betsy then looks over to Arthur, hearing him mutter Spinoraptor, “What if the park is trying to invent new dinosaurs?”


“Betsy, that’s crazy! Why would they do that, when they have real dinosaurs?” Darius cried.


“The dinosaurs in Jurassic World aren’t real dinosaurs, they are spliced with the DNA of Frogs” Arthur butted in, “Am I the only one who visited the Innovation Center?”


“This is my first time visiting Jurassic World,” Betsy replies.


“Yeah mine too,” Darius added.


“Pffft… yeah mine as well” Kenji finally admitted, “Well it does make some sense why they would invent a new dinosaur, Jurassic World attendance has been going down in the last few years according to my dad”


“Let’s keep this a secret between us four, we have to go before Dave and Roxie finds out we are gone” Betsy suggests.


The Jurassic World Jeep arrives at Camp Cretaceous. Dave and Roxie smile as they spot Betsys, Darius, Arthur, and Kenji have finished cleaning up the dinosaur poop from the perimeter. Yaz and Sammy leave the jeeps first as they head back to the cabins. Ben shyly heads for his cabin as Brooklynn continues to film the punished campers.

“Oh look, here is an exciting episode of my roommate Betsy, have fun cleaning up dinosaur poop” Brooklynn smiles.


Betsy smiles back, “Yes, it was tons of fun…”


“We just got back from the Hammond Creation labs, we saw a baby dinosaur hatch and I got to interview Dr. Henry Wu” Brooklyn gloated. Betsy gave Brooklynn a blank stare.


“Who?” Betsy asked.


“Who? The most important man on this entire island, that's who!” Brooklynn cried.


“Why is he important again?” Betsy asked.


“Because he created the dinosaurs in this park, do you not check social media?” Brooklynn asked.


“No, I don’t keep with that stuff” Betsy waves her hand dismissively, “besides there are a lot of bullies on there,” Betsy’s pitch dropped to a whisper as she darted her eyes away from Brooklynn. She glances back only to see Brooklynn was already heading to the tree-top cabins. “Wow… rude. Well looks like I could use the sleep” she followed after Brooklynn.




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 The campers were all gathered around the campfire later that night, Darius was telling a scary story about a tyrannosaurus rex but Arthur interrupts by saying T. rex wasn’t that scary then listed off that its too big, makes a lot of noise and the park’s version of the T. rex’s vision is based on movement. Betsy adds that the velociraptor was far scarier since it's roughly the same size as a human and it’s quieter. Arthur then adds that the troodon was also a scary dinosaur because it was also surprisingly intelligent. A loud thunderous roar could be heard from above as water droplets came falling out of the sky. Darius gave up telling the story as everyone ran back to the elevator.


The following day, the counselors arrive at the base of the tree-top cabins. They honked their jeep horns to wake the campers. The campers gather at the camp circle a little groggy from staying up late last night. Dave motivates the kids to saddle up as they head off to the Gyrosphere Valley. The jeep traverses the tropical jungle only for it to be replaced later with open grasslands. There they saw in the distance people in large lines gathering around the station containing large glass spherical vehicles. They spotted several gyrospheres had already departed the station as they traversed the grassland. The Jeep drives up to the Gyrosphere station. Dave and Roxie take turns explaining that part of the Camp Cretaceous experience is to “Cattle Drive” the dinosaur herd to fresh grazing grounds. The two counselors disembark from the jeeps as they head to embark on a Mercedes-Benz G 63 6x6.


“Wow, cool! Gyrospheres!” Darius was barely able to contain his excitement.


“I don’t know… I don’t know how to drive… and what if one of the dinosaurs attacked the vehicle?” Ben asked nervously.


“I’m glad you ask” said Dave, he sticks his head out the door window of the car, “the gyrosphere is made up of reinforced glass, made with stand even an anklyosaur’s club tail. Heck it can even stop a bullet, so the gyrosphere is probably the safest place you can be in the entire park. Okay kids, time to pair up”


“I want to ride with Yaz” Sammy cheerfully volunteers.


“Okay, Sammy and Yaz,” Dave listed.


“Do I need a partner,” Darius asked, “I want to drive solo”


“Sorry, Darius but you need a partner. Those are the rules” Dave added. He looks at the list, “Darius, you are paired with Brooklynn”


“A boy!” Brooklynn cried.


“Fine, who do you want to be paired with instead?” Roxie climbed over Dave’s lap.


Brooklyn looked past Darius, she saw Kenji; she made a nauseated expression. She looked over at Ben, she rolled her eyes while shaking her head. She then spotted Arthur, she shook her head. Then she saw Betsy, the two locked eyes onto each other. Brooklyn glares at her, Betsy exchanges the glare back. Brooklyn turns her attention back to Darius, she points at the boy, “I’ll ride with him” she gives a defeated expression.


“Great, Darius and Brooklynn” Dave jots it down in his list.


“Kenji and… Ben” Dave announces


“Wait what?” Kenji asked.


“Great, now that just leaves…” Dave looks at his list.


“Betsy and Arthur” Roxie finishes.


Betsy looks over at Arthur, he does the same to her. Arthur blushes after gazing into her yellow eyes. She blushes as well. The two enter the Gyrosphere and quickly fasten their seat belts, Arthur and Betsy both attempt to grab the throttle, causing both to blush before Betsy lays her hand on Arthur's hand as they both drive their Gyrosphere together. I think this girl likes me, I better not screw this up and act all nerdy, be chill, his thoughts race in his head.


“Okay, let’s start this Cattle Drive… but with dinosaurs. Sorry that sounded stupid, let me start over again, let’s herd some dinosaurs!” Dave announces.


The gyrospheres began to roll off alongside the counselor's car except for Ben who accidentally put his gyrosphere in reverse before correcting it to go forward. Gradually the gyrospheres began taking the lead as they approached a herd of sinoceratops. The ceratopsids look up from their browsing as they spot the gyrospheres. Instinctually the sinoceratops began moving away from the spheres.


“Woah! Hey Brooklynn, isn’t this exciting?” Darius asked, “Brooklynn?” he glances over at her staring at her phone, “I’m amazed how much time you waste staring at your phone” Darius goads her into replying. 


“Err what do you want?” Brooklyn snapped.


“I was wondering why you stare at that thing all day?” Darius may have sounded a little angry but he was happy inside. 


“I’m sorry but you don’t seem to understand the pressure it is being a popular social media star?” Brooklynn replied.


Meanwhile Sammy was excited at the prospect of being able to see the sinoceratops up close. The chip in the sinoceratop’s hide signals them to avoid colliding into the gyrospheres as they continue down the valley. Sammy attempts to make conversation with Yaz, but Yaz replies with a sharp swipe of the gyrosphere to shut the farm girl up. A thunderous roar was heard above, damn thunderstorms thought Betsy. She and Arthur were still holding each other’s hands on the gyrosphere throttle.


Roxie’s voice blares over the gyrosphere onboard speakers, “Alright campers we are cutting the tour short, there is a massive thunderstorm sweeping in from the north. Please head back to the station and depart from the gyrospheres. The thunder grew louder, the sinoceratops began to become disorganized as their herd scattered when winds were picking up. The matriarch sinoceratops groaned to her herd to stay together but the mercedes-benz's headlights were agitating her eyesight. Stress and panic setted in, the matriarch sinoceratops unleashed a loud roar before charging into the counselor's vehicle knocking it over.


Darius shook Brooklynn’s shoulder as he pointed to the counselor's vehicle. The matriarch sinoceratops growls at the mercedes-benz ready to charge into it once more however a gyrosphere was now blocking her path. The chip in her spine prevented her from attacking the gyrosphere.

“Okay, let’s herd these sinoceratops to those fresh grazelands. It would look good on your vlog” Darius suggested to Brooklynn.


“Fine,” Brooklynn sighs.


The gyrosphere begins to move forward into the matriarch who then turns around to regroup with her scattered herd. Darius tells the others of his plan. One by one the gyrospheres come together as the scattered herd slowly reunites into a single sinoceratops herd. Soon the sinoceratops herd merges with a traveling herd of parasaurolophus, stegosauruses and a few ankylosauruses. Roxie and Dave watch on from afar how the kids managed to regroup the scattered herds. 


An agitated ankylosaurus smacks its tail club into Darius and Brooklynn’s gyrosphere, spinning it out of control before bouncing off of another ankylosaurus. The gyrosphere slowly begins to crack as it collides into another ankylosaurus’s tail club. The rain began to pick up obscuring their visibility. Sammy and Yaz’s gyrosphere accidentally collides into Darius/Brooklynn’s gyrosphere before bouncing off each other. Kenji took control of his gyrosphere after Ben started having a panic attack as they lost visibility in the storm.

They are greeted by Betsy and Arthur’s Gyrosphere. The two gyrospheres found themselves at the mercy of a charging herd of triceratopses and pentaceratopses. The two gyrospheres managed to make a detour where they rendezvous with the other two gyrospheres. The continuous rain water caused the four gyrospheres to slip and skid in the mud to where they lost control and slid off a cliff into the deep forest below. With the gyrospheres damaged beyond repair, the campers disembark from their wrecked vehicles. Betsy and Sammy went out looking for help when they stumbled upon a styracosaurus, the creature snorted loudly as it prepared to charge towards the two campers.


“Don’t worry I got this,” said Sammy as she tried to calm the styracosaurus using what she learned on her family’s farm while holding a tree branch, “I’ve done this with the animals on my pa’s farm” The styracosaurus was certainly no farm animal, Betsy thought, she gritted her teeth as the heavy set girl approached the styracosaurus. The styracosaurus sees the farm girl as a threat as it groans furiously, it begins sweeping its feet across the ground ready to gore the farm girl with its nose horn. Betsy bolts towards Sammy. The styracosaurus has closed the gap between it and Sammy. Its horn lowered, ready to impale. Betsy leaps out to push Sammy out of its path. The styracosaurus snaps its beak at Betsy but misses her foot…barely. Betsy lands on Sammy while shoving the heavy set girl out of the way. The styracosaurus turns around ready for another go. Betsy quickly helps Sammy to her feet.


“We have to run!” Betsy ordered, “These aren’t farm animals, these are wild animals and they’ll kill us if they feel threatened”


“But…” Sammy tries to argue


“Believe me, I grew up doing deep wilderness camping. Me and my father had our share of encounters with the local wildlife” Besty reminisces the time where she had a deadly encounter with a wild hog during her camping trip in Louisiana. The two take off running as the styracosaurus slowly gains on them. Sammy tries to look back, “Don’t look back, keep your eyes forward, concentrate on run…” Betsy’s eyes widened as Sinoceratops cut off their path, “...ing” The sinoceratops grunts before groaning at the two girls, it snorts at them preparing to charge, the styracosaurus catches up to them. Betsy and Sammy leap out of the way believing the two ceratopsids would crash into each other. Instead the styracosaurus fled from the much bigger sinoceratops. Sammy quickly stands up to help Betsy on her feet.


The two girls slowly retreat into the thicket. The angry moans and groans of the ceratopsids slowly faded behind them. Darius, Kenji, Yasmina, Brooklyn, Ben and Arthur were put on edge from the sounds of twigs snapping. Only to see that Sammy and Betsy slowly made their way back to the broken gyrospheres. The teenagers use their broken gyrosphere shells as makeshift shelters when the rains increase in strength. The lightning intensifies as it leaves behind a thunderous roar. Two lights shine through the darkness of night, it was an ACU (Asset Containment Unit) truck. Katashi Hamada and his team disembark from the truck searching for the lost kids only to find them huddled in their broken gyrospheres. One of the ACU members walked up to the campers, he was a tall guy with short spiky hair. He smiled as he gestured to the teenagers to come out from the gyrospheres, behind him were Dave and Roxie. They slowly escorted the teenagers to the truck before departing back to Camp Cretaceous.


Late in the night as Betsy heads off to bed, Brooklynn pulls a laptop out from underneath her bed. She opens it, she looks over her shoulder to make sure her roommate is asleep before turning the device on, the laptop boots up then goes through its system loading screen before displaying a BioSyn logo and login screen. Brooklynn logs in her credentials. She slips in the USB stick into the USB port to upload all the information she downloaded from the Hammond Creation lab’s computers. Betsy groans in her sleep, which makes Brooklynn nervous as she hits cancel on the transfer, she quickly pulls out the USB stick and hides it in her pocket before heading off to bed.



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Betsy is out camping with her father at the age of seven, she spots a wild hog rummaging through their camping supplies. It snorted at her, it leaped out from behind the tipped over cooler as it scraped its hooves on to the dirty ground preparing to charge at the girl. Betsy screamed for her father, he quickly stepped in and fired a warning shot with his hunting rifle to scare the hog away. The hog bolted back into the forest. Betsy awakened from her dream. She slowly looked over to see Brooklynn was hunched over hiding something underneath her bed.


“Brooklynn what are you doing?” Betsy rubbed her left eye.


Brooklynn’s eyes grew wide as her roommate spoke to her, “Oh ummm just fixing my sheets” Brooklynn lied. 


Betsy glances over at the Camp Cretaceous alarm clock, “at 2:15 in the morning?” she asked before yawning again.


“You know me by now, Brooklynn the social media night owl, now get some sleep Betsy we got a big day tomorrow, we're going to watch the mosasaurus show and then Masrani will celebrate the grand opening of their new exhibits and showcase the top secret military project….” Shit I said too much, she suddenly has her hands covering her mouth.


“Top secret what? Your weird, Brooklynn” Betsy fell back asleep.


I will end her! Brooklynn raised her fist at her sleeping roommate. Brooklynn thought of something but this would require an amount of sneaking and finesse. Brooklynn quietly leaves her bed, she peeks in to make sure Betsy was asleep. Brooklynn tiptoed into Betsy’s closet and pulled out her backpack, she turned her cell phone off before slowly unzipping the backpack. She then carefully drops her phone into Betsy’s backpack before zippering it back up again. She places the backpack back into the closest. She slowly tiptoed back to her bed. Hopefully this will cover my tracks, she smiled.


Later in the morning, “Help! My phone is missing!” Brooklynn scrambled as she went hunting for it. “Oh no what am I going to do without my phone”


“Not this again,” Betsy crawled out of her bed, “This time it's not my fault”


“Well looks like someone has a guilty conscience?” Brooklynn retorted.


“What is that supposed to mean?” Betsy growled.


“I’m heading out” Brooklynn roars as she stomps out of the room.


“Fine!” Betsy shouts.


When Betsy joins the others on the bridge, she can hear Brooklynn accusing Sammy of stealing her phone. Yasmina steps in to defend her roommate. Darius attempts to calm Brooklynn down but she wasn’t having it from him.


“You're all acting like children, SHUT UP!” Betsy roars at her fellow campers, “Sammy didn’t take your phone and a little while ago you were accusing me”


“I still haven’t ruled you out, Betsy!” Brooklynn snarled. Betsy squinted her yellow eyes at Brooklynn. Brooklynn squinted her green eyes at Betsy. Both girls bared their teeth at each other as they sneered.


“Come on guys, let's not fight. The counselors left us in charge of the camp till they got back from their meeting,” Darius attempts to break up the fight. Betsy and Brooklynn give Darius a glare that could kill.


“Stay out of this Darius, I’m gonna crack this idiot’s skull” Betsy grins as she cracks her knuckles.


“Oh don’t think I’ll go down that easily because I have pink hair” Brooklynn retorted.


A loud thunderous roar boomed across the forest, forcing the two girls out of their death stares for a moment. 


“What was that?” Betsy asked. She could faintly hear gunfire in the distance, “is that gunfire?” She looked towards the others and they could hear it too.


“Let’s go check it out!” Kenji suggested.


“Yeah,” Darius follows.


“Wait guys, shouldn’t we wait until the counselors come back?” Ben suggested.


“I agree with Ben, here” Betsy rests her hand on the nervous kid’s shoulder, “we shouldn’t just blindly rush out…” Betsy sighs, “and they’re gone” Her right eye twitches.


“I’m still here,” Arthur announces. Betsy smiles.


The radio roars to life, “Warning to all Camp Cretaceous Campers, stay in your cabins. An asset has escaped!” Betsy, Arthur and Ben quickly turned their attention to the radio.


“We need to warn the others,” Arthur suggests.


Darius leads his band of campers to the watchtower part of the camp. He spots two Jurassic World staff members who were running towards the Campers. They waved their hands at them, shouting something. They couldn’t understand what they were saying, their voices were distant. The roar bellowed, the campers' eyes collectively widened as the surrounding forest seemed to bend and twist into the shape of a dinosaur. The Indominus rex devours the two staff members in front of their eyes. The campers whimper and gasp at the carnage they just witnessed, the Indominus turns her gaze towards the teenagers.


Betsy, Arthur and Ben race out of the main cabin as they bolted towards Darius and the others. Screaming an asset is on the loose. Betsy was wondering why they were ignoring her before it hit her, the escaped asset is here! She finally catches up to them and looks down at the approaching theropod.

“Arthur, you're the dinosaur expert here. What is that thing?” Betsy asked.


“I’m not sure, it looks kind of like a giganotosaurus but the teeth are wrong, there aren't supposed to be horny knobs over its eye ridge… wait could this be another one of thoses invented dinosaurs?” Arthur asks rhetorically.


“Invented dinosaurs?” Yasmina asked.


“We’ll tell you later,” Kenji replied.


“Our first priority is to gain a safe distance from it” Betsy stared at the hybrid theropod. She spots the zipline, she points at them, “There, we can take the zipline” she shouts. The campers quickly ran to the zipline platform, there was just enough for all of them plus two more. They pass out the harnesses before attaching themselves to the ziplines. The Indominus rex roars were growing closer. Darius was the first to be propelled down the line, next was Yaz, then Sammy, Kenji, Ben, Brooklynn, then Arthur and finally Betsy. The last thing Betsy heard was a loud crashing noise behind her followed by the Indominus rex’s roar before realizing the zipline had snapped, she collided into the ground.


Betsy was at her father’s funeral, she remembered fearing the worst as he was a single parent meaning she would be left in a foster home. Betsy was bullied by the foster children, mocking her deceased father in front of her. She would find herself attacking these kids only to be punished by her foster mother. One day she found a ticket to Jurassic World in a box saying happy birthday among her dad’s belongings, she smiled to herself but couldn’t help but tear up. She found her escape, however temporary it was. Betsy woke up to seeing redwood forests. The other campers were surrounding her.


“Finally you are awake” Kenji sighs, “were heading back to the camp”


Betsy nods as she rises on her feet. The campers arrive at Camp Cretaceous and to their horror the cabins were destroyed. Their belongings were scattered on the ground with a few compsognathuses raiding the destroyed refrigerators. Fortunately their backpacks were still intact.


“Betsy, just give me my phone back. I won’t hold it against you that you try to drop my phone in that raptor cage” Brooklynn attempts to negotiate.


“Wait It was you who dropped Brooklynn’s phone?” Sammy asked accusingly.


“Yes and now she decided to steal it,” Yasmina added.


“Wait, that’s not true” Betsy tries to defend herself.


Brooklynn grins as she opens Betsy's backpack pulling out her phone, “You were right, Yaz. she did steal my phone” Brooklynn held her phone up for all to see. I told you I would end you, it's all your fault actually. Brooklynn’s smug face got even smugglier.


“How could you do that to Brooklynn?” Sammy asked.


“Here I thought you were the cool one when you're just a bully” Yasmina accused.


Flashbacks of the foster children laughing and accusing Betsy flooded into her mind. Betsy clenches her fist as she grits her teeth, she narrows her eyes at the group, “I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK WHAT YOU THINK OF ME!” Betsy roared furiously, “YOU LITTLE SHITS CAN SURVIVE ON YOUR OWN, I’M OUTTA HERE” Betsy continued as she shoves past Sammy and Yasmina. She turns around to Arthur, her eyes filled with tears before running off into the woods.


“Betsy, wait! I’m going after her” Arthur tells the group.


“Forget about her, we don’t need her but we need you” Yasmina growled, “she’s a bad apple, rotten to the core”


“You’re wrong,” Arthur said directly to Yasmina’s face before running off into the forest


“Just leave him,” Brooklynn was recording the whole drama on her phone, “Brooklynn is back,” she smiles into her phone


“Well guys, let’s keep going forward, together we will never give up” Darius attempts to make a speech.


“Oh shut up, Darius,” Kenji sighed, mentally exhausted.


Arthur manages to catch up to Betsy, she is power walking through the jungle. “Betsy…” He attempts to grab her hand. “Betsy stop!” Arthur demanded. “What they were saying is not true! I know you didn’t steal Brooklynn’s phone, your not that type of person”


“How would you know what type of person I am, we’ve only been here for a couple of days… so don’t pretend that you know me” Betsy cried.


“I’m sorry,” Arthur sat beside her.


“You're not going back?” Betsy asked.


“I can’t leave you here by yourself, that would be cruel,” Arthur added.

Betsy fought back the tears before sitting down next Arthur, “I appreciate that” she didn’t want to look weak in front of the closest person she could consider a friend. A distant roar distracted her from her thoughts, followed by more gunfire.



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Dave and Roxie entered the control room, the staff members were scrambling to deal with the escaped indominus rex. They overheard raptor-expert Owen Grady and park manager Claire Dearing arguing over the consequences of its creation. “She doesn’t even know what she is,” Owen shouted as he pointed at the screen. The Indominus rex shows up as a lone red blip on the digital map. It suddenly stopped. Simon Masrani orders for the ACU team to be sent in to retrieve the rogue asset. Dave and Roxie watch nervously at one of the monitors listing the vitals of the ACU team.


Hamada discovers a hunk of scales and pink flesh laying on the ground with the dinosaur’s asset transponder sticking out of the pink part. “Is that the transponder?” asked Lowery.


“She remembered when they put that thing in,” Owen replied.


“It can camouflage!” screams Hamada before his radio is suddenly silenced. Katashi Hamada's vitals flatline. The rest of what transpired were more ACU members screaming before their vitals flatline. The staff in the control room scramble to order the ACU team to retreat.


The Indominus rex shortly after maiming the ACU personnel approaches the spinoraptor exhibit. She slowly climbs on to the paddock, the concrete walls were barely able to sustain its structural integrity under her weight. She sniffs the spinoraptors, she anchors her head into the exhibit allowing the spinoraptors to free themselves from their paddock. The lead Spinoraptor takes the lead as the Indominus follows her lead.


Staff members noticed the spinoraptor paddock had been breached. They scrambled to check on the other restrictive assets paddocks. They were still secured…. For now.


The campers tread through the jungle, their eyes darted around to every tree and shadow. The image of the Indominus rex being capable of camouflage burnt into their collective memories. Brooklynn continued to film with her phone making commentary, putting Ben even more on edge. Kenji asks Brooklynn to stop but she ignores him. Sammy started to feel bad that they drove off Betsy and Arthur. Darius spots something shiny in the distance. It was the remains of an ACU truck. Yasmina gasps as she sees the corpses of the ACU members laid torn apart across the forest. Her body reacts as she runs to the closest bush to vomit. Brooklyn was also nauseated by the sight of death. Sammy closes her eyes. Kenji spots the crushed remains of Katashi Hamada, the ACU leader. Ben hears groans coming from the damaged truck. Darius slowly approaches the truck. He spots the tall man with spiky from last night laying on the ground.


“Hey Mr. You alright?” Darius asked.


“Damn, what a hangover” he finally spoke with a deep raspy voice, “Where is the rest of my unit?” His vision slowly came back to him, “Oh” he sees their remains everywhere, “damn,” he curses. He looks around himself, he attempts to move but feels an intense pain in his torso, he feels he has fractured some of his ribs trying to stop that thing. “Hey kids, what are you doing out here? It's too dangerous, return to your Camp” he started coughing.


“We can’t, that dinosaur ruined the Camp” Darius was on the verge of crying.


“What was that thing anyways?” Brooklyn asked while holding up her phone.


“Oh, that’s unfortunate,” he slowly stood up ignoring Brooklynn’s question, he grasped at the pain in his ribs, “I gotta get you kids back to the park ASAP.” he looks around to find a working vehicle, “damn, looks like we're walking” he painfully reaches down to grab his weapon and his radio. Damn it's broken, he looks at his radio. He kneels down to pay his respects for the brave ACU men and women that died here. He slowly gathers their dog tags. When I get back I’ll see to it that you guys get a proper burial, he makes a silent promise. He walks further down, when he sees a Mercedes-Benz G 63 6x6 “Hey, can you kids help give me a push?” The ACU member asked.


The campers help push a sideways ACU Mercedes-Benz G 63 6x6 back onto its tires. “Oh yeah, introductions” he turns around, “My name is Vic Branowen, Asset Containment Unit” he climbs aboard the Mercedes-Benz. “Okay it's time to head back to Jurassic World and I need to report back to my superiors in person since my radio is broken,” Vic continued.


“Are we forgetting someone?” Kenji asked.


“Oh shit, we forgot about Arthur and Betsy!” Darius remembers.


Betsy and Arthur are pushing past the underbrush at a rapid pace as their legs feel like they are on fire. Behind them were sounds of mixed snarls and roars. A single spinoraptor bursts from the bushes, he snaps his jaws at the falling leaves. He glances at the fleeing humans, he thrusts his snout into the air and barks. Two more Spinoraptors burst from the bushes behind him in a full sprint before the other one joins them. Betsy and Arthur spots a road up ahead, the two jump into the clearing only to be confronted by the leader of their pack. The alpha female hisses as she snaps her jaws at them. The sound of a truck catches the leading Spinoraptor off guard before getting sideswiped by an ACU Mercedes-Benz G 63 6x6. The other three Spinoraptors backed away before retreating back into the jungle. Arthur and Betsy are greeted by the hugs of Sammy and Kenji. They soon climb aboard the truck before it drives off. A nearby tree begins to shake, a large red eye manifests on the tree trunk before the Indominus rex materializes from its surroundings. She smells the blood from her former pack leader, this small thing was too weak to be her pack leader. She scooped up her former pack leader into massive jaws before crunching down.


Betsy crosses her arms as she glares at Brooklynn. Brooklynn also exchanged a glare at Betsy. Sammy glances at the two girls, “Hey, look over there” she points out the window. They see an old red and tan 92 Jeep bearing the Jurassic Park logo driving through the jungle in the distance. The ACU truck is forced to make a detour when Vic spots the spinoraptor pack up ahead. He drove down an old road, before passing a series of ponds. The old Jurassic Park Visitor Center came into view. It was covered in vines and moss from decades of being abandoned. A helicopter zooms over, sounds of something big stirs within the old safari-style building. The indominus roars echoed from within before chasing after the helicopter.

The spinoraptors had caught up to the truck, Vic looks in the rearview mirror, “We got company!” when suddenly a Nasutoceratops charged out in front of the ACU truck. “Damn, who let the…” The Nasutoceratops came into full view, it had stegosaurus plates and a spiked tail. “That's no nasutoceratops,” Arthur pointed out, “That's more of a stegoceratops, a hybrid”


Roxie and Dave stare up at the monitors praying for the camper’s safety. The computer indicates that the other hybrid paddocks had opened rather than breached. The staff members scrambled to figure out the cause of it. “I think we have a security breach!” Lowery shouts to his counterpart, Vivian.


“How is that possible? Who would want to hack Jurassic World security?” Vivian asked rhetorically.


“It's not a hacker, it's a computer virus!” Lowery growls, “Quarantine the system, set the dinosaur paddocks to manual lock”


“Oh no, it’s too late, the carnotaurus, suchomimus, baryonyx, and compsognathus paddocks had already been opened” Vivian cried.


“That's not all, we have a breach in the aviary!” Lowery brings up the security footage, the Indominus rex roars at the pteranodons to flee. The pteranodons swarm out of the hole the indominus rex had created. The flock targets the helicopter above the aviary. The pilot is impaled by a pteranodon beak while the gunner is thrown out of the helicopter before being sntached by a pterandon’s jaws. Simon Masrani attempts to stabilize the helicopter but to avail the helicopter spins out of control before crashing into the apex of the aviary before crashing and exploding into a fiery inferno on the ground. The Indominus rex flees from the explosion as the rest of the pterosaurs flee from the new hole in the aviary.


“Keep your heads down!” Vic tugged at the gears as he drove the Truck into reverse, the spinoraptors bolted away from the truck. The Stegoceratops tramples one of the Spinoraptors, bringing their numbers down to two. The remaining spinoraptors leap onto the Stegoceratop’s side, biting at its plates. Vic speeds away from the old Jurassic Park building. The truck turns passed the old power shed and decrepit raptor paddock. The sounds of gunfire in the distance caught the Camper’s attention, followed by the angry roars of the Indominus rex.  Brooklynn continues making commentary as she films the helicopter looming in the sky. Suddenly a flock of pteranodons swarm the helicopter, causing it to fall from the sky. The pteranodons and dimorphodons flee from the aviary as they swarm overhead. The ACU truck drives past a shattered gyrosphere where a broken smartphone lies next to it. 


A Carnotaurus bolts out in front of the ACU truck while hunting a herd of gallimimus. The truck cuts off the carnotaurus from its prey, it turns its attention towards the truck. Little did it realize it was also being hunted. A creature bursts from the treeline, its claws slash across the carnotaurus’s face; damaging its brow horn. The creature looked like a miniature carnotaurus but it had raptor feet. Vic pulled the truck into reverse as the Carnotaurus wrapped its jaws around the Carnoraptor’s neck before throwing it into a tree. The Carnotaurus setted its attention back to the truck. Vic shifts gears before flooring the gas pedal taking the truck out of the jungle. The Carnotaurus roars angrily as it pursues them.


“What is that thing?” Sammy cried.


“It's a carnotaurus, early cretaceous, south america” Arthur replied.


“Don’t you think you should chill out on the dinosaur trivia man!” Kenji retorted.



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The Carnotaurus rams its head into the back of the ACU truck. The campers scream in pure terror as Vic curses to himself. “Hang on, I’m going to try and lose it” Vic attempts to calm the campers down. The Carnotaurus roars again, ready to ram into the truck. Vic swerves the truck out of its way, the Carnotaurus is now running parallel to the vehicle. “Ah, shit” he curses. The Carnotaurus eyes Vic. The Carnotaurus lunges at the driver side, Vic shifts gears to put the vehicle in reverse, the truck lurches forward instead. The carnotaurus smashes its head into the side of the truck. Sending it swerving in the opposite direction. Brooklynn and Kenji are thrown from their seats as they land in the middle of the isle. Tangled with Arthur and Betsy.


“Hey watch where you are grabbing!” Brooklynn cries.


“Hey, I didn’t want to touch your dirty butt anyways!” Kenji shouts


Betsy ignores the whole thing as she glances out of the back window, something was following them. A smaller carnotaurus? Wait no… The Carnoraptor from earlier flared out its taloned claws while screaming out a sharp hiss.


“I thought that thing was dead,” Darius stares off in disbelief. 


Ben and Sammy were huddling together next to Darius on the back seat as the creature drew closer to the back window. The Carnoraptor ran up to the back of the truck, snarling at the three campers before running off to the side of it. It glances at Arthur and Betsy before encroaching on the front passenger side. Yasmina was praying to herself when the Carnoraptor lunged itself into her door. It bounces off as it continues its pursuit. The Carnotaurus bellows as it again shoves its weight into the ACU truck. The vehicle loses control as it flips onto its side. The Carnoraptor bolts away before it could get crushed. The Carnotaurus roars at the smaller carnoraptor, causing the carnoraptor to flee. The carnotaurus rams into the ACU vehicle, which begins to tumble down a steep hill. The truck-van came to a stop near a river on its roof.


“Is everyone alright?” Vic coughs.


The campers were thrown from their seats laying in a pile. “Oww Sammy, you're heavy” Brooklynn cries. She checks to see if her phone is alright, she sighs in relief. 

“Good, you're safe,” Brooklynn smiles,“Owww, Kenji!” she glared at the tall asian boy who was further back in the pile. “It wasn’t me I swear” he shouted. It was Betsy, she crawled over Brooklynn, she didn’t say a word to Brooklynn.


“Hey, what's your problem?” Brooklynn asked.


“Shhhh,” Betsy held a finger to her mouth.


“Don’t tell me to shhh” Brooklynn whispered.


Yasmina slowly regained consciousness, “Whoa where am I?!” she glanced behind her and saw Betsy, she frowned. “What the hell are you doing near me? I should have had you figured out from the start,”


“Just allow me to tell the truth,” Betsy sighed.


“NO! We all saw that the phone was in your bag,” Yasmina pointed at her.


“It's useless talking to you,” Betsy mutters under her breath. 


“That's enough from both of you,” Vic clenches his hurting ribs.


A snarl could be heard from outside. Vic grabs his weapon off the van ceiling turned floor, he slowly reloads his weapon. He placed his finger on his lip to the girls in a shhhh motion. He slowly made his way to the upside down driver door; he kicked it open. Slowly he crawls out of the flipped over ACU vehicle. He heard the snarl again and spotted some kayaks nearby. Yasmina slowly crawls out from her side, she leaves Betsy to crawl out by herself. Betsy turns around to pull Arthur out, then Sammy, Darius, Kenji, Ben but hesitates to help Brooklynn out. Brooklynn was still glued to her phone.


“Okay, you're going to take the kayak’s down the river adventure route. It should take you back to the park. Now follow me,” he leads the kids to the kayaks. 


Vic helps Arthur and Sammy into the first Kayak. The snarling noise was growing closer. Vic helps Yasmina and Ben into the next Kayak. The sound of tree branches cracking and snapping put Vic on edge. Kenji and Brooklynn were next in the kayak. Vic hears some heavy breathing, he sighs as he helps Darius and Betsy into the last kayak before pushing them away. He spins around, grabbing his weapon as he aims at the creature standing at least 20 ft away. It was a suchomimus, it mostly eats fish but is known to eat meat if given the opportunity. The suchomimus stares at the kayaks before glaring at Vic.


