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Spinosaurus Vs Tarbosaurus

Spinosaurus Vs Tarbosaurus

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Crimson Grand

CompsognathusMember18 XPJun-08-2020 5:20 PM

Spinosaurus Vs Tarbosaurus


Length: 18 Meters (60 Feet)

Weight: 23 Tons

Speed: 40 KMH (25 MPH)

Bite Force: 3 Tons


Length: 46-50 Feet

Weight: 7-10 Tons

Speed: 60 KMH 

Bite Force: 5 Tons


On an island. One Male Spinosaurus was wondering the rivers eating an Ouranosaurus, he leaves because he has to drink and then. A Mother Tarbosaurus Approaches it. He Saw the Tarbosaurus and ran towards it, the Tarbosaurus runs with intense speed At The Spinosaurus. It Claws the Tarbosaurus At the face, leaving three scratch marks. The tarbosaurus bites the sail and the Spinosaurus Roars in pain, And then It Hits the Tarbosaurus With Its Tail. And uses its massive body to Push the Tarbosaurus To the ground, it manages to get back up but the Spinosaurus Rams it With its Head and steps on the Tarbosaurus' Face And Roars As Loud As he can For His Victory.

Winner: Spinosaurus

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