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If you discovered a Dinosaur

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AllosaurusMember3193 XPMay-06-2021 8:32 PM

Hi, I was just wondering they answers I’d get to this question. If you Discovered a Dinosaur, what would you name it, and what would it look like?


expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst
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Die-hard Spino Fan

TriceratopsMember486 XPMay-06-2021 10:26 PM

I would want an evolutionary marvel. Consider the following: there have been an influx of agentinosauruses over millions of years in Argentina. The giganotosuaurs had changed its physiology to have more stamina, stronger and more powerful. This was giganotosaurus caroliniius rex (I couldn’t find anything else. Also, this was not the animal I want to discover.) But only a small percentage of them were like this. Due the the influx of herbivores and the giganotosauruses carolinii dying due the the larger herds, more and more plants were disappearing. It once got so intense that there was no more food for the agentinosauruses. The smaller herbivores were doing just fine, feasting on smaller plants but the huge sauropods did not have enough to eat and they started starving. The smaller ones were the first to go, due to them needing more food to grow. The medium ones started starving next but took much longer for them to die. By the time the larger ones started starving, they had started eating something else. The giganotosaurus caroliniius Rex had been killing a lot more since the argentinosauruses were weaker due to starvation. They started eating their own. After millions of years they evolved to fight back the giganotosaurus caroliniius Rex with more mobility of the body and the tail and more strength to go one two legs and stomp down in their attackers. And most of all, it had extremely sharp teeth with a powerful jaw. It was a small head but it had more reach so it was able to chomp down with a very concentrated bite force being able to bite through flesh and bone. Able to pick up the 7 ton giganotosaurus caroliniius Rex and drop it from a considerable height. This creates an equilibrium with the two carnivores fighting for food in each other. While the other animals fought normally, ergo, the carnivores hunting the herbivores and the herboivres defending themselves. I would want to discover the evolved version of the argentinosaurus and I don’t know what to name it. If I did anything wrong, let me know. 

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


AllosaurusMember4251 XPMay-07-2021 12:32 AM

well how many millions of years are we talking about?

Giganotosaurus after a couple of thousand years would have evolved into a new species and within the span of maybe 4 million to 6 Million years they would evolved into a new genus of carcharodontosaurid. 

As for carnivorous Argentinosaurus I think that would take more time to transition back into a carnivore. If we are going around within 6 million years or so maybe we will see a omnivorous descendent however it would more than likely shrink in size needing less food than its herbivorous ancestor and if given more time to evolve to full carnivorism I think the carnivore saurpod would be more or less the size of giganotosaurus but for this to happen the carnosauropod must evolve in an area were there is no competing carnivores. 

Also with no large herbivorous sauropods around both argentinosaurus and giganotosaurus's descendants would loose size to conserve energy, they could shrink down to roughly the size of an allosaurus since theropods with slashing teeth grew depending on the size of their prey.

I'll name these two speculative dinosaurs: Carnosaurpodas argentinus and Nanogigasaurus rex


Die-hard Spino Fan

TriceratopsMember486 XPMay-07-2021 7:07 AM

Oh ok. Thanks for the clarification. 

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


AllosaurusMember3193 XPMay-07-2021 11:01 AM

I guess I’d want to discover a small Theropod with feathers. I mean seeing fossilized feathers on a dinosaur seems really cool to me.

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


AllosaurusMember3193 XPMay-07-2021 11:02 AM

I mean, I don’t really need to discover some huge and game changing but that would be fun.

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst
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