“Hey, I’m the one you're after,” Vic points his thumb at himself. The suchomimus ignores the kids on the kayaks for now as it slowly approaches Vic. 


The kayaks pass through a dark tunnel, the interior of the cave slowly illuminates with strategic placement of red lights. The campers see ruins of the old park’s maintenance facilities, pipes that had long since eroded and old power lines that no longer hold power dangle precariously from the exposed wires.


Darius turns to Betsy, “So if you don’t mind me asking, what's with you and brooklynn?”


“Huh? Oh well despite what happened, I didn’t steal her stupid phone” Betsy growls.


“Well it was in your backpack, care to explain how it got there?” Darius asked.


“I don’t know and that’s the truth, the only time I touched her phone was back at the Raptor cage” Betsy defends herself.


“Yeah, explain to me why you dropped it in the first place?” Darius continues questioning her. Betsy was growing slightly aggravated. 


“Because she was too loud on her social media and kept me from sleeping” Betsy replied.


“That can’t be the only reason,” Darius accuses.


“Fine. The real reason, I don’t like her. She is obnoxious, self-centered, and that whole valley girl persona of hers is very annoying” Betsy admitted.


“You’re not sounding very sympathetic right now” Darius pointed out.


“I guess I am a little jealous of her, she has so many friends on social media. I wished I had that many friends…” 


“So that’s why you stole her phone, I mean dropped it,” Darius didn’t choose his words carefully.

“Careful Darius or I will knock you out of the boat” Betsy growled, “Back at the Raptor cage, it was a joke” Betsy said with an awkward laugh.


Darius raised an eyebrow, looking at her disapprovingly, “A Joke?”


“Yeah,” she darted her eyes away, “A Joke that went too far, I didn’t mean to drop it”


“Okay, that explains why you went back and saved it. Now how did it end up in your backpack?” Darius asked.


“What is this an interrogation?” Betsy deadpanned, “Like I said, I don’t know” Betsy thought real hard, thinking how could it end up in her backpack, “I swore, I gave her the phone just shortly after slapping her”


“You slapped Brooklynn?!” Darius' voice echoed through the cave. Brooklynn knew they were talking about her as she glanced back at Darius and Betsy.


“Hey keep it down will ya,” Betsy growled.


“So that's why she dropped my phone,” Brooklynn whispered to herself, “she was jealous of me and my follower status. I guess it can’t be helped, I am the most attractive one here” Kenji tried hard not to laugh. Her green eyes gaze at him intensely as if she could burn a whole in his face with her stares alone.


Yasmina heard the whole conversation, though it didn’t change her mind. Betsy is similar to her, but more timid and far less well adjusted. She is a ticking time bomb in Yasmina’s eyes. 


Sammy and Arthur were rowing ahead of the others. A big black mass slithered lazily on the corroded metal before plopping into the water. Its beady little eyes arose to the surface like a crocodile. It slowly approached the kayaks but at the same time cautiously kept its distance.

Ben accidentally drops his paddle into the water, he reaches out to grab it. Yasmina sighed. Ben pulls it out of the water but then a giant head bursts from the water and takes a bite into Ben’s paddle. The water began to pick up pace at the end of the tunnel. The koolasaurus smashes its head into the lead kayak. The kayaks were soon rapidly passing through the tunnel. The kayaks leave the tunnel. A flash of blinding light temporarily blinds the campers as their eyes have to readjust to the light. They paddle their way to the docks. Sammy and Arthur quickly place down their paddles as they help Yasmina and Ben out of their kayaks. Then it was Brooklyn and Kenji before it was time to help Darius and Betsy.


Brooklynn extends a hand out to Betsy, the dark haired girl looking up suspiciously at the pink haired girl. She grabs her hand before being pulled up, she pulls her closer and whispers, “I know you didn’t steal my phone, I planted it”


Betsy’s brow furrows, “You are playing with fire, Brooklynn” 

Brooklynn smiles, “Yes but if you make a scene, the others will not believe you. Besides, jealousy doesn’t suit a cavewoman like you” and with that she pushes Betsy away before heading off to rejoin the others. Betsy clenches her fist. 


“What was that all about,” Yasmina grew protective of Brooklynn.


“Oh she pulled me closer to her and started threatening me,” Brooklynn started to fake cry.


Betsy grits her teeth, Brooklynn’s fake crying was getting on her last nerves. She began power walking closer to the pink haired girl, this time she is going to do more than just a firm slap. She stopped dead in her tracks when she heard Darius suddenly scream in terror. She darted her eyes back at Darius, he was sitting on the docks slowly crawling away from a big scaly toad-looking creature. Betsy froze up at the sight of the thing. The koolasaurus slowly inched closer to Darius. The koolasaurus makes a lazy attempt at lunging at the boy. Gray jaws covered in yellow spots burst from the water, its conical teeth sink into the scaly toad-like koolasaurus. The koolasaurus croaks one last time before being pulled into the water. Darius slowly climbs back on his feet, he tugs at Betsy's arm but it took her a while to realize she needed to run. 


The gray head arose out of the water, “It's a spinosaurus,” Darius shouts to the others. 


Arthur felt he needed to correct him on the genus, “I don’t think so, looks more like a suchomimus” Betsy pushes him to flee instead of staring and gawking at the creature pursuing them. The rest of the animal came into view the closer it came onto land. Arthur was correct, it was a suchomimus. It snarled at the campers as they fled from its sight, however the suchomimus chose not to pursue them any further.



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A few minutes ago… Vic raises his weapon at the Suchomimus. It roared furiously at him as he shot out a few taser darts. To distract it from going after the kayaks. Vic reloads, the suchomimus was now dangerously close to him. He fires a volley of the darts onto its tongue. It snaps its jaws shut, wreathing in pain. Vic bolts away from the large theropod. Wait, isn't there an old maintenance depot ahead? I’ll hide in there, he nods to himself. Sure enough, he finds a door sporting the old Jurassic Park logo. He quickly closes it before the suchomimus could catch up to him. He just missed the kids, their echoes were now just a faint whisper. Gruttal girls filled the tunnels, the suchomimus was back. He continues down the decrypted maintenance tunnels until he finds himself outside again. He sighs in relief once he sees the kids arrive at the kayak dock. However the sight of the koolasaurus climbing up the docks, made his heart sink. “Shit!” he curses realizing he is out of ammo. He quickly makes his way down the hill. 


The sight of the suchomimus bursting out of the water made him feel helpless, but fortunately it was only after the hybrid crocodile-amphibian. The Campers put some distance between them and the Suchomimus. The spinosaurid roars before heading back into the water to feed on its kill. It took them a while to finally notice the evacuation sirens were blaring. They noticed Vic limping his way into the clearing. The Campers were delighted to see a friendly face. Vic helped guide the campers to their destination and by nightfall they finally reached Jurassic World. When they got there they arrived at the mosasaurus lagoon. They could faintly see something in the water, they knew from the advertisement it was the mosasaurus. They spot the monorail that should take them directly to Main Street. The lagoon was quiet, too quiet. Vic looked around to see if any of the security members may have abandoned any of their weapons so he could salvage them for ammo.

A loud growl was heard behind them. Vic and the Campers turned around to see a Carnoraptor, judging from the scars on its back it's the same one that’s been chasing them. 


“Toro”, Darius named it. 


“Why did you name it?” Kenji asked rhetorically.


“That’s not important right now,” Vic urged the campers to keep going. Where was the rest of the ACU? Surely they didn’t all die from the Indominus rex, Vic thought.


The Carnoraptor sprinted towards the campers, stopping to turn its attention to the new contenders in the bleachers; there were the two Spinoraptors the campers had encountered earlier. The Carnoraptor bolted up the bleachers, giving the campers some time to flee. The spinoraptors double team the Carnoraptor. Their conical teeth do little to piece its thick scaly hide. The Carnoraptor headbutts the leading spinoraptor in the ribs, sending it flying across the bleachers. The spinoraptor’s packmate slashes at the Carnoraptor’s face, it bellows at its attacker before getting double teamed again. The leading spinoraptor turns her gaze away from the carnoraptor, she spots the campers were fleeing. The leading spinoraptor looks down at the carnoraptor before “talking” to its competitor, the Carnoraptor submits to the stronger spinoraptor. The three hybrid raptors set their sights on the fleeing humans. They climb a flight of steps; an exhausted Betsy trips as she falls backwards down the stairs. Yasmina decides to run down the stairway to help Betsy up. The hybrid raptors were not too far away.


“Thanks,” Betsy muttered.


“I’m not doing this for you,” Yasmina replied, “We will never be friends”


“Pfft, whatever” Betsy retorts, “let’s try not to die before we get to the monorail”


“Agreed,” Yasmina replied.


Vic operates the monorail controls, “alright kids climb aboard, heh, I always wanted to say that” 

The kids were all catching their breath as they finally made it back. The nightmare was almost over, they could go home to their families. Betsy on the other hand dreaded the reunion with her foster family. Darius explained he and his dad wanted to go to Jurassic World together but circumstances wouldn’t allow for it. Kenji attempts to cheer him up by saying fortunate his dad didn’t have to witness the events that transpired here in the past week. Sammy wanted to toast to “Not getting eaten” but everyone was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. Vic smiles that the kids were safe. He started thinking about his own two daughters. He noticed something was on the rail up ahead but couldn’t make out what it was.


His smile is quickly replaced with a shock expression when he spotted sleeping pterosaurs up ahead on the rail. There were not only pteranodons and dimorphodons roosting on the monorail rail but Tropeogopterus as well. Damn another escaped hybrid, Vic curses to himself. Once all the teenagers are aboard the monorail, he closes the doors. The hybrid raptor pack attempts to chase the monorail as it flees from the station. Desperate, the hybrid raptors leap on to the top of the monorail. 


“Oh, that's not good” Vic deadpans.


The monorail’s high beams startled the pterosaurs, they catapulted themselves into the air as they swarmed the monorail train. One of the spinoraptors snatches a dimorphodon out of the sky with its jaws, before tossing its carcass towards the carnoraptor. A pteranodon swoops in to impale the other spinoraptor but the hybrid raptor leaps onto its back sending the pteranodon into the weak fabric bridging the monorail cars. The spinoraptor begins to eat the fallen pterosaur while progressively making the hole in the fabric bigger. The campers could hear the thud. A tropeogopterus smashes its massive beak into the monorail car, throwing Brooklynn almost out. She hung on to the ragged metal frame, she looked up to see Betsy. Her heart sank in her chest, she was now at the mercy of this girl. Betsy smiled deviously, a raging fire burning in her eyes.


Betsy kicks Brooklynn out of the train, gleefully watching her fall into the mosasaurus lagoon. The mosasaurus rises up to devour her pink haired nemesis once and for all. Betsy shook her head to dispel that dark fantasy coursing through her head. She looks down at Brooklynn still hanging on to dear life, the voices in Betsy's head demand for this girl to pay but she ignores them. Betsy almost throws herself out as she grabs Brooklynn by the back of her shirt, she attempts to pull the girl up, “Guys, help me!” Betsy cries.


Yasmina was surprised to see this side of Betsy. She was willing to put herself in harm’s way? She pondered, if she stole this girl’s phone why is she wanting to help her out? Was it guilt? Is she trying to win brownie points?


“Yasmina, Kenji, Darius, Ben, Arthur, Sammy, Help me god damn it!” Betsy pleaded. Arthur quickly grabbed Brooklynn’s left arm. Betsy smiled to see he chipped in. Then came Darius, Betsy exchanged a smile to him too. The three of them with all of their might pull Brooklynn back into the train. “Yes we did it!” Sammy screams joyfully.


Brooklynn looks up at Betsy, she frowns as she turns to the others. “Guys, I have something to confess” Brooklynn announces. Yasmina snapped out of her brooding, she has a feeling she is not going to like what Brooklynn had to say. No you did not make me defend you over a lie! Yasmina clenches her fist. Tell me you're not going to confess, that Betsy was the innocent one! Yasmina brow furrows.


“Betsy didn’t steal my phone, I planted it into her backpack,” Brooklynn confessed. Yasmina power walks over to Brooklynn shoving anyone in her way, she raises her hand ready to slap her but is stopped by Betsy.


“Back off,” Betsy growled.


“Why are you defending her? She framed you!” Yasmina screams.


“Because she has the guts to admit her mistake, do you?” Betsy squints her eyes at Yasmina, “No, you don’t. You take people at their face value and then get angry like a child when you end up on the wrong side”


“Why you little bitch!” Yasmina slaps Betsy across the face. Betsy smiles before patting Yasmina on the shoulder, feeling better? Although Betsy didn’t say a word, her expressions did.


“Teenagers and their drama” Vic sighs.


The door behind Sammy suddenly cracks open, soon a slender head shoves its way into the car. The spinoraptor snarls at the campers as it struggles to squeeze its way into the car. Sammy shoves a diner cart into the spinoraptor’s way blocking it from entering. The rest of the campers rush to apply pressure to the cart, while avoiding the spinoraptor’s jaws. Vic spins around to help the kids, he pulls out a black handle which swings down to deploy into a cattle prod. He shocks the spinoraptor’s nose. The hybrid retreats back into the other car with its sibling and adopted pack member.


“There’s raptors on the train, THERE'S RAPTORS ON THE TRAIN!!!” Ben screams. 


What seemed like hours was only a few minutes, the monorail came to a complete stop. “Welcome to Main Street, enjoy your stay” the computer recites its prerecorded lines.


“Okay, I’m going to count to three, you kids quickly find safety while I’ll hold these guys off” Vic ordered. The campers nod.

“Okay ready? 1..” Ben, Yasmina, Sammy began to disembark from the train. “2..” Kenji, Brooklynn, Darius, Arthur and finally Betsy disembark from the train. “3..” Vic lets go of the Cart before taking off to the conductor's car. The spinoraptor head butts the cart out of its way. Vic seals himself inside the conductor's car. He commands the monorail to move again. The hybrid raptors attempt to barge their way into the conductor's car. Vic smiles as he uses his gun as a battering ram to the monorail’s windshield. The windshield shatters, he slowly climbs out before heading to the roof. He quickly runs to the monorail station and jumps on to the platform.


The streets were cleared of people, the streets were littered with stuff people abandoned. They hear dinosaur noises in the distance followed by gunfire. Betsy, Kenji, Brooklynn, and Darius recognized the first couple of dinosaur cries, they were velociraptors. The second was from the Indominus rex. The raptor calls quickly died off, now all that was left was only the roars of the Indominus rex and the sound of destruction. Then came the roars of a different dinosaur, Brooklynn’s eyes widened from this unfamiliar dinosaur roar, “What the hell is that?”


“That is a T. rex,” Kenji replied.


“Let’s go this way” Arthur suggested, pointing at the road opposite of the roars. 


Faintly they could hear destruction following in the two theropods’ wake. After a while the roars of the tyrannosaurus grew fainter as the Indominus roars triumphantly only for its growls to be cut short. A velociraptor could be heard screaming. The indominus begans making struggling grunting noises. The last thing the campers hear is that the Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor and the Indominus rex were bellowing at each other before the Indominus was suddenly silenced mid-roar. The campers felt both relief and a sense of dread. They quickly take cover in a broken restaurant. The campers collapse onto the floor exhausted to the point of sleep.


Slowly they awaken to the announcer saying they have an hour left before evacuations are complete. Betsy tries to move but her muscles refuse to move while Arthur fights to find the strength to stand up, the rest of the campers were in the same boat. “Come on kids, the boats are waiting” Vic encourages them.



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Vic leads the campers to the docks but their path is suddenly blocked by a tyrannosaurus. Brown in coloration, a series of old scars on her neck and some fresh wounds added just recently. Vic remembers this one, the ACU team gave her a name: Roberta but they also called her Rexy when the situation demanded it. She was scavenging on the remains of several down pteranodons and dimorphodons. Brookylnn’s phone started to play her ringtone, “I’m a survivor” by Destiny Child. The other campers eyes dart around in utter terror as the old tyrannosaurus turns her attention to the humans. “Run,” whispers Vic.


“Wait, I know another way to the boats, the tunnels!” Kenji directed them, “Follow me”


Kenji marches up the steps into the hammond creation center, Rexy stops dead in her tracks, unable to pursue the prey any further. She sniffs the bronze John Hammond statue before slowly turning away. Kenji sighs before leading everyone deeper into the labs. There they spot Bumpy had been abandoned in the nursery. Ben opens the door to help get Bumpy. The little ankylosaurus nudges its beak against his leg before following them. Kenji opens an access tunnel leading down into the tunnels below. The lights were dim, barely functional even for low powered lights. Brooklynn activates the light on her phone. To the camper’s horror and even Vic, the remains of several maintenance workers. A swarm of tiny green theropod dinosaurs were feeding off them. The lead compsognathus turns its attention to the humans. It chirps to get the others to stand in formation.


“Did these compys do all of this?” Arthur asked in disbelief.


“Nah, they're small. Must have been something bigger” Darius corrected.


The compys swarm at the humans, they leaped onto the boys first since they were closer. Nipping and scratching before more of them started piling on them, the nipping became full on bites as it tore into clothing and flesh alike. Soon they were surrounded by even more compys, Vic tried his best to taser the compsys but they swarmed on him too. Ben does his best to shield Bumpy from the compsognathus bites. Betsy closes her eyes, fearing the compys will peck her eyes out. Brooklynn covers her eyes as well. A Compsognathus starts biting on Darius' nose. While another compsognathus begins biting Yasmina’s ear. Betsy feared this was the end of the line for her.


Then suddenly the compsognathuses stopped their biting as they began retreating. From a hooting sound. Slowly Vic and the others stood up, bloodied from all the compy bites. Vic recognized the hoots but they were deeper than the usuals they show around in the park.


“We must hurry,” Vic insisted, “Kid, you know your ways around the tunnels, right?”


“Yes, my father was the lead engineer here,” Kenji proudly declared.


“Quit boasting and get us outta here” Vic urged. The campers went on up ahead, Vic feared that his cattle prod would do nothing but agitate the beast that is coming for them, “Just keep running and whatever you do, don’t look back” he shakes his head.


The campers didn’t question him as they proceeded to run down the tunnels. Something wet hit the back of the campers, Brooklynn was tempted to look, “I said eyes forward!” Vic growls. She felt something sticky splat her cheek. She glanced at her shoulder, it was now black as tar.


“I see the ladder,” Betsy cried.


“Almost there!” Darius shouted.


“Come on guys, up the ladder. Darius you go first, then help Ben with Bumpy” Kenji ordered as Darius goes up first. Ben helps Bumpy climb up the ladder with assistance. Sammy was next up the ladder, she was crying, the poor girl went through a lot. When it was Brooklynn’s time to head up the ladder, Yasmina grabs Brooklynn’s phone before tossing it down the tunnel in the direction of where they came from. The phone’s screen breaks, Vic looks up at Yasmina with confusion. Brooklynn bolted towards her phone, she picked up its remains before locking eyes with their pursuer. It was an eleven foot tall Dilophosaurus. It hoots at her, the folds on its neck sprang into an impressive frill with blotches of reds, yellows and oranges. It spits out the black sticky tar-like substance at Brooklynn’s face. Betsy shoves Brooklynn out of the way, then the black substance cakes half of Besty’s face. Her eyes burn as she screams in pain as the power of the spit throws her to the ground. Brooklynn and Kenji race to Betsy's side as they drag her to the ladder.


“Get her out of here, that stuff is venom,” Vic orders, he looks at the dilophosaurus, “I’ll distract her as long as I can” he then bolts towards the dilophosaurus with cattle prod in hand. The dilophosaurus hisses at Vic, black venom dripping from its jaws. Vic jabs into her shoulder with the extended taser, she hisses before landing her sharp claws into his back. His body armor protected him from the damage but still feels the pain. She reaches in to bite him, but he zaps her neck causing her to backway from the humans. She eyes the kids dragging a paralizyed Betsy away. Vic shoves the cattle prod into her snout. The dilophosaurus snaps her jaws at him.

I just need her to give up on pursuing us, Vic said mentally, protect the girl, make all thoughts of pursuing us a waste of this dinosaur's energy.


The dilophosaurus slowly backs away, she flares out her frills as she prepares to spit at Vic. The ACU member grins, the black venomous spit is released from her jaws. Vic dodges out of its trajectory as he rolls ups to the dilophosaurus to zap it beneath the neck. The dilophosaurus swipes at Vic with her claws but he rolls out of the way to zap her in the calf muscle of her leg. The dilophosaurus smacks Vic in the stomach with her tail before retreating down the tunnel.


Kenji struggles with Brooklynn to carry Betsy up the ladder, “Mind if I try?” Vic lifts Betsy up and throws her over his shoulder as he climbs the ladder up after Kenji and Brooklynn. “We need to get a first aid kit, I know where there are some in the medical wing” 


The campers lie Betsy on a medical bed. They searched desperately for some anti-venom but saw the medicine cabinets had been ransacked. Betsy’s body begins to suffer the secondary effects of the venom, paralysis. She struggles to breathe., while the rest of the campers were becoming fatigued. The effects of the compsognathus bites were taking effect as the campers were quickly becoming lethargic. Brooklynn faints as she drops her damaged phone. Bumpy desperately tries to help Ben up by bumping into him. Darius collapses into a chair. Kenji drops to the floor feeling weak. Arthur collapses while searching for some medicine, he eyes a bottle of anti-venom just within reach but he is too sick to move. Sammy passes out on Yasmina's lap as she had collapsed earlier. Vic struggles to the radio room, he turns on one of the radios.


“HCC to Ferry, HCC to Ferry can you read me over?” Vic struggles to talk.


InGen security guard Calle Winters was just about to embark on the ferry off Isla Nublar. “Vic? Vic, is that you?” she asked.

“Yeah, we got a lot of sick kids here, that are just dying to get off this island” Vic joked


“Not funny, Vic” Calle squinted her eyes at the radio, “You sound sick, are you feeling right? Can you make it to the docks?”


“You see, we have a bit of a medical emergency” Vic coughs before passing out.


“Vic? Vic?! God damn it!” Calle Winters curses to herself, she steps away from the boat.


“Hey where are you going, this is the last boat off of Nublar” said one of the InGen dock workers.


Winters ignores the dock worker, Roxie and Dave look up at her then they disembark from the boat, “we’re going with her” Roxie and Dave said in unison.


“You guys are crazy, who knows when the next boat will arrive… if ever!” The dock worker protests.


“Just send a damn helicopter to pick us,” retroted Calle Winters as she pried her gun before moving forward towards Jurassic World, “We have a medical emergency”



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Betsy slowly awakes, she could barely make up any shapes in the room, everything was a blur. She finds out she is able to breathe easier than earlier. Was it earlier, how long was she out, her body aches. Her vision comes back into focus, she is hooked up to an IV.  Someone was monitoring her vitals as she slowly recovered. Her eyes still stung but she thinks she’ll be okay. “Where am I?” she asks.


“You are in the medical wing of the Hammond Creation Center” said the mysterious stranger, though her voice was strangely familiar, “How is your vision Betsy?”


“Its… slowly coming back to me” she looks over at her nurse. She tries to focus on the shapes, gradually the shapes become more defined but still this person’s face is a blur. Finally she was able to tell who it was, it was Roxie, the camp cretaceous counselor. “Counselor Roxie!” Betsy smiled as she went to hug her, “I had a bad dream,” Betsy cried, ”People were dying, the dinosaurs got loose, and I think were abandoned on this island”


Roxie’s smile soured into a frown, she sighs having to break the news to her, “Betsy, I am afraid.. That wasn’t a dream. You were attacked by a dilophosaurus, it spat venom in your eyes and you were paralysized for a few days,” Before Betsy could ask, Roxie explains, “The power is still on thanks to the geothermal generators,”


Betsy’s eyes widened, she glanced over wondering where the others were. Roxie could tell by her expression she wanted to know where the are, “You suffered the worst but the others came down with something of an allergic reaction judging by the high serotonin levels” 


Vic enters the Betsy hospital room, “Hey there pip squeak” he waves. “You had us all worrying about you” he pulled up a chair.


Arthur and Darius entered the door next carrying a bunch of candy bars, “We thought you might be hungry” Arthur proclaimed.


“Candy?” Betsy asked before smiling. 


Sammy and Kenji entered the room with boxes of pizza they scavenged from main street. Ben brought Bumpy into the room, “Hello Betsy”


“Hey, the little squirt can talk after all,” Vic jokes.


“Hey where's Yasmina? Is she still mad at me?” Betsy asked.


“Ummm well, she kind of twisted her ankle so… she’s in the next room recovering” Darius added, “Don’t tell her I said that… Oh and Brooklynn, well she is still beaten up about her phone. I don’t think Brooklynn and Yasmina are ever going to be friends at this rate”


Betsy sighs, “Those two” she shook her head disapprovingly.


“Twisted ankle, what are you talking about, I’m as good as new” Yasmina was walking with a slight limp. Betsy knew she was in tremendous pain. That girl has a lot of pride in her. 


Dav and Brooklynn entered the room, “Hey you, I brought you some flowers, you know brings some femininity to your cavewoman style” Brooklynn placed a vase full of wild flowers next to Betsy. Then Calle entered the room, the atmosphere changed almost instantly. “Something is wrong, communications are down. I checked the control room, all of the dinosaur paddocks have been remotely open by the computer virus and now the dinosaur barriers have been disabled”


“What do you mean by dinosaur barriers?” Sammy asked, she had a bad feeling about the answer that follows.


“It means the dinosaurs are running free,” Kenji answered.

“It means we are no longer safe here,” Jasmina countered.


“Yeah define safe, you know that thing outside that is not a guard dog but a tyrannosaurus prowling outside. One wrong move and we're all dead!” Kenji argued.


“On the bright side, the predators will now start hunting for the herbivores instead of us,” Arthur added.


Darius and Kenji slowly sneaked out of the Hammond Creation Center, checking if the coast was clear. They both spot Roberta sleeping near the margaritaville. “Just remember she is based on movement,” Darius reminds Kenji.


“Okay,” he replies.


“If you don’t move, even if she were to wake up; she can’t see you,”Darius reminds Kenji


“Dude, I know,” Kenji replied.


“Thank you, Dr. Wu for that genetic hiccup,” Darius says to himself, carefully snuck around the sleeping tyrannosaurus. 


“Okay just need to grab a case of soda,” Darius said while they tiptoed around the massive theropod, ewww she stinks of rotting meat! Kenji and Darius slowly enter margaritaville. Ah ha! A case of MUG Root Beer! Thoughtlessly Darius runs over to grab the soda case. A compsognathus leaps on top of the soda case, it chirps defensively. “Hey scram, you can’t have this Root Beer, it's mine!” Kenji grabs a wine bottle before tossing it at the compy. The compsognathus bolts from the soda case. Darius grabs the soda case before tiptoeing away. He slowly makes his way back to the Hammond Creation Center. They both hear an all too familiar growl. They turn around and spot a gray velociraptor with streaks of blue. Both Kenji and Darius slowly turn towards the Hammond Creation Center, they both inhale deeply before bolting towards the Labs. Blue’s hunting instincts kick in as she spots two live prey running from her, she howls as she gives chase. Roberta slowly opens her yellow eyes, she sees Blue is chasing two humans. Slowly the tyrannosaurus rises to her feet. She slowly approaches the humans, she then roars at Blue in an attempt to scare her away. Blue turns around and heads the other way. 


“Guys we got the soda!” Darius places the box of root beers he and Kenji managed to retrieve from the outside, “We had sneak by the T. rex get it,”


“Yes, we heard it from here,” Vic commented, “Pretty reckless, especially going out on your own, you two could’ve been killed”


“Hey where is Brooklynn and Sammy?” Darius asked.


“We're right here, while you two were needlessly screwing around, Sammy and I found walkie talkies” Brooklynn hands Vic and Calle a walkie talkie.


“That’s helpfully,”


Arthur comes out of the control room, “Hey do you think that the radio shed works? Maybe we could use that to communicate with the outside world?”


“Forget kid, that thing hasn’t worked since John Hammond was still alive” Vic shot down his plan.


“Oh” Arthur replied in defeat.


“Besides, it's stationed near Mount Sibos. It’s too dangerous, the terrain there is treacherous and inaccessible by foot” Vic adds.


“We could at least try,” Betsy enters the conversation, “Me and my dad went on hiking trips all the time and mountain climbing,”


“Betsy, that's not the point”


“We need to restore communications, Vic” Calle explained.


“And I’m saying that we should stay put, it's too dangerous out there. We need to hold out till rescue, we will ration our supplies” Vic counters Calle.


“What if that doesn’t work, what if rescue doesn’t come? We’ve been waiting here for days, yet the helicopter I requested hasn’t arrived”


“Geez I wonder what happened to it, oh yeah the pterosaurs probably got them like they did old man Masrani” Vic deadpanned.


“Please spare us from your sarcasm, Vic” Calle snapped.


“Eh, I’m going to head off to margaritaville,” Vic decided to leave.


“Wait, what about Rexy?” Betsy asked.


“Heh, I’ll be fine,” Vic walks out of the Hammond Creation Center.


Yasmina was growing restless, she has been doing sit ups and push ups but these exercises do little to comfort her. Darius came to join her. He reminds her there is an exercise room at the hotel but she reminds him the streets are still crawling with dinosaurs. Sammy interrupts their conversation by saying the Spinoraptors are back and she saw them outside of the innovation center.

Meanwhile Brooklynn checked around herself to make sure nobody was around her, she carefully returned to the control room. Arthur was asleep at one of the tables. Brooklynn slowly slipped her USB into one of the computers, she pulled down her hair bow. She reads the instruction her grandfather gave her, Grandpa you always were paranoid, she types the code into the computer system the computer virus opens a program. With the codes, Brooklynn is able to relink the communication systems to another satellite system. The signal reaches the Masrani satellites in orbit, the virus reprograms the satellites to bounce the signals to a new fleet of satellites all bearing the BioSyn logo.



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Callie, Vic, Roxie and Dave were staring at the giant monitor displaying the map to isla Nublar. The map screen begins to glitch, before the screen goes blank. 


“Oh great, now we are doing this blind,” Vic takes a swing from a bottle of champagne.


“Supplies are running low, especially on medical supplies,” Roxie added. Although she never is one to boast, before she became a camp counselor she went to medical school to become a nurse. Things didn’t turn out the way she wanted so she became a camp counselor at Jurassic World.


“Alright,” Vic sighed, “Dave me me in the ACU armory, were going out for a while”


Dave turns around as he points at himself, “Aren’t you sure you don’t want Officer Winters?”


“Callie is taking care of the fort, besides I need another strong hand in carrying those supplies,” Vic explained.


Darius looking at the adults talking about gathering supplies gave him an idea, “Hey why don’t we scavenge what's left of Camp Creatcous?” Darius suggested to the other teenagers.


“Go back there? Are you crazy” Brooklynn scoffed at his idea.


“I don’t think we should, Darius, with Yaz’s hurt ankle and everything” Kenji mentions,


“Hey I said I was fine, I can walk on it” Yasmina felt insulted by Kenji’s pity.


“Yes but can you run on it?” Kenji countered.


“I will go” Betsy raised her hand,


“Betsy, are you sure?” Sammy asked.


“You just recovered yourself,” Yasmina sharply stated.


She sighs before rolling her eyes, “It's not like the dilophosaurus venom dissolved my eyeballs,” Betsy retorts, “Besides,” she then smiles deviously, “At least I am not dead weight like you Yasmina”


“Oh yeah,” Yasmina stands up, her face struggling to hide the pain she is feeling, damn it's getting worse! “To show you that I am more than capable of… of… owww” she feels a surge of pain up her leg.


Betsy ‘s devious grin dissipates, she sighs before her expression softens, “Yasmina, just stay at the HCC. Roxie can take care of you while here gone”


“Oh, no! I am not a burden!” Yasmina gives Betsy a death glare, “Don’t pity me!”


“Grrrr, hey I am trying to help!” Betsy's expression hardens as she clenches her fist.


“Betsy, just let it go,” Kenji attempts to diffuse the situation.


As Betsy and Darius head off, Arthur runs towards them, “I’m coming too, you're going to need another dinosaur enthusiast, also I am good with computers… You know in case we encounter one” Sammy suddenly follows them, “I am coming too,” Brooklyn sighs, I’m coming too”


“I’ll stay behind, someone needs to look after Ben and Yasmina” Kenji winks at Yaz. Yasmina rolls her eyes. Ben is seen playing with Bumpy.


The teenagers spot Dave and Vic dressed in ACU body armor lunging around several types of guns designed to handle dinosaurs, both big and small. They cautiously survey their surroundings before loading the ACU van, they make another quick glance, the tyrannosaurus appears to have left, Dave and Vic both nod at each other before climbing into the armored vehicle as they slowly depart from the Hammond Creation Center. The Tyrannosaurus bellows from her perch on the helipad. The van draws the T. rex out of the park as the vehicle slowly encroaches on the defunct gyrosphere valley. 


Darius, Arthur, Betsy, Brooklynn, and Sammy slowly walk up to one of the Jurassic World Jeeps. Sammy takes the initiative to declare herself the driver, Betsy calls out shotgun, Brooklynn while Darius and Arthur sit behind them respectively while Brooklynn awkwardly sits between the two boys. The jeep engines roar to life as Sammy carefully takes it out of the garage. A dimorphodon quickly abandons the jeep it was roosting on as it flies towards the cone-shaped hotel building. It soars up to one of the top levels, a pair of jaws clamps down on its long tail. The dimorphodon struggles to free itself, it's assailant’s hand claw wraps out the dimorphodon’s head before twisting it, snapping its neck.


The spinoraptors carefully watch as the second vehicle leaves the park. The lead spinoraptor grunts to her mate to follow her. Her mate opens his jaws to let out a yawn while dropping the dimorphodon on to the floor. She nips at his nape, her mate snarls before reaching down to collect the dead pterosaur. The two spinoraptors depart from their roost, they retreat into the bowels of the abandoned hotel. The spinoraptors approach an open door covered in claw marks, they collectively approach a bed with its stuffing torn out, there made from the stuffing of the pillows and threads of the blankets as well as tree branches as their nest. Most of the eggs had already had hatched, four baby spinoraptors chirp at their parents. The mother drops a dimorphodon she had caught earlier into the nest.


“Is that a jeep I hear,” Callie storms out of the HCC only to be too late to stop the campers from leaving. “Who’s operating that jeep?” she firmly stares at Kenji,


“Darius, he’s going to find some supplies at Camp Cretaceous. He’ll be back… hey” Kenji shouts as Callie abruptly leaves.


The ACU van arrives at the dedicated medical facility at the far end of the park. It was better equipped than the medical wing at the Hammond Creation Labs. Vic slowly makes sure they aren’t followed by any theropods. 


“Okay, let’s make this quick,” Vic leaves the ACU Van first, “let’s grab what we need and leave,” he points at the medical facility with his taser rifle.

Dave nods as he slowly leaves the Van, he gets the door for Vic before closing it behind himself. They search the abandoned hospital for any medical supplies. Fortunately they found a bountiful amount. 


“Looks like we hit the jackpot,” Vic says to his partner.


“Wow, I have never seen so many band-aids, gauzes, and alcohol in a long while” Dave began picking up a heavy medical crate.


“Heha, yeah, pretty exciting isn’t it” Vic helps move the medical crates to the van.


Meanwhile the Jurassic World Jeep sped down the dirt road leading back to camp cretaceous. It’s only been a few days but it felt like years since they last set eyes on this place. The campers disembarked from the jeep as they quickly looked around to find something useful. Brooklynn found her laptop. She carefully placed it into her backpack along with some of her clothes. Betsy found the picture of her father, she placed it in her pocket.  Darius looks into the refrigerators units, a foul smell radiated from the open fridges as the food had gone bad days ago. 


“Darius any luck,” Brooklynn asked, while Sammy, Betsy and Arthur continue searching for something useful to bring back.


A loud groan echoed throughout the redwood forest, a herd of stegosauruses crossed into the campsite. Since the barriers were disabled they were able to approach the ruins of the cabins.The trees began to move as an apatosaurus used it to feed on the top branches,

the teenagers stare up in awe. Blue, attracted by the stench from the fridge, stares at the teenagers from afar. 


Kenji sits down in the adjacent medical bed next to Yasmina. He kicks up his feet, as he dozes off to sleep. Yasmina frowns, her frown then evolves into a sneer.


“KENJI! Why are you laying around? Shirking your responsibilities” Yasmina was disgusted.


“Hey I think I deserve a good rest, also its humid outside and besides Officer Winters has this place secured,” Kenji replied.


“You idiot! Callie left an hour ago!” Yasmina glares at Kenji.


“Wait, who is going to defend this place?” Kenji sits up.


“Use your thick head and think” Yasmina points at both of her temples.


“Ahhhhhh” Ben screams


“Ben!” Yasmina pulls away the covers as she tries to walk on her hurt foot, “ahhh” she collapses on to the floor. 


Kenji leaps out of bed to help her up, “Hey give the whole macho-woman act a rest”


She growls, “Hey I am a star athlete with several gold medals and accomplishments”


“Yeah gold medals mean nothing if you can’t help anyone, just stay here” Kenji bolts down the hallway. Yasmina's eyes start tearing up, she feels utterly useless. A fellow camper’s life is endangered and she is just sitting on the floor. Roxie stumbles upon Yasmina, she helps her up back onto the bed.


“Yasmina, why are you on the floor?” Roxie asks.


“Kenji, Ben… I think they are in danger!” Yasmina cried.


“In Danger?!” Roxie looks towards the hallway.


Kenji spots Ben laying on the floor with a laceration on his right arm while Bumpy is doing her best to protect him from a hungry Carnoraptor. Kenji spots the cattle prod that Vic used. He slowly took a deep breath before grabbing the prod as he bolted towards the Carnoraptor. The hybrid lowered its head as Kenji threw his arm into a full swing. The Carnoraptor then headbutts Kenji in the stomach, sending flying to the ground.


Yasmina waits until Roxie leaves the room, she grits her teeth as she tries to stand on her uninjured foot. She hops down the hallway, she slowly turns around the corner to see Ben, Kenji and Bumpy. She accidentally steps off on her injured foot, she falls flat on her stomach. The Carnoraptor head jerks up seeing another human presenting itself as prey. Kenji had a feeling it was Yasmina. He found the strength to leap up and jab the Carnoraptor on the neck with the taser. 


The carnoraptor hisses in pain as it steps away from Kenji, lowering its head, eyes locked onto Kenji. Its tail raised in the air as it flared its long muscular arms. Talons ready to slash at its enemies. Bumpy growls at the Carnoraptor, the baby ankylosaurus shrieks as she smashes her tail club into the Carnoraptor’s killer toe claw, fracturing the sickle claw and toe bones. The carnoraptor shrieks in pain, Kenji lashes the cattle prod into its neck again. The Carnoraptor slowly loses ground to Kenji and Bumpy. In a last act of defiance, the carnoraptor leaps into Kenji; he takes a bite into the boy’s shoulder, the dinosaur’s teeth reaching bone. Roxie comes rushing out with a broom, she smacks the carnoraptor in the head with it. The carnoraptor releases Kenji from his jaws. His attention is turned to Roxie.The sound of the ACU Van can be heard in the background. The Carnoraptor shrieks as its body is bombarded by shock darts, it is then smacked in the face with the metal broom sending the hybrid raptor in retreat. 


Roxie drops the broom before heading to an injured Kenji, he was bleeding profusely at the shoulder. She takes off her blouse as she tears it into shreds to make a tunicate for his shoulder. Dave rushes over to Roxie as she makes a tunicate from Dave’s overshirt for Ben’s arm. Vic looked around only to see Yasmina huddled in the corner crying. Vic notices the others are gone.



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“What happened here? Where are the others?” Vic shouted.


Yasmina does her best to suppress her sadness, she regains her composure, “Darius took the others back to Camp Cretaceous,” she looks up to see Vic was visibly angry, “They only wanted to help, I…” Vic walked away from her. He looked over at Kenji and Ben, seeing their injuries just made him even more furious.


“Damn, that kid” Vic curses.


Earlier.. Darius discussed his plans to build a treehouse with the others. They agree it's a good idea just in case they had to abandon the Hammond Creation Labs. Sammy drew up some blueprints and shortly afterwards they began working on the treehouse. Betsy was working on treehouse’s plumping and the shower. But they lacked a water supply. 


“Damn, we're out of water,” Betsy sighed.


“Why don’t we get some more?” Brooklynn added.


“Where?” Betsy huffed.


“There was a small stream in a dried up river a few miles back” Darius says matter of factly.


“Wait, it's dried up?” Betsy asked.


“Well maybe we can follow the dried up river, we can probably find water” Sammy said cheerfully, wearing a dinosaur tooth necklace Darius made for her. Betsy looked at Sammy then at Darius. Betsy then smiles.


The campers follow the dried up river until they come across a dried up waterfall, they see streams of water trickling down from the apex. Betsy casually runs up to the rock, she puts her rock climbing skills to the test. Her fellow campers watch from below, Betsy slips on a step but quickly regains her footing. Her heart beating very fast, she mentally curses in her head. She proceeds up the rock face. She makes it to the summit. She sees a large tree blocking the flow of water. 


“How is it up there,” Darius asked.


“There is a tree blocking the water!” Betsy shouts, which startles a sleeping male stegosaurus awake. The stegosaurus snorts as it turns around. Betsy sighs, the next thing she knows there is a gust of air thrown in her away as the stegosaurus swung its thagomizer at her. Betsy collided back into the tree trunk, the air was shoved out of her lungs leaving her gasping. Betsy’s pants were soaking with the river water, she catches her breath before looking up.

The stegosaurus was not done with her yet. Betsy battles the cold water currents batterying at her before crawling on the shore. The Stegosaurus’s thagomizer swings over her head, the momentum of the swing nearly throws her off the cliff. The thagomizer slices into the bark of the dead tree, dislodging it from the precipice. The backed up water bursts forth, pushing away the branches and leaves until the water crashes into the dried river below. Betsy was holding on to the ledge but passed out as she fell off the cliff. The campers run to catch Betsy as she plummets to the ground below.

Betsy slowly awakes to see her friends surrounding her, she raises a thumbs up and smiles weakly.


Betsy, Darius, Sammy, Arthur and Brooklynn were hiding off in the grass as they slowly crawled up a hill out looking at a medium-sized lake. A Brachiosaurus waded into the lake to cool itself off from the tropical sun. It lowers its head to drink the water. Mixed herds of Sinoceratops, Triceratops, Styracosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Stygimoloch, Pachycephalosaurus, and even some theropods like Gallimimus, Struthiomimus, Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Baryonyx, Suchomimus, a ceratosaurus and a lone gray-blue Velociraptor.


The ground shook, the campers quickly stood up as they saw the tyrannosaurus approach the watering hole. Roberta, as Vic calls her, seemed to ignore the campers as she approached the lake. She stops near a triceratops herd, before lowering her massive head for a drink of water.

The campers slowly made their way down the hill as they headed back to the treehouse. They refill their water buckets for the shower. The sun was slowly dropping to the horizon.

At nightfall they made the final touches on the treehouse’s frame. 


Brooklynn excused herself as she wandered a little away from the tree house. She activates her laptop as she probes the files she had copied from the Hammond Creation Labs. She spots a folder called E750. She quickly closes her laptop as Brooklynn starts to head back to the treehouse, she suggests that they better head back before the adults get too angry. But it was too late, the sounds of an ACU Van were heard in the distance. The ACU Van parks near the Jurassic World Jeep, Vic opens the door before slamming as he approaches the base of the treehouse. He was angry, the sight of the treehouse made him angrier. He takes a deep breath before looking straight up.  


“You kids are in some serious trouble” Vic barely could contain his anger. 


Darius decided to speak up, “We were only trying to help,”


“First you take a jeep, which made Officer Winters have to stop her guard duty to go after you, and on top that you wasted time building a treehouse while your two friends got seriously hurt!” Vic bellowed.


Darius and the rest of the campers came down from their half-built treehouse. Vic tows the Jeep with the ACU Van. He occasionally glances at the kids through his rearview mirror. Something wasn’t adding up if Officer Winters left to catch up to them why wasn’t she there? He needed to ask the kids but right now wasn’t the best time to do it. Grrr. He needed to, If something were to happen to Callie… “Hey, pipsqueaks, have you seen Officer Winters?” he could read their faces, the answer was a solid no, even before Darius confirmed it. Vic sighs, “Damn it all”


Earlier that day…


Callie followed the campers in her Jeep. She followed them beyond the Jurassic World outskirts into the Gyrosphere valley before losing them into the forest. Callie left her Jeep, she spotted the Jeep tracks. She smirks before taking off in her Jeep. A baryonyx crossed her path, snapping its jaws at her Jeep. Another baryonyx came from behind tearing a whole in the fabric acting as a roof for the jeep. Callie speeds down the dirt path trying to escape from the Baryonyxes. The fastest of the Baryonyx, swiped its claws against the Jeep’s tires. The Jeep spun out of control which frightened the baryonyx. The Jeep then flipped over on its side by one of the Baryonyxes. The three Baryonyx roar at the Jeep territorially before making their way south.


Callie slowly awakens to find herself hanging upside down, her jeep was flipped over and suspended over a ditch between a tree and the main road. She unbuckled her seat belt and she fell to the ground. She hears a truck nearby. She climbs up to the old abandoned road.




The ACU Van’s headlights caught sight of the wreckage. Vic pulls over to search the flipped over Jeep. There was nobody there. The campers read Vic’s body language, they were now responsible for Officer Winter’s disappearance.


The ACU truck returned to the outskirts of the abandoned Jurassic World. A herd of parasaurolophus were slowly encroaching on the former zoological amusement park. The store lights were slowly dimming before flickering out. The virus in the computer system began to shut down power across the park that wasn't tied directly to a thermal generator. The ACU Van finally reaches the Hammond Creation Center. It was one of the few buildings still being supplied power. 


Vic escorted the campers into the building. They are taken to the medical wing to be shown the consequences of their actions. Yasmina was waiting patiently for her friends to arrive. She glares at Darius since it was his idea to leave. Kenji’s shoulder was stitched up and covered in gauze wrapped around from his shoulder across his chest. Brooklynn thought he looked kind of hot in those bandages. They looked over to the next bed, Ben's arm was also covered in bandages. Bumpy was growing almost too big to fit in the door, within a week she’ll have to fend for herself outside. The lights began to flicker before shutting off and not just the lights, everything in the Hammond Creation Labs was no longer powered.


“Just great” Vic deadpanned.


The following morning, Vic gathered the campers and the counselors. He noticed since the power had gone out more of Isla Nublar’s wildlife were taking refuge in the abandoned buildings. A pack of compys were taking cover from the rain. A mixed herd of sinoceratops and parasaurolophus were exploring mainstreet searching for food. A stygimoloch heads butts a chip machine, sending chip bags everywhere. The stygimoloch tears into the bag with its beak, chips spray everywhere. After realizing the bag was inedible the stygimoloch began sniffing the chips, the domed headed dinosaur pokes the chip with its tongue before eating it. The stygimoloch squeaks to its harem it had found food. 


“Life finds a way,” Betsy comments after seeing the herbivores discovering their new found love for doritos.


“Alright people, we have two choices here, stay and bunker down until we're rescued or we move deeper inland, Darius and his friends have built themselves a treehouse. With a little extra work it can be livable,” Vic’s thoughts go back to Callie, he neglected to tell the group he saw her footstep which abruptly vanished at the road but that wasn't the thing that was bothering him. There were other larger boot prints near hers. They weren’t alone on this island.



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The Campers and the adults make their way back to the tree house. With the extra hands, after an entire week, the tree house was finally finished. A pipe was constructed that connects to the revived river and pumped back to the treehouse’s plumbing system. Vic was particularly proud of himself, being a former plumber turned Iraq War veteran before landing a job at Jurassic World for the Asset Containment Unit. He looks out from the Tree House and briefly sees a light in the distance before it turns off.


A ceratosaurus approaches the tree house from down below. It growls at the humans as it encircles the tree house. Vic quickly grabs his taser rifle as he aims down at the aggressive red theropod. The ceratosaurus leaps up the tree, its toe claws and hand claws scratch against the bark as it slides back down to the tree’s roots. Bumpy charges out swinging her club tail at the theropod. The ceratosaurus roars as it lunges its jaws at Bumpy’s armored back. Bumpy swung her tail club into the red theropod’s jaw. Since bumpy was still a youngster, her tail club didn’t pack enough punch to damage her attacker’s jaws; however it still inflicted enough pain to send the red striped theropod squirming on the ground. Once back on his feet the ceratosaurus snorts as he quickly retreats back into the jungle. Bumpy snorts, she bellows at the fleeing carnivore.


Vic eyes the ceratosaurus before turning his attention to where he saw that light. Could it be the same people who took Callie, but he must find out. “Roxie, it's your turn for lookout” he hands her the taser rifle. Brooklynn was examining the folder titled E750, she clicks on it with her mouse. Dossiers on several hybrid dinosaurs appear on her screen. She shifts through the ones they had encountered so far:


Name: Indominus rex (Indomitable King)

Genome: Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor antirrhopus, Giganotosaurus carolinii, Carnotaurus sastrei, Majungasaurus crenatissimus, Rugops primus, Pycnonemosaurus nevesi, Quilmesaurus curriei, Viavenator exxoni, Therizinosaurus cheloniformis, Deinosuchus hatcheri, Sepia apama, Agkistrodon contortrix, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: October 18th, 2014


#created: 2


Name: Spinoraptor (Spined Thief)

Genome: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, Utahraptor ostrommaysi, Velociraptor antirrhopus, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: November 11th, 2013

#created: 4


Name: Carnoraptor (Flesh Thief)

Genome: Carnotaurus sastrei, Velociraptor antirrhopus, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: November 8th, 2013


#created: 6


Name: Koolasaurus (Kool’s Reptile)

Genome: Koolasuchus cleelandi, Sarcosuchus imperator, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: May 1st, 2009


#created: 12


Name: Tropeogopterus (Keel Wing) 

Genome: Tropeognathus mesembrinus, Zhejiangopterus linhaiensis, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: May 4th, 2013


#created: 17


Name: Ankylodocus (Fused Beam)

Genome: Ankylosaurus magniventris, Diplodocus longus, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: November 30th, 2013


#created: 2


Name: Stegoceratops (Roofed Horned Face) V1 

Genome: Stegosaurus stenops, Nasutoceratops titusi, Dorcus curvidens, Thamnophis couchii, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: December 1st, 2013


#created: 6


Name: Stegoceratops (Roofed Horned Face) V2 

Genome: Stegosaurus stenops, Triceratops horridus, Dorcus curvidens, Thamnophis couchii, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: January 20th, 2014


#created: 9



Name: Indoraptor (Untamed Thief)

Genome: Indominus rex, Velociraptor antirrhopus, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: TBA


#created: TBD


Brooklynn quickly exits the program then shuts down her laptop. She quickly hides her laptop in her backpack. Darius and Sammy were walking by, Brooklynn hid her backpack away. “Hey Brooklynn whatcha doin?” Darius asked cheerfully.


“Oh stretching” Brooklynn lied, for the first time she felt guilty for lying. However her grandpa didn’t send her to Camp Cretaceous to make friends. The social media persona was just a mask, deep down she knew her parents would send her to business school once she graduates from high school. She is a Dodgson, she must live up to that name so one day she will join the board of directors with her parents and grandpa. 


Betsy and Arthur were checking in on their friends, Yasmina was keeping a careful watch over Ben and Kenji.  Ben slowly woke up, he held her injured arm, “The carnoraptor!” he screams in a panic. Betsy and Arthur both tell him to shhhhh as they point towards Kenji who is still recovering from his injuries.


“I’m awake, you know,” Kenji replied, annoyed and in pain.


“Kenji!” Yasmina smiled, relieved to see he finally was awake. She hugged him, Kenji's eyes widened from the pain in his shoulder.


“Oww owww, my shoulder, Yaz! Owww,” Kenji cried. Yasmina ignores his cries as she continues to hug him. 


“Careful, Yaz, you might reopen his wounds” Betsy snarked playfully.


The sound of a truck can be heard from outside, Arthur races to the outside peer to see who it was. It was neither Jurassic World nor ACU design but had the InGen logo haphazardly applied to the side of the door. Three people climbed out of the truck, two men and a woman wearing InGen security uniforms. Their leader was an older man with a square jaw with a high and tight military haircut. His subordinates were younger than he was, a tall man with short brown hair and a blonde woman. Vic woke up, Roxie handed his taser rifle as he ran to the pier.


“Hello?” said the olderman, “We’ve been looking for survivors for days, thank god we haven’t given up the search”


“You InGen security?” Vic asked.


“Yes, sir,” the older man replied, “Oh where are my manners? My name is Christopher Hap but you may call me Hap. These are my subordinates, Mitchell and Tiffany Sanders”


“Tiff,” Tiffany reminded Hap


“Just call me, Mitch,” Mitchell waved.


“Do you wish to come down here and talk? I would rather we come up there instead,”


Vic looked at them suspiciously, “I don’t trust them,” he whispers to Roxie.


“Why?” Roxie whispered back.


“It's probably nothing, I have a hunch” he whispers. Vic turns back to Hap, “If your InGen security then surely Officer Hoskins has sent you”


“Yes, he did,” Hap replied.


“You're not really InGen security are you?” Vic asked.


“What do you mean, we're here to rescue you and the kids” Hap tries to convince him.


“True but you made a mistake in your cover story” Vic smirked.


“And that is?” Hap was losing his patience.


“Hoskins died a week and three days ago, during the evacuation,” Vic said matter of factly, “So either he came back from the dead or you are lying”


“Clever, mr.?” Hap awaited for Vic to introduce himself.


“Vic Branowen,” Vic introduced himself, “Where is Callie Winters?”


“Well Mr. Branowen, I assure you that she is safe with us,” Hap replied.


“Who are you really?” Vic asked.

“BioSyn Contractual Security,” Hap said, “we mean what we say, we're here to rescue the kids… or rather a kid”



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A week ago…


Callie followed the campers in her Jeep. She followed them beyond the Jurassic World outskirts into the Gyrosphere valley before losing them into the forest. Callie left her Jeep, she spotted the Jeep tracks. She smirks before taking off in her Jeep. A baryonyx crossed her path, snapping its jaws at her Jeep. Another baryonyx came from behind tearing a whole in the fabric acting as a roof for the jeep. Callie speeds down the dirt path trying to escape from the Baryonyxes. The fastest of the Baryonyx, swiped its claws against the Jeep’s tires. The Jeep spun out of control which frightened the baryonyx. The Jeep then flipped over on its side by one of the Baryonyxes. The three Baryonyx roar at the Jeep territorially before making their way south.


Callie slowly awakens to find herself hanging upside down, her jeep was flipped over and suspended over a ditch between a tree and the main road. She unbuckled her seat belt and she fell to the ground. She hears a truck nearby. She climbs up to the old abandoned road. The truck’s door opens as Hap, Mitch, Tiff and three other men dressed in BioSyn Contractual Security uniforms step out of the vehicle also bearing the BioSyn logo. The six Biosyn Mercenaries surround Officer Winters. She was too weak to fight them off as they restrained her with handcuffs.


“Take her back to basecamp. Mitch and Tiff, you are coming with me. Mr. Dodgson wishes to reunite with his granddaughter”


“Sir, what about the others?” Mitch asked.


“What about them, Mr. Sanders?” Hap replied.


“Do we have to rescue the other brats?” Mitch asked.


“There is one other, as for the rest… they are none of our concern,” Hap replied.


“So once we ditch the rugrats? What's our next assignment sir?” Tiff asked.


“Once we are done with Isla Nublar we will rejoin with the rest of our operatives in Las Cinco Muertes archipelago,” Hap informs them.


“The Las Cinco Muertes?” Tiff asked.


“No, Not The Las Cinco Muertes, Just Las Cinco Muertes. Las means “The” in Spanish” Mitch corrects her.


“Thanks dork,” she mocks her husband.


The BioSyn truck drives through the jungle, the truck's engine scares the more timid dinosaurs away. The flood lights scare away a lone carnotaurus that crossed their path. The truck makes a left turn before heading towards Jurassic World, they sped up to the innovation center before heading off to the helipad. A helicopter hovers over the pad before landing, the biosyn mercs shove Callie into the helicopter. The Mercs onboard quickly place a black sack over Callie’s head before closing the side door. The helicopter flies away, slowly Jurassic World shrinks in the distance until all that was in sight was the ocean. 


88 miles later, a lone island greets them before arriving at a massive temperate and tropical island. A mixed herd of parasaurolophus and corythosaurus are awakened from their midnight slumber, their bellows echoed in the tropical jungles. The helicopter flies over the great river that divides the tropical and the temperate halves of the island. A thick fleshy sail emerges from the water, the spinosaurus slowly rises from the river with a giant catfish in its jaws. The spinosaurus swallows the catfish whole before roaring at the helicopter. On the river coast a pack of velociraptors were seen drinking from the river, the males were a dark purple with a blue streak down their flanks while the females were charcoal white with black spots.


The helicopter now passes over the eastern half of the island, the tropical jungles were replaced with temperate forests. A lone dark green tyrannosaurus roars at the sky. The helicopter flies over an abandoned village out in the middle of fields of long grass. Tiger striped velociraptors peek their heads out of the grass. The helicopter slowly began to leave Isla Sorna as it headed for its neighboring island, Isla Tacano. 


The helicopter finally reaches Isla Tacano, the helicopter passes over its jungle forests where a massive snake was swallowing a prehistoric horse. The helicopter soon passes over an electric fence, before passing over the old InGen Genetics Research Facility. Construction vehicles have since renovated the Facility, the InGen logo has been scrapped off and is currently being repainted with the BioSyn logo. The helicopter slowly approaches the helipad. A man was standing out on the helipad. The helicopter door slides open, the security team grab Callie as they haul her off to an undisclosed location.


They remove the black sack off her head, the bright artificial light blinds her temporarily. She is sitting in a chair with no handcuffs in an empty room with a long horizontal one-way window-mirror. She hears a shutted. Her vision adjusts to the bright lights. Two men, one tall and burly, the other short and wiry were sitting in the adjacent room, they were able to see into the empty room. They watched as Callie was sizing up the room. 


“Okay, how should we proceed, Lani?” ask the tall man.


“We’ll start by asking her questions, Nick,” replied the short man.


“Okay, is this thing on? eh eh eh hum, alright we have some questions for ya” Nick spoke through the microphone.


“What do you want? Why did you kidnap me and what's going on? Where am I? Who are you?” Callie asked.


“Well umm err… we want to know about Jurassic World, for starters…” Nick started answering her.


“Nick, you idiot!” Lani elbows his partner in the ribs.


“Oww right. Were the one asking questions here, you answer, got it? Good!” Nick started shouting into the microphone.


“We’ll start by asking you your name,” Nick asked.


“You’ll get nothing from me,” Callie refused.


Nick sighs, “This is going to be a long day,” he releases his finger off the microphone, “Do you got her ID?”


“Oh yes, Callie Winters, InGen security” Lani brings up BioSyn's database for InGen/Masrani personnel.


Nick pushes the microphone button, “So Callie, may I call you Callie or Cal?”


“It’s Officer Winters to you” Callie scoffs.


“Oooh feisty, I like…” Nick gets jabbed in the ribs again, “Oww right, wait where was I..” he gets jabbed in the ribs third time, “Ahhh yes! Tell me where the others are! How many of you are still on Isla Nublar?” Nick frowns when Callie crosses her arms in defiance, “Come on Lady, you got to tell us, think of the lives you’ll be saving! Think of the children!”


Callie glances over at the glass with a glare, “You bastard!”


“No it's not what you are thinking. That was not a threat. Look, our boss’s granddaughter is on Isla Nublar and he wants to have her back safe and sound” Nick was sweating bullets.


“God your dumb, Nick. Why don’t you reveal our entire plans to her” Lani deadpanned.


“I got this, Lani” Nick releases his finger off the Mic button, he presses it down once more,”Now, you help me. You win, we win, we all win. Boss’s granddaughter is back in her bed, we all rest easily”


Callie sighs, “Who is your boss’s granddaughter?” she asked.


“I am not at liberty to answer that,” Nick replied.


“Look Camp Cretaceous has like four girls, which one of them is your boss’s granddaughter?” Callie asked.


“Well she is a girl,” Nick begins describing her, Lani face palms.


“Obviously,” Callie deadpanned.


“Her favorite color is pink,” Nick reads Brooklynn’s online profile.


Callie rolls her eyes, “She sounds quite girly,” Callie deadpans.


“She is a social media superstar,” Nick continues.


“Geeze a child with that much time on the internet talking to strangers needs adult supervision” Callie deadpans again but something about this girl sounds vaguely familiar. Wait, Callie thinks for a moment, there is a girl with dyed hair pink among the campers and she was obsessed with getting back to her online followers. But she couldn’t remember her name, nor any of the other teenager’s names.


“She likes long walks on the beach” Nick was in the middle of reading Brooklynn’s bios when Callie stood up from her seat. Nick’s eyes darted back to the room.


Brooklynn, that was her name. Callie realized which girl they were after but she couldn’t remember the girl’s last name. In any case Callie must not tell them the truth, “Nope, I don’t recall a girl like that,”


“This woman is useless to us!” Lani stood up from his seat.


“Hold on a second,” Nick turns to his partner, he releases his finger from the mic, “I have a feeling that she might be hiding the truth, Lani”


“We already know Brooklynn is there, why are we bothering to ask her? This is a colossal waste of time, let’s just feed her to Big Deadly” Lani suggested.


“Wait, no need to take things to the extreme, Lani. Besides we need leverage, when the time comes” Nick countered.

“What’s this, Nick Nappansky coming up with a plan?” Lani mockingly claps his hands.


“No need to be condescending, Lani,” Nick sighed.


“Fine, inject her with the truth serum or whatever, I don’t care,” Lani throws his arms up.


“Yay!” Nick presses a button to signal the guards to burst into the room holding Callie as they restrain her. One of the guards pokes her with a syringe filled with the truth serum before placing her back into the chair.


“Okay, let's do this from the top,” Nick spoke through the microphone.



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Hap nods to Tiff and Mitch as they draw their weapons at Vic, Roxie and Dave. The treehouse guards aim their weapons at the Biosyn mercs in return. Vic locks eyes with Hap. They stare at each other for a moment. “Do you want to see Officer Winters again?” Hap shouts.


Vic’s eyes widened, “Where is she?” 


“Safe,” Hap replied.


“Bastard, I asked you a question, where is she!” Vic growls.


“I am not at liberty to tell you such privileged information, Mr. Branowen,” Hap replied, “If you please, Mr. Branowen. I wish to see the young lass, Brooklynn. If we may have miss Brooklynn, we will be on our merry way,”


“Why? Why just her?” Vic asks while he aims for Hap’s head.


“Because she has family and a future, Mr. Branowen,” Hap gave him a half answer.


“And the other kids don’t?” Vic asked rhetorically.


“Well there is one other, Kenji Kon,” Hap answered him.


“I’m not handing over anyone, pal,” Vic retorted.


“You're not the least bit curious why I am here or why do we demand the safe return of these two adolescents? Kenji Kon and Brooklynn Dodgson are the children of my employers and they wish to see them safely returned home. Surely you wouldn’t continue to place these children in any more danger” Hap gave him an ultimatum.

“What about the other kids? Do they get to return home too?” Vic asked, “how about I make you a deal. You return all these kids back to their parents and you give me back our security chief and you’ll take us all off this island”


Hap pauses, “I’m afraid it's not that simple, Mr. Branowen. You see we have limited space on our helicopter, just hand us over Kenji and Brooklynn and I’ll give you my word that we will come back for the rest,”


“Not a chance, pal” Vic spitted.


“Then you give me no other choice, i’ll give you three days to change your mind” he then gestured to Tiff and Mitch back to the truck. Haps looks up at the tree house and he sees Brooklynn standing there. She recognizes the man, she remembered seeing him once a while at her grandpa’s office, usually far away, never in person. He nods to her as he climbs aboard the poorly disguised InGen truck before driving away.


Brooklynn now is not the right time to deliver what her grandpa wants. A small flicker of doubt began to manifest in the back of her mind. The hybrid reports she had read slowly made her wonder about things. BioSyn wants to stop InGen from making these hybrids right? That has to be it, she rationalizes.


The morning, Vic divided the campers into three groups: Alpha Team, Beta Team, and Charlie Team. Each team was accompanied by an adult. Alpha Team is led by Vic, so he assigned the strongest kids to his group, Betsy, Yasmina, and Kenji. Beta Team is led by Roxie, so she assigned the smartest kids to her group, Darius, Arthur, and Brooklynn. Charlie Team is led by Dave, so he was assigned the other kids, Sammy and Ben; along with Bumpy.


Today was Beta team’s gathering supply duty, while Alpha team was currently in charge of guarding the fort and Charlie team was foraging for berries and catching fish from the river.

They were constantly on the lookout for any aggressive dinosaur or further BioSyn intruders. 


While Beta team was out on their expedition, Darius spotted a trio of baryonyx probing the river looking for fish, two females and a single male. He named the more aggressive female, “Chaos” and the most docile female “Grim” and the male, “Limbo” since he follows his two sister’s leads. The one Darius called Limbo snaps at his two sisters, Darius could tell he was the one calling the shots. The baryonyx move on from the river in their endless search for food. Limbo briefly glances at Darius observing him from the treeline, the male baryonyx regroups with his sisters.


Beta Team Jeep traverses down the old road, they passed the ruins of the old Jurassic Park Visiting Center and several trees had been knocked down by a passing herd of sauropods. The Apatosauruses ignored the passing Jeep as they fed on the fallen tree’s leaves. Deep within the visiting center, Blue was exploring the old hatchery room. Something was vaguely familiar about this place, this was once a nest for raptor hatchlings. Miniature robotic arms hung over tables long devoid of eggs. Nothing living remained here, no egg, no shell, no hatchling, not even the scent of raptor was left. Blue leaves the hatchery room as she continues through the empty corridors. The control room was of no interest to hers, just broken decayed desks and inoperable computer monitors. She sniffs a downed ladder before continuing on to the next chamber. 


The embryo storage room was carelessly left open. Blue slowly approached the two pillar-like freezers. Though she did not understand these pillar’s significance and ignorantly passed by them, these pillars were devoid of the embryo samples. Unaware of the significance of the events that transpired here twenty-two years ago. Blue eventually makes it to the kitchen, nature has reclaimed most of this room. The freezer unit’s door has since rusted away. Blue slowly approached the small room, she lowered her jaws down to a familiar-looking skeleton. It belonged to a velociraptor but unlike her, this one was one of the earlier batches. Its skull was narrower, the overall size was much larger then she was yet was a lighter build despite its size. Blue was staring at one of her forebears, without these velociraptors she nor her sisters would have existed. 


Beta Team accidentally stumbled back to Jurassic World. The former amusement park had changed in their 10 days' absence. BioSyn security had garrisoned the former Innovation Center, Hammond Creation Labs, and Control Room judging from the restored powered and man power seen around sector 1, 2, and 3. A helicopter soars above the sky as it lands on the helipad, more BioSyn security mooks come running out of the helicopter. They spot forklifts carrying large metal animal crates, the sounds of spinoraptors could be heard echoing from them. Roxie lowers her binoculars, she signals her group to lay low as they slowly retreat to sector 4.


On their way to the former gyrosphere valley, Roxie and her team are ambushed by BioSyn mercenaries. Guns were aimed at her and the teenagers, Tiff slowly approaches them.


“Tsk, tsk, tsk, You should’ve stayed at your treehouse” Tiff aims her AR-15 at the beta team. She walks up to Roxie, she then smiles seeing Brooklynn was among her group, “Thanks for delivering Brooklynn to us,” she nods to her men. The biosyn mercs grab Brooklynn as they strong-arm her away from Roxie and the rest of the beta team. 


“Ma’am what about them?” BioSyn mercs gesture to beta team. 


“Release them, however first take their weapons” Tiff orders, she then gestures to her to take them back to their jeep. The ferns shuffled then the leaves began to rustle in the woods nearby, before they could react one of the mercenaries started screaming, a baryonyx had lunged out of the woods to trap the merc’s arm in her jaws. The merc is forced to release Brooklynn as he is lifted into the air. With a sickening crunch the merc falls to the ground, his arm was reduced to a bloody ragged stub.


“Chaos,” Darius remembered this female baryonyx, if she was here then her sister and brother aren’t too far behind.


Chaos growls at the biosyn mercs before she stomps her foot on to the injured merc’s back; crushing his ribcage, spine and all of his vital organs. Then out of nowhere, she is joined by her sister Grim who devours a fleeing merc. She jerks her jaws upwards, the merc’s legs are seen sliding further down the baryonyx’s gullet. She roars, sending blood and saliva everywhere. Brooklynn bolts towards Roxie, Tiff spins around to signal her men to open fire on the baryonyx. Darius wondered where was the male, sure enough, Limbo lunged out at Tiff but one of her men leaped in front of the male baryonyx’s claw. His sternum is slashed open, the claw tore into his lungs and heart. Limbo snarls before tossing the dead human away from its claws. Roxie and the rest of her Beta Team double back to their Jeep as the BioSyn mercs flee to their jeeps. Limbo snarls at the man’s corpse giving Tiff enough time to retreat to her jeep. Limbo roars as slams his body against one of the jeeps, sending it hurling into several mercenaries.


Tiff honks her horn at the Baryonyxes. Limbo snarls at the annoying jeep, while several BioSyn jeeps begin to flee from the scene. Chaos snaps her jaws around one of the jeep drivers, pulling him out of the driver seat as his jeep continues on without him. Grim chases one Jeep down but quickly gives up; saving her energy for something worthwhile. The Baryonyx siblings roared territorially before they dined on the fruits of their carnage.


Tiff and what is left of her Mercenary convoy reach the former Innovation center. A holographic Baryonyx materializes in the center of the room, Tiff jumps from the sight of it, her frightened expression was quickly replaced with annoyance for the holographic dinosaurs. She slowly made her way to Hap’s office; formerly Claire Dearing’s office.


“Ms. Sanders, do you have the girl?” Hap spins in his chair, “I see,” he spins back around looking out of the window. He swiftly inhales before standing up, “It looks like we are going to pay Mr. Branowen, a little visit”



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A convoy of BioSyn Jeeps drive out of Jurassic World, they pass the wreckage outside of the gyrosphere valley. All that remains are the totalled vehicles and the partially eaten remains of the people Hap had hired. Hap lowered his hat to pay his respects to the dead mercenaries. He orders the drivers to accelerate their speed, wishing not to suffer a similar fate as they did. Tiff nodded as she floors the gas pedal. Mitch held on to his hat as the jeep increased in speed. 


Mitch caught something in the corner of his eye, instinctually he reached over to Tiff as a massive head collided into their jeep. It was sent tumbling off the main road. The rest of the Jeep convoy stopped dead in their tracks before breaking formation. A loud growl could be heard for miles. A massive brown head shot out of the jungle as the rest of her body came into view. It was the sole tyrannosaurus on the island. She turned her gaze towards the other jeeps, she roared at them. The jeeps back away as they are cut off by three baryonyxes. Rexy bellows at the three younger baryonyx. Limbo was not interested in taking on a superior predator, even at her age Rexy can easily kill him and his sisters. Rexy quickly loses interest in the leading jeep now that it has stopped moving, she turns her attention to the fleeing Jeeps. As the tyrannosaurus went after the BioSyn Jeeps, Limbo snorted as he directed his siblings towards the crashed jeep.


When Hap came too, he looked over at Tiff who was writhing in pain before glancing at Mitch who had just regained consciousness. The closing distant sound of Limbo snarling reminds Hap to release himself from the Jeep’s seat belts. His foot felt numb but he must have broken it during the crash. He pulled out his k-bar before freeing Tiff and Mitch from their seat belt confinements. Limbo approaches the jeep first before his sisters. It probes the rear end of the Jeep as the humans slowly tread carefully around the opposite end. Hap glanced over at a hill.


“Tiffany and Mitchell. There is a hill up ahead. Run towards it” Hap ordered.


“We're not leaving you, sir,” Tiff scoffs.


“Leave me behind, I will only burden you” he points his pistol at Tiff, “Go!”


“Let’s go,” Mitch pulls Tiff away as they abandon their old friend to the baryonyxes. The two quickly run up the hill as instructed. Hap fired his pistol at the advancing baryonyx. His pistol does nothing more than just agitate the spinosaurids. Grim sneaks around the Jeep, she lunges at his pistol arm. Forcefully lifting him off the ground, while Chaos bites off his left leg below the knee. Limbo chomps down on Hap’s midsection, his conical teeth bury themselves into the man’s guts. Tiff and Mitch watch in horror as the baryonyx siblings play a gruesome game of tug of war with Hap’s body before he is suddenly ripped apart.


Beta team parks their jeep in front of the treehouse before heading up the rope. Roxie explains their delay, mentioning Biosyn and how they seemed to lose them in the ensuing chaos. Vic slowly turns around before placing his hands on the treehouse balcony railings. “Hap will be here in two days, we must figure out how to keep the kids safe until then” Vic looked down at the ground floor. 


Later that night…


Mitch and Tiff remembered the way back to the treehouse. The constant use of jeep tires had made a path for the two professional mercenaries to follow. It was nightfall by the time they had reached the treehouse.Mitch and Tiff exchange glances before firing at the treehouse.


“Brooklynn, Kenji, come on out, you wouldn’t want to see your friends die would ya?” Tiff shouts.


Dave, Roxie, and Vic quickly drop behind cover, “Everyone get down!” he shouts. Bumpy, startled by the gunfire, quickly leaps into action as she charges at the two mercenaries. 


“Bumpy Run!” Ben cries out to the young ankylosaurus, the golden retriever size ankylosaurus spuns around and runs away from the BioSyn Mercs.


The campers hear gunfire from beyond their rooms; the stray bullets fortunately missed them. Brooklynn and Kenji heard a woman shouting their names. Betsy grabs Brooklynn and shakes her head no. Kenji wraps his hand around Brooklynn’s to comfort her.


Vic jumps out from cover and fires his taser rifle into Mitch. He falls to the ground writhing in pain as he loses all bodily control. Tiff shoots a hateful glare at Vic as she begins to open fire onto the tree house. Vic dives behind cover. Pieces of wood and shrapnel fly in all directions. Tiff lays suppressing fire on Vic’s location, “Not smart Vic! You're only pissing me off, now that Hap is gone. I don’t have to hold back!”


“Gone? Where did he go?” Vic asked.


“In the bellies of three dinosaurs!” Tiff yells, “His blood is on your hands”


The gunfire echoed through the jungle. The more skittish dinosaurs flee from the sound of gunfire. However the gunfire attracted more fool hardy predators to it. Three Baryonyxes had reached the watering hole lake, they took a moment to stop to drink the crystal clear waters. The sound of gunfire caught their attention as they now began to traverse down the revived river. The spinosaurids continue to wade in the water as they draw closer to the makeshift plumbing system before arriving on land. 


Limbo grunts to his two sisters, they slowly encroach on the treehouse as they follow the sound of water rushing through the pipe. Limbo snarls at Tiff, she spins around with her weapon but the baryonyx was already on top of her. With its heavy claw it smacked the woman’s weapon out of her hands. She bolts towards the treehouse before climbing the rope up. Limbo would have pursued but his nose drew him to the ground. Mitch was still laying on the ground defenseless, Roxie fires her taser rifle at the male baryonyx. Limbo roars at the treehouse before retreating back into the jungle with his sisters. Mitch slowly crawled away from the retreating dinosaurs as he managed to get back on to his feet, Limbo turned back around to see Mitch heading for the treehouse rope. Limbo growls to Chaos and Grim to surround the tree house.


Tiff crawls into the tree house. Vic moves in to stop Tiff but she roundhouse kicks him in the stomach. Mitch finally makes it into the tree house. “Get the brats, doesn’t matter which one” Tiff hisses.


Mitch bolts into the next room, he spots Darius and Sammy huddling together. Mitch mentally admits he has never seen the big boss, for all he knows these two could be Kenji and Brooklynn. “You two are coming with me,” he grabs Sammy. She starts screaming before he knocks her out. Darius tries to fight Mitch off but he is punched in the stomach. He picks up both the boy and the girl. 


Tiff pulls out her knife about to stab Vic. Roxie charges into the room and punches Tiff in the stomach, she is then grabbed by the wrist and thrown into the wall of the treehouse. Vic was both surprised and impressed with her. “Not Bad, for a camp counselor” Vic said while slowly returning to his feet. “Tiffany, let’s go,” Mitch shouts before jumping down the tree house hatch, his legs absorbing the shock of the impact. He grits his teeth before hearing Tiff releasing her grip from the rope. The two mercenaries steal the camper’s ACU Van.


“No, they’re getting away,” Roxie screams.


“It’s alright,” Vic started laughing.


“What does that mean? They kidnapped two of the kids” Roxie screams.


“Yeah, but they kidnapped the WRONG kids,” Vic points at Kenji and Brooklynn, “Don’t worry, we will get your friend’s back. Darius is smart, he’ll figure out a plan to escape those BioSyn bozos”


“Surely you don’t mean you're going to leave him and Sammy with those… mercenaries?”


“Of course not, although the bastards stole my van, I will save those kids,” Vic replied.


Meanwhile back at the Jurassic World administration building in Hap’s office, “Mitch, you meat headed idiot, you kidnapped the wrong kids!” Tiff shouted angrily at her husband.


“Sorry babe, I thought these were the kids,” he rubs the back of his head. He looked over at his wife. Hap’s cell phone started ringing. Tiff answered it.


“Yes sir?” Tiff asked.


“Ms. Sanders? What happened to Hap?” the voice on the phone asked.


“He didn’t make it, sir,” Tiff regretfully answered.


“From this point on, you’ll assume all of Hap’s responsibilities,” the voice replied.


“Th..thank you, sir” Tiff hesitated.


“Now, I’ll ask you what I intended to ask your predecessor. Where is my son and secondly, where is the chairman’s daughter?”


“We found him, sir. It’ll take some time before Kenji and Brooklynn can reach us,” Tiff replied.


“Don’t take too long, Chairman Dodgson isn’t as patient nor as understanding as I am” replied the voice.


“Yes, sir,” Tiff replied, gritting her teeth.

Darius and Sammy slowly wake up in Simon Masrani’s office. They are tied up. Tiff entered the room, she walked up to undo their restraints. Darius looked up at her confused.


“What? Were corporate contractors, not the mafia, kiddo” she attempted to clear any misunderstandings.


“You're still mercenaries, you’re only loyal to your next paycheck” Darius retorted.


“What does a child know about mercenaries beyond TV and video games?” Tiff started to get angry, “You’re just a smart mouth loser stranded in a doomed amusement park” she then glanced at Sammy.


“What’s your story?” Tiff snarks.


“I am..i am.. just a farm girl from nowhere texas,” Sammy stuttered. 


“A farm girl, huh? So what can you tell me about your whole little group?”


“I won’t tell you anything!” Sammy frowns.


“I have ways to make you two talk,” Tiff slowly leaves the room. Two Biosyn security contractors stand outside of the office door.  


Meanwhile Alpha team, Beta team, and Charlie team traverse the underground tunnels. These were older than the ones found in Jurassic World. 


“These tunnels look old,” Yasmina makes an observation.


“That’s because this is part of the original park,” Kenji informs her.


“What do you mean by ' original park?” Yasmina asked.


“Before Jurassic World, there were two prototype parks. Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: San Diego. The San Diego one was the prototype of the prototype. My father told me it was shut down before they even cloned a single dinosaur, instead Hammond moved his operations to Isla Nublar back in the late 80’s and they were almost finished with it. If things would have gone right, Jurassic Park would have opened in 1993,” Kenji explained.


“I heard something along those lines when I was a kid. I thought it was some crazy hoax until a tyrannosaurus killed my neighbor’s dog. I wouldn’t have believed him if it had been for all those crazy wrecks that happened that night,” Vic remembered, “I remember my parents made us watch the news on its safe return to it’s home island”


“Yes, Isla Sorna,” Kenji nodded.


“Wait, there is another island with dinosaurs on it?” Betsy asked, “I thought you said there were only two prototype parks?”


“Nublar was the park island, Sorna was the factory island,” Kenji explained.


“Factory? As in where they made them? I mean cloned them” Betsy corrected herself.


“Yes, my father told me, the breeding island was supposed to be rendered obsolete but the 1993 Isla Nublar incident happened, some people got killed and Jurassic Park was abandoned,”


“What happened to Sorna?” Arthur asked.


“My father told me, Hammond ordered the shut down of the cloning facilities on Sorna and that he had his creations released from captivity. My father believed it was a misguided attempt at redemption. All that did was tear InGen apart, so my father said Hammond was forced to step down as the new CEO Ludlow took his place. InGen shifted gears, my father said. They decided in order to save the company, they would have to revive the original park’s prototype from San Diego into a new Jurassic Park. This expedition eventually ended in failure, the only dinosaur they managed to bring back was an adult male tyrannosaurus and his infant,” Kenji explained.


Parts of the tunnels collapsed due to decades of no maintenance. They could see hydraling lifts had since stopped working, bones of goats and pigs were scattered everywhere. Up ahead was a sleeping dilophosaurus. He was resting on what appeared to be a nest.


Betsy got a chill down her spine when she spotted another roosting dilophosaurus then another and another. How many dilophosauruses were nesting here? Betsy thought. Vic points down the adjacent tunnel suggesting they should follow down that one; quietly. One of the dilophosauruses slowly opened his eye, he spotted the humans and let out a curious hoot. If it weren’t for his nesting duties he would have hunted these humans but he waits patiently for the females to return from hunting.


“So what else happened after all that?” Ben asked once they maintained a distance away from the dilophosauruses.


“Hammond passed away shortly after the San Diego incident. Masrani Global bought out InGen, plans to create a new Jurassic Park were in the works. There was an incident in 2001, it was kept mostly hush hush but my father told me it was research,” Kenji explained. 


The Campers spot a modern looking powered door grafted on to the old tunnel surroundings. Kenji swiped the card he “borrowed” from his father. The door pops open allowing them entrance into the newer Jurassic World tunnels.



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Kenji leads the campers into the newer tunnels. They failed to notice that one of the adjacent hatch doors a little ways down was open. They turned off their flashlights as the red lowlights are still functional. They followed the color coded lines along the wall. The Innovation Center was colored blue, Hammond Creation Labs was colored white, the Medical Center was colored red, the Geothermal Power Station was colored orange, Dinosaur Paddock shortcuts were colored yellow and the Docks were colored green.


“Okay we’re going to need to create a distraction. Beta-Charlie team will head towards the power station, you’ll disable it. There I will lead the Alpha team to the Innovation Center. Hopeful if all goes right, we will get Darius and Sammy back,” Vic explains.


The group splitted off. Roxie and Dave take Brooklynn, Ben, and Arthur with them as they head for the power station. Vic leads Betsy, Kenji and Yasmina down to the innovation center’s main tunnel. Vic reminds them to reload their tranquilizer pistols he had given them earlier at the treehouse. “Remember what you have in your hand is not a toy but a weapon. Even non-lethal weapons can be lethal within the right circumstances,” Vic reminded them.


“Yes, sir” the alpha team teenagers spoke in unison.


They hear a hoot coming around the next corridor. Vic and his team press themselves up against the tunnel wall. A female dilophosaurus had just caught a compsognathus in her jaws. She glances over at the adjacent corridor before heading down her original path. Vic sighs as he motions his team to move forward.


Meanwhile Roxie and Dave’s group make it to the power station’s tunnel. Fortunately there was no dinosaur in sight. Beta-Charlie's team eventually discovered why the tunnels were growing increasingly hotter; it was built around an active magma chamber. The joint team slowly made their way up the ladder into the bowels of the power station. They traverse the abandoned building until they reach its control center. Arthur starts typing CC commands into the station’s computer, he navigates all the power flow and isolates the power to sector 1 and 3. He clicks his mouse to a red button labeled execute


Sector 1: Power starts flickering off at the Botanical Gardens, Ferry Landing, Jurassic World Gates, Golf Course, and Cargo Station.


Sector 3: The street lights dotting main street once again goes dark. Power suddenly shuts off in the stores, restaurants, hotel, Hammond Creation Labs, the Innovation Center, Control Room and Administrations.


With the power off, the dinosaurs slowly began to take notice. An Allosaurus slowly approaches the perimeter of Jurassic World while chasing a flock of gallimimus. The gallimimus take cover inside the abandoned restaurants and stores. The allosaurus roars drawing the attention of the Biosyn Security Contractors. The security mercenaries' gunfire only served to attract others. Limbo, Chaos and Grim were hunting for Bumpy. However the little ankylosaurus has joined a herd of stegosauruses crossing through gryosphere valley moving deeper into the abandoned amusement park; the baryonyx carefully following the herd from behind.


“Ma’am, the dinosaurs are back” radios in one of the mercenaries.


Tiff glances over at the radio, “what?” she asked rhetorically. She looks out the window to see a herd of stegosauruses knocking their jeeps and vans. She spots Bumpy among the stegosauruses, “Vic,” she sneered. The power finally flickers out in the administration building.


Darius and Sammy heard boots stomping around outside the office before silence, when the power suddenly turned off. Darius and Sammy stood up alarmed from its absence. The door suddenly opened when a familiar face peered through the darkness. Vic raised his finger in a shhh motion. Darius and Sammy quickly make their way to Vic for a quick hug, they can see Betsy, Yasmina and Kenji monitoring the halls with their tranquilizer pistols.


“Mitch,” Tiff barks over the radio, “Get back here ASAP! I think the campers are trying to take the brats!”


“Tiff we got a situation here,” Mitch shouted over his radio. A baryonyx has cut him off from his men. Grim roars at Mitch. Limbo and Chaos make short work of the fleeing Biosyn workers and a few surprise mercenaries.


“Mitch, forget about them and come back here!” Tiff orders.


Mitch was torn between the loyalty of his men and the loyalty to his wife Tiffany. He grits his teeth when he is forced to abandon them. Grim watches as Mitch flees, she turns to her siblings. Limbo snaps at his sister when she tries to steal a human leg from him. Chaos snarls at Grim for trying to compete with her and her food. Grim decides to leave her siblings to pursue other prey options.


Vic helps Sammy and Darius down the ladder into the escape tunnel, Kenji is next, then Yasmina. “Betsy,” Vic whispers, Betsy is suddenly grabbed by Tiffany. 


“Okay, out of the hatch,” she demanded while pointing a gun at Vic. Tiff watches as Vic climbs out of the emergency escape hatch. “Tell the others to come up too!” Tiff demands.


“Okay guys,” Vic complies, “Run!” Vic shouts before dashing towards Tiff. Tiffany sneers as she begins firing at Vic. Her gun wasn’t very accurate as the first few bullets missed but as he got closer the bullets grazed his arm and leg. 


Betsy bite into Tiff’s forearm. “Owww” she throws the girl to the floor. Vic shoves Tiff to the floor. He lends his hand to Betsy to get her on her feet.


“Go!” He gestures to the escape hatch. Betsy bolts off to the escape door. Vic followed shortly behind her. A loud bang echoed through the hallway, Vic stops dead in his tracks as blood trickles to the floor. He collapses on his knee. Betsy turns around, “Run!” Vic shouted. CLICK! Tiff quickly reloads her gun, she gives Betsy a death glare. Betsy uses this time to reach the escape tunnel. Bang! She feels something graze her shoulder, she falls down into the tunnel. Betsy sees her friends were nowhere in sight. She scrambles to stand, her arm was in alot of pain, she grabs her wound to apply pressure as she makes her way down the dark corridor.


Tiff walks passed the prone body of the ACU member. Vic smiles as he uses the last of strength to shoot a tranq dart into Tiff’s leg. “Bastard!” Tiff unloads the rest of her clip into the defiant Jurassic World employee. She pulls the dart out of her leg, she hears a noise coming from the room over, “Mitch?” she limps over to the door. She looked down the hallway and saw her husband laying on the floor. She could hear faint crunching noises. She squints her eyes to see he was laying in a pool of blood before getting dragged out of sight. “Oh my god!” Tiff’s eyes widened as she doubled back into the wall. She glances at the escape door the girl took.


Tiff limps her way down the hallway, fearing she will suffer the same fate as her late husband. She could hear the baryonyx munching and crunching on Mitch, she was feeling slightly tired however if she gave in, she would become dinosaur food for sure so she raced down the hallway to the escape door. She slides down the escape ladder into the tunnels.


Betsy wanders down the tunnel, blood trickling down her arm. She was barely holding things together, she wanted to cry but she feared drawing attention to herself would be lethal. She fears her blood would not only allow Tiff to follow her but predatory dinosaurs as well. 


She hears a clicking sound behind her, Betsy’s eyes widened as she slowly turns around to see Tiff. She noticed the woman looked exhausted but she didn’t know why. “You know how annoying you are? End of the road little girl. Don’t think for a second I won’t end you like I did that guy back there,” Tiff slowly approaches Betsy, she reads the expression on her face, “You’ll join him soon enough,” she aims her gun at Betsy. Her aim was shaky, she quickly stabilized her aim using both of her arms. 


The girl backed against the tunnel wall, “C..can we talk about this?” Betsy pleaded. 


“No, you see I’m holding you responsible for everything that has happened here… well not you personally but your whole group. You see, by disabling the power you endangered our whole operation. Because of your actions, Mitch was killed,” Tiff sees her words are having the desired impact on Betsy.


Betsy's eyes teared up, she could no longer contain it anymore as she started bawling in front of Tiffany. The young mercenary woman smiled with satisfaction, “Now I can avenge him, this is for Mitchell” Betsy closed her eyes shut as Tiffany pulled the trigger, BANG! Betsy’s body tenses up, she didn’t think death would be so painless. She was alive, did Tiffany change her mind… Betsy could hear crunching noises in front of her. Betsy wiped away the tears as she slowly opened her eyes. In Tiffany’s place was a medium sized dark gray scaly body. Its tail whips around in the air as it pulls chunks of flesh from the mercenary's body. It was a dilophosaurus. Betsy slowly begins to crawl away from Tiffany’s corpse. Hoping the dilophosaurus doesn’t see her. The dilophosaurus hoots like a bird, seeing the human girl crawling away, the young dilophosaurus flares out her neck frill as she releases a terrifying hiss. Betsy climsb to her feet as she finds the strength to sprint away. The dilophosaurus retracts her neck frill seeing the girl was no threat to her as she continues to dine on Tiffany Sanders.


She ran as fast as her feet could carry her, she was starting to feel dizzy, was it from the blood or was she just very tired? Or Both? She was on the verge of collapsing when she felt something grab and pull her into the adjacent tunnel. “Shhhhhh” said a voice. That voice sounded familiar, Betsy turned around to see it was Yasmina. 


“Y..yasmina?” Betsy’s tone was submissive and out of character from the usual snarky Betsy. 


“Yes it’s me, hey what's wro…” Yasmina feels Betsy hugging her, Yasmina was startled for a second. 


“Yaz, did you find them?” Kenji asked.


Yasmina returns the hug, she feels something wet on Betsy’s arm. Her soft expression was replaced with shock, “Betsy, you're bleeding!” 


“It’s okay, I’m going to take a little nap…” Betsy slowly drifts into unconsciousness.



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Betsy slowly regains consciousness. She could see a light and it was blinding so, was she dead? Why did the afterlife smell like the ocean? At least the sky is blue… wait a second? She looks over at her arm, it's wrapped in a bandage. She wasn’t in the afterlife, she was on a boat and not a nice boat like a yacht but a function over form utility BioSyn electric powered cargo ship.


“You’re finally awake, cavewoman,” Brooklynn said as she walked over to her side. Before Betsy could make a snappy comeback, Roxie walks over to Betsy to check her bandages.


“Betsy, how are you feeling?” Roxie asked her.


Betsy's expression became submissive and timid, “Not good…”


“What happened back there? What happened to Vic?” Roxie asked.


“He didn’t make it… he died so I could escape. It’s all my fault, had I been faster down the ladder…”


The rest of the camps walked up to check up on Betsy. She saw Darius holding hands with Sammy, Betsy smiled. Shen then saw Kenji and Yasmina also holding hands, they became a couple? Betsy wondered. She saw Ben playing with his baby ankylosaurus Bumpy. Dave alongside Arthur walked up to Betsy. 


“Hey Kiddo,” Dave said in a cheery voice.


“Dave, Betsy has something important to tell all of us,” Roxie stated.


“What? Vic’s dead? Who would have…” Brooklynn asked.


“It was Tiffany, but you don’t need to worry about her…” Betsy half-whispered, “she got eaten and from the sounds of it, so did Mitch” Betsy then looked up at Brooklynn and Roxie.


“So that is why Vic wasn’t there,” Dave realized, he felt extremely dumb, “But we must not lose hope and that they’ll not let Vic’s sacrifice be in vain,” Dave tried to say something meaningful but it just came out wrong. This did nothing to break the depressing atmosphere that now hangs over the campers.


“The bastards,” Roxie cursed.


Dave looked at the campers. They were all in a depressed state, “Once we reach the mainland, we will tell the world what happened here” Dave reassures the campers.


Darius walked over to the edge of the boat as he stared off into the deep ocean, Sammy walked over to him as she rested her face on his back softly crying. Yasmina sat down with Kenji, the news of Vic’s death weighed heavily on both of them. Ben cried while hugging Bumpy. Brooklyn and Arthur began choking up as if they were on the verge of crying.


Betsy's eyes started tearing up. She tries to resist the emotion but she starts crying, tears flow from her eyes like waterfalls. She rests her face in the palms of her hands. Feeling personally responsible for Vic’s death, if only she had been stronger she thought. Arthur then walked over to Betsy and gave her a hug.


The two counselors contemplate on what to do next, “where are we anyways?” Kenji asked, he knew he must stay strong for the other’s sake.


“We’re leaving Isla Nublar, we found this ship and well once Dave turned it on, it began to move on its own” Roxie explained, “Hopefully it returns back to home port”


Betsy stares out at the island, Isla Nublar, the home of Jurassic World but more importantly the home of Jurassic Park. She could faintly hear the roar of Roberta, also known as Rexy, the Island’s only Tyrannosaurus, as if the Queen of Isla Nublar was saying her farewell. Of course she being a tyrannosaurus is probably more upset that ten tasty humans and a juvenile ankylosaurus are floating away from her.


She looks back at the island, a flock of pteranodons encircling the distant Mount Sibo. Slowly the island became so distant it was just a mirage on the horizon. Soon the island vanishes from the horizon as they gain enough distance away. Slowly they traveled from a mile away from its coast to 10 miles away, 10 miles became 20 miles, 20 miles became 40 miles, 40 miles became 80 miles. 


Night falls, Bumpy was eating some grapes from a stash left on the ship’s deck. A passenger plane roars overhead in the distance. Though the campers don’t see anything they can hear it. Now they were 84 miles from Isla Nublar. A helicopter was heard in the distance, it seemed to ignore the boat for some reason beyond the camper’s comprehension. 


“Hey Arthur?” Betsy asked her friend.


“Yes?“ Arthur replied.


“Where do you think this boat is taking us?” Betsy asked, unsure of their destination. 


“I don’t know, why?” Arthur replied, ‘hopefully home or at least the mainland”


“Well I can’t shake this feeling that this nightmare isn’t over” Betsy continued looking at the stars. The north star wasn’t in the right direction. It was behind them.


87 miles from Isla Nublar…


The sounds of strange birds were heard on the deck, it was too dark to see them. Betsy slowly wandered the deck with her flashlight. She waves it at a dark silhouette, the dark figure spreads its tiny wings. Its head looked too oversized to be a bird, not to mention those horrible teeth. It flaps its bat-like wings before squawking at Betsy, it was a dimorphodon or at least InGen’s attempt at one.


Betsy slowly backed away from it. It squawked at her again. Her back bumps into the wall behind her, she heard more squawking above her. More dimorphodons were roosting on the upper deck. They squawk at her, while snapping their toothy jaws. The skies roared as thunder illuminated the night clouds. A drop of water startles the small pterosaurs suddenly taking flight into the air by catapulting themselves with their forearms before flapping their wings. Rain begins to batter the BioSyn electric powered ship. The wind began to whip against the sea faring vessel. 


Visibility drastically became poor from the rain, “Betsy, get inside!” Roxie shouts as the lightning grows more intense followed by loud thunder. Betsy nodded as she retreated inside with the others including Bumpy. 


Off in the distance a duo of thick fleshy sails slowly arose from the water. Like shark fins, the sails cut through the water like a hot knife through butter. Green eyes peer through the water as the boat encroaches closer to shore. The boat shook violently, the campers huddled together as the interior of the boat rumbled. A single large claw pokes out of the water, followed by two smaller claws. The claws grabbed the railing of the boat as the rest of the creature slowly arose from the water. The door swings open, rain water pours into the interior as a large green eye peers through the opening. Betsy gasped at the sight of the creature. 


“It's a Suchomimus!” Darius cries.


“No, it's much bigger!” Arthur shouted, pointing at the creature’s dorsal sail, “It's a spinosaurus!”


The spinosauruses' long snouty jaws filled with razor bladed teeth peer into view, the creature forcefully shoots air from its nostrils. The spinosaurus shoves its snout into the door frame. The campers scream as they run to the opposite end of the ship. 


The vessel collides into another large body, the second spinosauruses. The walls near the campers suddenly burst open before being split down and then torn out. The growls of the second spinosauruses echoed into the ship’s interior.


The ship is rocked back and forth between the two spinosauruses. Their weight slowly sinks the vessel. One of the spinosauruses tears out the electric engine with its jaws. The spinosaurus immediately releases the engine, the electricity was too shocking for its palette. 


The boat begins to sink as the spinosauruses apply more of their weight onto the vessel. The spinosauruses roar as they claw away at the ship’s walls. The dimorphodon swarm flies back at the two spinosauruses distracting the two aquatic theropods from further damaging the ship. 

The ship takes on water before sinking to the bottom. The campers struggle to keep themselves from drowning. The campers slowly pass out from the lack of free oxygen in the small cramped air space.


It was sunny again. Am I dead again? Betsy thought. A bird plopped down in front of Betsy. Betsy smiled at the bird, “Hey even the birds here in heaven are pretty,” she reached out to touch it. The bird opens its beak revealing its razor sharp teeth as it lunges to bite Betsy. “Eppp!” She retracts her finger as it snaps at her. 


The Ichthyornis flaps its wings before flying away. Betsy slowly sat up before looking around her surroundings. “Am I in hell?” She spots the wreckage of the BioSyn ship, “Umm maybe not,” she stares at the ship wreckage. Betsy takes a step forward, her foot slips into a puddle of water, she glances at her foot realizing she was stepping in a very large footprint.



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Betsy stared at the foot print, she was no dinosaur expert but she was sure this footprint belonged to one of those large meat-eaters. The tracks were fresh, she wondered if it belonged to the spinosauruses that attacked them last night. The Ichthyornis she saw earlier is now perched on a tree branch. It squawks at her mockingly. Betsy just shook her head dismissively at it before she headed into the forest. She makes it into the clearing where she walks alongside a rapid coursing river where several birds were laying lazily on the stone boulders. The Hesperornis squawked at the intruder. Betsy never saw birds like them before, like the Ichthyornis, they had teeth however in terms of body shape they resemble a gannet with tiny wings and big webbed feet.


Betsy is caught off guard by a series of angry loud groans and grunts followed by snapping branches and loud thuds. She slowly made her way up the hill past the grumpy birds before looking down from her vantage point. Below was a shallow ravine, a partially dried up river. She spotted a herd of Pentaceratops. A lone young male challenges the dominant elder male for the right to mate with the females. The dominant male roars to protect his harem from this rival pentaceratops. The lone male pentaceratops refused to back away now as he charged into his rival. They shove each other around with their nose horns. Betsy is reminded of an old japanese movie on how two samurai clashing blades with each other. The elderly male pentaceratop’s brow horn snaps off, blood tricks down its horned face as it retreats. The younger male now claims his elder’s harem for himself. Betsy recoils slightly from the sight, she then shakes her, Nature can be cruel but survival of the fittest is her most sacred law. She must be strong if she is to survive.


Isla Matanceros, “The island of slaughter” she read a large sign depicting an island map with a minimap in the lower right corner of the sign was Las Cinco Muertes archipelago. The sign was seemingly placed out in the middle of the forest. “Isla Matanceros? Wait a second…” She remembered Kenji talking about another dinosaur island, Isla Sorna, “Are there more islands with dinosaurs on them?”


Betsy traversed deeper into the woods, she would later realize that the woods had reclaimed a small village. This village was abandoned decades ago, long before she was even born. She walked past the gas station where she spotted an old 89 Jeep Ranger. As she traversed deep into the abandoned village, she could see what was left of homes that were destroyed during the interregnum and judging from the remains of the cars and the architecture of the buildings, she would pin this village being either abandoned in the late 1980’s or the early 1990’s. She heard a strange growl from the thicket. She swore she saw a set of glowing white eyes among the vegetation.


Curiosity got the better of her as she moved through the thicket to see what was making that noise. She fights through the ferns and tree branches before pulling away the final fern blocking her. A repugnant smell bombarded her nose, she recoiled from the smell. She covers her nose as she looks onwards. It was the elderly pentaceratops that she saw earlier. It was dead but its wounds were fresh yet why did it smell rotten? She slowly observed closer to see that sometime was building a nest in its stomach region. Eggs? Bird eggs… no, dinosaur eggs? She heard that strange growl again. 


Several glowing white eyes stare at the girl from the thicket; watching her carefully. One of the pair of eyes steps out of the thicket, revealing a very frail and very bird-like gray dinosaur with black spots and patches of black feathering on its back and forearms. It raises its head, its throat is colored red. Thick saliva seeps from its toothed jaws. It chirps that strange noise, betsy heard earlier.


Betsy quickly bolts away from the pentaceratops carcass. The troodon stares blankly at her while she flees. The rest of its pack were already ahead in pursuit of the girl. Betsy could hear the troodon’s strange chirps and growls as they coordinated themselves. Betsy sees a clearing up ahead. The ground ends at a steep drop into a ravine, she turns around and sees the whole Troodon pack just waiting to make a nest out of her. Betsy was corned, she was feeling a mixture of fear and anger. She clenches her teeth and fist, she flares her arms out while making an angry yell. The troodons express their confusion with a dramatic tilt of their heads, reminding Betsy of a dog.


“Crap that didn’t work,” Betsy creeps slowly backwards. She glances around before taking a deep breath, she quickly drops to the ground before sliding her feet off the edge of the ravine. The troodons are also confused by this. Betsy then proceeds to climb down the ravine, the troodons bolt towards the precipes. Betsy lowers her head as one of the troodons lunges to bite her.


She almost loses her footing, she concentrates to place her foot on the right rock ridge before climbing down. She grabs a rock crevice and so on and so forth, occasionally having minor mishaps before reaching the bottom of the ravine. “I’m a survivor, I’m not gonna give up…” Betsy starts singing to herself. The troodons above her quickly lose interest in an unobtainable prey.


A loud roar echoed in the valley below, Betsy turned her gaze out into the valley. The trees sway as white birds flee from the jungle below. By now Betsy has made it a habit to remember the different dinosaur roars and noises, she didn’t recognise this one. It wasn’t a tyrannosaurus nor was it a spinosaurus, or a carnotaurus, or a baryonyx or even a suchomimus. In the clearing she saw a massive theropod, sharp dorsal scales down its back. An elongated boxy head with thinner lower jaws. It kind of resembles an allosaurus but much more meaner.


The Giganotosaurus stopped to sniff the air before continuing down the valley. A nesting Balaur chirps at Betsy, she turns her gaze at what looks like a bird. It stood up from her eggs, revealing a long tail,clawed finger wings, and double killer claws on both feet. “Shit,” Betsy cursed, it's a raptor! Betsy slips from her grip but is caught by a tree branch before her weight snaps the branch as she lands on another branch before falling to the ground floor in a large fern bed. A gang of procompsognathus retreat from the fern bushes.


“Owww…” Betsy holds her side, “That hurt” she grumbles. Betsy spots several proto-mammalian diictodons retreating underground. Betsy was unaware of the danger that is lurking behind her. Betsy catches a glimpse of its tail. It looked vaguely dinosaur-like but its scales betray its crocodilian aligned lineage as she moved her eyes to the center of its body, this “crocodile”’s legs were underneath its body rather than sprawled out. She moves her gaze to its head, the skull was more dinosaur-like than crocodile. A Prestosuchus, an extinct distant relative to the modern crocodilians. Betsy bolted away from the rauisuchian, the prestosuchus galloped on its feet rather than sprawled. Betsy trips over a fallen branch, her body comes crashing into the dirty ground. She flips her body around to see the prestosuchus was nowhere in sight.


Betsy sighs in relief, it must have retreated she thought. She felt something wet her face, she wiped it away, “Blood?” She then hears two thuds hit the ground. It was the head of the prestosuchus. Her eyes quickly darted over to see a large theropod feeding on the prestosuchus. The giganotosaurus turned its jaws towards Betsy, its razor sharp teeth were covered in blood. It quickly turns back to the prestosuchus carcass before taking in another bite.


Betsy slowly crawls away. She throws herself down a hill as she tumbles in the ferns. She needed to put distance between her and the giganotosaurus. Jungle, woods, jungle, woods, it all looked the same to her. She felt her foot give in as the jungle suddenly spinned and fell on its side when in reality Betsy fell through an abandoned bunker. She fell on an old dusty mattress.


Slowly Darius woke up to see Sammy, Arthur, and himself were laying together on some drifting chunk of the ship’s hull. Slowly the campers abandoned the hull raft as they traverse the beach. They see the footprints of a human near the footprint of a giant theropod, Arthur stared at the footprint before realizing what it was, “This is a spinosaurus footprint, you could see how the fourth toe is closer to the other toes”


“Damn, we must have landed on the other side of Isla Nublar” Darius cried.


“So are we never leaving this island?” Sammy started to lose hope.


“Guys, I don’t think we are on Isla Nublar, I mean since when did Isla Nublar had spinosauruses?” Arthur pointed out, “Other than the skeleton on main street that got destroyed… somehow”


“Maybe they had another secret exhibit on the far side of the island?” Darius hypothesized.


“Unlikely, but we will find out, I guess,” Arthur added.


Kenji and Yasmina woke up on a floating door as it collided into an abandoned docking port, They slowly awakened from her makeshift raft. They saw a rusty crane and some shipping containers. They spot Yasmina, Ben and Bumpy laying in the sand not too far from the docks. Kenji and Yasmina use their hands as paddles as they paddle themselves closer to shore. Bumpy slowly woke up, shaking off the sand from her armored body. She pushes Ben to wake up; slowly he and Brooklynn awaken. They could see Kenji and Yasmina but Darius, Sammy, Arthur and Betsy were missing… and so were Counselors Dave and Roxie.

Betsy slowly awakened. She slowly stood up, she removed the rubber bands that made her pigtails. Her hair was still ear length despite the removal of the rubber bands. Her arm ached in pain, she looked at her bandages and they had become dirty and ragged. She’ll need to replace them soon. But part of her is holding out for her friends, what if they had gotten eaten? What if they abandoned me? What if I am the only one on this island? Her thoughts raced back and forth in her mind.


The sounds of compsognathuses were close by, Betsy smirked as a tear rolled down her face, the island of slaughter was a perfect name for this place. Everything on this island was destined to be slaughtered and then eaten. Mother Nature’s main rule, Survival of the Fittest. One by one the tiny green dinosaurs leapt into the bunker from the hole in the ceiling. Betsy’s eyes widened as she retreated to the furthest wall of the bunker. Her back bumps into a metal door. The compsognathuses collectively turned to the girl. They eye her up with their tiny black eyes. Betsy slowly feels around the metal door for a knob or a handle. She then pulled the handle up slowly. The compys like a green wave spontaneously leapt from the mattress as they swarmed to the girl. Collectively making a chorus of snarls and chirps as they approach her. Betsy pushes the metal door open as she backs into the next room. A Compsognathus leaps into the doorway, instinctually kicking the green little dinosaur backwards before closing the heavy metal door before locking it. The compys slowly make their way up the bunker’s walls by climbing on whatever they could before leap out of the hole in the ceiling. 


Betsy clutches her chest as she feels her heart pounding violently in her chest. If she keeps this she fears she might die of a heart attack. She holds her injured arm before continuing down the scary dark hallway. The sounds of water dripping makes the hairs on the back of her neck stick up. She admits her current situation feels like something out of a horror movie.



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Betsy searches the skeletal remains of an InGen worker, she thumbs his pockets for anything of value she pulls out a kerosine lighter. She opens the top as she flicks the lighter on with her thumb on the little gear on the lighter. Finally visibility she then stares at the instenity of the flame, it was beautiful how it danced on the gas fumes. Betsy smiles as her eyes are almost hypnotized by the flame, burn… she hears a voice in her head call out. A sharp hiss distracted her from her thoughts. Raptor! She recognizes those sounds. But how, wasn’t Jurassic World the last place to have Velociraptors? she questioned, then again before yesterday she thought Nublar was the last island to have dinosaurs. 


She looked down from the passage below, she saw four velociraptors casually walking past the stairway to her level. They looked different from Blue, Echo, Charlie, and Delta. They were all uniformed in appearance, the males were mostly tan in coloration but adorn with large red spots over their backs, flanks, and tails while the females were spotless. The alpha male barked at his three subordinates before moving off down the hallway.

Darius followed the path of the footsteps. They came across the river where the hesperornis grew wary of the additional human visitors. They honked at each other before slipping into the river. “Hesperornis,” Arthur pointed at the birds while they were swimming out of sight, “Ahh they're gone” he kicked a rock. He noticed Sammy and Darius were leaving without him, “Hey wait!”


They were treading along the cliff side, the pentaceratops were laying on the ground lazily as a herd of Magyarosaurus, a type of sauropod that hailed from romania were being accompanied by the much larger Paratitan. The sauropods sing to each other as they traverse the plains with several pinacosauruses accompanying them. Several acrocanthosaurus were chilling in the background near some tall trees. A pack of tan colored velociraptors with some sporting red spots were scouting the plains at a safe distance from the herbivores.


“So Sammy what else do you like,” Darius chatted to his girlfriend.


“I like buttermilk pancakes…” Sammy continued to list off her favorite things.


Arthur’s mind was on Betsy, she was always putting herself in danger, he worries if she keeps this up she might die. He feels he needs to do a better job at protecting her, he glances over at Sammy and Darius. Before smacking into a large sign. “Isla Matanceros?” Arthur asked.


“What? No that can’t be…” Darius ran up to the sign with Sammy.


“Where is Isla Matanceros?” Sammy asked, “is that near Nublar?”


“About 88 miles west of Isla Nublar,” Arthur replied. 


“What does that mean,” Sammy asked Darius.


“It means we are now farther away from Costa Rica than we were on Isla Nublar,” Darius said while he sat on a log.


“Yes, exactly. Isla Matanceros, this island here is part of a greater chain of islands, they called it Las Cinco Muertes, The Five Deaths,” Arthur explained, remembering reading that in a jurassic world article in a national geographic.


“So there are four other islands with dinosaurs on them” Sammy asked.


“I guess, although until today, I always assumed there were only two islands with dinosaurs. Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. If we were to assume that the rest of Las Cinco Muertes is inhabited by dinosaurs, that would mean they’re six islands with dinosaurs on them” Arthur did the math.


“Let’s not jump to conclusions yet, Arthur,” Darius said.


“Isla Matanceros, the island of slaughter,” Arthur stared at the island map.


The three campers slowly leave the abandoned village as they head west down a long slope. Passing the remains of the dead pentaceratops, the troodons watched the campers carefully. They occasionally feed on the ceratopsid’s remains while glaring at the humans.


Kenji, Yasmina, Brooklynn and Ben were walking up the path from the docks as they spotted a white building sticking out of the middle of the forest. Kenji recognized the architect of the building, it was designed by his father. Kenji gestured to the others to follow him as they bolted off down the road. Two sets of electrified fences bridged the white building’s compound with the docks. Kenji looked up to see the lights were still on the fences and they looked kind of new compared to the docks. The four campers and their dinosaur companion stopped at a large sign entitled as KYOURYUMURA.


“My dad’s penthouse, he always makes them look like this, he even has one back on Nublar” Kenji spoke with a big grin on his face.


“Impressive,” Brooklynn grinned, “Not as big as my grandpa’s penthouse in silicon valley california”


“You think we can get in contact with the outside, Kenji?” Yasmina asked him while they traversed down the dirt road to the compound.


Several eyes stare at the humans from behind the fence. Ben glanced over and saw a silhouette of a theropod glaring at him but it was gone. Bumpy grows more and more agitated as she picks up their scent shortly afterwards. The theropod charges at the fence, the metal rope zaps the monolophosaurus.


The theropod looked more like an allosaurus or a megalosaurus than a dilophosaurus, but instead of two tiny horn-like crests it had an ugly rectangular crest protruding from its nose to the center of its head.  It is soon joined by another monolophosaurus. 


“Don’t worry, they aren’t a threat,” Kenji points at the electric fences and the walls surrounding Kyouryumura and the penthouse. A helicopter is seen in the distance, prompting the four campers to run towards the compound. The monolophosauruses followed them close by the fence line.


That same helicopter flies over Darius, Arthur and Sammy as they slowly approach the valley. It releases a pod crate into the forest below before flying off. The helicopter had the BioSyn logo on the side of it. Curious, Darius led his campers into the valley’s forest. They see large dinosaur tracks everywhere. They spot the carcass of a rauisuchian’s head. They wandered past the collapsed floor of the bunker as their eyes were fixated on the cargo crate. Its door was flung open and there was nobody or no nothing inside…at least not anymore. Arthur points at the tracks leading down somewhere, they resembled theropod tracks but the tracks were quite heavy for its foot size.


Darius inspected the cage further and noticed thick globs of saliva were everywhere. The insides of the cage were covered in scratch marks. Tiny blue eyes stare out from the jungle. It thrashes its striped tail before making its way into the bunker below.


“What was that,” Sammy stood up after seeing something within her peripheral vision. It took some time before the three campers discovered the hole in the ground. Arthur jumped down first then Sammy, then Darius. They pulled out their flashlights as they explored the abandoned bunker, they spotted a door that’s been smashed open. 


Betsy was close to something as she walked down the dark corridors, she saw a door, she ran to it believing it could lead to the outside. Instead it led to another room, it was nicer than the one she had just gotten out of.


Darius and Sammy were talking to each other about their personal lives, they laughed and giggled while Arthur was on edge. Then the trio came across several skeletons of what remains of the InGen workers that had long since died. They hear a loud THUD! The three campers turned around and saw a massive tyrannosaurus head appear out of nowhere. It roared at them. The three campers bolted off down the opposite direction. The “tyrannosaurus” began to run down the corridor along with them. They entered a thin narrow gap they could barely squeeze through; once on the other side they were able to see the body of their attacker.


A blue tyrannosaurus head on the body of a tiger striped gorgonops was seen pacing back and forth. The Tyrannops roars as it scratches at the gap. Reminding the campers of a big reptilian tiger. The Tyrannops retreats for now. Betsy turned back to the door she came from, she swore she heard a roar that sounded vaguely like the tyrannosaurus. 


“A T. rex?” She asked herself, Impossible there is no way a tyrannosaurus could fit down here, besides judging from its roar it sounds fully grown.


Betsy walked up the stairs into an old building, she walked under an old air ventilation system that comprises just a large rotating fan and tubes that connect directly to the outside. She pushes open the door, she is in the Kyouryumura’s Compound. 


Darius, Sammy, and Arthur walk up a flight of stairs as they look around the room, they see old radio equipment and… Betsy? The camper trio bolt from where they were standing as they race up to Betsy. 


Betsy had very little time to react as her friends glomp her, “Wha…ey!” she falls on the floor.


“Betsy, you’re alive!” Sammy picks Betsy up and starts squeezing her tightly.


“Sammy, I… can’t… breathe!” Betsy struggles to aunciate her words. She hears a crack, her eyes turn white as she gives up the ghost; metaphorically.


“Oh, I’m sorry,” Sammy releases Betsy onto the ground.


She stands back up while popping her spine back into place, “Oww, that's the second time I hurt my back today” Betsy yelps.


“So how have you guys been?” Betsy asked.


The three other campers sigh as they explain to Betsy how they discovered they were no longer on Isla Nublar, how they found the abandoned village, and how they discovered the bunker and the helicopter. They explained they were chased by a tiger-like hybrid with a T. rex head.


“That explains that,” Betsy added.


Betsy then explained her journey, about the Pentaceratop corpse and the troodons. How she ran into a giant allosaur-like dinosaur and a strange dino crocodile. Then she explained how she ended up in the bunker, how she almost became Compy food, and the wild velociraptors.


The four campers leave the radio shed building as they wander the compound. There they spot Kenji, Brooklynn, Yasmina, Ben and Bumpy just entering through its electronic gates. They excitedly exchanged calling each other's name as they ran over to hug their counterparts. 


Kenji gestured to them inside the penthouse. It looked like a summer vacation home. They had a big flat screen TV, video games, a pool table and even a pool. As the teenagers sat and relaxed and were enjoying themselves. The Tyrannops slowly made its way up the stairs into the radio room. It took a whiff of the air it could smell the campers, to its surprise it not only smells three but now nine morsels. The Tyrannops slowly made its way out of the radio shed as it encircled the penthouse. 


It bolts on top of one of the hoods of a parked Ford Explorer before leaping to attack Bumpy. Bumpy swings her fused tail to smack the Tyrannops square in the face. Dislodging some of its teeth from its jaws. The Tyrannops snapped its jaws as it retreated around the penthouse. It leapt on the AC Unit before leaping into one of the rooms of the penthouse. 


Brooklynn and the others heard a loud crashing sound. The Tyrannops slowly came down the stairs to greet the campers. It bellows a loud roar. It first cuts off Brooklynn and Yasmina off from the rest of the campers. Ben waved his arms while jumping around like a lunatic to get the hybrid’s attention. The Tyrannops lowers its jaws while sprinting towards Ben, the boy leapt out of its way, the Tyrannops lands on a rug while sliding towards the flat screen tv. The tv falls from its holdings while crashing into the Tyrannops’ head. The campers bolt from their hiding positions as they collectively push the pool table on top of the hybrid.


The campers race to the parking lot, they see a fleet of Ford explorers with a large van big enough to hold Bumpy and the campers. The campers race to the van, they turn on the van while backing up, Ben shouts to Bumpy to get in, the ankylosaurus crawls into the vehicle while the others close the van’s back door before getting to the Van. The Van spins around before driving forward towards the electronic gate. The motion sensors activate as the gates slide open as the Van races out of the compound. The monolophosauruses bolt in the opposite direction as the Van zoomed out of the compound.


The Van swerves before heading down the dirt path. The Tyrannops bolts from the compound as it chases after the van. The Tyrannops was gaining on the van, Kenji swerved left to avoid the Tyrannops’ jaws. The sound of heavy footsteps echoed in the forest. The Tyrannops leaps at the van, the campers and bumpy scream as the Tyrannops jaws were edging closer to the van. Out from the forest a spinosaurus rammed into the Tyrannops; the beast snapped its jaws close prematurely,


The Tyrannops flipped itself back over as it roared at its attacker, the spinosaurus towers above the Tyrannops. The commotion attracted the attention of a passing giganotosaurus. It lunges at the spinosaurus before being swiped across the face with its claws. The giganotosaurus roars at the sail-back theropod. The Tyrannops snarls at the two theropods encircling it. The spinosaurus lunges its jaw at the Tyrannops, digging its teeth into the Tyrannops dragging closer to itself. The Giganotosaurus snapped its jaws around the tyrannops’s skull; dragging the tyrannops closer to itself. The two large theropods ripped apart the hybrid.



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“Where are you going?” Betsy asked Kenji.


“I’m not sure, I just figured we keep driving until we run out of gas,” Kenji replied.


“I hope we lost those….err… What were those dinosaurs called again, Arthur?” Betsy leaned her head towards Arthur.


“Oh the one with the sail is a Spinosaurus and the other one is a Giganotosaurus,” Arthur replied.


“What was that Tiger T. Rex thing?” Ben asked.


“Its body looked like a gorgonops but its head looked like a T. rex,” Arthur described.


“Hey, maybe it's a hybrid, like the indominus and spinoraptor,” Betsy suggested.


“All these dinosaur names are getting me a headache,” Brooklynn complains.

Bumpy rubs her snout with Sammy's hand, Yasmina was scratching around Bumpy’s stumby horns. 


“That's the thing though, who is creating these hybrids? Before we found that abandoned bunker a helicopter dropped a cage in the middle of the forest,” Arthur added.


“InGen created the hybrids we saw in Jurassic World, maybe it's them” Brooklynn theorized.


“But they were meant to be park attractions, they wouldn’t just release hybrids loose for no reason,” Arthur defended.


Brooklynn remained silent, she knew about InGen’s plans to weaponize dinosaurs through the amalgam project and the hybrid project. It was true that InGen made all of the hybrids they had seen on Isla Nublar with the sole exception of the Indoraptor. But the Tyrannops wasn’t in InGen’s top secret project database. The question still remains, who created the Tyrannops?


The Van slowly approaches an abandoned facility surrounded by an electric fence. The structure looked relatively new but older than the penthouse at Kyouryumura. The gate auto-opened for the van, allowing the campers inside. Kenji parks the van near some old ford explorers and jeeps. Slowly they entered the abandoned structure. The campers traversed through the lobby before discovering the building’s true purpose. It was a hatchery. They looked down into a large chamber filled with electronic incubators where dozens of hatched eggs remained in the “pods”. 


Sammy walked over to one of the pods, curiously the usual InGen logo wasn’t on them; Instead it was BioSyn. Sammy thought nothing of it, Brooklynn however was growing nervous. Sammy picked up one of the hatched eggs and looked inside of it before placing it back down. She spots a clipboard with documents attached to it. Curiously she flips through the documents.


“BioSyn hybrid testing Project # 001. Tyrannops. DNA was extracted from InGen’s Tyrannosaurus genome and the genome of the Gorgonops from which BioSyn had successfully resequenced. This creation will serve as an adequate test against InGen’s dinosaur hybrid weapon project,” Sammy reads.


“Wait, InGen was weaponizing dinosaurs?” Yasmina found herself yelling.


“Makes sense, considering the Indominus rex,” Brooklynn added.


“Wait, who is BioSyn?” Betsy asked.


“I don’t know,” Sammy replied.


Brooklynn sighs, “BioSyn is a biotech corporation, they’ve been InGen’s rival since the early 90’s”

“How did you…” Kenji asked before being cut off by Brooklynn, “My Grandpa and my parents work for them,” she answered him.


“Ummm okay, well that's errrr helpful I guess?” Betsy commented, “Well that answers that question on who made the… what was it called again?” Betsy looked over Sammy’s shoulder.


“The Tyrannops,” Sammy reads off.


“Yeah, the Tyrannops,” Betsy replied.


“So if your parents worked at BioSyn, then surely they would know what's going on,” Yasmina started to insinuate.


“Come on Yaz, just because her parents work at BioSyn that doesn’t mean she’ll know anything. I am sure, Brooklynn can be a royal pain in the ass but don’t you think you are taking things a tad bit too far?” Betsy defended.


“This is Brooklynn we're talking about, the same Brooklynn that tried to frame you for stealing her phone,” Yasmina narrowed her eyes at Betsy.


Betsy forces a smile on her face, “It was a dumb prank, we all were overreacted back then, hehehe” Betsy suppresses her anger, “Besides I recall that you tried to…” Yasmina gave Betsy a cold shoulder before walking away. Betsy remembered back in the tunnels, Yasmina tried to kill Brooklynn or at least was hoping the dilophosaurus would have in her stead. Betsy rubs her eyes, they still sting from the dilophosaurus spit even though it's been barely half of a month since then.


Sammy walked over to another clipboard on the other side of the room, “Hey guys, I don’t think the Tyrannops was the only hybrid BioSyn was making,” she flips through several pages.



Name: Tyrannops (Tyrant Face)

Genome: Tyrannosaurus rex, Lycaenops ornatus, Lycaenops angusticeps, Lycaenops microdon, Lycaenops sollasi, Gorgonops torvus, Gorgonops whaitsi, Gorgonops longifrons, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: May 30th, 2014


#created: 10


Name: Amargospinus (La Amarga’s Spine)

Genome: Amargasaurus cazaui, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: November 19th, 2014


#created: 2


Name: Ankyloranodon (Fused Toothless)

Genome: Pteranodon longiceps, Ankylosaurus magniventris and Rana rana

Date of Creation: October 12th, 2014


#created: 17


Name: Compstegnathus (Pretty Elegant Roofed Jaw)

Genome: Compsognathus longipes, Stegosaurus stenops, Dendrobates tinctorius azureus, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: May 11th, 2014


#created: 22


Name: Omega Tyrannosaurus rex 

Genome: Tyrannosaurus rex, Daspletosaurus torosus, Tarbosaurus bataar, and Galla galla

Date of Creation: June 4th, 2014


#created: 7


Name: Pachysaurolophus (Thick Crested Reptile)

Genome: Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis, Parasaurolophus walkeri and Rana rana

Date of Creation: December 20th, 2014


#created: 12


Name: Paradeinonychus (Besides Terrible Claw)

Genome: Parasaurolophus walkeri, Deinonychus antirrhopus and Rana rana

Date of Creation: January 2nd, 2015


#created: 4


Name: Tanaconda (Long Trunk)

Genome: Tanystropheus conspicuss, Eunectes murinus, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: January 20th, 2015


#created: 10



Name: Velocirapteryx (Swift Thief Wing)

Genome: Archeopteryx lithographica, Velociraptor mongoliensis, and Galla galla

Date of Creation: July 17th, 2012


#created: 20


Name: Raptor Alpha

Genome: Velociraptor antirrhopus, Velociraptor mongoliensis, Deinonychus antirrhopus, Casuarius casuarius, and Galla galla

Date of Creation: May 7th, 2012


#created: 10


Name: Thrasher Tyrannosaurus

Genome: Tyrannosaurus rex, Daspletosaurus torosus, Tarbosaurus bataar, Casuarius casuarius, and Galla galla

Date of Creation: June 4th, 2014


#created: 7


Name: Stegospinus (Roofed Spine)

Genome: Stegosaurus stenops, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: October 14th, 2014


#created: 3


Name: Deinonycanis (Terrible Hound)

Genome: Deinonycanis antirrhopus, Aenocyon dirus, Canis lupus

Date of Creation: August 6th, 2014


#created: 30


Name: Dilophospinus (Two-creasted spine)

Genome: Dilophosaurus wetherilli, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, and Rana rana  

Date of Creation: June 12th, 2015


#created: 11



Genome: -REDACTED-

Date of Creation: -REDACTED-


#created: -REDACTED-



Genome: -REDACTED-

Date of Creation: -REDACTED-


#created: -REDACTED-



“Huh the last two say redacted,” Sammy read off the list.


The sound of a door creaks open reverberates into the spacious hatchery chamber. The Campers were not alone. The sounds of distant footsteps were coming from the room above. BioSyn? They wondered as they hid behind the pods. 


“Oh no, we left Ben and Bumpy in the Van!” Sammy accidentally shouted.


The intruders snarled as they began to power walk through the hatchery doors. Instead of boots, they saw two clawed feet with the third toe held off the ground. Raptors! The Campers thought. The tan colored velociraptors slowly made their way down the stairs into the hatchery. Some of them were covered in large red spots. The alpha male barked to his mate, the Alpha female. 


“Okay we need to come up with a plan” Betsy whispered. She eyes the spotted raptors as they explore the hatchery for food.


“Yasmina, Kenji and I will provide a distraction for the raptors, while Brooklynn, Arthur, Sammy, and Darius escape to the Van. We will meet you once we safely evade the spotted raptors”


“This sounds very dangerous Betsy, are you sure you can pull it off,” Brooklynn asked.


“The three of us will run together and then we will split up once we're outside,” Betsy continues her plan, “Okay, let’s go” Betsy jumps from her hiding spot, she grabs Kenji and Yasmina. They three bolt off down the hatchery. Screaming “Hey you!” The spotted raptors looked at the three campers confused. 


The Alpha male was about to launch forward but the alpha female nips at him, she gestures her snout towards the other fleeing humans. Betsy briefly looks back, the raptors were chasing the wrong group. “Shit!” Betsy cursed, she then looked at Yasmina and Kenji. Ben entered the hatchery through the side passage with Bumpy. Bumpy ran in front of the spotted Raptors. She swung her club tail into the alpha female, sending her tumbling backwards. The Alpha male barked to keep control over his pack as the juvenile ankylosaurus blocked their path. Ben was carrying a taser rifle as he stood beside his dinosaur companion.


The Alpha male snarls at Ben while snapping his jaws at the boy. Ben fires the taser rifle at the alpha male, the spotted Raptor snarls in rage. The Alpha female recovers, she turns to her mate. The Alpha male began to slowly back away from Ben and Bumpy. The Alpha female turns around and notices the other three humans had fled. She snarls as she bolts off, the alpha male follows her lead as did the others in their pack.


Betsy could hear down the hall the sounds of angry velociraptors. Betsy, Yasmina, and Kenji burst open the doors to the outside as they were about to split up. They were confronted by another tyrannops. Behind them the spotted raptors were getting dangerously close. They heard the sounds of the Van coming their way, the Tyrannops leaps but is sideswiped by the Van in the ribs. 



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Brooklynn opens the van door, “Get in the Van, Now!” she screams. Betsy, Yasmina, and Kenji climb into the back of the Van with Bumpy and Ben. The Van sped off before the raptors arrived. The alpha male raptor screeched at the fleeing Van. The alpha female chirps to her mate before the pack of raptors begins feeding on the injured tyrannops.


A loud cackle can be heard from the heavens, the blue skies are quickly engulfed in dark clouds as rain besieged the island of slaughter. Lightning flashes across the darkened skies and with it thunderous roars. Winds began to pick up as rain grew stronger. The local wildlife began retreating in the rain. 


A stampede of gallimimus began charging past the fleeing Van, followed by smaller swarms of compsognathus and procompsognathus then smaller herbivores such as leptoceratops, dryosaurus, and homalocephale; Then came their bigger cousins. The van swerves to avoid hitting the smaller dinosaurs only to cross the paths with an angry diabloceratops. The van took a detour to avoid the angry four horned ceratopsid. Kenji drove them back until they saw what appeared to be artificial lights, the electronic gate humming before opening themselves for the Van to pass through. They were back at the Penthouse. They parked the Van, as the campers and their ankylosaurus took refuge inside the large residential building. The rain and wind battered the tall structure. The Campers were watching a CGI animated show about some kids stranded in a forest with monsters on the backup TV when a large tree fell on top of one of the power generators, cutting off power to the hatchery and the penthouse.


“Okay, no need to panic. Just lock the doors and stay away from the doors, we will head for the upper floors. That should keep us safe from any of the smaller dinosaurs that might want to come in,” Kenji orders.


“We might want a window,” Darius suggested.


“As long as it's closed, we don’t want to draw our scent here,” Sammy countered.


“I’ll go get blankets,” Betsy gestures to Brooklynn to come with her.


The wind battered the tall house with ever increasing instisity, the loud footsteps of a large theropod could be heard. The giganotosaurus growls at the depowered electric fence as it eyes the penthouse. The fence was designed to keep medium sized theropods out. The giganotosaurus bumps its snout against the electric fence. Wires are ripped from their moorings as the Giganotosaurus walks through the medium height fence. 


The table shook as the giganotosaurus slowly encroached on the house. Its snout edges across the second floor bedroom window and like a big cat, the giganotosaurus began rubbing its snouts against the building to scrape away the rotting flesh trapped between its teeth.


The teenagers glance at each other nervously. The scrape nosing and the scratching echoed and reverberated through the penthouse. Followed by the theropod’s groans and occasional growls but never a full roar. The house shook as the giganotosaurus lightly slammed its body against the house, roughly rubbing its scent onto the building marking its territory. 


The spinosaurus slowly encroaches on both house and spinosaurus, the giganotosaurus flares its forearms out before bellowing at the sailed back crocodile-snouted theropod. The spinosaurus, having just fed slowly, turns around and heads back into the forest. The giganotosaurus snapped his jaws at his competitor.


The roars spook Brooklynn and Sammy as they start whimpering. The giganotosaurus snaps back around to the house. The others grew more vigilant in their patrols around the house. Darius bolted to the second floor’s master bedroom, he spotted the girls were hiding underneath the bedspread when he turned to see a large green eye was peering through the window directly at him. He remembered hearing something about the dinosaur's sight being based on movement so he stayed his ground, not moving a single muscle. 


The Giganotosaurus turns its jaws towards the window, before pulling its head back then  throwing its head forward into the window. Glass flies across the room as the dinosaur's jaws gape wide open like a mutant alligator. Darius jumps in the opposite direction of the girls, the giganotosaurus moves its head to catch Darius as it traps the boy in its jaws. The two girls watched helplessly as the dinosaur retracted its head out of the house. All that remained of Darius was the blood soaked wooden planks. The thunderous footsteps grew quieter as the giganotosaurus retreated back into the jungle.


“Noooooo!!!!!” Sammy screamed as she bolted from under the bed, she fell to her knees, holding the dinosaur Darius had given her. As she was sobbing Yaz grabbed her by the arm tugging her closer to the door, “Come on Sammy!” Yasmina feared the giganotosaurus would return any second or some other predatory dinosaur.


Betsy enters the room only to freeze up at the sight of Darius’s blood, her thoughts immediately went back to Vic and how he died by Tiff’s hands. Then how Tiff was eaten in front of her. Her thoughts wandered, the spinosauruses that attacked their boat… Roxie and Dave! Did they get eaten too? Betsy then took a deep breath. 


Six months later…

The Penthouse was fortified from scraps of metal made from the cars and surrounding structures. Since the electric fences were no longer functional, barbed wires and makeshift fire barriers were erected. Sammy had erected a tombstone for Darius and Vic. Betsy was in charge of making weapons, sharpened spears and a simple bow. Kenji was currently on look out, he placed Ben in charge of keeping an eye on their guns and their remaining ammo supply. Brooklynn was sent with Yaz and Arthur to gather berries from the forest.


Sammy spots some strawberry guava, a family of dryosauruses were seen attempting to climb onto the tree’s branches. One finally made it, now it focuses to reach the guava. Yaz picks up a rock and tosses it at the dryosauruses causing the small herbivorous dinosaurs to scatter. Yaz gestured to Sammy and Arthur to get the fruit. They learned non-verbal communication was the key to their survival. If they made any unnecessary sounds, it would attract the theropods.


Arthur spots a large theropod footprint, he believes that it was from the giganotosaurus since coming here the only large theropods he had seen were the giganotosaurus and the spinosaurus. The footprint itself looked about a week old. Sammy filled her basket full of strawberry guava. She nods to Yasmina. Yasmina nods back before exchanging a glance with Arthur who was preoccupied with the dinosaur footprint, he didn’t even fill his basket full of fruit yet. So she picked up a rock and threw at him, Arthur quickly scrambles to his basket to collect the fruit. Yasmina carefully eyes the surrounding jungle with her tranquilizer rifle, seeing what had happened to Darius, she didn’t wish for it to happen again with either Sammy nor Arthur.


Two monolophosaurus eyes the trio of humans from a safe distance. They were growing increasingly bolder since the human’s arrival, even more so when the power went out. The only thing they feared were the electric fences, larger theropods and a pack of velociraptors. Yet they remain cautious around the humans, whether it was instinct or vague memories of their former human handlers, the monolophosaurus must keep their distance from the campers; they patiently await for nightfall before making their move.


The spotted raptor pack slowly encroached on Kyouryumura, this was their seventh attempt to breach the camper’s barricade. The last six times ended in failure. Unlike their Nublar and Sorna cousins, the velociraptors of Matanceros were more dim witted than their counterparts. The alpha barked to his subordinates to charge towards the carricaded penthouse. Again the fire barriers were turned on, the alpha snarls as his pack comes fleeing back to his side. The alpha male and female howl in defeat before retreating back into the jungle.


The monolophosaurus pair slowly make their way to the Kyouryumura, they cautiously avoid a sleeping herd of Pinacosaurus resting between the trees. The pair of monolophosaurus stopped by the spotted raptors. The raptor park snarls at the larger monolophosaurus. The monolophosaurus roared in return, the spotted raptors quickly retreated from their sight. The monolophosauruses were now unhindered, continuing down to the compound.  They approached the penthouse, the scent of fire and oil was heavy in the air. These little traps were too small to deter them away. Next were the sharpened logs that judged out of the ground, it hindered the monolophosauruses from the penthouse entryway. The monolophosaurus could see movement stirring within the penthouse.


Yasmina, Kenji, Betsy, Ben, and Sammy mobilized on the penthouse roof. They aimed their bows and tranquilizer rifles down at the monolophosauruses. Kenji nodded to Yasmina. The athlete girl fired her bow, the arrow was coated with tranquilizer drug. It struck the leading monolophosaurus in the neck. Its thick hide helped cushion most of the damage but the arrow did its job. The drug had slowly entered the dinosaur’s blood stream. Sammy fired her bow into its companion. Kenji then nods to Ben and Betsy, they fired a second dosage into the two monolophosauruses. The male monolophosaurus bolted away first then the female followed suit.


The campers sigh in relief. They were fortunate that the giganotosaurus hasn’t attempted to test their defenses in the last six months and they hope it never will.



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Isla Matanceros - January 18th, 2016


The following week after Darius's death. Sammy hasn’t left her room since the night Darius was gobbled up by the giganotosaurus. Betsy knocked on her door.


“Come in,” Sammy weekly answered.


“How are you holding up?” Betsy asked.

Sammy silently nodded. Betsy slowly approaches her, “May I sit next to you?” she asked.


Sammy again nodded. Betsy sits next to the farm girl, “I’ve lost my father a month ago, I know it's not the same but It's the same pain I felt when we lost Vic,” Betsy tried to empathize. She then thought of Arthur, how she feared to lose him like how Sammy lost Darius sent a shiver down her spine and ache in her heart. She buries the thought into the back of her mind, she must get Sammy back with the others, “We need you Sammy,” Betsy placed her hand on the girl’s shoulder, Sammy leaned over to hug Betsy. Betsy's eyes widened before accepting the hug as Sammy cried on her shoulder.


Isla Nublar - June 18th, 2016. Six Months after the 2015 Isla Nublar incident.


Masrani and InGen returned to the island to retrieve the rib bone of the indominus rex. Two teams were sent, the engineering team by helicopter and the retrieval team by submersible.  The first team sent their engineer on foot to remotely open the mosasaurus lagoon. Now the retrieval team was able to gain access to the sample. They ignorantly believed that the mosasaurus would have been dead, yet they failed to understand basic lepidosaurian biology… lepidosaurs can survive months without food. The submersible robotic arms cut off a piece of the indominus rex’s rib before attaching a balloon to it as it floats to the surface. The helicopter scooped up the indominus’ rib fragment as it headed back to main street to retrieve its engineer. The mosasaurus waits above the submersible now alerted to its presence. Though the retrieval team were successful in their mission to retrieve the sample they were suddenly silenced by the queen of the lagoon.


The engineer was distracted by the rain and thunder battering what's left of main street. He failed to hear the warnings of his crew on the helicopter. He realized almost too late that the Island’s resident Tyrannosaurus was now in front of him. Roberta bellows at the engineer as he flees to the helicopter, leaving behind the remote lagoon gate pad. Roberta stomps on the device, preventing the gates from closing.


The engineer manages to grab a hold of the metal ladder rope as Roberta continues to chase him. The helicopter takes off but Roberta bites and holds the metal rope ladder preventing the helicopter from continuing further. The engineer screams as Rexy tugs and pulls the helicopter around before the tyrannosaurus releases the rope ladder out of frustration. She roars at the fleeing helicopter as it moves dangerously close to the lagoon’s waters. 

The engineer laughs in relief, so glad to be alive after all that. The calm lagoon water suddenly explodes into a shower of mist and water droplets as the mosasaurus clamps her jaws around the engineer dragging him into the lagoon below. The helicopter continued off in the distance without him as they returned to Masrani/InGen headquarters before heading off to the Lockwood estate for their next pet project.


Isla Matanceros - Six Months after the 2015 Isla Nublar incident.


Brooklynn was searching for berries in the middle of the forest, nightfall was approaching fast and she needed to finish her berrie collective quota. She wasn’t going to allow Betsy nor Ben to beat her in collecting the most berries this month. She then heard an odd sound coming from a bush nearby. A pair of white glowing eyes looked out from the ferns. Brooklynn leans in to get a better look, she feels a sharp pain piercing through her shoulder before her arm goes numb. She turned her head to see what had happened, a raptor-like dinosaur had bitten her shoulder. Its eyes were glowing white. Thick white saliva drips from its fangs before releasing its jaws from her shoulder. Brooklynn released a bone chilling scream.


The Troodon’s venom acts fast in paralyzing her body. She felt her throat begin to tighten, cutting her scream short. She began choking on her own saliva, her body began to twitch and convulse. The Troodon sits and waits for the girl to fully succumb to its venom. The troodon slowly encroaches on the pink hair girl, it opens its jaws ready to tear its teeth into her flesh. A whizzing noise cuts through the air, the troodon snarls as a dart pierces its hide; then several more, it bolts off. Betsy jumps out from behind the tree, she holsters her dart gun as she bends over to help Brooklynn up. 


“Brooklynn,” Betsy whispered. She looked at the girl’s shoulder, her wound looked bad: It was ragged and there was thick white saliva deep inside the bite wound. Betsy looked at Brooklynn’s eyes, they were shaking and were bloodshot. The troodon’s pack were now fully alerted to their presence.


“Shit, that bastard was just a scout!” she cursed to herself as she lifted Brooklynn up by the shoulder. “Come on, Brooklynn” she and her companion start to move from their current location. The Troodons creepy growls echoed in the darkness, they were not too far behind. 


The two campers continued through the dark forest, “Where almost to Ben and Bumpy, just hang on, Brooklynn” Betsy continued chatting to her friend.


“Betsy… Have you seen my phone? I need to update my social media profile… my Brooklander followers need me” Brooklynn uttered.


“We're almost there, Brooklynn, just hang on,” Betsy urges.


“Getting sleepy… So tired, I just need to rest… yes, that what i need, rest,” Brooklynn’s pupils dilate. Her breathing grows shallower and shallower. The troodons surround Betsy and Brooklynn, cutting them off from evading their pack any further. Their glowing white eyes shine within the pale moonlight. Their creepy growls reverberate through the forest. Brooklynn briefly wakes up, her eye pupils fade leaving behind solid green orbs in the white of her eyes. “My phone,” she leaves Betsy’s side.


“Brooklynn, no!” Betsy tries to grab Brooklynn’s hand but she is too late. Brooklynn had bolted off towards the troodons, believing their shiny eyes were the lightscreen of her Phone. The troodons pause and stare at Brooklynn curiously. In the same moment the ground shook, an overzealous troodon broke from rank to bite Brooklynn but was met with a hard smack from the club tail of Bumpy, the young ankylosaurus roared angrily at the bird-like dinosaurs. Ben leaps off of Bumpy’s armored back with a heavy branch. He clubs one of the nearest troodons with it. 


35 minutes ago…


Ben and Betsy were gathering berries, the day’s light was growing darker as the sun began to set. As the sky grew darker, they heard Brooklynn screaming in the distance, “Brooklynn!” Betsy bolted on ahead of Ben and Bumpy.


Ben continued to collect berries, hoping for the best. Betsy seemed like a tough girl; she could handle anything, he thought. The forest grew darker and darker as he waited for their return. He could faintly hear dinosaurs growling up ahead.


“I must not run away… I must not run away.. I must not run away!” he started to panic into a mantra. Bumpy groaned as the scent of troodon was heavy in the air. She bumped her snout into Ben. The boy was terrified, he feared the worst was happening to the two girls. The troodons chirps were growing louder. Faintly Ben could hear something sounding like a human voice among the growls, snarls and chirps. 


He picks up a heavy branch before climbing onto Bumpy’s back as he tugs on her armored back to move forward. His heart was racing as it violently pounds against his sternum. The ankylosaurus raced across the dark forest path. There they both saw Betsy and Brooklynn at the mercy of the troodon pack. Bumpy spun around as she smacked a troodon in the face with her tail club. The frail theropod is sent flying into a nearby fern bush. Ben leaps off of Bumpy’s armored back with a heavy branch. A troodon bolted for him, he howled like a madman as he swung the heavy branch into the venomous dinosaur sending it backwards.




The lead troodon was surprised by the sudden attack. The other troodons broke rank as they avoided being trampled by Bumpy. Ben howls as he chases after some of the fleeing Troodons. Only for them to turn around to snap their jaws at him. Ben loses his footing briefly, before snapping back to hit another troodon in the neck with the branch. Bumpy bolted towards the troodons near Ben, she bellowed at them. The frail theropods retreat back into the fern bushes. The lead troodon growls at the other troodons to retreat. Ben climbs onto Bumpy as he helps Betsy to hoist Brooklynn on to the ankylosaurus’s back. Betsy climbed onto Bumpy’s back last. Ben tugged on her back scales and the young ankylosaurus began heading back to the Kyouryomaru Compound.


“We’ve made it,” Betsy's voice crackled as she fought back, wanting to cry. Tears slowly start flowing from her eyes as she struggles to move her friend to the penthouse. Yaz and Kenji arrive to turn on the fire barriers after Betsy, Ben, Brooklynn and Bumpy crossed the threshold. 


The Troodons followed the ankylosaurus and the campers back to the compound, they quickly bolted through the opened gates as they darted towards the large building when they were suddenly hit by an intense heat as the fire forms a protective wall between the troodons and the penthouse. 


Betsy gets Brooklynn to her bed, the fire barriers do their best to keep the Troodons away but they are patient, they will wait. 


“Don’t leave me, mommy” Brooklynn grabs Betsy by the wrist as she hallucinates that Betsy was her mother.


“I’m not going anywhere, sweety” Betsy pulls a chair up to Brooklynn’s bed. Brooklynn smiles at Betsy, warmly. Betsy smiled in return. Betsy shoots a look at Sammy, “Sammy, I am going to need some hot water and a washcloth. If there are any medications in the bathroom or even a medkit I need them too,” Betsy commanded.


Sammy nodded as she bolted from the bedroom to the master bathroom. She searches the bathroom for some medication, she finds a medical case with a big fat red cross on it. She flips the latches as she pulls out one of the medkits out of the casket.


She opens the medkit and she examines the contents. Antibiotics, antiseptics, rubbing alcohol, pain killers, gauzes, bandaids, it's all here. Sammy closes the medkit as she heads back to the room. She places the medkit on the table before opening it, “Don’t worry, Betsy. I know how to treat that bite wound” Sammy smiled with confidence.


“How? Oh yeah, your family owns a farm but wait how are you?” Betsy asked as she pointed at the medkit then to Brooklynn.


“It looks a bit different from a rattler bite…” Sammy turned her head to see Brooklynn suddenly trying to escape her bed.


“There here, inside the penthouse!” Brooklynn’s shrunken pupils dart across the room. Hallucinations of the little dinosaurs were surrounding her bed, “Get them away from me!”


“…I am going to need a tranquilizer! Now!” Sammy ordered.


Yasmina unholsters her tranquilizer gun and darts Brooklynn in the back, Sammy eyes narrow at Yasmina, “Yaz! How could you!” Sammy bellows.


“She was a danger to herself as well as others,” Yasmina made no apologies while placing her dart gun back into its holster. She looked cool like a professional security officer even though she is just imitating what she had seen in crime dramas.


“So cool” Betsy’s eyes widened, “I mean, that was reckless, Yaz” Betsy tries to act serious as Sammy now is giving her a mean look.


“Well that should do it for now,” Sammy tended to Brooklynn’s wounds, using all the knowledge she had learned from her time on her family farm. Admittingly this was the first time she ever had to treat a human.


The troodons stared at the fire barriers intensely as though they were mesmerized by the dancing flames. The alpha troodon breaks his attention from the flames as he starts to hoot. Kenji wondered why hadn't these dinosaurs moved yet? He pulls out a white rod before “breaking” it, he shakes the white rod until it illuminates into a glow stick before tossing it towards the fences. The glow stick reveals the glowing eyes of several troodons, they had leapt onto the depowered electric fence; they were observing the penthouse, looking for weaknesses in the camper’s defense. The other troodons began to hoot ominously across the forest.



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The Monolophosauruses could hear the distant roars of an ankylosaurus followed by some human howling along with troodons snarling. The two monolophosauruses decided to sit this one out remembering the last time they went to that place but also not many local carnivorous dinosaurs would want to take on a troodon pack and live to regret it. The noises died down for a while. The Monolophosauruses continued down the forest path, they eventually reached the Isla Matancero docks, two large spinosauruses arose from the water dragging a dolphin on to the shore.


The dolphin was brutally gutted as the spinosauruses made short work of the aquatic mammal. The slightly larger spinosaurus growls at the slightly shorter one. Outside of a slight height difference, the two spinosauruses were identical in appearance; they were twins. The slightly taller one began licking his brother’s face, it was bleeding from a fight he had sustained from a fight from a larger predator.


Yasmina notices the lights are beginning to flicker, “I am going to go check up on our fuel supplies,” with which she leaves Brooklynn’s room as she heads down to the basement. She sees Ben feeding Bumpy some grapes downstairs.


“Ben, I need your help” Yasmina walked past him, “Help me get this fuel to the generators, please” she gestures to the last gasoline container.


Ben helps Yasmina to refuel the Generators in the basement of the penthouse. “That's the last of it, we have at least a day of power left,” Yasmina explains to Ben.


“Can’t we just borrow the gas from the other places?” Ben asked.


“The problem is Ben, we already did that. I have marked off all of the places that we have visited. Except for one,” Yasmina stares at the map of Isla Matanceros. She encircled a facility at the far side of the island. “This is the Isla Matanceros Observation Complex. Sammy and I scouted the outskirts last month. It’s roughly a two day journey on foot and about half a day in a Jeep. Unfortunately, the place is crawling with Raptors and…”


Kenji was outside staring at the troodons roosting on the depowered electric fence. The troodons bobbed their heads in a very bird-like manner. Occasionally a few troodons would break the silence with a sharp raspy chirp or hiss.


Arthur was monitoring the fire barriers, its flame was growing weaker. The troodons slowly began approaching the penthouse. Kenji runs to the other side of the penthouse roof. “Arthur, get back inside, now!” Kenji ordered,


Arthur quickly bolted to the door, he quickly pushed a large dresser in front of it before heading off to the roof. The fire barrier’s flames finally die off one by one. The troodons growl in unison as they charge towards the penthouse entrances. They stop momentarily to scout the yard surrounding the penthouse. The troodons stare up at the humans on the roof, they sniff the air, the stench of humans weighs heavily in the air. The troodons jaws salviatae, the various troodon packs begin nipping at their rivals before the leading troodons hiss to keep their members in line. 


Betsy and Sammy were still looking after Brooklynn. The growls of the troodons made the girls uneasy and on edge. The penthouse is secured, there is no way they could get inside even with that window that got destroyed… unless Troodons were good climbers, the Betsy thought. 


A pack of troodons spotted the shattered window, two stories up. The troodons began climbing onto the wall where the giganotosaurus had left gashes. The troodons chirp in anticipation as they slowly approach the shattered window.


Unfortunately for the troodons, their reputation as the most dangerous dangers on Isla Matanceros was geared only to medium sized theropods and smaller. The ground shook. Rain started to pick up out of nowhere. A large sail breaks from the tree line past the depowered electric fences. Then another sail following the first one. It was the two spinosauruses, the same ones that sank their boat. Gar and False Gar, Kenji had named them in honor of Darius nicknaming the dinosaurs they encountered.


Gar was the biggest of the brothers while False Gar had a fresh scar on the side of his face. Gar roared angrily at the troodons before charging in to devour the smaller theropods; like fish in a barrel. The troodons toxic bites were inconsequential to the much larger spinosauruses. False Gar probed his snout into the damaged window seal, snatching away the troodons that were escaping into the penthouse. The fleeing troodons managed to unhinge the door in their desperate bid for survival. Allowing them to gain access to the rest of the penthouse. False Gar dugs his snout deeper into the room before retracting his snout, he roared as he began to claw away at the floor. 


Kenji and Arthur were shooting at the spinosauruses with their tranquilizer pistols but the darts either bounced off or the darts tranq dosage was insufficient. Gar roared at the roofers. “Let’s go, Arthur” Kenji ordered Arthur towards the roof hatch. The two boys quickly charged down a flight of stairs before reaching the floor where Betsy, Brooklynn, and Sammy were at. The sounds of Troodons filled the hallway. 


Betsy and Sammy could faintly hear the troodons just beyond their door. Betsy races to shut the door closed. The troodons leap at the door, a loud thud could be heard from the outside. Betsy and Sammy use their bodies to keep the door from budging further. Kenji fires a clip of tranquilizer darts into the troodon. It flops on the ground drugged out of its gourd. The other two troodons turn their attention back on the boys. Arthur throws a smoke bomb at the two troodons, smoke fills the air as the troodons race down the stairs to escape the smoke. The smoke sweeps through into the girl’s room.


Betsy and Sammy quickly rush over to Brooklynn to escape the smoke. Arthur opens the door letting all of the smoke into the room, “Come lets go!” Arthur shouts. The roof cracked as the floor shook and walls buckled and vibrated violently as the spinosauruses were ripping out chunks of the penthouse. Betsy and Sammy help lift up Brooklynn as the campers make their way to the basement. Brooklynn slowly gained consciousness, her feet were dragging on the floor. She spots two troodons scratching at the front entrance trying desperately to escape the building before blacking out again.


Brooklynn suddenly reawakens again. She was in the basement. Betsy was watching over her while Sammy was checking the girl’s bandages. Fortunately the basement was large enough for Bumpy to be with them. But it wasn’t safe for them to remain here. The ceiling shook violently as dust fell off the ceiling. “Kenji, there is a tunnel that leads out of here. I studied the blueprints thoroughly, it should take us directly to the IMOC,” Yasmina explains.


“IMOC?” Arthur asked, “What's an IMOC?”


“It's the Isla Matanceros Operations Complex” Kenji answered, “My father built it”


“Okay so let's go already,” Arthur insisted.


“Don’t have to ask me twice,” Ben said as he climbed onto Bumpy’s back.


“Fortunately these tunnels are huge…” Kenji replied, it just wasn't the same without Darius around.


The campers made their way into the service tunnels, it reminded the campers of the ones from Isla Nublar. They heard a loud crash as dust and debris filled the basement they once were in. The penthouse was destroyed. 


Betsy remembered being one of these when she first arrived on this island. Other than the ominous dripping of leaked pipes, the campers footsteps and the haunting howling of air escaping, the tunnels were void of sound; eerily so. 


After a two day journey through the tunnel encountering nothing but the occasional skeletal InGen worker remains, they began to encroach the water treatment plant underneath the IMOC.


The facility had large water tanks everywhere, some filled with clean water, dirty water, or various chemicals. Large machines churn and scream as they purify the artificial water reservoir. The campers slowly made their way topside. Kenji carefully opens the metal door leading to the outside. There was nothing outside other than the usual Costa Rican architectural buildings. Kenji took a step out, he gasped as he saw the sleeping form of a very large theropod dinosaur, it was the giganotosaurus. A pack of procompsognathus were pecking in between the massive dinosaur’s teeth; like a bird cleaning a crocodile’s teeth.



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Kenji glances around the complex and sees the communications tower antenna have been permanently disabled, a large cluster of pterosaur nests now sits on top of where the antennae once stood. Kenji closes the door and turns to face the group. “We're not going out that way,” he simply tells the group.


“Why not?” Ben asked.


“Because there is a gigantosaurus out there,” Kenji explained.


“Gigantosaurus? Don’t you mean, Giganotosaurus?” Arthur corrected.


“Arthur, don’t be a nerd,” Kenji retorts.


“So what are we going to do?” Yasmina asked impatiently. 


Kenji glances at Brooklynn, Sammy and Betsy. They looked exhausted, he then looked over at Ben and Bumpy, their on edge. Arthur was pacing back and forth impatiently while Yaz was giving Kenji a meaningful stare. He was their leader, he must make a decision. 


“Alright, we're going to sneak past that thing if we want get to the administration building,” Kenji said calmly, he pulls out the map, “Once there we will take the underwater tunnel, it should take us to Isla Muertes, hopefully there we can find a communications station and call for help”


“Okay,” Arthur nods.


“Okay, remember nice and slow,” Kenji pulls the door open as he motions to the other campers to proceed on ahead. They carefully walked past the sleeping giganotosaurus. Its heavy breathing briefly halts as the large theropod opens its jaws agape, howling a loud yawn, the heavy breathing returns shortly afterwards. Yasmina feels a pressure building up in her nasal cavity. She attempts to hold back but despite her resistance she blows out a loud sneeze. The rest of the campers turn towards the athletic girl in an accusatory glare. Their eyes collectively dart back to the sleeping giganotosaurus.


His yellow cat-like eyes stared back at the tiny humans. It wasn’t before long the giant theropod was on his taloned feet. He flared open his massive jaws as he announced his presence with a mighty roar. The campers bolted towards the administration building. The giganotosaurus was gaining on them fast. The campers zigzagged through a blockade of abandoned jeeps. The abandoned vehicles did little to impede the carnivorous behemoth. The campers passed under a series of rib-like archways. The giganotosaurus roared angrily. The Campers stopped to take a breath, they were safe for the moment. The Giganotosaurus bites down on the archways, pulling and twisting the metal structure off its foundations. 


“Oh shit!” Arthur howls.


“Get inside!” Kenji commanded.


The giganotosaurus tosses the metal archway across the pavement road. The metal rib-like structure screeches across the concrete sending metal sparks flying. The massive theropod lunges at the next archway. The campers scramble to push past Kenji as Sammy and Ben squeeze themselves through the doorway. The giganotosaurus drops the archway from his jaws as he power walks closer to the building. Arthur grabs Betsy by the shoulder as he encourages her to enter the admin building. The giganotosaurus lunges at the archway hanging above the building entrance. Brooklyn screamed as the Giganotosaurus jaws clamped around the archway, the force of the bite caused the metal to buckle like a soda can.


“Brooklynn, don’t think just run!” Yasmina shouted. Brooklyn squeezed through the doorway. The giganotosaurus throws the archway into a nearby building. Yasmina and Kenji stare up at the giant reptile. The hungry theropod lowered its snout towards the trapped campers. Its yellow cat-like eyes glared at the two humans under the remaining archways. Slowly the giganotosaurus surrounds the remaining rib-like archway. A roar drew the giganotosaurus’ attention away from Kenji and Yasmina. A tyrannosaurus barges its way through some stacked crates. The tyrannosaurus was male due to its green coloring but it was smaller than Rexy by several meters. The giganotosaurus slowly made its way to the intruder. The tyrannosaurus reaches in to bite the giganotosaurus on the ankle as Yasmina and Kenji quickly flee into the administration building. 


The giganotosaurus uses its massive head as a battering ram into the smaller tyrannosaurus’s skull. The small rex stumbles into the nearby building. The giganotosaurus bites onto the tyrannosaurus’s skull before throwing it across the street into a bus station. The giganotosaurus stomps on the rex’s ribs before roaring triumphantly. The giganotosaurus’ roars echoed through the hallowed halls of the admin building. The sounds of the tyrannosaurus’s dying whelps were suddenly silenced.


Yasmina and Kenji quickly shutted the door. They stopped to catch their breath. They regroup with the others as they make their way down the tagged colored lines. The administration building was abandoned like the others. Just dead security monitors and moss growing everywhere.


The campers could hear faint footsteps down the hallway. The campers slowly made their way in the opposite direction; not wishing to run into whatever was making those footsteps. They walked down a flight of stairs leading into the bowels of the administration building.


As they traversed deeper, they had entered a stone clad dungeon-like room which was then replaced with large pipes and burnt out furnaces decorated the bowles like some sort of torture room. The room was growing progressively darker the further they traversed through it.


They found themselves inside a new chamber, it resembled a warehouse with boxes and large cages. There was a main tunnel leading beyond a pumping station. A large plaque above the main tunnel was entitled Isla Muertes, 10 miles


“This must be the underwater tunnels,” Kenji pointed out.


“Hey, you think we might see some aquatic prehistoric animals?” Arthur asked.


“Don’t be stupid, we are out in the middle of nowhere. I highly doubt there would be any caged aquatic animals on Matanceros” Kenji deadpanned.


“Awww, that sucks” Arthur replied disappointed.


The campers casually pass by several abandoned cages ranging from big to small; unaware of the creatures they once contained. Several forklifts were left abandoned in the tunnels along with crates of supplies. Thick beads of gray saliva drip from the abandoned cage door handle onto the floor.


Sammy spots something moving beyond the derelict forklifts and crates. She spots a set of stegosaurus plates moving along a cache of supply crates. “Hey there is a baby stegosaurus down here,” Sammy points at the supply cache.

The plates were oddly shaped even for a stegosaurus, they were sharper and leaner than typical stegosaurid plates. Sammy rushed over to the cache, the creature retreated away from the farmer girl.


“Hey don’t be frightened,” Sammy calls out to the frightened creature.


Bumpy began groaning, she bolted towards Sammy swinging her tail club. Sammy turns around, frightened that Bumpy was acting weird. Bumpy slowly approached Sammy before protectively placing herself between Sammy and the creature.The creature’s yellow menacing eyes shone through the shadows of the derelict forklift cabin. It leaps out into view. Its back was adorned in modified stegosaurus plates. Its tail was even spiked like a stegosaurus but its body was that of a theropod. It looked like an oversized compsognathus covered in green, black and blue scales, reaching roughly half the size of a velociraptor. It licks its eye like a frog. Thick beads of gray saliva drip from its jaws.


The Compstegnathus bolts towards Bumpy, she swings her club tail only to miss. The Compstegnathus was now riding on her back. The hybrid theropod began trying to bite into her thick armored shell.


Sammy quickly grabs a supply crate lid and bashes it into the Compstegnathus, sending the hybrid back into the forklift.


“It's a hybrid!” Sammy screamed.


Betsy screamed as a compstegnathus snapped at her from behind one of the cages. Arthur unloads his tranq dart gun into it. The compstegnathus retreats from the pain.


“Let’s go!” Kenji commands.


The campers flee down the tunnels as the other compstegnathus slowly flock behind them. It felt like an eternity as they ran down the concrete tunnel. The compstegnathus that were trailing behind them didn’t seem to be in a hurry to catch up to the campers, instead they slowly formed a wall of themselves cutting the campers off from Isla Matanceros. 


“Over there,” Arthur points at a long cylindrical tube covered in windows. It was a monorail train. It looked like it was in mint condition too despite being inside an abandoned tunnel.


“No, not another train” Betsy remembered the last time they took a monorail ride.


“There is no time to debate this, Betsy,” Arthur argued.


“Looks like we have no choice,” Yasmina replied.


Betsy and Brooklynn were reluctant to board the train but Yasmina gently nudged the two girls on board anyway. The rest of the campers and Bumpy followed suit. 

“Does anyone know how to operate this thing?” Kenji asked.


The train door suddenly closed before the compstegnathus could enter. The lights suddenly came to life as the train began moving on its own. The Compstegnathus suddenly loses interest in the monorail train as they retreat back to the Isla Matancero side of the tunnel.


The train steadily was picking up speed. Before long the monorail train was moving at breakneck speeds as it soars down the underwater tunnel. Yasmina glanced at the wall, a BioSyn logo was plastered on it. 


“Biosyn, again?” Yasmina commented. She glances at Brooklynn, recalling that her parents worked at Biosyn. She wanted to ask Brooklynn something but the speakers began to crackle to life.


“Welcome to Isla Muertes, don’t let the name alarm you if you are familiar with the spanish language as Muertes means Death. We here at Biosyn Genetics, are the number #1 genetics corporation in safety and protocol. Please, enjoy your stay” the prerecorded lines finish.


“The Island of death? Just perfect,” Kenji sighs.


“It can’t be any worse than the other island,” Ben added. 


“I got a bad feeling about this,” Betsy deadpanned.


The monorail train finally arrives at its destination. The train door opens as the train’s power slowly shuts down. The Campers were unaware they were being watched by the surveillance camera.


A blonde man with combed hair wearing tinted sunglasses sat in a dark room monitoring the security feeds. “So there were others. Teenagers, as described by the two prisoners. This is most interesting… hmmm, it seems the vice chairman’s daughter is among them. How unfortunate,” the man spoke with a deep grutal English accent, he then grinned.



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Slowly the Campers disembarked from the monorail train. They cautiously surveyed their surroundings and they spotted more empty cages. Not wishing to stay any longer they bolted towards the stairs. The building they had entered was almost identical to the Matanceros Admin building until they left the basement. This building had power and like the monorail it was in mint condition. Security cameras slowly follow the campers with their gaze, collectively feeding in pictures to the control room. The tinted glasses man smirked as he typed at his console.


The campers were slowly guided to the menagerie, they entered an open chamber with a series of long catwalks crisscrossing the entire room. Below the catwalks was foliage with moon windows above allowing sunlight to enter the room. The foliage swayed as animal life stirred below and in one chamber the sounds of pigs snorting were heard nearby. A long automated crane arms reach into one of the enclosures to pull out a fat pig. The Pig squealed as it was transported to one of the chambers. The pig is cruelly dropped into the pen.


“That's cruel,” Brooklynn and Betsy said in unison. Sammy ran over to see what happened to the pig. Her expression softened, “It's okay the pig is okay” Sammy reassured everyone. The pig is suddenly swept across the enclosured. Its body is now covered in blood. Sammy felt the pigs blood sprayed onto her face, she stumbled backwards, her face filled with terror as the pig is lifted up by an odd looking dinosaur. 


It was as big as a parasaurolophus and even had its signature crest. However its body resembles more of a large Raptor than a parasaur. The Paradeinonychus releases the pig from her jaws before snapping the pig back into them making a loud sickening crunch. The sounds of a familiar chirp were heard in the next pen, it was a pack of compstegnathus. The robot crane arm drops a live pig into their enclosure. 


The compstegnathus swarm the pig, paralyzing it with their venom before devouring the pig like a swarm of land piranha. Another crane arm releases a pig into another enclosure, where a Tyrannops makes short work of the pig with its T. rex-like jaws. They saw some others pacing back and forth in their enclosures waiting to be fed a pig, among them was a pack of Deinonycanis; strange dog-looking raptors. Tanaconda was seen picking a dead pig carcass in the adjacent enclosure while a Dilophospinus attempts to spray venom at the catwalk observers.


“Diabolical aren’t they,” a deep gruttally english voice boomed over the microphones.


“What is all of this?!” Yasmina shouted at the camera.


“Oh, just a little science project, my dear,” the man replied, “you see these hybrids are going to be very important. They are the future for applied biotechnologies,”


“What's the point in creating these hybrids? You have regular dinosaurs you can study” Betsy points out.


“Why? Because we can. InGen… Hammond and Wu did not create regular dinosaurs as you put it, they were always hybrids from the start. They took shortcuts into resurrecting these creatures. The hybrids you see before you although they indeed are the future however they are just mere stepping stones for a greater product. Currently, our rivals are on the verge of collapse. You'll see if you just surrender yourselves to my hospitality. Don’t waste energy in resisting, I have locked the doors already, so you might as well just give in” the man spoke through the intercom system.


Two years later…


Lockwood Estate


After two years of extracting DNA from the indominus rex, Masrani and InGen proceed to improve upon the Indominus rex. They began removing DNA strands that proved a hindrance to the hybrid. They also added more velociraptor DNA from Isla Sorna’s batch of raptors; they managed to create two embryos before placing them in artificial eggs. The first egg fails to hatch. The second one barely had the strength to hatch. One of the scientists assists in its hatching; as soon as it is free from the artificial egg, the newborn hybrid bites off the scientist's thumb. Shortly after, the Indoraptor was born; a series of misfortune events always occurred around its paddock. Its paddock light went out, a worker was sent into its cage only to be devoured by the Indoraptor. 


Dr. Wu was disgusted by the way it behaved. The Indoraptor plays with the dead worker’s skull as it looks out from its bar cage at Dr. Wu. Henry realizes this creature was a failure, after all the training and experiments, this thing is neither fitted to be a weapon nor a dinosaur it just lives simply to kill. He needed to find a solution to fix this problem. He remembers something, he realized the failures of the Indominus rex were being repeated in the Indoraptor. Both dinosaurs grew up without a parental figure and both developed sociopathic behaviors. Henry then remembers the IBRIS project, Owen’s Raptors. He trained with multiple different batches of raptors but only four out of 20 hatched raptors were viable for the project. Wu scrolled through the reports, Charlie the youngest of the Raptor squad had died from an RPG while Echo and Delta were killed off by the Indominus rex. Blue’s status was active, he knew she was still on Isla Nublar, alone and without a pack. She was the last known Velociraptor to be alive. He must secure her somehow, his Indoraptors need a mother. Not Ripper though, he was too unstable to receive material care, he must be destroyed after they capture Blue.


Dr. Wu searches the database as he formulates his plans. Reflecting from several months of setbacks, Wu relealizes he will need the Dinosaur Protection Group to pull this off and he’ll need Biosyn Genetics’s cooperation in lending them some of their resources since after the 2015 Nublar incident, both Masrani and InGen Corporations took a nosedive financially. The Indoraptor is their saving grace. Biosyn representative Ellis Mills ensures Henry Wu and Benjamin Lockwood, they are doing the right thing.


A month later…


Masrani sold the International Genetics Technology (InGen) to Biosyn Genetics. With the destruction of Isla Nublar, the death of the Indoraptor and Mr. Lockwood. InGen couldn’t recover, all of its technologies and patents were claimed by Biosyn; including the Indominus rex and the Indoraptor’s genetic template. Half of the InGen’s dinosaurs were sold around the world while the other half escaped across North America. Some report that an allosaurus attacked several campers in california. Rexy was reported to have attacked some outdoor movie goers after fleeing from a zoo.


August 1st, 2018.

Isla Muertes


For two years the Campers spent time as “honored guests” at the genetic facility on Muertes. They were given personal quarters, food, entertainment and some freedom to wander the facilities but they were not allowed to go outside nor leave the island. The campers sat in the den watching the three stooges. 


Yasmina was pacing back and forth, she grew tired of being stuck here. She was an athlete, she needed to go outside and get some fresh air. She stopped her pacing for a moment before turning to Kenji. The two had since hooked up between now and two years ago.


“Kenji, I need your help,” Yasmina asked.


“It’s not another escape attempt is it?” Kenji asked, “You know what they’ll do to us if we escape right?”


“What happened to Betsy and Brooklynn wasn’t my fault, Ken” Yasmina cries.


“I know, Yaz. I know, we just need to hold out a little longer” Kenji reassures her for the time being.


Meanwhile in the dark recesses of the facility, Betsy and Brooklynn were kept in solitary confinement. About a year ago they tried to escape but were captured by BioSyn security and their hybrid Deionchycanis hounds. They were placed in solitary confinement as punishment for their attempted escape.


The sounds of a helicopter were heard from outside. The facilities guards gather at the helipad as three people dressed in business suits disembarked from the helicopter. A stern middle aged asian man, a hipster elderly white man and a cruel looking middle aged white woman. The tinted glasses Englishman walks up to the trio. “Welcome to Isla Muertes, Mr. Kon, Dr. Ella and congratulations on your promotion Chairman Dodgson” the Englishman shook their hands.


“Dr. Eddie, can you take us to our children” Mr. Kon asked, “I wish to see my son, Kenji”


“Right, umm this way” the tinted glasses englishman escorted them to the commons area or den as they called it.


“Dad?” Kenji asked.

Mr. Kon glances at his son’s girlfriend Yaz before staring at his son with a disapproving glare; he then looks away, “Kenji, may I speak to you in private, please.”


Kenji and father entered an empty room not far from the den. “So you decided to shame me, son. First you failed to leave Isla Nublar on a timely order, then you left the island before we had a chance to rescue you, then you hid off in the Five Deaths for two years, making me and your mother worried sick. Now you dishonor our family by taking a non-japanese girl to be your girlfriend”


“Dad, I love Yaz, we went through a lot together”


“Break up with her now or I will disown you as my son,” 


“I am not leaving Yaz,” Kenji growls.


“Then you are not my son,” Mr. Kon leaves the room, “I will make the arrangements to get you off this island but from there you are on your own, Kenji”


Meanwhile at solitary confinement. The cell door containing Brooklynn was opened. A familiar face stepped into her quarters. “Grandpa?” Brooklynn wiped her eyes.


“Yes, cupcake. It is me, I’m going to send you home, exciting isn’t it? But first cupcake, do you have it? The data?” Dodgson asked.


“Yes it's in my backpack but that man took it,” Brooklynn felt guilty, she knew her role in this was; an infiltrator, a secret stealer, a spy, a mole, a bad person. A part of her didn’t even want to go home, she would rather stay with her friends but right now she didn’t feel like she deserved it.


“Thank you, cupcake, now go wait in the den. I will make the arrangements to take you home” Dodgson promised. Dr. Ella stared at Dogson before she heads off to see Betsy.


“Long time no see, Betsy” Dr. Stephanie Ella glared at her foster daughter, “Have fun being on vacation?” she crossed her arms.


“Yes, two years without suffering your abuse was the happiest moment of my life” Betsy retorts. Dr. Ella smirked, “is that so?”


Betsy looked up at her foster mother, hearing that tone sent a shiver down her spine. She remembered every time her foster mother would say those words, it usually was followed by pain. “Come with me,” Dr. Ella ordered Betsy. Like an instinctive reaction Betsy stood up and followed her.


Dr. Ella has taken Betsy to another facility across from Eddie’s genetic research labs. Here was Dr. Ella’s labs, they were roughly the same, doing hybrid research in conjunction with Eddie however there was a side project Dr. Ella was doing outside of her collab commission. 


Large glass containers filled with viscous fluids containing strange creatures floating lifeless inside the tanks. They were dinosaur hybrids, however some were humanoid while others were so genetically twisted they no longer resemble dinosaurs. REJECT was slapped on the tanks in big bold red letters on the Triceraman tank; the same was on the Raptorman and Rexman tanks. In the other tanks were more dinosaurian creatures yet at the same time looked more like aliens. A Hammerhead raptor creature, a snake like giganotosaurus, and a plant-tyrannosaurus hybrid; all of them had TESTING slapped on them.


“What are these things why are you showing me?” Betsy asked.


“These things were rejects. Before I joined BioSyn, Wu and I experimented on several hybrid creatures. We first started with the amalgam project back in 99. Wu wanted to improve on the dinosaurs he had created but at the time, de-extinction was banned. So Wu modified existing dinosaur genes, thus began the amalgam project. After that disaster, Wu and I began this secret project. We initially used Human DNA but in the end, they died within 8 months of incubation. So we tried to add more dinosaur DNA then offset it with the DNA of other animals. Before, we had decided to remove the Human DNA element completely. Thus we created the creatures you see before you,” Dr. Ella finished, “I am showing you this because you are the key to my next experiment” she opens a door, “please step through that door” Betsy complied as she walks into the room, the door closes behind then locks.


Betsy struggles to open the door, “Let me out! Let me out, please!”


“If you’re smart, you’ll figure this puzzle out”


Betsy turned around, she was in a maze-like complex of concrete walls and metallic doors. Some of the doors began to creak open. Hammerhead raptor hybrids begin sniffing their surroundings. The alpha howls to announce her presence as she picks up on Betsy’s scent. Betsy's eyes widened. She wipes the tears from her eyes as she bolted to the adjacent corridor, she stopped to hear any footsteps. She could hear the hammerhead raptor approaching from behind the thin concrete wall.


She spots a small concrete vent, just barely big enough for her to squeeze through. Betsy picks up a fragmented concrete debris, she tosses it down the corridor just beyond her. The Hammerhead raptor was drawn to the distraction before turning its head back to Betsy who had already escaped through the same cubby whole.


Betsy’s heart was violently beating inside of chest, the girl clutched her chest waiting for the pouding to stop. She took some deep breaths to calm herself down. This was not the first time she escaped death and hopefully it's not the last.



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A night before…

A small submarine edges closer to Isla Muertes. It bears the logo of the SynGen Corporation, BioSyn's rival. It opens one of its torpedo hatches and six people are released from it. The divers are clad in scuba-like suits and use a handheld jet to help them navigate through the water. The divers approached the shoreline. The divers quickly remove their water gear as they walk up the beach. The first diver to remove his scuba mask is a white blonde mercenary man named Dylan. Then a redhead Japanese woman named Noriko, removed her scuba mask. They look over to the rest of their unit as they begin removing their scuba masks. An older white guy with a crew cut gray hair named Gail, a Jamaican man of african descent named Rick, a blonde white girl in her late teens named Paula and a blonde white boy in his late teens named Damian.


Rick and Gail pull up a case from the shore as they hand out their weapons to the other members. Noriko answers a call from the submarine, she nods. The submarine slowly leaves them as it heads off to its base.


“Alright, you know the drill. Okay here’s the plan: we make it up the beach, there we will be two buildings. These buildings contain the new GECAs,”


“What are Geckas sir?” Paula asked.


“Genetically Engineered Company Assets” Dylan explains, “HQ reports that BioSyn set up an operation out here in the Las Cinco Muertes, we're here to observe, report and assess what we find. Rumor has it that InGen’s assets are still alive and kicking here on the five deaths. Despite the news saying the islands were stripped bare”


“What happens if we engage one of these assets?” Damian asked.


“You may use lethal force if necessary, but I would rather that we avoid putting ourselves into any dangerous situations, alright?” Dylan explained, “Now, let’s move out”


The six saboteurs race across the beach as they slowly approach the nearest compound. They reach a boxed gatehouse. Dyln nods to Paula as she runs over to hook in her ESC into the computer interface. The X-shaped gate pops open as the rival corporate mercs gain access to the compound.


They sneak through the backyard of the generator room. They carefully watch out for any creatures. Noriko and Rick go on ahead. Paula and Damian repower up the gatehouse as if nobody had entered it. Gail and Dylan waited for the others to regroup to their location. The distant sounds of the Isla Meurtes’s denizens make the saboteur team on edge. They are fully aware of the Chaos Project but yet the information was quite vague.   


12 hours later…


Betsy could hear the hammerhead raptor snarling, it then started making choking noises before hacking up something awful. They are sick, Betsy thought. She must continue through this maze. She carefully stared at the two passages. She travels down the right corridor as she then makes a right turn then a left turn. She saw it was dead, she then spotted the skeletal remains of two people. They were wearing tattered Camp Cretaceous counselor uniforms. It took Betsy a while to recognize that these were the remains of Dave and Roxie, despite how badly mutilated the corpses were. Betsy brought her hands to her mouth as she gasped. She hears something moving, she turns her gaze towards an opening up ahead, the hammerhead raptor bolts down the corridor looking for her prey. Betsy slowly approached the opening leading to the adjacent corridor.


A metal door slowly opens up from behind her. Betsy throws herself against the opposite side of the corridor as a giant head shoots out from the new passage. Its head resembled a giganotosaurus but its body was long and serpentine. The hammerhead raptor cut off Betsy from escaping. She glanced at the giganotosaurus snake. She bolted towards the hammerhead raptor, the raptor snarls as it lunges towards Betsy. She slides on to the floor as the giganotosaurus snake snaps its jaws around the hammerhead raptor.


Betsy ran as fast as she could as she headed down the corridor. She spots a door titled exit. Another hammerhead raptor was on her heels. He flares out his claws as he sprints after her on his taloned feet. Betsy threw herself into the exit door, she spun around to close the door. Instinctively she locks the door with a bar lock. The hammerhead raptor can be heard snarling from the otherside. She slowly turns around as she continues down the dark corridor, she opens the next door and is hit by hot humid air of the jungle.


Betsy realized she was now outside, the sounds of tropical birds squawking can be heard in the distance. She cautiously enters the forest as she spots the BioSyn helicopter on the helipad from the ground floor. She could see in the distance two spinoraptors drinking from a creek while hunting for fish. The two spinoraptors flea further down the creek when an ankylodocus herd came stomping into view along with a herd of pachysaurolophus and stegoceratops. These stegoceratops were different then the ones she saw on Nublar. Their heads are more triceratops-like rather than nasutoceratops.


A young woman walks into the security room dressed in a technician uniform. She sits at one of the computer terminals as she hooks in her ESC (Electronic System Controller). She taps at the keyboard as she links it to the facility’s security system. The electronic door containing Dr. Ella’s hybrids suddenly slid open. Paula sighs as she looks around hoping she wasn’t detected. She unplugs her ESC from the computer as she slowly walks out of the room.


A hammerhead raptor is flung through the doorway. The hammerhead raptor breathes its last breath as a giant head squeezes through the door frame. It wiggles its fat serpentine body through the doorway as it hunts for flying prey’s scent. The Giganotosaurus snake devours the hammerhead raptor in a single gulp, it slowly slithers into the jungle. The remaining hammerhead raptors follow suit. The security cameras monitor the whole thing. Dr. Ella was surprised. She quickly grabs her phone, she contacts Chairman Dodgson, “Sir, we have a containment breach,”


“A containment breach? Of what?” Dodgson asked.


“Five XDH-type I “Algols” and XDH-type II “Rigels” Dr. Ella confirms.


Mr. Kon approached Yasmina as she was jogging down the corridors. He waved her down as they moved to somewhere private to chat. “My son has a bright future ahead of him, break things off with him. So he can have his future,” he pulls out a wad of cash.


Yasmina felt insulted by the gesture, she smiled at him, “Mr. Kon, I will have to decline your offer. I love Kenji!” she told him.


Mr. Kon brow furrows, “No you can’t love him, he is out of your…” Mr. Kon glances at his phone, “Kon. Mr. chairman? What? A containment breach? I’ll be right there” Mr. Kon leaves.


Mr. Kon ran to the helicopter, he spotted the Biosyn mercenaries were firing their weapons off the edge of the roof. A large blue blur leaps over the ledge and on to one of the mercenaries. The hammerhead raptor jaws make short work of the mercenary.


The mercenaries redirect their aim to the blue hammer head theropod. The Algol’s thick hide deflects the bullets. The mercenaries release their own hybrid Deinonycanis onto the dinosaur-shark hybrid. The Algol and the Deinonycanis size each other up for a moment, the dog-like Deinonycanis leaps at the Algol but is knocked out of the air by the Algol’s claws. The Algol bites into the Deinonycanis’s belly, ripping its guts out before the beast turns towards the mercenaries. The Algol makes short work of the biosyn mercenaries as its teeth and claws tear into the men’s kevlar armor. Mr. Kon stared at the hammer-head raptor in mixed awe and terror. It taps its toe claw on the concrete floor. It peels back its thin reptilian lips as it bares its shark-like teeth at the corporate man. One of the mercenaries barely alive slowly aims his pistol at the dinosaur-shark hybrid. He squeezes off a few shots at the creature’s cephalofoil. The Algol wreaths in pain before swiftly turning around, it lands its fangs into the mercs head lifting him off the ground before throwing him off the roof. 


This gave Mr. Kon enough time to retreat back into the building. He locks the door via the electronic locking mechanism. He breathes heavily trying to catch his breath. The Algol smashes through the window, however only its head was allowed through. It snaps its jaws at Kenji’s father. The older man quickly retreats further down the hall. He pulls out his phone to call for security. The Algol struggles to free itself from the small window seal. After tugging and pulling it manages to turn its head in the correct angle. The electronic locking mechanism flashes to life as an audible click is heard, the door slowly opens on its own. The Algol pushes the door open with its cephalofoil, a slight static discharge flashes from its snout. 


The Algol sniffs the air, its killer sickle claws tap at the floor. The Algol begins emulating the usual raptor bark call to call for its pack mates. Two more Algol enter the room behind it. The lead Algol turns around to snap at his subordinates. They hisses in response. The three Algols began their sweep of the hallway. They use their cephalofoils to pick up on any changes to the air density like a shark through water. One of the subordinate Algols picks up a change in the air density near the bathroom area. It could smell a human nearby. 


Yasmina was crying after hearing such hateful words from Kenji’s father. She hears footsteps approaching. She fixes her makeup before heading for the door. “I’m sorry for…” Yasmina gasped. She was expecting to see Sammy or one of the facility's women but not a blue hammerhead raptor. Yasmina was pulled from the restroom out into the hallway by its reptilian hands. It bites into her shoulder, spraying blood all over the wall.


Betsy sneaks around a large abandoned concrete structure. She could see the Algol approaching but they stopped in their tracks as they heard the calls of their pack leader. They turn around as they head off in the opposite direction. Betsy sighed, at least they weren’t on her trail anymore. Betsy snuck inside the structure, it used to be a laboratory. In big bold white letters, the InGen logo was seen on the walls. She traversed deeper in the ruins, she reached the incubation chamber. Several destroyed incubators were seen scattered hapahazdiously around the room. She reads the labels, Ankylodocus and Stegoceratops. She spots an old photograph framed on the wall. It was a team of scientists, among them Betsy saw her stepmother and Dr. Wu standing next to each other. 


Ben was worrying about Bumpy, since they had taken her off site to who knows where. He had eavesdropped on Dr. Eddie about taking the ankylosaurus to the Biosyn Sanctuary. Ben didn’t know what this sanctuary was but he hoped it was a safe place for Bumpy. He must find Bumpy as soon as possible. Sammy was pacing back and forth wondering where Yasmina and Kenji had gone as they waited for their return. Arthur was watching a documentary on dinosaurs to pass the time.


Kenji hears Yasmina’s screams down the hall from himself, he races towards the screams only to find a hammerhead raptor holding Yasmina in its claws. The Algol stares up at Kenji with fangs covered in her blood. Kenji, enraged, grabs a chair as he charges towards the hybrid abomination at full zeal. The hybrid swings its claws at the chair, the chair shatters into pieces. Kenji grabs one of the legs before leaping at the hammerhead raptor. He stabs the leg into its eye. The Algol snaps its jaws, the static electricity around its cephalofoil begins to zap Kenji’s hand and arm causing him to recoil. The Algol hits Kenji with its cephalofoil right in the stomach sending a static electric shock into the young man sending him flying across the room while the Algol makes its escape.


Kenj slowly recovers from the hybrid dinosaur attack. He crawls over to Yasmina, who is lying on the floor bleeding out. Her face was deathly pale, she barely had the strength to keep her eyes open. Kenji's hands were trembling as he took his shirt off to apply pressure on Yaz’s wound. 


“Don’t worry, Yaz, you’ll make it” Kenji tries to reassure her.


“Ken..ji…” Yaz struggles to speak. Yasmina's eyes were growing heavy.


“Hang in there, come on stay awake, don’t close your eyes” Kenji pats her on the face.


“I… love… you” Yasmina’s eyes close shut for the last time as she draws her last breath.


“Yasmina? Yaz? YAZ!!!!! NO!!!!” Kenji holds her close to himself. Tears stream down his face as the woman he loved has now died. An Agol slowly approaches Kenji as he mourns for Yasmina Fadoula. Kenji gives the hybrid a death stare. He gently places Yaz’s body on the ground as he grabs one of the other chair legs. Kenji howls at the hammerhead raptor. The Algol snaps its jaws at the young man threateningly. Another Algol sneaks from behind Kenji as it begins nibbling on Yaz’s corpse. Kenji shrieks as swings at the Algol from behind him. The Algol lets go of Yaz’s body to snarl at Kenji.


The other Algol lowers itself to the ground while flaring out its claws ready to pounce at Kenji. It is struck by two bolts into its ribs, the Algol hisses before it's blown to smithereens. Blood splashes all over Kenji as he shields Yaz’s body. The second Algol stares up confused, his sister was just in front of him and now she is gone; replaced with a pool of blood cooked chunks of meat. Two bolts stuck it in the chest, it too is destroyed in the same manner as the other Algol.


Kenji looked up and saw a young redhead woman of japanese descent staring at him. She was only a few years older than him but he could tell she was a mercenary by her wetsuit attire and by the way she carried herself. 


“A kid? Sir, you didn’t say they were kids here?” she responded to her earpiece.


“Continue with the mission, Noriko, Dylan out” a voice boomed from her ear piece. 


The pack leader Algol hisses at Noriko and Kenji before bolting away. Noriko lowers her compound bow. She looks at Kenji still holding Yasmina. She turns away from the two as she walks away.


“Hey! Can you help her?” Kenji pleaded.


Noriko stops in her tracks as she turns to face Kenji. She walked over to him, she saw the girl was already deathly pale. She felt the girl’s wrist, there was no pulse. Noriko shook her head to Kenji, before standing back up.


“I’m sorry, kid. But she is gone” Noriko turned away. Kenji began to cry on Yasmina, remembering all of the good and the bad times they spent together. He couldn’t believe it ended like this. Noriko felt bad, had they not come to this island, this girl would have still been alive. But her mission was more important right now, she must not delay her mission. Noriko grabs one of her side arms, “Hey kid,” she lays it on the ground before kicking it towards Kenji. “Do you have other friends here?” Kenji nods to her as she looks back at Yasmina, “There is nothing you can do for her now, you must be strong for friends,” Noriko advised him. With that she leaves him.


“Hey wait, what's your name?” Kenji asked her.


“Noriko,” she replied, “Noriko Mikami,”


“Kenji Kon,” He gave her his name


“Nice to have met you, Kenji,” she smiled.



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Betsy was staring at the glass reflection of the incubator. A trio of pachysaurolophus was seen feeding off the moss on the walls. One of the Pachysaurolophus turned towards Betsy, chewing the moss in its beaked snout. It quickly ignored her as it resumed feeding on the moss patch. Betsy wanders the abandoned hatchery, searching through filing cabinets for notes and documents on what transpired here. She reads through a journal. It was written by her foster mother Dr. Melass Ella, it details how she first met Dr. Wu when she was a grad student back in 1999. She admired Dr. Wu and assisted him on the amalgam project. It was difficult to revive the latent feather genes in InGen’s raptor stock; instead Dr. Wu and Dr. Ella created several new variants of the raptors. The Raptors of Matanceros suffered a drop in intelligence and became more instinct driven. The Raptors that inhabit the mountains of Isla Sorna, were less tolerant of other raptor batches. Dr. Ella suggested to Wu to start from scratch which led to a new raptor genome to be created. The new raptors were completed over a year, although not fully feathered, the male specimens were adorned with feather quills on their cranium. But the new raptors were considered an improvement over the Nublar Raptor stock.

But the smarter you make something, the harder it is for it to remain under your control. The western Sorna raptors escaped from confinement by tricking their handlers. Dr. Wu and Dr. Ella argued the origin of their failures but Dr. Wu went off to start the IBIS Project and the Hybrid Project while Dr. Ella left Masrani-InGen. Betsy took the book with her as she heard voices echoing down the hallway from her. She spots an older white man carrying a shotgun while he bickers with a lean Jamaican man wielding an AR-15.


“You need to relax my brotha” Rick said to his comrade.


“How can I relax at a time like this, Rick? We must be on alert at all times” Gail replied.


“All I’m sayin is yo need to not stress yo self out,” Rick explained.


Betsy accidentally trips over a fallen over filing cabinet, alerting the two men to her presence.


“Hey what's that?” Gail aimed his shotgun. 


“I’ll check it out,” Rick raced over to Betsy’s location, she turned around and saw the blinding light of his flashlight. “Man, it’s a little white girl”


Betsy gave the man a confused expression, she is quarter-japanese although she may not look it at a quick glance. She slowly stood up with her hands up. Gail then approaches the girl, he looks at her inquisitively. “Where are you from Girl?” Gail asked but Betsy refused to talk, he is reminded of a certain coworker that likes to disobey his orders.


“Think she is mute?” Rick asked. Betsy exchanges glances with the two men. She then sighs.


“If she were mute, then she wouldn’t be capable of making a sigh noise,” Gail commented.


“I’m not a mute,” Betsy growled, “Crap…”


“Oh my god, she can talk mon!” Rick jokes. Gail wasn’t amused. Betsy glanced around like a scared lost child. Fearing their voices would draw unwanted attention, “Yo, Damian come here,” Rick calls for his other comrade, a distant voice can be heard, “Get yo scrawny ass over here boi!”


A young blonde man in his late teens comes scrambling to catch up to his two superiors, he then sees Betsy, “Wow she is cute, Rick. She kind of reminds me of Noriko,”

“Yo, shut yo simping ass up, mon” Rick bellowed, irritated by the youngster’s behavior.


“Again i’ll ask you,” Gail ignored the strange comedy routine Rick and Damian were having, “Where did you come from?”


“I am a Camp Cretaceous Camper,” Betsy answered.


“Wait what?” Rick turned to Betsy. “Camp Cretaceous? Yo mean yo're from Jurassic World?”


“I am wearing the T-shirt,” Betsy smiles as she stretches the bottom of her shirt.


“Hey I hear ya, I’m from Jurassic Park myself because I have the T-shirt” Rick makes fun of her.


“So what is a camper doing out here in the five deaths? Especially since Jurassic World closed down two years ago” Gail interrogated.


“It's a long story, hey can we find someplace safe first to talk about this?” Betsy was growing nervous.


“There is nothin to be afraid of girl, we gots the fire’ya pow’ah” Rick shows off his gun.


Gail chuckles, “I happened to agree with the girl, Rick,” he then turns to Betsy, “Come with me,” Gail escorted the girl back to their makeshift base camp at the old InGen power plant.


Meanwhile Kenji was holding Yasmina's body as he led Noriko to the room where his friends were. Sammy opened the door happy to see Kenji return but her expression shifted to horror as she saw Yasmina's lifeless body covered in blood. She saw the jagged bite wound. Her eyes darted back to Kenji and then to Noriko.”Kenji what's going on? What happened to Yaz? Who is this?”


“No time to explain, Sam. We need to secure this room and come up with a plan,” Kenji brings Yasmina's body into the room while Noriko follows. Kenji gently places Yasmina’s body on the table. Ben and Arthur stared at the body of Yasmina, they were reminded how sudden Darius’s death was but this was different. Darius didn’t leave a body for them to mourn. Noriko closes the door as she stands guard looking through the small window built inside the door.


“Okay, you guys probably have already heard of the containment breach” Kenji asked his friends.


“Yes, what was that about?” Arthur asked.


“Apparently some new hybrids broke out one of the labs, one of them killed Yasmina” Kenji described the event, “If it wasn’t for Noriko, I would be dead too”


“Noriko? Who is she?” Sammy asked.


“She is Noriko,” Kenji gestured his head to the woman guarding the door.


“She looks like a mercenary,” Sammy whispered.


“Yeah but she saved my life,” Kenji whispered back.


“Do you know anything else about her?”


“Ummm no, not really”


“Shhhhh!” Noriko shhed them as she locks the door, “One of them is approaching,” Noriko compresses herself against the corner of the door. She turns to the others, “hide”


Kenji throws a blanket over Yasmina before he hides underneath the coffee table. Sammy and Ben squeeze themselves inside one of the corners out of sight. Arthur does the same in the opposite side of the room. “I have to go tinkle,” Arthur whispered.


“Hold it in dude,” Kenji whispered back.


Heavy footsteps can be heard outside of the room. The Algol begins to hack up something fierce, it barfs up the parts it didn’t like from the security merc it had eaten earlier. It lazily presses itself up against the wall as it uses the wall to support itself. The bottom of its face slides against their door, its head tilted at an awkward angle due to its cephalofoil getting in the way. Its eye looks down into the door window, it briefly scans the room with its red cat-like eye. It saw a table with a large blanket covering something and most of the coffee table. The Algol fiddles with the door handle, the Algol growls when the handle wouldn’t budge. The Algol hears another Algol calling for it, with a renewed sense of vigor it bolts away from the door. 


Brooklynn was being escorted by her grandpa’s security detail as she was being led to the executive helicopter pad. Her grandpa Lewis Dodgson was waiting for her at the helipad. Two Algols bolted towards the security detail, cutting them off from reaching the helicopter. Dodgson was shoved inside of the helicopter by his bodyguards and by Daniel Kon, “That's my grandaughter, I can’t leave her”


“Sir, we will fly back around… what in god's name is that thing?” the pilot cursed as a long snake-like creature began slithering up the side of the building.


“First we must get Dr. Eddie and Dr. Ella, then we will rescue your granddaughter,” Daniel told Lewis, “remember, the company matters first”


The Rigel, pushes its serpentine body along the concrete wall with its diminutive limbs a hold over from its giganotosaurus genome. It turns its head towards the helicopter, its head resembles that of a giganotosaurus. Its overall body resembles the basilisk from Harry Potter.

Brooklynn bolts from the security detail as they are firing upon the Algols. They are quickly taken down by the Algol. The hammerhead raptors drag the biosyn security officers back through the hallway. The Rigel smashes its massive head into the building, it opens its jaws as it growls at the Algol. The algols flee from the massive Rigel as it slither-ins to devour the fresh remains of biosyn security.


The helicopter flies back around to the next helipad where Dr. Albert Eddie was waiting at the helipad. He waved at the helicopter to come get him, the helicopter was coming back around to land. 


“Oh sweet Ms. Butterworth on hot cakes! What is that!” The helicopter pilot cursed as a large gorilla-like reptile thing was slowly stalking the geneticists. Dr. Eddie spun around only to be mauled by the Kornephoros. The helicopter quickly diverted away before the reptilian primate took notice. Eddie’s tinted sunglasses was all that remained of the man as his glasses were covered in his blood and cracked.


Betsy is brought to the SynGen Merc leader Dylan Burton. “Gail, why have you returned… umm who is this?” Dylan was a large burly man with short blonde hair. Betsy could see a teenage girl working on the laptop doing something important, she guesses, Betsy looks back up to the blonde man. 


“Betsy,” she replied.


“Betsy, huh? I knew a cow named Betsy on my old man’s farm. She got sent to the slaughter house,”


“Ummmm” Betsy felt intimidated by the mercenary leader.


“The girl, I mean Betsy, said she is a Camp Cretaceous Camper. This chick mon,” Rick comments.


“Quite,” Dylan said to Rick, “We had reports of missing people after the Jurassic World incident and I don’t mean the reported casualties of Masrani and InGen personnel. Several park guest and personnel were reported to have not come back from the island, among the missing were six Camp Cretaceous campers including Lewis Dodgson’s granddaughter and Daniel Kon’s son”


“I know them both, Brooklynn Dodgson and Kenji Kon. They are my friends, they are back at the genetic research facility. You can take us off the island right? You're here to rescue us?” Betsy sounded desperate, practically pleading for their help.


“Little girl, you think this operation is about’ch you?” Rick laughed, “We're here to contain, capture and/or destroy GECAs”


“What's that? Is that like a gecko?” Betsy asked.


“Genetically Engineered Company Assets,” Gail added.


“Oh it’s an acronym, so you're here to wipe out the dinosaurs?” Betsy asked.


“No, specifically we are here to assess the hybrids. Should any of them we deem dangerous, they are to be destroyed,” Dylan explained.


“I’ve located her friends, Room 1988, Norita Mikami is there with them” Paula said in a monotone voice, “I’m tracking two, no three GECAs within the vicinity. Make that four..no five GECAs,”


“Which ones are Dr. Ella’s and which ones are Dr. Eddie’s hybrids,” Dylan walks over to his daughter. 


“Dr. Eddie’s hybrids are either secured in the menagerie or are wandering the island with the registered Dr. Wu’s Hybrids. These are Dr. Ella’s hybrids,” 


“I’ll send a team there, we’ll go and extract your friends. Once we're done getting them back here, then Paula, she’ll release the menagerie. That should deal with our dangerous hybrid problem. While that is happening, we will storm Dr. Ella’s Lab,” Dylan explains, “You have your orders, lets move out”


Gail, Rick, and Damian slowly sneak out of the abandoned InGen power plant as they cross into the jungle. A pack of compstegnathus swarm the three mercs but they are blasted to bits by Gail’s Spaz-12 and Rick’s AR-15. The rest of the compstegnathus bolt away from the SynGen mercs. A pack of velocirapteryx quickly retreat in the air as they fly off to the tree canopy. A herd of Stegospinus retreat further into the jungle alongside some skittish Dilophospinus.

An Armagospinus slowly comes into view, the hybrid herbivore ignores the mercs as they scare away any creature in their way with a hail of gunfire. 


The genetic research facility is seen in the distance. The concrete building slowly grows, little by little as they approach the concrete structure. They finally reach the massive structure. Gail shoves the glass door open as Rick and Damian bolt pass him, Gail then follows in after them. The mercs surveyed the lobby room, it was eerily empty, the staff either evacuated through the tunnels to Sorna or were eaten by the hybrids.


Gail directs the team to head up the stairs. They pass by several rooms with blood splattered inside of them or along the walls. The bodies of personnel lay on the ground torn to pieces. They pressed forward as they slowly closed the distance between themself and their objective. 

“Were almost d’ere, mon” Rick comments. Gail remained silent as always. Damian was breathing heavily, never having to run so much in his entire life.”We d’ere, my brotha” Rick pats Damian on the back. Gail huffs as they approach the room 1988.


“Kshhhk!” Noriko’s radio goes off, she quickly grabs it, “Hello?”


“Noriko, what's your status?” Gail asked in his usual monotone voice.


“I’m okay, we have civilians here,” Noriko replied.


“Affirmative, Team leader needs the civilians to be extracted from genetic research facility and taken back to base”


“Roger, umm sir,” Noriko replied. The female merc unlocks the door as she allows Gail, Rick and Damian into the room. Kenji wraps the blanket around Yasmina’s body as he carries her in his arms. Arthur, Ben and Sammy follow suit as the Mercs lead the campers to safety. 


“Hey Noriko, what's da story with da girl in da blanket?” 


“Not now Rick,” Noriko silences him… for now.


“Okay, but ya know ya can’t keep me quite for’eva,” Rick chuckled.


The Algol picks up the scent of death on Yasmina in room 1988. The Algol hisses when they pick up the scent of humans coming and leaving the room. The mercs and the campers were on their way out of the lobby, a loud bark caused the campers and the mercs to turn around. On the second floor the three Algols announced their presence. The lead Algol leapt down into the lobby, the other two followed their alpha’s lead. The alpha hisses to its two subordinates to flank the mercs and campers.


The left Algol leaps at Damian but it is tackled by the much bigger Paradeinonychus. The algol struggles to fight off the larger hybrid. The paradeinonychus crushes the Algol’s windpipe, the algol ceases to struggle. The paradeinonychus steps on the smaller hybrid, it snarls before roaring towards the other two Algols to stay away from its kill.


The lead algol charges towards the larger raptor hybrid. The Paradeinonychus is double teamed by the hammerhead raptors. It roars as the Algol uses their bioelectric currents into their adversary. The paradeinonychus is brought down by the Algols they had avenged their packmate. In the middle of the confusion the humans had already fled. A pack of compstegnathus chirps to the algol. Then a pack of Dilophospinus came out of one of the hallways. The Algols snarl as more and more of Dr. Eddie’s hybrids were encroaching upon the hammerhead raptors. The Rigel smashes its way through the hallway as it slithers way down into the lobby. The Rigel roars at the smaller hybrids as it chomps down on the closest thing near its jaws.

After the mercs and campers reached the abandoned power plant. “Okay, now that we are all here, there is one last thing we must do and…” Dylan was interrupted.


“Sweet Ms. Butterworths!” Damian shouts as he falls on his butt, “That girl is dead!” he points at Yasmina’s body.


“I was planning on taking her body back home to give her a proper burial,” Kenji explained. Betsy was surprised that Yasmina was dead, she thought something was wrong but didn’t get the chance to ask Kenji what was wrong with Yaz.


“Ya, we’ve might t’as well have painted da target on our backs or maybe carryin da sign sayin free buffet t’over here’ya” Rick mixed his frustration with humor.


“We’ll discuss this later, you campers are to remain here until we get back, Paula, my daughter will keep you company” Dylan said. 


“Dad, you're not seriously going to put me in charge of babysitting? These kids,” the blonde girl hissed.


“Hey who are you calling a kid,” Ben growled, “I am 17 years old,”


“That's cool, but I am 19, I am legally an adult you're not,” Paula gloated.


Dylan, Rick, Noriko, Gail, and Damian slowly approached the secondary genetics facility. They entered through the open gate giving them access to the facility. Dylan ordered Damian to guard the door while Gail took point. Rick covered their rear. While Dylan and Noriko covered their flanks as they traversed the facility.


Betsy and Sammy stared at Yasmina's corpse. It felt unreal to them, just yesterday Sammy was laughing with her and having a good time. Now she is lying here, pale with a nasty jagged wound on her neck and shoulder. The two girls allowed themselves to cry over their dead friend, it wasn’t too long that Arthur and Ben joined them in shedding tears, while Kenji remained strong. He had to, he was their leader, however he shed a single tear for his beloved.


Dylan reached a door outfitted with an electronic lock, he tapped at his phone and saw the picture his daughter sent him on the code to this door. He types in the code 199319972001201520182022, what a ridiculous long code, he thought. The door popped open as Gail once again took point. A flash of light followed by a loud bang echoed in the next room, Gail fell to the ground bleeding from his neck. Dr. Ella bolts away. Rick took point as he approached Gail. From what he could tell, it didn’t nip an artery, just grazed the skin.


“Gail is doin fine, zee bullet just a grazin hissa a skin” Rick explained.


“Who was that?” Noriko asked.

“That was Dr. Ella, okay let’s search this place before she has the nerve to come back” Dylan ordered.


Noriko wanders around as she strays from the group into a hallway before heading off to a remote room. Where she picks up a journal titled, The Ozymandias Project. She began reading the journal.


Dr. Ella took her raptor research she had obtained while learning from Dr. Wu and applied it to BioSyn’s Chaos Project. There are details of Dr. Ella working with Dr. Eddie: She combined her knowledge of the Raptor genetics with Eddie’s genetic hybridization expertise. 


The next few pages of the book details how after working with Dr. Eddie on the Chaos Project, she gained enough clout with the heads of BioSyn to start her very own hybrid project dubbed the Ozymandias Project. She attempted to make smarter dinosaurs by hybridizing them with human DNA but the dino-men failed to mature past the fetus state. She then experimented with other creature genetics leading to the creation of the Australis, a tyrannosaurus-plant hybrid which failed to hatch from its egg. The second hybrid she had created was a spinosaurus-lionfish hybrid dubbed a Miaplacidus, which also failed to hatch. The third hybrid she created was a giganotosaurus-lobster-ant hybrid called a Cebalrai, it successfully hatched but the hatchling was born with two heads and it was blind; the hatchling expired shortly afterwards after starving to death. The fourth hybrid she created was an ankylosaurus-utahraptor hybrid called a Regulus, it had successfully hatched and survived long enough to reach adulthood. This success led to Dr. Ella to use more raptor DNA as the basis of her project with the creation of her fifth hybrid, a hammerhead, electric eel, Velociraptor hybrid she dubbed an Algol and her sixth hybrid a gorilla-velociraptor hybrid she dubbed a Kornephoros. 


The last chapter details her work in improving on the failed Cebalrai; she reworked the giganotosaurus DNA by removing the lobster and ant DNA and replacing it with snake and salamander DNA. She dubbed her seventh hybrid, Rigel, The last paragraph details why Dr. Ella named her hybrid dinosaurs after stars because she believed her creations will one day replace humanity. She just needs more research before resuming her dinomen experiments.


“Had a good read?” Dr. Ella attempts to shoot Noriko but misses.


“What is wrong with you? What is it that you are trying to conceive? What's the purpose of these hybrids?” Noriko asked.


“What's wrong with me? Humanity is the problem, my dear. You, me, everyone. I created these hybrids to test the limits of our power over genetics and there I saw I can change the future. I realized why my earlier projects had failed because I used the wrong human stock. Rather than harvesting DNA from hobos, I discovered that during certain development stages from  adolescence to adulthood a certain chemical is secreted during this growing process. The teenagers will make the perfect resources for my unborn children,” Dr. Ella laughed.


“You're insane,” Noriko retorted.

Dr. Ella grunted while she fired another set of bullets at Noriko. “Humans are a dying species! We are unworthy of survival! Humans causes climate change, Humans are causing the next mass extinction, Humans are violent, Humans are murderers” each time she speaks she fires a shot at Noriko.


Damian hears a strange sound coming from the jungle. A Kornephoros leaps out of the fern bushes. It crushes Damian’s skull before dragging his body away. The creature sniffs the air tracking its mother from the rest. It leaps onto a rafter before leaping to another.


“None of those idiots in BioSyn understood my true potential, not even the idiots in Masrani global nor InGen understood my true goal and talents” Dr. Ella cried.


The Kornephoros leaps down from the rafters on to Dr. Ella, It snarls at the frightened doctor as it gets ready to kill her. Rick blows the creature away with Gail's shotgun.


“How ya holdin up in here, mon” Rick asked Noriko. But the japanese girl quickly rushes over to restrain Dr. Ella with a black thick tie-tie. “Oh T’I see yo already have tings figured out here’ya mon?”


“Can you stop talking and drop the fake Jamaican accent already, it's getting annoying since you were born in Nashville, Kentucky” Noriko struggled to keep Dr. Ella still.


“Okay,” Rick started speaking with an American accent, ‘Yo, I heard there is a helicopter on the roof’s helipad, we can take that to get the rugrats”


The campers had just finished burying Yasmina in the backyard of the abandoned InGen power plant. When they heard a large helicopter approaching the abandoned InGen power planet. When the helicopter landed, Noriko stepped out. 


“Hey kids, want to ride with us?” Noriko asked.



MemberAllosaurusSep-18-2022 1:51 PM



Brooklynn was walking through the jungle. The sound of a distant helicopter was heard, she followed the sound of the helicopter until she came out into a clearing. The helicopter was circling around before slowly growing closer to her location. The biosyn logo was on the side of the helicopter as it began to land. The side door opens up, four BioSyn security goons jump out to grab Brooklynn. Their leader slides the helicopter side door closed as they take off into the sky. Brooklyn struggles as her hands were bound by a thick black tietie, her lips were sealed by duct tape since her screaming was giving the biosyn security a headache. 


“Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” Brooklynn gave her captors the evil eye. She glanced out of the window and saw the island slowly shrink. The helicopter flies alongside the coastline of Isla Sorna before leaving that island as well before reaching an island that was dominated by a large mountain.


Isla Tacano came into view. A large constrictor snake with green scaly horns can be seen stalking a glyptodon; a prehistoric relative to the armadillo. The glyptodon retreats in its shell but the hybrid snake coils itself around the shelled mammal. The snake gapes open its maw, its four viper-like, like a switchblade, pop out. It attempts to grab a hold of the shelled mammal but its fangs were at the risk of fragmenting so it pushes its large head to flip the glyptodon on its back. Its underbelly was exposed and soft. The massive snake strikes the glyptodon’s juggler before wrapping itself around its hard shell, squeezing the prehistoric armadillo until its shell cracked from the pressure. The snake extends and widens its lower jaws to swallow the glyptodon when a pack of dire wolves slowly encroaches on the giant snake, the massive snake regurgitates the glyptodon to strike at the first wolf that dares to get close. It throws the wolf into a nearby tree before the second wolf jumps at its back, the big snake bites into the second wolf and flings it into a boulder. The snake strikes at their alpha before coiling itself around the largest wolf of their pack, the other wolves bolted away as Big Deadly crushes their father’s bones.


The scientists were watching the whole thing on their security cameras. The next security feed showed two helicopters arriving at isla tacano at different rates. The executive helicopter landed first. The door slid open as Lewis Dodgson and Daniel Kon were seen leaving the helicopter along with their security entourage. A tall burly man and his shorter partner were seen greeting Dr. Dodgson and Mr. Kon.


“Welcome to Isla Tacano, the island of stingy stuff,” Nick, the burly bald man with a fu manchu mustache says while having his arms wide open inviting for a hug. 


“What?” Dodgson stared at the taller man with contempt. He had no time for idiots, he had a rough day. Losing both genetics facilities on Isla Muertes was going to cost him a hefty sum in addition to losing his granddaughter.


“My partner is an idiot, sir. Congratulations on your promotion sir,” Lani then turns to his partner, “Nick, go make yourself useful and getting things ready,”


“Oh yes,” Nick runs off to the main facility. While Lani escorts the BioSyn executives to their suites. Then the second helicopter arrives causing those down below to stop to look up. The second helicopter lands, its door slid open as the security goons come rushing out two of them holding a certain pink hair girl. Lewis power walks over to the second helicopter. Brooklynn looks up and sees her grandpa approaching her. 


“MMGraMMndMMpa?” Brooklynn asked while still having the tape over her mouth.


“Brooklynn?” Lewis asked, “Thank god you're safe” he looked at his security goons, “Remove her restraints you idiots and the tape,” The goons scramble to cut the black tietie off of brooklynn and pull the duct tape free from her lips.


“Owww, you nearly ripped my lips off!” Brooklynn sneered at the security goons, she looked over at her grandpa. “Hey grandpa, what is this place?” She looked around, she saw electric fences and a massive mountain looming in front of her. She swore she saw smoke escaping from its peak but her concentration was broken when she was encouraged by her grandpa to come inside.


“This is Isla Tacano, your mom and dad were once stationed here. They were a little older than you are now but their work will pay off”


“I never met my real parents, what were they like, Grandpa?” Brooklynn asked. After her parents’ death, she was raised by her uncle, a famous BioSyn scientist.


“They were both good people, exceptional scientists. Did you know they both attended the same University as Dr. Henry Wu?” Dodgson gave her useless trivia.


Meanwhile back on Isla Muertes, the SynGen helicopter began to depart the Island of Death. 

“Are the charges set?” Dylan asks his subordinates.


Noriko, Gail, and Rick nodded. Dylan then looks to his daughter. Paula opens her laptop as she enters the code to trigger the bombs. The two genetics facilities are engulfed in a fiery inferno. The helicopter flies off to their next location. Isla Meurtes rapidly started to shrink in the distance as they slowly approached its neighbor Isla Sorna, the island of sarcasm.


“Isla Tacano, reports indicate that Biosyn’s main operation is located there…” Noriko is interrupted as a flock of ankyloranodons swarm their helicopter. “Damn hybrids!”


The hybrids swing their club tails into the helicopter before flying away to avoid the helicopter blades. The helicopter struggles to stay in the air but the engines give out as they are forced to make an emergency landing. The hybrid pterosaurs are scared away by the much larger toothed pteranodons. One of these larger pteranodons attempted to attack the landing helicopter however the treeline made it too difficult to pull off forcing the pteranodon to divert back into the sky.


The door slid open as Gail barrels out with his trusty shotgun. All he did was spook some beaked dimorphodons to retreat into the trees. The trees were thick and tropical like Isla Matanceros and Isla Meurtes. In the distance water can be heard, there must be a river nearby. Rick then leaves the helicopter holding his AR-15 close to his heart. Noriko arms herself with an AR-15 as well, same with Dylan and Paula. Rick and Noriko let their AR-15 hang from their harness as the two mercs reach in to grab Dr. Ella.


“I wasn’t planning on making a detour to Sorna. Okay, here's a plan. We make it down to the old Hammond Worker’s Village, we can probable call for help if we rig our transmitter to their tower”


Kenji, Betsy, Sammy, Ben, and Arthur slowly leave the helicopter. They look to Kenji on what to do next. Kenji’s thoughts were still on Yasmina, Brooklynn and Darius.


“Kenji, what's next, should we follow them or what?” Ben asked. 


He was tired of being the leader of the group, under his leadership they had lost three campers, three very good friends. Kenji sat on the dirty floor, he was tired and wanted some rest. “Maybe you should go with them, then. I’m tired of doing this…”


Ben recoiled, wondering what he had done to upset Kenji. Arthur was grabbing everyone’s backpacks as they were preparing to move out with the others. Betsy was in the middle of talking to Sammy when the two girls looked over at Kenji. Arthur powered walked over to Kenji as he handed the girls their backpacks and then Ben, his. 


“So you're quitting on us?” Arthur asked, “After everything we’ve been through! You can’t quit on us now!


“When did you suddenly start growing a pair?” Kenji sneered.


“I don’t around the same time we lost Darius to a giganotosaurus” Arthur countered.


“Great, then maybe you should be the leader then,” Kenji offered.


“You mean you’ll follow me?” Arthur was surprised, he kind of liked the idea of being leader.


Kenji chuckled, “No. I think you lack the balls for it”


“You son of a B..” Arthur balled his fist but was interrupted by Betsy. “Cool it, Arthur. Kenji, I get you are tired. Maybe we can decide on who leads our little group after we rest but for now let’s follow Dylan,”


“I guess so,” Kenji sighs. Betsy offers him a hand up. The two’s eyes met, Kenji and Betsy started to blush. Arthur didn’t like what was going on but he remained quiet. Ben and Sammy started to head off towards the others.


“You guys are coming?” Sammy asked.


“We're coming,” Betsy announced.


The campers and the SynGen mercs were traversing through the thick jungle until they came to a clearing. It was an open plains that was cut down the middle by a large river. The grassy plains were almost barren, there were no large dinosaurs in sight. Why would there be, most of Jurassic World’s dinosaurs were from Isla Sorna originally. The campers thought. However a small family of dryosaurus bolted from the forest. They were cautious as they slowly made their way to the river. A fleshy sail bursts from the water, slowly the rest of its body comes out of the water. The campers fled behind the SynGen mercenaries fearing the worst. The Mercs aimed their weapons at the sail-back dinosaur. It was an Ouranosaurus, a type of sail-back duck billed dinosaur. The Mercs relax as well as the campers. Betsy sighs as she looks down the river. She pats Kenji on the shoulder as she points towards a massive glass dome resting with the canyon beyond the plains.


“Looks like a bird cage,” Kenji commented.


“Yeah for what?” Betsy asked.


“Jurassic World had an aviary,” Arthur butted in, “maybe it's for the pterosaurs”


Betsy and Kenji gave Arthur a hard stare. “Just sayin” he replied.


Several large pteranodons flew overhead. The dryosaurus quickly fled into the jungle. The ouranosaurus bellows at the toothed pterosaurs. The campers and the mercs followed the pterosaurs as they flew down the river in between the canyon cliffs. The lead pteranodon lacked interest in the defensive creature and the humans as he made his way to his nesting grounds with his mates. He folded his wings near the base of the glass dome. At a safe distance the humans watched as the pteranodons line up as they squeeze through a metal door originally meant for human use. The humans slowly followed the pterosaurs as they traversed through the tight fitting hallways, once they entered the aviary the lead Pteranodon spread his impressive wingspan as he took to the air. The rest of his flight followed behind him to the rocky crags spires that were their nests.


Dylan pulled out his map, “We are almost there, we just need to reach the top of the aviary first”


“Through there, sir?” Rick asked nervously.


“Yes. Just keep an eye on the sky,” Dylan replied.


“I don’t like this,” Paula protested.


“You’ll be alright,” Dylan replied, “Just remember your training and you’ll be fine”


“What about the campers, sir?” Noriko asked.


“Right, you kids should stick with us and please try to keep up,” Dylan ordered.


The campers power walk towards the Mercs, the water a few meters away starts to depart around a fleshy reddish-brown sail.


Meanwhile back at Isla Tacano. Brooklynn was getting familiarized with the staff involved at the research center. She noticed a habitat unit near the left wing of the facility.  She slowly approaches a large plexiglass window. The rainforest exterior contrasts the clean office look of the facility interior. Up ahead of the trees was a massive bulky frame. Its scales were mostly gray from what Brooklynn can see between the trees. What she saw was an armored back, an ankylosaurus? She thought. She briefly sees a long tail that was an odd fusion of an ankylosaurus’s tail club with the spikes of a stegosaurus’s thagomizer. Its greenish-yellow eyes peer through the foliage. The creature lowers itself to avoid being fully revealed. It roars what can be described by a strange hybrid of an elephant crossed with a whale crossed with synthesizer.


Brooklynn’s body was trembling from the sound of its roar, “What the hell is that?”


“That is my life’s work,” a man steps from behind the pink haired girl. Brooklynn recognized the man, it was her uncle, Dr. Alphonse Kirk; one of the leading geneticists, second to her grandfather.


“What is it?” Brooklynn asked.


“It's a one of a kind Hybrid, more powerful than even InGen’s Indominus rex and far superior than mother nature’s tyrannosaurus rex” Kirk gloats, “the name is a work in progress but I’ve been thinking of diablosaurus rex”


“What's that thing over there”, she points at the camera feed of a giant snake.


“That is Big Deadly, it was originally called something else by Nick and Lani but it was too inappropriate” Dr. Kirk replied.



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The SynGen mercs, the campers and Dr. Ella slowly passes by a metal cage door that's been ripped from its hinges. The footprints of grounded pterosaurs litter the ground. Dylan grits his teeth as he leads his companions through the cage-like sally port. A gang of compsognathus were drinking from the lake, a beaked dimorphodon swoops down from the sky to snatch up a compy off the ground. The rest of the small green theropods flee for their lives as they scatter in all directions. A herd of Orodromeus were startled by this event as the compies came charging through the small herbivores herd. A small green ceratopsian leptoceratops bursts from a fern bush to chase after the fleeing compsognathus swarm. The group slowly avoided the wildlife as they hugged the rocky walls. The orodromeus ignored the humans as they continued to feed on the moss and lichen from the canyon walls. A leptoceratops plays around with a compsognathus it just killed with its beak.


A trio of herrerasaurids called staurikosaurus were hunting another herd of Orodromeus. The primitive saurischians charge towards the orodromeus, the small plant eaters flee from their predators as they head across the shallows of the river as they battle the currents to get to the other side. A parasuchus ambushes the orodromeus herd, taking one to its watery grave. The water surrounding the devoured orodromeus was quickly replaced with blood. 


In the chaos the humans had slowly ascended up a small ledge overlooking the river below. The staurikosaurus trio hadn't caught the human’s scent yet. They watched patiently as the orodromeus panicked in the water, some drifting downstream as they grew too exhausted to fight the currents. The staurikosaurus race down the river bank to catch up to their prey. A large mass displaces the water around the river as it battles against the currents.


A pteranodon squawks at the mercs, Dr. Ella, and the campers, it throws itself down the cliff edge as it flares out its wings. A fleshy sail bursts from the water as a long crocodilian snout snaps shut around the pteranodon’s neck before dragging it into the water. The spinosaurus was the largest creature they had seen in las cinco muertes, even larger than the giganotosaurus and the two spinosauruses they had encountered previously. It had scars aligning its snout, eye ridge and neck. It was also missing its left thumb claw from a fight it had lost a couple of years ago.


The spinosaurus turned his attention to the humans. From its only good eye and the scent of the humans brought nostalgic memories of chasing six humans across this island seventeen years ago. The spinosaurus bellows in murderous glee as it quickly stomps across the river. The mercs and the campers quickly ran across the ledge as the spinosaurus was quickly gaining on them. The spinosaurus roars again as three large pterandons dive bomb from the misty sky above. This gave the humans enough time to search for a ladder. The humans quickly climbed the ladder leading to the lower levels of the observatory. The spinosaurus snapped at his jaws at the pterosaurs causing them to retreat back to the misty ceiling. The humans were catching their breath as the commotion outside died down.


The spinosaurus bites into the mesh wall before reaching both claws out to pull the mesh wall off its hinges. The mesh wall falls onto the rocky ground before sliding off into the river below. The spinosaurus shoves its snout into the mesh wall hallway. Snapping as it burrows deeper into the human habitation tunnel.


The mercs and campers bolted up a stairway leading to the next level. The spinosaurus couldn’t reach the next floor. The spinosaurus bites into one of the metal supports that were bolted into the side of the cliff. The second floor rumbled as the Mercs and Campers raced to the next floor above. One by one the spinosaurus destroys the second floor's pillars; the entire mesh tunnel had rapidly begun to fall into the river along with the spinosaurus.


The Mercs and Campers stared out from the third floor, the mech frame slowly sank beneath the river’s surface. A flesh sail burst from the water, the spinosaurus had managed to survive. The spinosaurus turned its green eyed gaze towards the humans, it roared angrily before waded through the river. 


“Next time, dad, let’s avoid the bird cage,” Paula said, still trying to catch her breath.


“Come on, we're almost there” Dylan motioned.


“How much further,” Gail asked.


Dylan reads the map, “Okay beyond the birdcage, there is an old electric fence around this sector. We need to go north then we should press on east. It may take three days to reach the worker’s village; thankfully InGen removed most of the dangerous dinosaurs off the island. Our spinosaurus friend here must have hid in the aviary to escape capture” they watched as the spinosaurus retreated back into the water. It's good eye still watching them from down from the river. The pteranodons swoop past the caged hallways as the humans wander the upper layers of the observatory. 


Dr. Ella sees her chance to flee, she bolts past Paula as she shoves Betsy out of the way she recklessly ran across the bridge from the observatory to the caged gilded hallway leading to the stairs. The pteranodons patrol around the catwalk their forms melt into the mist but the flap of their wings and their bird-like squawks make them seem more like deadly phantoms than predators.


“Shit! She got away!” Rick cursed.


“She can’t get very far, not on this island” Gail reminds his friend.


“Okay, how are we going to catch her again?” Rick asked.


“We chase after her,” Gail replied.


“What? Have yo lost yo damn mind or somethin,” Rick argued.


“We blast our way through,” Gail replied while brandishing his shotgun.


“That just dumb,” Rick retorted.


“Do we have a choice?” Gail replied.


Rick sighed as he grabbed his AR-15 from the harness. Gail nods his head to his African American friend, Rick returns the gesture as they both bolted across the catwalk firing randomly in the air. The pteranodons swiftly avoided the catwalk. 


“Let’s go!” Gail shouted to the others.


Sammy bolted across the catwalk, she disappeared in the mist. Betsy bolts across the catwalk, the sounds of wings flapping made her heart beat faster. The other side materialized from the mist and Sammy was waiting for her. Ben and Noriko race across the catwalk as they disappear into the mist. They rematerialize at the otherside in one piece. Kenji and Arthur both took a deep breath, “ready for this?” Kenji asked Arthur.


“I think so… hey just in case one of us doesn’t make it out alive” Arthur was about to say something important. He felt he was being shoved across the catwalk, “ahhhhhhhhh”


“Come on man, keep running,” Kenji urged.


“Okay okay….” Arthur starts running on his own. The flap of the pteranodon's wings echoed across the aviary, Arthur was subconsciously keeping an eye on the sky before he knew it he was on the other side to the happy faces of his friends.


Dylan and Paula were next, Paula was in front as her father was popping a few shots in the air. “Rick and Gail, move out!” Dylan ordered. Gail races his way to the other side with his commanding officer and daughter. 


Rick was the last one on the catwalk. A pteranodon swoops down to grab Rick by the shoulders, lifting him off the ground. “Rick!” Gail rushes back to shoot the large pterosaur off his friend. The shotgun pepper shoots the flying reptile in the left wing. The pteranodon plummets along with Rick to the bottom of the aviary. Both man and beast plunge into the watery depth below. Rick swims up to the surface only to be pulled below as the parasuchus has got a hold of his leg. Rick pulls out his glock, he squeezes the trigger as he injures the parasuchus. Rick swims back to the surface, only to be grabbed by another pteranodon only for both pteranodon and Rick to be caught in the jaws of the spinosaurus. The pteranodon survival instincts make it release Rick before high tailing back to the mist above. The spinosaurus snapped closed, its crocodile-like jaws, finishing off Rick.


“Gail! Forget it, he's gone!” Ryan shouts to Gail.


“Damn it!” Gail screams.


The campers and the rest of the mercs climb the spiral staircase. They see out of the window looking down at the aviary. They turned around to see the entrance door had been opened. In the distance they see a broken down perimeter fence that barely survived 24 years of neglect.



MemberAllosaurusSep-20-2022 7:39 AM



Dr. Ella turned around and spotted the Mercs and Campers had just managed to reach the observatory entrance doors. She watched from behind the tree as the mercs and campers were heading east. She shook her head, grateful they were heading to the worker village and not the incubation labs. She slowly hides the rest of her behind the tree. The mercs and campers went north of the decrepit electric perimeter fence. Dr. Ella smiles wickedly as she heads for the abandoned labs just west of the aviary complex.


Dylan’s group followed along the water canyon. They spotted a few pre-masrani baryonyxes emerging from a cave down below in the canyon river valley. They were hunting for fish as the midday light shone upon their pale brown hide. Orodromeus and leptoceratops herds scattered from the underbrush as the mercs and campers ran across the forest floor. Beaked dimorphodons retreat into the understory of the trees. Unaware they were being stalked by a predator. Yellow avian eyes follow the humans. A medium sized dromaeosaurid leapt from the bushes. It looked similar to the velociraptors the campers had encountered but shorter and copperhead brown. The deinonychus growled at the humans. Their alpha barks to keep its subordinates in line but one of them lowered itself to the ground ready to strike.


Betsy looks away as the deinonychus leapt onto Gail, the middle aged man struggles with the dromaeosaurid when an all too familiar avian bark brought both human and deinonychus to stop what they were doing and on alert. The alpha deinonychus chirp barks to its subordinates to flee but it is already too late. A dark dromaeosaurid bolts into the pack of deinonychus. The one attack Gail was now laying on the ground dead. The dark purple dromaeosaurid had red colored avian eyes, quills on its head with a streak of white running down from its eye down its neck to the sides of its flank. The dorsal region of its head, neck, and back were colored red. The dominant subspecies of Velociraptor on this island was enjoying its kill. Where there was one West Sorna raptor there were others.


Dylan bolts to Gail to help him up while the bigger raptor was busy eating the smaller raptor. Dylan directed the rest of his companions to run north. The larger West Sorna rose his head as the humans fled along with the deinonychus. He barks to summon the rest of his companions. Several other west sorna raptors emerge from the bushes resembling him and some where bone white covered in dark spots with yellow eyes; the females.


The raptors ambush the humans from the clearing ahead of themselves. Three raptors cut them off in front, while two raptors encroached on their flanks with two raptors closing in on their rear. Dylan counted three females and four males. He aimed his gun whom he perceives to be the Alpha couple. The alpha male and female from past experiences have learned of humans and their weapons. The alpha male hissed at his peers, the other raptors slowly backed away. He chirps to his mate as she too backed away as did he. 


“Smart bastards,” Dylan commented.

“Sir, what are your orders?” Noriko asked.


“Wait,” Dylan replied.


Paula and the campers were growing increasingly nervous even after the raptors kept their distance but they were still there just waiting for them to drop their guard or become exhausted. The alpha male picked up an alarming scent in the air, he raised his head to confirm the direction of the scent. He swung his to his mate as he chirped in a rapid session before barking to the other raptors before releasing a drawn out snarl, he gestured his head backwards. The West Sorna Raptors fled from the humans.


“Where do they think they are going?” Sammy asked, puzzled by the raptor’s strange behavior.


“I have no idea,” Ben replied.


Arthur had a worried expression on his face as did Kenji and Betsy, Paula looked behind herself. While Noriko, Dylan and Gail were staring at the fleeing Raptors. Paula gasped as the jungle looked like it was moving towards them. The different shades of greens shifted into a rusty brown familiar form; it was a carnotaurus and it had the ability to camouflage. The carnotaurus growled before bellowing a full roar. The older mercenaries began to open fire on the horned theropod. The bullets barely penetrated its thick hide despite giving the creature pause. The Carnotaurus lunges at the mercenaries, by its actions it manages to divide the adults from the teenagers. It snarls at the mercs angrily before being forced to retreat back into the thick woods; Its skin takes on the surrounding environment's vibrant hues as the creature seemingly vanishes into thin air. The jungle once more comes alive as two more carnotaurus shifted out of their chameleon state; The one from earlier and its mate.


The raptors watch from a distance, they recognize they are on the edge of their own territory. Of the entire island, only the western corner is where their kind can call home. Ignoring the other larger theropod territories that overlap their own, the west sorna raptors territory borders on the original nublar variants territory in central sorna. The alpha female chirps to her alpha male. The alpha male eyes the two carnotaurus carefully.


The carnotaurus were successful in driving away the adult mercs from the teenager campers. Now both large theropods are chasing away each group in opposite directions. Dylan, Gail and Noriko head north in the confusion. While the Kenji, Sammy, Betsy, Arthur, Ben, and Paula were driven south-west.


The campers hiked through the thick jungle forest as they found themselves coming across an abandoned building. It was the old InGen Embryonics Administration Compound. After 17 years the place looked even more decrepit than it did when Dr. Alan Grant last visited these ruins. The campers toured the moldy walls as they looked around curiously. Tanks that had long been shattered or their contents had long decayed in the humid environment leaving only tiny bones of unborn dinosaurs decorate the embronics room. It reminded the campers of the facilities on matanceros and muertes; but this compound was clearly older. 


An incubator caught their eye, it was entitled spinosaurus. Ben accidentally hits the open switch. The pod still had power even after all of these years; opened to reveal an empty pod. The power finally dies. A series of laminated files were stuck on a metal clipboard, entitled Amalgam Test.




Name: “Spinosaurus aegyptiacus” (Spined Reptile of Egypt)

Genome: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, Torvosaurus ingens, Suchomimus tenerensis, Baryonyx walkeri, and Rana rana 

Date of Creation: July 18th, 1999


#created: 1




Name: Corythosaurus casuarius 

Genome: Corythosaurus casuarius, Casuarius casuarius, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: May 22nd, 1999


#created: 10




Name: Ankylosaurus magniventris

Genome: Ankylosaurus magniventris and Rana rana

Date of Creation: May 11th, 1999


#created: 10




Name: Pteranodon longiceps gigantis

Genome: Pteranodon longiceps, Coloborhynchus capito, and Rana rana

Date of Creation: May 11th, 1999


#created: 10




Name: Velociraptor antirrhopus sornaensis

Genome: Velociraptor mongoliensis, Deinonychus antirrhopus, Utahraptor ostrommaysi, Achillobator gigantis, Casuarsi bennetti and Rana rana 

Date of Creation: June 17th, 1999


#created: 16




Name: Velociraptor antirrhopus leopardis

Genome: Velociraptor mongoliensis, Deinonychus antirrhopus, and Pseudotitan ruber

Date of Creation: September 3rd, 1998


#created: 10




Name: Velociraptor antirrhopus tigris

Genome: Velociraptor mongoliensis, Deinonychus antirrhopus, and Ambystoma tigrinum

Date of Creation: April 2nd, 1997


#created: 10




“Great more frankenstein shit,” Kenji sighs after Betsy reads off the files.


“The dates correspond with the hybrid projects,” Betsy pulls out the files she had collected in her backpack. “The amalgam test must have been the start of these hybrid projects” Betsy placed these files into her backpack. “Come on, we must get outta here,” Betsy tells Kenji. Kenji nodded as they headed for the exit.


Meanwhile several miles north of them going east. Noriko and Gail stop to catch their breath, Dylan looks around and notices his daughter is missing. “Paula? Paula!” He shouts. The sounds of rapid footprints forced the mercs to run once more as they headed into a clearing. They slip as they tumble down a hill over a rocky ridge into a dried up river bed. The raptors arrive but stop along the dried river’s edge separating them from the mercs. The alpha male snaps his jaws before snarling at the humans. The western sorna raptors hesitantly retreat further back into the woods, their eyes fixated on the human’s weapons. The mercs glance to their side of the clearing. Long grass snaked around the redwood trees, a refreshing sight that contrasts the raptor’s side of the dried river where the tropical trees called home. The alpha male makes one final growl before leaving with his pack.


“What's with them?” Noriko asked.


“We must be in their rival’s territory” Dylan remembered something about there being different velociraptor subspecies across the island. 


“Let’s keep moving” Gail pushed on ahead of the mercs. Gail pushes past the long grass, “Are y'all coming?” Still Dylan was nervous, something about long grass.

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